Review: WWE The Bash 2009 DVD

September 21, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “The Bash” 2009 Review:


“Tonight’s match, will now be a three way!” -Theodore Long



-WWE The Bash 2009 took place on Sunday,  June 28th, 2009 at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California in front of 11,000 fans.
-This was the sixth show in WWE’s production lineage for The Bash event and was the first to be referred to as The Bash. It featured talent from the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands.
-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler did commentary for Raw, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham for Smackdown!, while Matt Striker did ECW with Josh Matthews.
-The event had 178,000 buys, down on The Great American Bash 2008 figure of 196,000 buys.
-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, the crowd in attendance was shown an untelevised match match pitting R-Truth against Shelton Benjamin, which saw the former defeat the latter by pinfall at 2:57.




-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Tommy Dreamer (c) vs Jack Swagger vs Christian vs Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) vs Finlay in a Championship Scramble for the ECW Championship 

Here to open the show we get a Championship Scramble match.

Jack Swagger opens up with Christian as the first to men to enter the Scamble Championship match.

Christian and Swagger both with some chemistry having fought a numerous amounts of times already.

Striker and Matthews are a treat on commentary as the two young guys know there stuff.

Two men start in a scramble, every few minutes therre is another entrant, pinfalls or submissions may change the title of Dreamer’s, but by the time the match is over whoever is the reinging champion going out is ultimately the victor.
Some hard shots by Christian and Jack Swagger until Swagger goes for a powerful backdrop, Christian slid out and hit a shot to this eyes, Jack Swagger ducked Christian and planted him back first on the mat. Jack Swagger goes for a submission move tearing the mid-section of Christian flowing the arm behind his head. Off the turnbuckle Swagger went for a clothesline but Christian hopped on, Swagger went right back into a front facelock on Christian into the corner.
Fans start to get on the side of Christian as he took his time getting to the top, elevating himself knocking Jack Swagger don with a missile dropkick.

Time runs out and Finlay is the third entrant to the Scramble. Finay begins taking apart both men and he drops Christian on top of Swagger before turning his boot on Jack Swagger’s face, an inside cradle out of no where by Christian to Finlay and then he got back in control landing a legdrop in the corner. Finlay drags Christian to mid-ring where he hits him with a stiff chop, an irishwhip to the corner, Christian jumps then tosses Finlay off to the floor. Christian went for a running attack on Finlay but Jack Swagger grabbed his leg, and sent him to the barricade.
Swagger threw Christian to the barricade and inside the ring Jack Swagger pinned Finlay and now he is the CURRENT ECW Champion.

Swagger needed to play defense now to try and retain the gold. A Sunset flip from Christian brought Swagger down but he got a two. Christian countered out of a hold by Swagger and went for a Killswitch, which was reversed then he planted Jack Swagger on his back to the roar of the fans.
The power-game of Jack Swagger came back as he ended up planting Christian down.

Next entrant was the reigning Champ coming in Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer immediately goes after the new Champ Jack Swagger hitting a running bulldog on him. Dreamer with a running powerbomb to Christian gets him a two. Christian upside down in the corner gets Dreamer charging towards him dropping the big boot after a loud ECW Chant.
When the NEW Champ Jack Swagger attacks Tommy this recieved boo’s, just as it did when he sent him back into an announce table.
Finlay tossed Jack Swagger shoulder first into the steel post and then hit a modified cross getting him the three. Finlay is now Champion.
Both Dreamer and Christian eye Finlay and after Tommy hits him with an elbow Christian took down Dreamer. Christian from up high caught a shot by Tommy. Dreamer setting up for a superplex and he was able to back Dreamer off. The power, speed and agility of Jack Swagger allowed him to get to the top to attempt a big superplex on Chrisitian.
They both hesistate up there until Mark Henry comes out and takes both of them off. This spot could of been done a lot better. Henry though made to look like a monster tossed out his competition to the outside onto one another.
Henry splashed Dreamer and we have a NEW ECW Champion.

