Exclusive: WWE Shawn Michaels ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ DVD Cover Art Revealed

December 23, 2013 by Daniel Bee

It’s been a busy month of reveals but we’re not done yet!

WWE Shawn Michaels - Mr. WrestleMania Logo

Next up, the cover for Shawn Michaels – Mr. WrestleMania! WrestlingDVDNews.com can now give you an exclusive first look at the planned artwork.

Shawn Michaels – Mr. WrestleMania hits stores on DVD and Blu-ray this February.
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WWE Shawn Michaels - Mr. WrestleMania Logo DVD Cover


Official Synopsis

“For 30 Years, WWE and its Superstars have created a pantheon of iconic WrestleMania moments that are immortalized forever in history- but only one man can lay claim to the nickname “Mr. WrestleMania”, Shawn Michaels.

Whether giving Undertaker all he could handle in a quest to break the streak, revolutionizing the business in a Ladder Match with Razor Ramon, or descending from the rafters for an exhausting 60-minute Iron Man Match with Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels always accomplished his one goal at WrestleMania. That goal was to steal the show.

Now, fans can own all 17 of his iconic WrestleMania matches. See all the jaw-dropping action from The Showstopper on WWE’s grandest stage.”


Last month WWE confirmed that despite the above synopsis referring to “all 17” of Shawn Michaels’ WrestleMania matches being included on the DVD, the WrestleMania 20 triple threat match (which Chris Benoit competed in) will NOT be present.

WWE stated that every other HBK WrestleMania match will be. As previously reported, along with those matches will be new interview footage with Shawn Michaels himself.

WWE Shawn Michaels - Mr. WrestleMania Logo DVD Cover

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  1. Mongoose Wizard says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and state this. Yes I enjoyed watching Benoit wrestle but other than that nope. Now with that being said if WWEhh would get there minds together all they could do is show the WM20 match like they showed Hogan and Andre on History of the WWE and when Benoit wins the match put the focus on Shawn a bit and fade to black!

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    Good cover, bad concept, bad idea for false advertisement

  3. Ntron475 says:

    Its an awesome cover. Its a shame I already have 3 hbk dvds on my shelf and other dvds with pretty much all the matches already.

  4. The Rockers and all the Tag Teams from the 80’s/90’s should be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.
    Marty Jannetty and others should of been inducted already.

  5. I wanna see a Tag Team DVD with 80’s/90’s Tag Teams…

    The Rockers,
    Ultimate Maniacs,
    Legion Of Doom,
    Natural Disasters,
    Orient Express,
    The Quebeqers,
    Twin Towers,
    Mega Powers,
    Brain Busters,
    and More…

  6. I heard that there was a Dark Tag Match, Live Event Tag Match or Unreleased Tag Match of…

    From 1996:

    Shawn Michaels & Ultimate Warrior (with Ahmed Johnson)
    British Bulldog & Vader (with Owen Hart)

    If it’s true, It would be an awesome match to add.

  7. Donald says:

    Yep *every* single one of his WrestleMania matches….. except Mania 20. Bahahaha! I’ll make this short and sweet: Benoit was an amazing wrestler but committed something horrible, WWE shouldn’t take away his wrestling for us to rewatch on dvds that are unedited; that was an awesome triple threat match, the highlight of a 12-match card ppv at MSG – which was with no surprise to be on the MSG set – yet it’s not included in HBK’s dvd and it’s one Mr. WrestleMania lost. Look, HBK is in my top 3 superstars all-time and we’ve already seen his matches at WrestleMania. The concept should be Shawn Michaels: Unreleased Matches, or a dvd along those lines. Don’t judge the dvd by an awesome cover, I either have every Mania HBK has been in through Mania dvd release or another compilation, so there’s no reason to get this. Nice try WWE.

    • Sarah says:

      Bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. Simple as that. I can’t wait to get my copy.

