Stone Cold DVD Alternate Commentary: WrestleMania Matches Revealed

August 18, 2011 by Daniel Bee

As reported on recently, WWE’s upcoming Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD will have alternate commentary on three matches. Steve and Jim Ross did the voice over for them yesterday.

JR revealed the matches voiced over on his Twitter account (@JRsBBQ).

– WrestleMania 13: Stone Cold vs Bret Hart
– WrestleMania 14: Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels
– WrestleMania 17: Stone Cold vs The Rock

Steve took to Twitter also (@steveaustinBSR) regarding the completed DVD project:

I was hands on from start to finish on the new one.

DVD has 10 times the promos of the last one.

There will be a blu ray version…almost 3 more hours of material on it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mohammad – JR was confused, and clearly confused a whole lot of people. He meant WM14. He mentioned that the match had HBK. More likely to confuse the WM number than the superstar.

  2. Mohammad says:

    NO !! Its WrestleMania 15 against The Rock not 14 . Check @jrsbbq

  3. gsddsghsd says:

    Also, 4 discs! Commentary on the WM Shawn match! This Austin set went from just another, to something TRULY special.

  4. gsddsghsd says:

    HOLY GOD! The Randy Orton DVD has 99 votes the the latest poll?!? There are 99 people who come to this site that are more excited to buy the Orton DVD then this Austin one or the Bret/Shawn one? I’ve never been ashamed to be a wrestling fan but this is as good a reason as I’ve seen.

  5. Dennis says:

    Confirmed from JR’s blog today: “Austin’s FOUR DVD set will be in stores around the end of November and should be on shelves worldwide for the holidays.” It’s official!! 😀

  6. SRB says:

    – WrestleMania 13: Stone Cold vs Bret Hart
    – WrestleMania 14: Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels
    – WrestleMania 17: Stone Cold vs The Rock

    These really are the best picks you can get. Glad they went with these.

  7. mohdattar says:

    the WRESTLEMANIA matches are from 13 , 15 & 17 . check @jrsbbq if you don’t believe me

  8. SRB says:

    Lets just release the full content for this already! And the Ladder Match 2 DVD. I cant wait anymore!

  9. Alan says:

    It’s still wrong though. It’s WM 13, 14 and 17. You currently have it listed as WM 14, 15 and 17.

  10. Daniel Bee says:

    Posted edited to say WM14 Shawn Michaels. According to some comments below JR got WM14 and 15 confused.

  11. Isrs4life says:

    Yeah, I like this site just as much as I do with Wrestleview
    keep up the good work. I’ve been going on here daily, for the past
    few weeks on and off since last fall. It’s nice to see a site like
    this around I like it when theres more then 3 good Wrestling web pages around!

  12. Brad Attitude says:

    I’m hoping there will be matches and promos during the his time in the Alliance. That was what his Legacy dvd lacked.

  13. LP1 says:

    @”Anonymous”, WM19 itself(the event)was not filmed in HD. WWE’s first attempt at filming in HD was in September 2006 at a house show. It was a test run to see how WWE would look in high definition. WWE’s first official HD broadcast was the January 21, 2008 episode of Raw. Every tv and ppv after that have been filmed in HD.

  14. Dennis says:

    @SRB Because that WM X-7 match is a classic! Liked to hear Austin’s thoughts on that instead of his WM XIX match. It’s more legendary & features both guys at their absolute best unlike 2003.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Has it ever been confirmed that WM 19 was filmed with HD cameras? A lot of people on the internet have always said it must have been because they filmed that documentary at the same time, but I’ve always just assumed the event itself was filmed with the normal cameras of that time.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This BluRay is gonna be perfect, except the fact that there will be the WWF blurs.

  17. SRB says:

    So were gonna get WM13/Hart, WM14/HBK and WM17/Rock… Although i have these matches (who doesnt?) these are great pics for the set. It was obivous that several of Austin’s WM matches would be on the set and I feel these 3 picks are the best they could have come up with. I feel his WM12 match was more of a tryout and his WM18 match with Hall wasnt worthy of being on the set. These are 3 great choices to start the set off with. I’m still surprised they did put WM17 on there since its already on the Legacy set. What is it about that match that it keeps showing on his sets?