 Here at the Bash Henry was Champ with just four minutes left.
Superstars both left and right tried to take him down. Christian threw Swagger over the ropes to the outside and he hit an inside cradle on Finlay which got him a two. It didn’t matter who pinned who.
Everyone tossed to the floor, and now Tommy Dreamer taking a risk with a summersault off the apron onto the floor on top of Former champion Jack Swagger.
Mark Henry the current champ with his weight went for a splash up high but Jack Swagger with a right shot to the knee of Henry, Swagger pinned Henry and twice he has been Champion in this match.
Jack Swagger has 2:10 left to retain.
Finlay charged to Swagger but he kicked him off. Henry planted him abdomen first to the middle rope. Mark then dropped all of his bodyweight on top of Swagger. Finlay pushed Henry into the steel steps.

Christian hit the Kill Switch to Jack Swagger and got a two, Dreamer hit the DDT to Christian and Dreamer won the title back!

Finlay with a schoolboy and a nearfall, Jack Swagger with the same. Finlay then planted Dreamer and both Christian and Jack Swagger were the enemies to Finlay as they broke up the count on Dreamer.
Desperation coming out with just thirty three seconds remaining. Dreamer was splashed by Henry and Christian kicked him off. Christian desperately hit a sunsetflip on Dreamer and then everyone else in the match attempted to cover him as well or anyone else but in the end Dreamer defied the odds and retained the title at 14:46.

Dreamer wins this match!!! An upset!
This match was pretty entertaining, it flowed well from the beginning in the moments with Christian and Jack Swagger, and I liked the additions of Dreamer, Finlay and Henry. Good climax tension throughout, a bit sloppy still and no where near great but this still was quite good.


** 1/2


2) Rey Mysterio vs Y2J Chris Jericho (c) in a Mask vs Title match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship and Rey Mysterio’s Mask

At Judgment Day and Extreme Rules, Jericho and Rey engaged in some classic battle’s, here we get a bonus stipulation of Rey’s mask to add drama.

The matches have all been quality so no complaints about any redundant material here that we were unlikely to see.

Everything was gold.
Jericho was a true pro here.
Chris Jericho had a large share of his fans still. These two are terrfic and together even moreso.
A tieup, an overhead wristlock immediately targetting the mask and Rey gets pushed off. Jericho with a hard shot to the sternum and then a standing side headlock to Rey. Jericho pushed to the ropes hit a shoulder block on Rey and then some boos, a leapfrog by Rey sending Jericho to the corner hitting a boot then a flying legscissors by Rey Mysterio takes Chris to the outside floor.
Rey with a baseball slide to Chris Jericho but he caught him on the floor and dragged the body of Rey Mysterio and slammed him hard back first into the barricade. Nice resourceful wrestling by Chris Jericho.
Some fans chant Y2J and he applauds but not before shaking it off, he gets a kick out of this. Jericho in familiar territory from in the ring springs Rey up between the middle ropes cutting off the oxygen. Jericho mid-ring hit a nice standing vertical suplex to Rey and a two count before going back into the sleeper hold.
Jericho’s gameplan all match looked rather effective. Rey Mysterio elbowed out but Chris still placed him up high with shots to the back of the mask and how he kept trying to reveal Rey’s face. Rey Mysterio in frustration sent him back and hit a senton, Rey off the ropes hit a back breaker to Rey and Chris Jericho got a two count, as he used Rey Mysterio’s own speed against him to ground the quick worker. Jericho had a tremendous gameplan. Jericho cornered Rey to the side and choked him with his big boot.
Jericho grabbed him by the mask slamming him head first into the turnbuckle and while Y2J took his time he calmly went to the side ropes and hit a baseball slide on Rey Mysterio taking him to the outside. Jericho danced a bit as the fans booed. Chris Jerciho finally dragged Rey back in by a suplex attempt but Rey lands on his feet delivering chops until Rey Mysterio caught one of his own by Jericho. Chris with a quick dropkick to the face of Rey Mysterio getting a two.

