WWE SummerSlam 2011 Blu-ray Update – Not Produced in the US?

August 21, 2011 by Daniel Bee

It has been confirmed that the WWE SummerSlam 2011 Blu-ray will be released to the UK and Europe at Silvervision.co.uk.

However, it has been made unavailable to order on Amazon US. This indicates that it has either been dropped or instead made a store exclusive. Given the recent pattern of last minute cancellations of WWE PPVs on the format it is more likely to have been cancelled. Time will tell.

The Blu-ray version of SummerSlam was recently removed from the official WWE Home Video schedule for North America, in the same fashion as other PPV cancellations as of late.

This coming Tuesday OMG! – The Top 50 Incidents In WWE History will be released on DVD and Blu-ray to the United States.

Next up after that is Randy Orton: Evolution of a Predator, also on DVD and Blu-ray, which hits stores September 6th. Order your DVDs by clicking the image below!


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  1. LP1 says:

    @”Anonymous”, your follow-up point still doesn’t make sense. If the WWE Blu-ray market overseas is doing well enough where it’s cost-sufficient to produce them and sell them there and still make a profit, then why was Over The Limit 2011 released in the US and not in the UK? If the WWE Blu-ray market overseas is better than the US then you would think the UK wouldn’t have had that particular Blu-ray cancelled. I think it’s just WWE not knowing their @$$ from their elbow when it comes to marketing Blu-rays properly.

  2. Rich Head says:

    Hey David- so awesome of you to copy someone else’s post word for word from dvdtalk.com and pass it off as your own comments. Pretty sad, bud.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Blu-Rays in the Europe are produced by Clearvision and have a higher demand internationally. That’s why they are sold there. The US discs are produced by a different dvd production house in the US with completely different cost structure and the US distributors won’t distribute the Blu-Rays because there isn’t as high of a demand in the US. So the discs produced in the US are not shipped overseas, they are made overseas and US discs are made in the US.
    So my point does make sense.

  4. LP1 says:

    @”Anonymous”, your own point doesn’t even make sense. You said WWE Blu-rays don’t sell so they aren’t going to waste money by printing out copies on Blu-ray and aren’t going to sell them anymore… yet they’re still printing them out and selling them in the UK. They’re already spending the money to print them out, it’s just a matter of where the discs are being shipped to. How does that make sense?

  5. Another Hit to the Dying Blu Ray Market, Glad we have Silvervision here watching our back.

  6. Supersonic says:

    It’s no wonder WWE struggled to sell blu ray PPVs. Look at the quality of shows put out on blu ray – Hell in a Cell 2010, Bragging Rights 2010, Survivor Series 2010, Over the Limit 2011. Not something you’re really gonna be bothered to throw down $20+ for.

  7. Dave says:

    Adding more extras don’t cost WWE anything…only the number of discs used. The Hart/HBK Blu-ray for example is two discs, but it doesn’t cost WWE anything to add extra features on the 2nd disc. They just add something to entice people to buy the blu-ray version.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes Blu-Rays are selling for film companies, but NOT for WWE and it’s not just because people think they don’t have enough extras on them. People just flat out aren’t buying WWE Blu-Rays even when they are available. They have to sell a certain amount of Blu-Rays just to break even on the production cost (and those costs go up with the more discs you add to the Blu-Ray set so adding more extras isn’t even a logical answer to that) and they have said that their number of Blu-Ray sales are making them lose money. Why would any company continue to release Blu-Ray releases to satisfy the few people who complain on here that they want them when they will ultimately lose money in the process. Once everyone starts buying them and showing WWE that there is a huge demand then they will start releasing more. Its not like that many people even buy the PPVs on DVD now a days. Its called simple business practices, why do something when it will make you lose money in the process? Its not smart business. They have tried selling the PPVs on Blu-Ray and not enough people bought them, so just make sure you have an upconverting DVD player and enough the DVD.

  9. SRB says:

    We have to have the Blu-ray Vs. VHS VS. DVD triple threat match conversation again?

