EXCLUSIVE: WWE To Release ‘ATTITUDE ERA Vol. 3’ DVD & Blu-Ray – Added to 2016 Schedule!

November 3, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Attitude Era Logo

Guess what’s coming back?!

Current plans have WWE giving us all one more dose of ATTITUDE in our DVD and Blu-ray collections next year with the Home Video release of “Attitude Era Vol. 3”.

The “Attitude Era” DVD & Blu-ray series was last seen with the release of Vol. 2 this time last year, which followed its debut this time three years ago. Listed on the 2016 WWE Home Video Schedule right now and tentatively planned for summer 2016 is the third volume!


WWE looks to be bringing back the "Attitude Era" DVD/Blu-ray series. Excited?

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WWE Attitude Era Vol. 3 DVD - Attitude Era Roster Photo

Officially released to the UK this week is the “WWE: 2015 Annual” DVD!

The UK exclusive Annual series returns this year as a 6 disc DVD set combing the two past titles “The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2014” and “Best PPV Matches 2014”.

UK FANS: Click here to get the new “WWE: 2015 Annual” DVD from Amazon.co.uk.

WWE Annual 2015 DVD Released

In case you missed it over the weekend, the first 2016 WWE DVD titles (January and February releases) have gone up for pre-order for fans in the United States!

Among them is “The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2015” DVD and a series we’ve been reporting will be returning to the US schedule next year with the “Best PPV Matches 2015” DVD.

The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2015 DVD
Best PPV Matches 2015 DVD

WWE Best of RAW & SmackDown, Best PPV Matches 2015 DVD Logos

Scott Hall has a new DVD slated for 2016 but before then, released TODAY and shipping now at KayfabeCommentaries.com is his new shoot interview – “YouShoot: Scott Hall”.

It’s also available to stream instantly On Demand. Watch the trailer below.

RARE STUFF: Coming up on eBay this week is a chance to own the rare “Special Collector’s Edition” Trish Stratus WWE DVD, which is scarcely seen listed on the auction site as of late.

This listing is right now bid to only $2.00 and there is no reserve price set!

$2.00Trish Stratus: 100% Stratusfaction DVD (Special Collector’s Edition)

WWE Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction DVD - Special Collector's Edition

Also up for grabs in an eBay auction expiring this week is the WrestleMania Anthology, right now bid to only $9.99 and again with no reserve – a potentially steal price for the box set!

$9.99WrestleMania Anthology DVD Box Set

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Foley is Good says:

    I enjoyed a good number of the releases this year. Next year I am most excited about is NXT and Scott Hall.

  2. harveyd says:

    Happy to hear about vol 3 coming out. Vol 2 was a little dissapoinring aa I have yet to see much of 97 and any 01 covered. Here are some matches they should include.

    Bret vs Sid cage match Raw
    HBK vs Mankind Raw
    Taka vs Sasuke Canadian Stampede or Raw
    Team USA vs Team Canada Canadian Stampede 
    Undertaker & Mankind vs HBK & HHH Raw
    Austin, Dude Love, Undertaker vs Hart Foundation flag match 
    Bret vs Undertaker Friday night main event 
    Stone Cold vs Brian Pillman Raw
    Goldust vs Pillman dress match 
    Bret Hart vs Goldust Raw
    Bret vs Ken Shamrock Raw

    Undertaker vs HBK Royal Rumble 
    Team Austin vs DX no way out
    Stone Cold vs The Rock Raw March 
    Stone Cold vs HBK Wrestlemania 14 
    The Rock vs Amhed Johnson Raw 
    Undertaker vs Vader Raw
    Kane vs Mankind HIAC Raw (criminally underrated
    DX vs The Nation street fight 
    Undertaker vs Kane Raw June 1st
    The Rock vs The Undertaker Raw 
    X pac vs D’lo Brown 
    The Rock VS HHH Raw Dec