Jericho ties the arms of Rey back in a bodyscissors formation and he was ready for Rey to give up, the fans chanted 619. Rey kicked out of it and was reverse irishwhipped by Jericho and this time the quickness of Rey Mysterio pays off as he moved out the way and Jericho flew to the outside. Rey Mysterio then went for a high risk move and hit a flying senton on top of Jericho out to the outside. This move may of take a bit out of Mysterio as well. Mysterio inside the ring hit a nice crossbody to Jericho and now he gets sent to the cornerducking behind Chris. Rey sent Jericho head first to the buckle, Rey Mysterio then springboarded off not one but two to backflip on top of Jericho! Amazing material here by both.
A nearfall gets Jericho back up as he kicks Rey up high, Rey Mysterio flies again back into Jericho who desperately hits a much needed powerslam to Rey to slow down the quicker Rey Mysterio. Jericho showing frustration kicks at the mask of Rey.  Jericho with another hard right hand to Rey and the fans chant 619. A moonsault by Mysterio out of no where gets a two. Again Rey Mysterio went for a legscissors but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho in mid-ring. Rey Mysterio knew his mask was on the line so he hesitated and tried to fight out of this predicament with everything he could. Rey got out of it Jericho flew to the apron and Rey moves going for the 619 and Chris backed off and then smacked Rey and he dropped to his back. Both these men work so well together inside the ring. Jericho with a clothesline and climbing to the top rope got caught by Rey Mysterio up high, Rey then went for a headscissors up high and Jericho turns it into a powerbomb in mid-air and only this still got him just a two count. Both men down now and Jericho tried to get up. Jericho up with a lionsault and missed, Rey Mysterio rolled him up and got a two. Rey kicked Jericho to the ropes after initially ducking a clothesline.
Now, here is the great spot during this match: Attention to detal, such great wrestling sense.

In the previous two matches, Jericho countered the 619 into a modified shoulder breaker after an airplane spin.
This time, Rey goes for the 619 and surely enough in an awesome spot already, Jericho catches Rey up high, but with the mask on the line Rey Mysterio had it scouted and hit a resorceful DDT out desperation.

Awesome storytelling no matter how you slice it!

Great stuff.
Just incredible chemistry.

This made for a fun climax to an already fantastic climax, and Jericho kicked out at the ddt that Rey thought would do him in.

Mysterio a bit frustrated by now.

Rey then ran off the ropes looking for another offensive move and kicked at the legs of Jericho trying to take him off his vertical base. Rey springboarded off the ropes and fell right into the Codebreaker by Jericho!

Awesome move and Jericho thought he had him finished, but somehow Rey Mysterio kicked out and the fans loved it. Jericho tossed up Rey and he landed head first on the top turnbuckle. Jericho with Rey up high headbutted him in an attempt to take it off once more, relentless at this point. Jericho lost his balance backwards and then Rey hit a nice dropkick off the top with elevation.
Mysterio hit the 619!
Rey for the splash but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho!

Can’t scout everything. Both men switch into pinning combinatons, and Jericho took off one mask, Rey had another and Rey hit the 69 because he was able to trick Jericho. Rey won the title and the match in the end getting revenge.
Rey wins and in the process wins back the IC title and saves his identity from his “WWE” fans.


In the end at 15:42 Rey Mysterio wins the match after he fooled Jericho in desperate times.
The best match of the year and yes I saw Shawn and Undertaker. As far as I’m concerned while both are four stars or above, both Mania 25 and 26 matches don’t even touch this one.

This match is an ultimate Classic from storytelling, to in-ring drama and chemstry, the reversals and the climax all played off from a wonderful feud that translated nicely inside the ring on this PPV triology. With this one the golden standard.

**** 1/2





3) Dolph Ziggler vs The Great Khali (with Ranjin Singh) in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification match
I’m a big fan of Dolph Ziggler, reminds me a lot of Mr. Perfect just not as gifted in the ring but he’s above mediocre for sure. I see a lot of potential here. Putting him up against Khali here though, rather limit’s his skill as he is fairly young.
Here we go though we got a nice video package of Dolph Ziggler to begin.
The Great Khali avoided a charge from Dolph Ziggler and then splashed him across the chest. Out of the corner Dolph Ziggler targets the long legs of Khali. Dolph Ziggler jumped up on Khali in the corner and he was tossed over the top to the outside floor.
Dolph Ziggler’s gameplan would be to take away Khali’s vertical base. Khali manhandling Dolph Ziggler with shots and then with Dolph Ziggler’s head squeezed against the steel. Dolph Ziggler with shots to Khali aggressively sending him by the barricade with a dropkick.
Khali came back with a giant palm slap across the chest of Dolph Ziggler who you knew was trying to re-group and adapt to his environment as best he could. Khali waited while Dolph Ziggler grabbed a chair in which he hit Khali with and he blocked it, and then a chop block.
Ziggler hit a nice legdrop onto Khali which got him a two. A front facelock by Dolph Ziggler attempting to get the bigger man up. Khali drops him from the air and Dolph Ziggler lands flat on his back. Khali signalled for the end next.
All of the sudden out came Kane.