  10. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    To me I think that the WWE is seriously missing the boat when it comes to Blu-ray.  Not to repeat what other people are saying about extras but you can can the DVD extra along with Blu-ray exclusive extras.  If they did the WWE Free For All (Countdown Show), from the site of the PPV then that could be the BD exclusive extra.  Also, if they started having the RAW and SmackDown shows on another BD then people could see the pre-PPV and may be post-PPV shows on BD.  With the 4 shows they could be unedited.  One thing I miss seeing on the PPV Home Videos are the PPV Spots.  I’d like to see the WWE release all PPVs and Documentaries/Compilations on both DVD and BD.  One thing the WWE could do is to start having BD-Live enabled BDs.  I really wish the WWE could treat the format more.

  11. LP1 says:

    The VHS format was created in the mid 1970’s. The WWF released their first VHS tape in 1985(Wrestling’s Bloopers, Bleeps & Bodyslams). It took a decade before the WWF realized that the home video market was here to stay. The DVD format was created in 1997 and the first WWF DVD was released in 1999(WrestleMania XV). The WWF didn’t fully embrace the DVD format until the summer of 2001. That was when all of their home videos were made available on both DVD & VHS. Before that, only select titles were available on DVD. WWE continued to release VHS tapes until 2005. SummerSlam 2005 was the final ppv event to be released on VHS.

    The Blu-ray format has been around since 2006. WWE’s first Blu-ray was WrestleMania XXIV in 2008. While Blu-ray sales have grown substantially every year since the launch of the format, it hasn’t worked out the same for WWE’s Blu-rays. Every other genre of Blu-ray has seen their sales surpass their DVD counterparts. WWE is the only genre where their Blu-rays have been slow to catch on. And I fully believe the reason for that is WWE doesn’t give anyone a reason to buy the Blu-rays over the DVD’s. WWE half-asses their Blu-rays by putting only a few extras on them.

    They really need to load up the Blu-rays with tons of extras to distance them from the DVD releases. They did this in the early days of DVD’s. They loaded up their DVD’s with tons of extras to make them special and different from their VHS counterparts. This is why I think it’s fantastic that the new Steve Austin will have 3 hours of extra footage on the Blu-ray release. That’s how you make the Blu-rays special and that’s how you’ll sell more of them.

  12. David says:

    Even with DVDs, WWE has been slow when it comes to format changes. They didn’t even release all ppvs on DVD til 2002, well after it became the #1 format. The fact that they continued to release stuff on VHS as late as 2004 should tell you everything. Also, and I don’t know any other way to say this without being stereotypical, but a lot of wrestling fans that I come into contact with don’t exactly seem to be rolling in money. Hell, I read posts on wrestling forums from people who say they still tape WWE TV every week……on a VCR. In 2011.

  13. Saf says:

    WWE Is Stupid just when Blu rays are going up and becoming increasingly popular among the public after first starting out in 2006 or 2007 i believe WWE are going downwards with the Blu rays, i mean you shoot your live shows PPVS in HD why dont you release them on Blu Ray, You seen the amount old Films that have been released in HD Blu Format and they look fantastic why dont WWE Capitalise on this, there is a market out their for WWE on Blu rays they not seeing or getting through their thick skulls You didnt release MITB 2011 in Blu ray after that PPV was the best PPV since 7-8 years ago yet you cant release this when this is the top 4 ppvs in the year yet you release crappy hell in a cell 2010 and bragging rights 2010 in blu ray which they dont even deserve blu ray even though i like them am glad but still not worthy compare 2 summerslam 2011 which is better show than them 2 combined together, i am from the UK so i am pretty pleased its getting released down here but its not fair for other people i like to see the WWE Universe happy and they are not quite frankly which is dissapointing.
    If WWE ever see this message trust me right here there is a market for blu rays film companies are starting to do it why cant multi billionare company do it Release every 2008 PPV except Wrestlemania 24 and every 2009 PPV for the exception of Wrestlemania 25 and every 2010 ppv with the exception of Wrestlemania 26 Royal Rumble 2010 Summerslam 2010 bragging rights 2010 hell in a cell 2010 survivor series 2010 and every fan will be happy hey you can even sell them in combo packs like film companies do for their blu rays or tv series WWE think about it your losing out lot!!