WWE Top 25 Rivalries Blu-Ray Photos & Report, New Blu-Rays Hit The UK

May 15, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWEDVDNews reader Reggie Brown had chance to watch the new “Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History” DVD before the release in 2 weeks, and has shared the following report with some details of the format and his opinions on the set.

Really well done DVD. Goes with a chemistry theme with Renee Young wearing a lab coat and making science references throughout. They dedicate about 5-10 minutes to each rivalry.

Seems like they took time to dig up footage and people involved for each segment. Good stuff with Vince Russo for the Austin/McMahon segment.

You’ve seen photos of the WWE Top 25 Rivalries DVD, now it’s time for a first look at its Blu-ray counterpart. Thanks to Tony Shade for these new pics.

WWE Top 25 Rivalries Blu-ray

WWE Top 25 Rivalries Blu-ray

WWE Top 25 Rivalries Blu-ray

The latest WWE Blu-ray features hitting the UK and Europe are The Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2, Bret Hart: The Dungeon Collection, and The Best of In Your House. Check out WWEDVD.co.uk now to get your hands on any of those titles.

UK WWE Blu-ray Best of In Your House

Best of In Your House pre-orders at WWEDVD.co.uk come with the chance of winning one of 20 DVD or 20 Blu-ray sleeves signed by Kane!

Down in Australia the WrestleMania 1-15 DVD re-releases have been spotted. They are the same as those titles recently put out in the United States, even to the point of having the same artwork error on the spine of the WrestleMania 15 DVD. Oops! Thanks to Nick Jaworski.

WWE WrestleMania 1-15 DVD Re-Releases

In the US, those WrestleMania re-releases have now made it to other stores outside of Walmart. The photo below is of stock offered at an FYE store.

WWE WrestleMania 1-15 DVD Re-Releases

Jon sends word of a few new WWE DVD deals at Target. $5.99 for Greatest Stars of the ’80s DVD, $7.99 for the Randy Orton: Evolution of a Predator DVD.


The Stars of the ’80s DVD is also available for only $3.99 on this page of Amazon.com.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for supporting WrestlingDVDNetwork.com.


New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. AD says:

    Can anybody please tell me what stores in Australia have the mania rereleases?

  2. SRB says:

    “Goes with a chemistry theme with Renee Young wearing a lab coat and making science references throughout.” <– Is that serious???

    I love seeing those rows and rows of sets in one place. It looks fantastic.

  3. Scsa says:

    5-10mins only for each Rivalry?!?! That kinda sucks! I’ve been waiting for this Blu-Ray since I saw the Hart / Michaels Rivalry Blu-Ray! Boy was that awesome! Though 5-10mins on each Rivalry doesn’t sound like alot! Especially for Rock Vs Austin!

  4. Jamie says:

    Holy $?@! That’s a store? Man I wish stores looked like that here. Jealous 🙁

  5. Alexander says:

    So the Top 25 Rivalries set has subtitles and captions? This is a very interesting development, especially for hard-of-hearing wrestling fans.

    • Mark says:

      It is about damn time! I have been complaining about lack of english subtitles since I am hard of hearing, now I can enjoy the set much more and I hope they will start putting english subtitles in future releases

  6. Daniel Bee says:

    Most colourful article EVER! 😉

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