    The Rock vs Mankind LMS Royal Rumble 
    Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon cage match SVM
    HHH vs Xpac Backlash 
    Undertaker vs Shamrock Backlash 
    Mankind vs HHH vs Austin Summer Slam 
    Test vs Shane Summer Slam 
    Edge & Christian vs Hardys ( a match form the best of 5)
    British Bulldog vs Boss Man Smackdown (Bulldogs return)
    Unforgiven 6 pack challenge 
    The Rock and Stone Cold vs Outlaws Raw
    The Rock, Test, Shane, Kane vs DX Smackdown (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

    The Rock & Sock + APA vs DX Raw
    Cactus Jack vs HHH HIAC 
    The 10 man tag Raw
    Hardcore battle Royal Wrestlemania 2000
    Eddie vs Essay Rios Backlash 
    Dean Malenko vs Scotty 2 Hotty Backlash 
    Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho No way out
    The Rock vs HHH vs Kurt Angle wwf championship matvh Raw
    The Rock vs Jericho # 1 contenders matvh Raw
    HHH VS Taka wwf championship Raw
    Kurt Angle vs The Rock No Mercy

    Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle wwf championship Raw
    Royal Rumble 2001
    HHH vs Kurt Angle Royal Rumble 
    Dudleys vs Edge & Christian Royal Rumble 
    Trish Stratus vs Stephanie No Way Out
    Stone Cold & The Rock vs Undertaker and kane Raw
    Stone Cold vs The Rock Wrestlemania 17 
    Stone Cold vs The Rock Raw steel cage match

    Some segments

    The Rock joins the nation 
    Pillman ‘ s XXX filles
    Bret and HBK after Bad Blood 
    Stone Cold Crapper

    DX searches for Undertaker 
    Undertaker accepts Kane’s Wrestlemania challenge 
    Austin steals HBK’S belt
    DX strip poker
    The Rock interview with Jennifer Flowers Wrestlemania 14
    Austin gets new belt
    The Rock and Austin segment after Survivor Series

    DX reunites with HBK
    DX parody of the corporation
    Undertaker kidnapping Stephanie 
    The Rock turns face after Backlash 
    Austin becomes CEO + first day at office 
    The Rock and Sock promo on Undertaker and Big show Smackdown 
    Austin, Rock, and HHH promo before Survivor Series

    DX have a bad day segments 
    Foley becomes Cactus Jack 
    The Rock’s “Tonight Uhhh, I am the Game Uhhhhh” promo on HHH
    Foley becomes commissioner 
    Stone Cold destroying the DX express 
    Jericho calling Stephanie a hoe for the
    Vince McMahon’s ” Life sucks and you die ” promo 
    Edge & Christian show video of the Hardys
    Edge and Christian bring out midgets of the Dudleys and Hardys 
    Jericho’s “operation” on HHH 
    Stone Cold returns at Unforgiven 
    Kurt Angle interviews The Rock before No Mercy 
    Rikishi I did it for The Rock segment

    Kurt Angle womp there it is promo
    Austin Stunning Stephanie and HHH beating up JR
    The Rock and Austin “get ready /stay healthy” promo 
    Undertaker and HHH segment before Wrestlemania on Smackdown

  3. me says:

    I assumed a few months ago that this would be happening in 2016. Hopefully it won’t be less than 6 hours this time.

  4. champz says:

    Wonder if the wwf logo uncensored???

  5. attitude.era.4life says:

    would’nt mind a cover similar to the pict accompanied to the info on AE vol. 3..reminds me of the great cover on vol. 1.. and on this, Headbangers Mosh and Trasher would be on it too.. talk about over the top out of this world outfits they had, especially those coloured furry…ehm..”bra”-things.. -lol- love that Era! 😉

  6. This is excellent news, I’ve been waiting for news on Attitude Era volume three for a long time!
    Volume 2 WAS a disappointment, but I still sat and watched it in one sitting.
    Hopefully early 2001 gets some attention this time, and a few more promos would be great!