Ziggler kept up with chair shots to the legs of Khali aggressively. Kane grabbed the chair and smacked Khali twice with it, over and over.
In the end at 4:59 Ziggler got the “big” win after he pinned Khali with assistance of Kane.
This match wasn’t very bad, but no where near good. About as good as Ziggler could of done with Khali in this time frame and environment.


* 1/4





4) Edge and Chris Jericho vs The Colóns (Carlito and Primo) (c) vs The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) in a Triple Threat Tag Team match for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship


Chris Jericho and Edge was surprise entrants to this match here.
Two guys in the ring battling one an another, first team to win get the straps, the Champion`s (Carlito and Primo) don`t need to be involved.

Ted DiBiase sends Carlito to the top he flips backwards and clotheslined him. Primo comes in and goes to work on Ted, until DiBiase hit a jawbreaker on Primo, Jericho tagged in.

Jericho with some work tagged in Cody Rhodes who does some more. Ted DiBiase back in the ring caught shots by Primo. Primo irishwhipped DiBiase and a dropkick By Carlito.
Carlito sends DiBiase in a reverse chinlock before tagging back in Primo who unloaded a hard right hand to the star of the Marine 2.
DiBiase goes back to work on Primo and tagged in Cody Rhodes who tried to isolate Primo on there side. Cody Rhodes irishwhipped by Primo but he hit him with a reverse elbow shot. Cody Rhodes tagged back in Ted DiBiase and both guys unleash a shot to the abdomen of Primo keeping him isolated in the corner.
Cody back in wearing down Primo with a big abdominal stretch forcing his boot into the spine of Primo but he battled back hitting a neckbreaker. Edge came in by tagging himself in, Primo dodged a spear. DiBiasee tagged Edge and now DiBiase hit a suplex to a battered Primo. Primo out of no where ducked a DiBiase shot and got the shoulders down for a quick nearfall, Ted DiBiase dragged Primo to his corner and Rhodes with an athletic standing dropkick while DiBiase held him. Cody Rhodes with a nice cover on Primo still a two. Rhodes twists the neck of Primo.
Fans chanted for Edge and Christian.

Cody Rhodes with a unique subission hold locking Primo in by hooking the feet front while stretching him upside down. Edge came in and broke it up. Primo found an opening by elevating Rhodes and DiBiase over the top rope to the outside on the charge. Carlito came back in with the pace picking up he hits a nice running high knee lift. Carlito damging Rhodes with a shot to the jaw. DiBiase broke it up and then Jericho hit the codebreaker despite bot being tagged in.
Carlito cleanred house for a moment on Edge and Rhodes in the post shoulder first. Carlito grabbed ahold of Rhodes but Edge made the tag. The backstabber, Rhodes is not legal as Edge was waiting for a spear.
Edge hit a spear on Carlito and this is how Edge and Jericho win the gold.
Two Canadian’s stand strong.
So in the end at 9:37 Edge and Jericho became Unified Tag Champion’s after Edge outsmarted Carlito making him believe Cody Rhodes had not made the tag to Edge but he had.
This run was short lived due to an injury of Edge.
So it`s safe to say, that “Temporarily“…, they were the best in the world and what they do…
This match was fine, but not paticularly good, rather sloppy in areas.
** 1/4





5) Michelle McCool vs Melina (c) for the WWE Women’s Championship 
Here we get a Women`s match, Melina here to defend against the challenger Michelle McCool who was ready.
Melina gets caught early by a couple of righthands by the challenger McCool.