  8. Dave L says:

    I like how they conveniently blackened the F in the old WWF logo on the back of the belt to make it the classic WWE logo. Also that random sparkle on the old WWF logo on the belt plate. If they own the right to that logo, and have the ok to use “WWF” again, why not leave it alone. We’re not stupid, we know WWE was WWF prior to 2002…

    • LP1 says:

      They actually don’t have the right to use any version of the WWF logo on DVD/BR packaging, as well as in WWE Magazine, WWE.com and in any ads or flashbacks on TV. They can only show the old logos in the body of an old program whether it’s on home video or the classics channel. This was a new agreement made with the Wildlife Fund last year in order to no longer have to censor old footage. Although there are some pictures on WWE.com amd WWE Magazine that occasionally slip through the cracks and show old logos.

  9. AJ says:

    The cover makes me wants to get this, but unless there’s some great extras, I’ll probably pass.

  10. Bulletproof says:

    No matter what they do I have nothing good to say about this DVD. I understand why they exclude the Benoit match but to lie and claim you’ll get all 17 matches is false advertisement and I wouldn’t even pirate this.

  11. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I think I know how the matches are going to shape up on the discs, depending on how they’ll do the interview segments.

    Disc 1 dvd:
    Rockers Vs Twin Towers (5)
    Rockers Vs Orient Express (6)
    Rockers Vs. Barbarian & Haku (7)
    Vs. Tito Santana (8)
    Vs. Tatanka (9)
    Vs. Razor Ramon (10)
    Vs. Diesel (11)

    Disc 2 dvd:
    Vs. Bret Hart (12)
    Vs. Steve Austin (14)
    Vs. Chris Jericho (19)
    Vs. Kurt Angle(21)

    Disc 3 dvd:
    Vs. Mr. McMahon (22)
    Vs. John Cena (23)
    Vs. Ric Flair (24)
    Vs. Undertaker (25)
    Vs. Undertaker (26)

    Blu Ray would be up to the Jericho match and Disc 2 would start with the Angle match.

    I think the blu ray extras are more interviews and his HOF induction speech.

  12. Cris says:

    I can accept the WM20 match not being in this dvd, after all the match was all about Benoit and he won the match and all so it makes sense not to feature the match even though its supposed to be all his wrestlemania matches but its acceptable, as for the cover he should’ve been front facing the cover but again I guess its fine, I’m more into what the dvd features than the cover, wondering what the blu-ray exclusives will be as I’m a big fan on purchasing blu-rays better but if the exclusives aren’t a big deal than sometimes I just get the dvd instead.

  13. King Shabazz says:

    Great cover, good concept but much rather have had micheals’ front facing us. I was there at wrestlemania 12 for this moment & his face told the whole story: the culmination of a journey a long time coming. But 2 display his his back? He has emotional…shoulders?

  14. captain planet says:

    That looks awesome with the white border.

  15. Steve says:

    Awesome Cover! Waste of a release!

  16. Roaster says:

    Hopefully he does alternate commentaries on some of the matches. I think that should always be done on every DVD/bluray focusing on a specific person whenever possible. They’re always interesting to listen to.

  17. WWEBRFan says:

    Nice Cover Would have been a decent release if it included the WM 20 Triple Threat, Since they are not including it i expect the blu-ray version espically the blu-ray extras to feature more than usual like promos or segments leading up to the key matches, will be interesting to see what the blu-ray extras will be!!

  18. John Peterson says:

    I would have put the WM 20 Match as a Blu Ray Exclusive in my opinion.That would maybe help the Blu Ray sell more

  19. LP1 says:

    I like the cover. It’s different. Has a “Rocky” feel to it.

  20. Jake E says:

    OK cover.
    They really should not use that synopsis and I am almost totally over chris benoit edits because almost no matter who was in them I was
    never really into his matches etc. I found them boring and some of his segments pointless.
    I may buy this set depending on blu ray extras.

  21. Alan Shore says:

    Nice cover, pointless concept.

  22. Richard says:

    I said when this was announced that it should have been his Top 10 Wrestlemania matches and this would give WWE creative liberty to remove the WM20 match without explanation. I mean, do people really want his tag team matches???

    Vs Undertaker I
    Vs Bret Hart
    Vs Kurt Angle
    Vs Undertaker II
    Vs Jericho
    Vs Cena
    Vs McMahon
    Vs Flair
    Vs Razor
    Vs Austin

    The extras could have been the buildup to every match and possibly extra matches directly related to his Wrestlemania matches.

  23. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Very nice cover.

  24. Rob L says:

    Awesome cover!

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