WWE Stars talk Chris Jericho DVD, Video Review, Stores selling early?

September 22, 2010 by Daniel Bee

Here’s what three WWE personalities had to say on their Twitter accounts, after watching the new Chris Jericho “Breaking The Code” DVD.

Justin Roberts: New Chris Jericho dvd shows exactly why he is the best in the world at what he does. Awesome dvd, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Howard Finkel: Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls Of Chris Jericho” is a must have for any wrestling fan’s DVD collection!

Jim Ross: The Chris Jericho DVD is awesome. ‘Must see’ guaranteed. Lots of really cool footage. Jericho’s a future HOF’er w/o question. Great hire.

A few people have managed to get the new DVD already from FYE and K-Mart stores. Remember, it was originally scheduled for a September 21st release in stores so maybe this has something to do with it. Officially it will be available to buy next Tuesday.

If you didn’t catch our world first video review of Breaking The Code posted last month on the site, here it is again below! Also be sure to check out our other exclusive coverage including Photos, Reviews, Sneak Peeks & More!

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  1. jerichoholic says:

    Biggest Jericho fan there is but this dvd is missing alot. Chris Benoit is completely ignored, no matches with RVD are shown, also ignored was the fact that Jericho had a major falling out with the online fans a few years ago and posted a nasty bulletin board on his site. If you’re gonna put out a dvd of your career, how can you leave these things out???? Don’t mean to complain, but hey.

  2. to deadfan says:

    He might be born in nyc but he is still Canadian it’s just that his mother was there during his father’s hockey game and he was accidently born in NYC.

  3. Joe says:

    Just watched the documentary and all the bonus features. All I can say is wow. The documentary covered almost everything I would want covered and some of the bonus features were fantastic. I almost want to watch it again.

  4. deadfan says:

    Y2J was born in NYC, eh!

  5. Bob says:

    Just watched the documentary for this DVD, its AWESOME. Looking forward to sitting through the matches too :D.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see Canada getting it early for a change since Jericho
    is Canadian, eh!

  7. Eric Rich says:

    I preordered mine from wweshop.com and they actually mailed it out on the 17th. Granted, their shipping sucks so bad I still don’t have it, but they can’t really bitch about people selling it early when they, themselves, mail it out 11 days early.

  8. Richard Underwood says:

    I saw it at future shop and CD plus over a week ago here in Regina,SK.
    They were way early. Also found it again it yesterday at a dvd store called Zeus.
    I didn’t buy it though. I have a history of buying wwe dvds abd never watching them. Often still in the plastic years later. So I’m breaking that habit

  9. Mike says:

    At my local K-Mart they always have the DVDs early. This must be the first people have reported it.

  10. Daniel Bee says:

    Confident you will love it

  11. Lillian says:

    I got mine pro ordered and can’t wait to see it .Chris is the best in the world.

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