Exclusive: WWE To Release New STING DVD & Blu-Ray Documentary This Year

April 29, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE - Sting Baseball Bat in WCW

WWE released a “Best of Sting” DVD last year and TNA put out one of their own this year. Those will not be the end of the Home Video treatment for the man called STING.

WrestlingDVDNews.com can exclusively reveal that WWE has a new Sting DVD and Blu-ray in the works now. It’s tentatively planned for a worldwide release towards the end of 2015.

A documentary feature is confirmed for the set and therefore Sting himself is very likely to be involved, as he is with another of WWE’s upcoming Home Video projects later this year.

We broke the news just recently that new interview footage with Sting will be included in the special features of “The Monday Night War Volume 1: Shots Fired”, on sale this July.

More details on the new Sting DVD/Blu-ray as we receive them.

WWE - Sting Facepaint Photo

Amazon have uploaded the following temporary cover artwork for “The Kliq Rules”.

As reported, the WWE DVD/Blu-ray is coming in July, featuring a Kliq reunion show (expected to air on the WWE Network soon), a new Kliq documentary, plus matches and moments.

WWE The Kliq Rules DVD Cover

The cover will change nearer the release. The logo could make it to the final design.

WWE have just released a new T-Shirt with the same “Kliq Rules” slogan. You can see that here at WWEShop.com, where today code “MOM” gets you 20% off any order of $50+.

Speaking of covers, here’s what “Timeline: The History of WCW – 1989” will look like.

The double disc DVD set will release on May 19th through KayfabeCommentaries.com.

Timeline History of WCW 1989 DVD Cover - Kayfabe Commentaries

WDN reader Richard W sends word that Best Buy’s site has the WrestleMania DVD and Blu-ray on sale this week only. The DVD is just $17.99 and the Blu-ray edition $22.99.

WrestleMania 31 is the next WWE DVD/Blu-ray on the way – it’s scheduled to hit stores across the United States next Tuesday, Australia also next Tuesday, and UK/Europe in early June.

WWF WrestleMania 31 DVD & Blu-ray Covers

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  1. Anan says:

    How many sets will they do that include HBK and HHH? As long as they’re gonna do it, I hope that Action Zone match Jason spoke of is on there along with the MSG Curtain Call Incident.

    Can’t wait for the Sting doc.

  2. Jason H says:

    I really hope they include Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid from WWF Action Zone on that Kliq DVD set. If so, it’ll be a day one buy for me.

  3. James Taylor says:

    They forgot to add Aldo Montoya as their secret Kliq member 😉

  4. Brad Attitude says:

    I’m all for a new Sting set but let’s be honest, The “Best of Sting” was more of a “Unreleased” set with a bunch of rare matches except the ppv matches with Flair and Hogan. I hope his new set will feature more of his big matches in his career (with some rare gems) and more focus on his crow character 🙂

  5. SRB says:

    The new Sting set will be a great way to end the year if it does come out around then. A documentary is a must, and I hope it includes most of his WWE appearances.

    That KLIQ artwork really isn’t half bad. I know it’s temporary, but there’s certainly worse out there.

  6. Mark Markson says:

    A Sting documentary will be nice. I hope we get a lot of unreleased matches and not just matches that are already available. Yes, I do have the first Sting blu-ray set, but I still hate when WWE do repeats.

    • David says:

      For most of these documentary style releases WWE tend to release a select number of repeats that stood out for that wrestler. So i expect some usuals like vs. Flair Great American Bash 1990, vs. Hogan Starrcade 1997 and i am sure most definitely vs. HHH from WM31 will be on there.

      • Mark Markson says:

        Yes, that’s probably how they’ll do it.

        I would like to see a documentary on Sting, but if most of the matches included are on other DVD sets, then I’ll just wait to pick up this one.

        Sometimes WWE is also lazy. Like with Mick Foley’s For All Mankind DVD set. WWE had released the KOTR HIAC 1998 match on his Greatest Hits and Misses DVD set, and they also included it on For All Mankind.

        I think the same will happen if WWE releases the rumoured Hulk Hogan DVD. I bet it will include lots of repeats.

  7. Foley is Good says:

    Can’t wait for the new Sting release. Hopefully more PPV content this time. The Kliq shirt is kinda lame and I could care less about their reunion since we have seen them together enough already. Sadly the Wrestlemania 31 match will have to be included on Stings Blu ray.

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