  18. LP1 says:

    As for adding 3 hours of bonus footage to the Blu-ray, THAT’S HOW YOU SELL A BLU-RAY! Make them special. If you only include 1 bonus interview or highlights from Raw as the only Blu-ray extras then some people won’t feel that’s enough to buy the Blu-ray over the DVD. If you give people a reason to buy Blu-rays, they will. Simple as that.

  19. LP1 says:

    @straightedge47, you are correct. It’s Austin vs HBK at Mania 14 that is included, NOT WM15 vs The Rock. JR wrote “WM15” instead of WM14 when talking about HBK matc. So to clarify, it’s WM13 vs Bret, WM14 vs Shawn and WM17 vs Rock thar have alternate commentary.

    For those asking about the WM19 match vs The Rock and Austin’s thoughts on it, the WM20 DVD released in 2004 had a bonus documentary that covered that match in detail with behind the scenes footage and comments from both guys. A very good documentary to check out if you’ve never seen it.

  20. David says:

    Have a feeling one one of Blu-ray exclusives will be vs. Rock at WM19…since WM19 was filmed with HD cameras, i could see WWE taking advantage of adding that match as an exclusive.

    Looks like this will be the biggest release WWE has done in quite some time. I think it’s even bigger than the Hart/HBK rivalry. But both will be great.

  21. straightedge47 says:

    On Jrs blog he wrote HBK(WM15) I think it’s more likely that he made a mistake on the year than on who was competing…

    I could be wrong though, hope I’m not though, Stone Cold’s first title win would be a great match to here his opinion on.

  22. Alan says:

    Based on JR’s latest blog, he’s made a mistake. It’s actually WM 14 vs. Michaels, and NOT WM 15 vs. The Rock. Which is good news, in my opinion.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Was hoping for commentary on WM 19 match instead of 15. Austin already did commentary for that one (see the original WM 15 dvd), albeit one that was kayfabe heavy.

  24. matthew says:

    3 more hours on blu-ray!? i am definitely going to get that over the DVD

  25. FRS says:

    Your tv could have a stretch picture option when you’re watching a BD or HDTV program. Mine does and I tend to use it for the blurays with older matches or even the dvds now have the sidebars when watched on a 16X9 widescreen tv. Back to topic-sounds awesome! Really looking forward to this-will be picking up the Blu version for sure. The documentary is long overdue and I’m sure the extras will be great with Austin himself picking them.

  26. nick says:

    Thinking about getting the blu ray but can you stretch the picture on a blu ray because I hate those side bars.

  27. Dennis says:

    3 hours of exclusive Blu-ray material?? I just excited for this again!! See what happens, WWE, when you let talent have some say? 😉

  28. SRB says:

    Obviously those matches have been previously released, but with new commentary it’s like we’re reliving them or even seeing them for the first time. I’m glad that the promos will be on there as well. Austin sure did have some classics, just no guitar and singing crap please. It was awful. And i might have to grab this one on blu ray, 3 hours of extras? its a must!

  29. Bob says:

    Well… I guess with alternate commentary those matches might be worth owning on DVD AGAIN, but honestly I would have preferred some other choices, perhaps something we don’t already own a bazillion times on countless other sets.

  30. James says:

    Might have 2 buy the BR Version

  31. marky says:

    I really wanted him to commentate on his last match match with the Rock. I’d love to hear his take on what it mean’t for him. It won’t stop me from getting the Blu-ray version though. WHAT?

  32. Alan says:

    This sounds epic, and the inclusion of more promos is the right call. Austin was never about purely just the matches, and the previous 3-disc set featured bout after bout, and didn’t focus on the character so much. This looks to set the record straight, and the additional material sounds awesome. A must buy.

  33. brian says:

    3 more hours of blu ray material? that is huge!!! cant believe that

  34. Paul says:

    Cant wait. COOL STUFF!!!

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