Michelle McCool runs into a reverse elbow by the Champion Melina. Melina off the ropes gets caught by a choke, and a DDT combination by Melina into a cover up by Michelle McCool.

A nice quick beginning here for the Ladies. Melina off the ropes drops Michelle with a forearm shot. On the ropes Michelle asks for air but Melina choked until she had to, Michelle McCool with long reach dropkicked Melina until applying more pressure to the left leg of Melina. Michelle drives he knee into the leg of Melina then twists it.
With Melina getting to her feet Michelle McCool kicked out the leg and stayed on it driving it into the bottom ring rope. Dragging her by the hair Melina threw her into the corner. Michelle McCool tied up the legs Melina until she tried desperately to get out of it. Michelle McCool slammed Melina`s rightleg into the steps. Michelle kicks to the step that crushed her leg.
Dragged backwards Melina was covered as it had all been Michelle McCool the entire match. A swinging stomach breaker to Melina and now she dragged

Melina`s left boot over her head while Melina`s stomach is on her knee. Michelle again with long reach kicked at the injured leg of Melina. Michelle

McCool hopping around feeling overconfident went to charge into Melina but she moved.
Michelle McCool made the mistake as Melina grounded Michelle for a moment by the ropes, still though Michelle McCool regains her balance and chopblocks the injured leg of Melina back down. Melina caught her from no where with a legscissors up high pushing her back. With Melina in the corner she tried out of a facebreaker.
McCool scooped up Melina holding her backwards in a reverse piledriver type motion.
Melina countered out and rolled out of the spot. Michelle McCool still set up Melina up high and with the two Ladies battling up top Melina caught Michelle McCool in mid-air swinging her by the hair back to the mat. As Grisham points out the more damage done, the more it hurts the knee.
Out comes fellow Diva, Allesha Fox and Melina dropkicks her. This distracts Melina and Michelle McCool hits a spinning heel kick getting her a two.
This time Michelle McCool hits the facebreaker!

In the end at 6:34 we had a New Women’s Champion in Michelle McCool after defeating Melina with her facebreaker finally, after she had dominated the majority of the match.
By defeating Melina, McCool became the first female to ever hold both “Diva” and “Women’s” Championship’s.
This Ladies Match was very solid, an enjoyable match with some storytelling. 
** 1/2



6) Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship


CM Punk was building his reputation as a tweener here, and all the meanwhile of course holding the World Title on the Smackdown! brand.
Punk had his followers in the crowd, but Hardy was still mega over in Sacramento.
Jeff Hardy wanted revenge on CM Punk seeing how he took the title from him a few weeks before at Extreme Rules, cashing in at just the right time.
CM Punk looked cocky, calm, cool and collected as Jeff Hardy got set to go with him.

Punk smiled at the Hardy chants, both guys tie-up sending Jeff Hardy back to the corner, Punk stayed an extra second and Jeff pushed him off obviously not becoming a fan of his.
Jeff with a side headlock in mid-ring to Punk he counters with an armringer into a headlock of his own bringing Jeff Hardy down to his knee. Jeff Hardy pushed Punk to the side ropes he bounced back with a dropkick.
Punk with a go behind waistlock into a hammerlock and Jeff with another go-behind into a side headlock takedown.
Some good mat/chain westling exchanges here shown at a normal pace.
Punk able to battle out and swung Jeff head first to the mat and began to quicken down the faster Hardy. Punk off the ropes runs into Jeff Hardy hitting a shoulder block and he listens to the boos. Jeff leapfrogged Punk and he went for a go to sleep, Jeff countered it into a roll-up and a two, Punk charged towards Jeff by the ropes and he dropped him over the top to the floor on his leg.
Jeff Hardy at his best aerial instinct elevating him over the ropes onto Punk on the outside.
Another high risk attempt by Jeff Hardy as he leaped off the steps by the barricade in an attempt to crash into punk, but CM Punk had it well scouted and moved at just the right time making Jeff Hardy crash and burn.
Jeff hits one high risk move, then misses the next. The story of his career.

