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July 27, 2011 by Daniel Bee

WWE has been shooting footage for their planned Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD this week, conducting interviews with Steve at his ranch in Texas.

The feature, billed as the definitive and final Stone Cold DVD, is expected to hit North America in either November or December 2011, on both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

Early indications are that the DVD version will be a 4 or 5 Disc release, with the potential to be the biggest ‘Superstar’ career profile ever. Austin has been leaving regular updates on his Twitter account (@steveaustinBSR) about the project, and below are some highlights:

– We start prepping for Stone Cold video shoot tomorrow. Cameras start rolling on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thanks for all of the questions.

– Been working on the ranch for the past few days. Getting ready for DVD shoot. Thanks to JR for his valuable insight and opinions.

– Had a great first day of Stone Cold DVD shoot today…I relived so many bumps today, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow…OH HELL YEAH!!!

– Finish DVD tomorrow and get ready to head back to LA next week.

Austin also answered some fan queries regarding the DVD on there:
How hard was it trying to be a bad guy in WWE? It seemed the fans cheered no matter what you did. Hope this story is on DVD
Got it covered…thanks!

Since Blu Rays hold more info will it contain more matches/extra features?
Yes, it will. Good stuff. It’s gonna be a bad ass DVD. My best ever.

How’s the shoot going?
It’s going good, bro. I’m really enjoying it. Lots of memories.

Are you gonna show an in depth look of The Broken Skull Ranch on your DVD?

Any idea when this new Stone Cold DVD is gonna be available??
Probably around Christmas.

What’s the DVD going to be called?
I don’t know yet…good question. I’m working on it.

If it’s the be all, end all SCSA dvd, it’s “The Bottom Line” (tweeted by The Blue Meanie).
I’m gonna really think on this one, Meanie…

As soon as the Steve Austin DVD is added to the schedule, we’ll bring you first official details!

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  1. Brett Mix says:

    The Austin-Macho Man match (my 2 favourites ever) Is a 1/2* match that lasts 3 minutes, sure it’s cool to see them go at it but it really doesen’t work well. I wouldn’t mind if it was added but I’m just saying to anyone interested that it’s not a good match at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope They Put Stone Cold Beating Undertaker For WWE Title On Raw 6/28/99,A Classic Match That’s Always Overlooked.As Well His Match vs Owen Hart From Survivor Series 97 For The IC Title.

  3. Greg says:

    I hope Stunning Steve Austin vs Macho Man from WCW Saturday Night back in 94/95 is on there. I think it was in a US title tournament. Austin lost but just the mere fact that these 2 megastars went one on one once is really awesome and should be on there!

  4. Anonymous says:

    it will be cool to see stone cold vs ric flair and big show from judgement day 02 and austin and rock vs the nwo.

  5. John23 says:

    Must buy the Blu-Ray!!!

  6. matthew says:

    a blu ray version also? well if they are showing a lot of material for the dvd think about how much more material will be on the blu ray

  7. Brad Attitude says:

    i hope to see more stone cold matches from 2001 – 2003.

  8. Justin says:

    This DVD is going to be as thick as the Bible 0_0

  9. Daniel Bee says:

    From JR’s blog: “I know that Steve is, for the first time, totally hands on this project from start to finish. I know that a WWE crew has been in Texas w/ Stone Cold at the BSR Ranch since Monday. I was interviewed for over 3 hours by a WWE TV producer for the project and answered well over 100 questions and follow ups. I know that several, TOP stars have also been interviewed. I have extremely high expectations for this DVD and expect it to be a great holiday gift item.”

  10. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    Looks like it’ll be either a 3 or 4 BD set. I may end up getting both versions when it is released.

  11. Jamie says:

    4 or 5 disc set on Stone Cold Holy SHIT

  12. Rob L says:

    This just sounds amazing.. Every time I hear an update about this set it just gets better and better. I’m pumped!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Amazing news!Another Stone Cold set AWESOME!

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