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      yea i agree vol 2 was a big dissapointment i think only match really worth on that site was jericho hhh lms from fully loaded 2000. At Lease vol 1 had buried alive match from smackdown 99, austin taker raw after kotr 99, venis rikishi steel cage fully loaded 2000, and 6 man cell from armageddon 00.

      so over all vol 1 had i think better match quality then vol 2. hopefully vol 3 we get some more smackdown matches i think thats what hurts these vols.i understand raw was show during that but come on so was smackdown. they could add if they do add benoit matches , austin benoit 01 tlc 3 01 jericho benoit may 2000.

      add some title changes like european title tags hardcore make it different not just random matches for the sake of random matches

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        TLC 3 is on the first volume of Ladder Match.. but not gonna happen on this release, as I predict they again will go only to 2000.

        Funny thing surrounding that TLC 3 match: Edge prior to his TLC match with Cena at Unforgiven 2006 in a promo, says, that he challenges Cena to a match, that he – Edge – has never lost! which, of course is “true”, in the good old WWE fashion way of “truth”! 😉

      • Brad Attitude says:

        the WWE Championship Matches between Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart and Stone Cold vs. Ken Shamrock were good additions as was Kane and X-Pac vs. The APA.

    • me says:

      I’d like to see more from Smackdown, Heat, Shotgun, Jakked, etc. Especially Smackdown. Early 2000s Smackdown is often very good but its virtually ignored in WWE DVDs.

  7. Jerry Harrington says:

    Maybe amazon will screw up the pre order on attitude era again so I can get it for 7 dollars again. 2016 is going to be hard on the wallet baby!

  8. Larry says:

    Good news an Attitude Era Volume 3 hoping for tons of DX HBK, Triple H, and Chyna stuff on it.

  9. attitude.era.4life says:

    Hardcore Matches compilation.. OMG vol. 3: ECW.. Brock Lesnar.. Shane O’Mac.. and now this vol. 3 installment of the greatest Era of all time.. If all will come true, and the Dudley Boyz release will be a TV 14/MA version, 2016 will go down as the greatest year of physcial medias release year! 😉

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      this year was not that bad. i enjoyed lawler sting was ok warrior was meh, the shield so far as been my fav, and jerichos was just matches so meh. next year ohhh but we still got owen hart for 2015 so again over all 2015 not bad

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        not bad, but definitely not blasting great like 2011-2014.. again matter of wht you are fan of.. the years 2011-2014, I got all but the Cena, Sting and Superstar Collection releases.. 2015 was thus far a poor year, with Jericho, Warrior, ECW vol. 3 and Lawler the only ones I been interested in. But, the Owen Hart release is sure thing gonna be the highlight of this year.

        2016 for me looks already much much better, but, of course, judged only by the titles mentioned for now.. waiting for the content, and what else goodies WWE has for us physicals-collectors.. 😉

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          wooops.. forgot Nitro vol. 3.. bad dog.. bad dog! 🙂

          • Jeff Copeland says:

            yea i enjoyed nitro, ecw vol 3 was just kinda boring ex for the segments with joey and bwo. i forgot Daniel Bryan in my orginal listing that one was good matches questionable but ehh. I do agree 2016 i think will be good hopefully we can pray.

            as far as 2011 to 2014 humm goldbergs was good, hhh was good edge good < theres a pattern going on. theres been good bios or matches or both but nothing really standing out ex for 1 that i think was best we have had in a long time it being MACHO MADNESS!!! the randy Savage story xD!

            stings was good but disappointing match wise, and bio they completely skipped over some major fueds like rude or vader.

            owens has a good chance matches look eh but i am praying bio saves it

          • me says:

            Nitro was the only one I really liked from 2015.

            • Jeff Copeland says:

              i say my top 5 were sting daniel bryan the shield jerry lawler and warrior non bio wise = nitro vol 3 and jerichos was just meh

    • me says:

      I think its going to be an incredible year and much more upbeat too. 2014 and 2015 have focused a lot on people that have passed away. The only somewhat downbeat one for 2016 will be Scott Hall but at least he has had some success with his demons and of course he’s still alive.

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