Punk waited till the full nine count to allow Jeff Hardy back in the ring. Punk drove his knee to the head of Jeff down twice in vicious kicking fashion, and now a bodyscissors-headlock with Punk`s legs around the head of Jeff Hardy isolating him to the mat, wearing down the quick performer. Another cover by the World Champion but just a two. CM Punk lands a nice backbreaker which also got him a two count. Punk back into the legscissors over the head of Jeff Hardy as the fans chanted on for Jeff to get out of this predicament.
Jeff did what he could to get to the ropes and he finally did with a sense of urgency.
After some ground work Punk scoop slammed Jeff and went for a high risk legdrop from the top but Jeff Hardy moved and bought himself a moment. Punk in the corner waiting on Jeff to get up sprung to the corner and he hit the chest, his second straight mistake, Hardy counters by jumping in the air hitting the Whisper in the Wind!
Jeff Hardy scored a two after the Whisper in the Wind out of desperation after he countered off Punk`s two mistakes. Jeff and Punk get to there feet and Jeff Hardy quickened the pace with a series of clotheslines an atomic drop and then a double leg drop to the groin, followed by more of his signature moves, a dropkick to the face on Punk sitting down. This sequence all got Hardy a two count.
A facebuster by Jeff Hardy and now with Punk down Jeff signalled to go up high but Punk rolled out and began to walk, until Jeff Hardy flew off the top rope and clotheslined him from up high to the floor. Jeff threw Punk back in the ring and dropkicked him to the corner. Jeff Hardy drove towards him for a big dropkick, Punk lifted him up for a go to sleep, Jeff fell out and then Punk hit a combination of high running knee shots to the head of Jeff and he got a three count.
Punk a bit frustrated now that he couldn`t put Jeff away. Punk with a slap to Jeff but he shot back with a twist of fate out of no where, he took off his shirt and flew to the top rope signalling for a Swanton and he crashed and burned as CM Punk had it scouted.
Now it`s recovery time as Punk signalled for the Go to Sleep.
CM Punk about to grab Hardy got caught by an quick out of no where inside cradle by Jeff and just a two. Punk hits a high kick, then goes for the go to sleep. Jeff hits the twist of fate out of it.
Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb on Punk!

Jeff Hardy hooked the leg and got the three for the title.

All of the sudden the official stops his music and an announcment is about to be made as Jeff looked on frustrated.
Apparently the official says that CM Punk`s foot was under the bottom rope before the three count so Punk retained to a chorus of boo`s.

Refs held Jeff back from the action.
In the end at 14:36, Jeff won the match by DQ but not the title after he struck an official with impaired vision.

I`m not one for a hundred title switches so at least there wasn`t one here.
This match had great action, a nice start with chain wrestling, a good pace kept up by both with all of there movesets, and enough time delivered an exciting climax as well. Great stuff.



7) John Cena vs The Miz

This feud was actually quite entertaining for a great deal of time.
Miz had been getting air time and was something original, the only fear here was that Cena could bury him on a PPV match, and if it isn`t given enough time to make Miz look strong then it will do just that.
Cena came after Miz and everyone was on there feet, love him or hate him.
The Miz looks rather promising and apart of you would want them to take him seriously, but it was inevitable he was beind fed to the dogs here, let alone the WWE`s main cash cow.

Unfortunately this match is going to hurt as a result.
John Cena notices a great deal of chants his way as does Miz, right away Miz went for a takedown Cena leaped up. Cena then prevented another takedown. Miz went for a punch Cena flipped him down and stomped on the hand of Miz which got a mixed reaction.
Miz missed another strike and Cena took him down with a side headlock takedown. Cena with a shoulder block and another side headlock takedown.
It was what Lawler claimed, he was giving Miz a Wrestling Lesson. That`s the problem. It wasn`t back and forth, Cena with a leapfrog and a hiptoss. Miz hit a high boot off the ropes to the head of Cena and he shook his head. Miz though grabbed Cena by the head and clotheslined his head back off the top forwardds and now Miz finally cornered Cena until being told to back off. Miz fired some shots at Cena and he was down.
The Miz from up high dropped the double axehandle and he gets a two.
Miz with a slam and a kick before dropping the knee to the head of Cena. Miz kicked him out of the ring under the bottom rope. Miz dragged him back in. Miz with a hard right to Cena but he blocked some shots and fought back to a mixed reaction hitting two shoulder blocks off the ropes. Cena ducks a clothesline and drops Miz on his back.
Cena had Miz down on the canvas.

