Slam City DVD Gets US Release Date, Last Day of Sale, Out-Of-Print WWE DVDs

October 21, 2014 by Daniel Bee

New information we’ve received this week confirms that the WWE “Slam City” DVD will be getting a release to fans in the United States on Tuesday, November 25th.

Below is the official cover artwork for the US version.

WWE Slam City DVD Cover Artwork

It’s the LAST DAY of the big DVD & Blu-ray sale, here at

Using promo code “WWEAFFDVD1” brings down the sale prices even more and makes for some unmissable deals – such as the WrestleMania 30 DVD for just $4.79!!

Get the most out of it by buying multiple titles at once for flat-rate $6.99 or $9.99 shipping.

WWE WrestleMania 30 DVD Offer - WWEShop Sale

Here are just some of the DVD/Blu-ray deals available…

WrestleMania XXX (DVD) $4.79
WrestleMania XXX (Blu-ray) $6.39
The Attitude Era (Blu-ray) $6.39
The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Blu-ray) $5.59
WrestleMania 29 (DVD) $4.79
Scooby-Doo: WrestleMania Mystery (DVD) $6.39
The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment (Blu-ray) $9.59
Click here to see all of the DVD/Blu-ray deals available…

Two more WWE DVDs to report taken out-of-print in the United States market:

“Triple H: The King of Kings”
“You Think You Know Me? The Story Of Edge”.

The Blu-ray edition of the Edge set was also reported out-of-print earlier this month.

WWE Triple H and Edge Hug - Edge Retirement

The latest WWE DVD to hit the United States is Night of Champions 2014 today.

You can get it now from for $9.99, or over on for $13.44.

WWE Night of Champions 2014 DVD - Photos

The latest WWE DVDs to hit the UK and Europe are “The Best of Sting” and “John Cena: Greatest Rivalries”. Two new preview clips were released by

SummerSlam 2014 is the next DVD and Blu-ray on the way to UK fans next week.

Three RARE WWF/WWE DVDs expiring today in eBay auctions at decent prices:

Rare WWE DVDs - Chris Benoit & WrestleMania 16

$9.00WWF WrestleMania 18 DVD
$10.00Chris Benoit Hard Knocks DVD
$15.00WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Robert emons says:

    Are they throwing trading cards in the poverty DVDs until after wrestle mania 31s DVD?

  2. Richard W says:

    John, just look for the yellow sticker on the DVD that will indicate a free TOPPS trading card as I got another Daniel Bryan one with my DVD at Best Buy.

  3. John Peterson says:

    I hope NOC Has a trading card in it.I like the fact that they’ve been including them in recent dvds.

  4. attitude.era.4life says:

    while I am likely not interested in subsribing to the Network, I hope it will have success and therefor have the same effect on DVD-Bluray sales in UK-Europe, like the one above in US.

    Unfortunately, I am not so sure Freemantle will take it that far, but they have begun having Silvervision-similar sales like the Blu-Monday promotion, so, well, like Columbo would say: “You’ll never know”.. 😉

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      been hanging around with folks from the wwe dvd development department so it seems.. someone throw me a C in the subscribtion word, thank you..

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