He hits the worst move in Pro-Wrestling History..
So in the end at just 5:39 Cena defeats the Miz after an attitude adjustment and the STF.
This was your typical Face beats Heel down, Heel turns tide only for the inevitable super man comeback, quick squash.
Very predictable.
This match did more to hurt The Miz then help him which ultimately is a slap in the face to any push they were considering. Still Miz went on to face Cena in one of the worst main events in Wrestlemania history at 27.







8 ) Main Event- Randy Orton (c) vs Triple H in a 3 Stages of Hell match for the WWE Championship
One could argue that 3 Stages of Hell between the two would be to watch any three matches of the several dozen PPV matches already available with these guys going at it.

Not sure we needed another, but here we get three all in one.

Surely one might be okay. As long as it isn`t a replay of Wrestlemania 25.
Randy Orton walked out looking calm but somewhat nervous at the same time like only he can.

 If neccessary the third fall is a Stretcher Match, and how often these days is the third fall NOT used would be the better question.
Orton still gets a decent ovation like he always does while playing the Heel.

The first stage is a traditional wrestling match and here we go.

A slugfest breaks out and Orton off the ropes hit a shoulder breaker, leapfrogging over Helmsley he kicked orton to the corner on that exchange. Orton irishwhipped Hunter to the corner and out of it he dropped a right. Triple H charged to Randy and he lifted the boot. Triple H then lifted his leg back sending Orton into the post. Back inside the ring he hit a side russian legsweep and he got a two. HHH took his time sending Orton to the ropes and he hit a kick, Hunter countered to a pedigree until orton went right back to the injured leg of Helmsley.
Orton cerebral in his own right, good line disected the taped up leg of Triple H. Randy Orton then slammed his injured quad into the post. Inside he kicked at the bruised leg hanging up on the middle rope. With Hunter down the crowd applauded him on. Orton slowly, methodically disecting the injured leg holding it up and kicking at it from time to time.
Orton rolled over and wanted an RKO but HHH on a bad leg saw it coming and pushed him out of the way and decided to hit a Spinebuster to Orton. HHH`s leg took its toll there as well. Orton then grabbed Hunter by the side of his head and dropped him to the mat hitting a modified back and neckbreaker.
Hunter underneath the ring kicked out there by Randy Orton took his time coming back inside the ring and by the time he had returned he caught Randy Orton with a chairshot. This disqualified himself.
Orton won the first fall, but the damage was done and for extra measure he layed out Orton a series of times with the chair to Randy Orton proving himself to still be the Cerebral Assassin.
The second fall had yet to begin.
Now it had and the damage had been done from him taking apart the Champion with a chair, even though Orton was up 1-0.
The second fall begins and it begins with HHH hitting a pediree on an injured Orton on the floor evening it up within the minute.

The final fall begins with the scored tied one-one.
The final fall has begun and out comes the Stretcher. You need to pushed to the back on the stretcher, winner of this is the Champion.
Triple H had a good game-plan going as Orton was battered and bruised to begin with.
HHH chasing his 14th Championship here as he pushed Orton up but he stopped just in time sending the stretcher right into the damaged leg of HHH. Orton stalked Hunter down the ramp and took out the injured leg on Triple H on the ramp.
Randy Orton buying himself some time dropping The Game on the barricade and unloading a righthand into the head of HHH.
Brawling into the crowd Orton threw HHH right into the sound equipment and then hit an uppercut. This was getting a tad violent now because Orton knew HHH would stop at nothing to win.
HHH started to punch back at Orton and now the slugfest continued all the way to the ring where HHH clotheslined Randy Orton over the barricade dropping him onto the floor.
Hunter with another hard right to Orton layed down on the mat. As Hunter took his time coming towards him Randy Orton sent HHH into the post and then dropped some barricade padding on his back. Orton scooped up HHH and dropped him bareback onto the solid steel, with no barricade padding.
Orton enjoying this assault to Triple H. Orton got a stretcher out and wheeled HHH on it until he got off and did the same to Orton, all of thr sudden Orton drove HHH face first into the ramp with a DDT off the stretcher to the ramp.
Orton signalled for one of his big kick`s and HHH moved so he caught the bottom of the metal stretcher, HHH with some time attempted a Pedigree to Orton but he backdropped Hunter onto the Stretcher and began to wheel him up the ramp with Hunter placed on the Stretcher.
At the finish line HHH rolled off, and now Orton knew he had to hit the RKO but HHH countered it pushing Orton into the Bash sign. Hunter set up a pedigree to Orton hitting it on the top of the ramp. Both men down, with the Stretcher right beside the finish line here in the Climax.
HHH put Orton on and all of the sudden Cody Rhodes attcked Hunter this bought Orton time then Ted Dibiast did more of the same and Legacy beat up HHH and put him on the stretcher through a lot of fighting just for Orton doing his dirty work while he retaliated. HHH grabbed a Sledgehammer, but Orton grabbed the belt and hit HHH with it. HHH on the Stretcher was pushed across the line.

In the end at 21:23, Orton retained his WWE title and put away Triple H in the third stage after he beat HHH on the Stretcher with the help of Legacy.

This match was slow in the beginning, the falls happened way to quick, it was a bit sloppy, but still despite all that had its moments. It was pretty decent but nothing more. Any dissapointing match between these two is no longer dissapointing to me, it`s just what I`ve come to expect by now which is sad as they got booked to do a lot of main events, especially Wrestlemania 25.








Final Rating for WWE’s “The Bash” 2009  = 6/10

This show was was decent. Worthy for a couple of solid bout`s, but in paticular the Jericho-Mysterio Classic and that is all. Some filler or dissapointments inbetween don`t take the quality of the show away because of the good that is still already there. Buy it for Jericho-Rey if you’re going to get it.

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  1. Dennis winship says:

    I hope i have this DVD some day. Dennis winship Lynn Massachusetts

  2. Anonymous says:

    KB is a fucking horrible biased reviewer. Brett is miles better than KB.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Ok thanks for clearing that up. I do probably have Shawn at more **** 3/4 then anyone though, and as mentioned makes the top 25 more then anyone else. I just find Bret’s top matches better then Shaw’s by a slght bit.

  4. Mr. Wrestling II says:

    What I meant with the whole “6” comment was that you have 6 Five star one on one Bret Hart matches, while HBK’s only 5 Star match is the WM 20 Triple Threat. Also, if I let myself come across as a troll, I apologize , because I respect your reviews more then anyone. I can’t find too many matches that I disagree with your ratings for , sans Taker Vs HBK. I find myself comparing your work to KB quite a bit, as you two are my favorite internet reviewers. Cheers my fellow Canadian, I always enjoy talking about the sport……..or entertainment, that we all love.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    I’ve never rated ANY match 6 stars, and if there was 6 it was a typo, so if you’d point that out, I’d appreciate it. There is no such thing as a 6 star match. Also if you looked at my top 25 matches of all time you’d find the name Shawn Michaels in it more then anybody, so don’t jump the gun even though I am Ccanadian and do like Hart more. And everyone can have their own opinion on Underaker vs Michaels, my ratings for their to matches at Mania **** and **** 1/2 are fine to me. Also to the last person, every feud is like some other feud at some point, if I said it felt original it’s because there was obviously elements to the feud I liked and well…obviously felt original.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Miz vs. Cena feud wasn’t really that original. It was the same as the Goldberg vs. Jericho one in WCW.

  7. Mr. Wrestling II says:

    Hmmm, let’s see. 0 5 Star one on one matches from Shawn Michaels, while Bret Hart has 6 ? I think someone has a heavy bias against HBK. The story told in the WM 25 Classic( Shawn resorting to heel tactics such as trying to get himself counted out to end the streak), was amazing, and the whole “Kick out of each other’s finishers” sequence was well done, as it kept us guessing the entire time. Only four stars for that masterpiece, but four and a half for Rev Vs Y2J ? If Rey vs Y2J is 4 and a half, then HBK vs Taker MUST be **** 3/4 Or *****, but I doubt you’d give him that credit, unless Bret or Benoit were involved.

  8. I WAS THERE!!! It was HOT outside that day!

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