WWE Top 50 Finishing Moves DVD Incoming, Another Greatest Rivalries

February 8, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Thanks to Brian and Sunny G for passing along the news that Jim Ross has confirmed that WWE are producing a Top 50 Finishing Moves DVD to be released soon, and have a second Greatest Rivalries title planned for this year.

A few sources are reporting that he mentioned this on Twitter, but it was actually commented on in his latest blog entry at JRsBarBQ.com, in which he went into some more detail.

In the case of the Finishing Moves project, this will be the third “Top 50” themed WWE DVD release, following on from Top 50 Superstars of All Time in 2010, and OMG! Top 50 Incidents in WWE History in 2011. A new installment of WWE Greatest Rivalries would be the second, after the successful Shawn VS. Bret DVD last year.

Below is what JR had to say on his blog regarding the two incoming sets.

The King and I spent about 2+ hours working on a new project that we will continue to work on over the next month or so. More info on it when the time is right.

I also worked on a new, DVD project, unaware of the release date, on the Top 50 Finishing Moves in Wrestling on Monday. That should be an interesting DVD and as is customary with ‘lists’ or ‘top ten’s, etc” it will likely be controversial to some fans. Nonetheless I had fun doing it and it brought back some cool memories.

“Will WWE do more Rivalry DVDs?” Absolutely. Another major production is scheduled for 2012 but I am not sure as to the rivalry that will be featured but the rumors that I hear are fascinating. Obviously, I hope to be involved as I was with the Bret/Shawn DVD which is a must see.

What are you thoughts on a Top 50 Finishers DVD? Leave a comment below!

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  1. scsa says:

    They can’t make a Triple H Vs Undertaker Rivalry DVD yet! Not till they wrestle at WRESTLEMANIA 28!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Undertaker and Mankind

  3. Harry Faversham says:

    The perfect plex. Absolutely perfect!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Top finisher of all time the rko

  5. daniel nunn says:

    shawn micheals vs triple h great rivalry should be on dvd

  6. jason says:

    i think the greatest rivalries should be vince vs austin top finisher of all time the stunner

  7. adam says:

    im actually looking forward to the top 50 finishers dvd so many awesome finishers a look back at some classic finishing moves


  8. Anan says:

    Thsy should put up 50 moves & have fans vote on #1. Anyway, the AA would probably be in the top 5 as Cena’s a favorite of Vince. I wouldn’t put too much stock into these top 50 sets as they’re usually used to get certain guys over or keep their momentum going or because they recently left (HBK being #1 in Top 50 set). THat’s why I say let the fans choose as they’re the ones who are gonna buy & watch so might as well get them involved in some way.

    For me personally, here’s my list (still incomplete):
    1. Tombstone – It’s laid many, many names to rest for over 2 decades
    2. Stunner – It’s been put on Vince, HBK, Taker, Kane, Rock (who oversold it like crazy lol)

  9. Evan McFarlane says:

    I can see The Attitude Adjustment ranking #1..

  10. m.blier says:

    wwe top 50 ring announcers of all time better not be next.

  11. NickP says:

    Not too sure what to make of the Top 50 Finishers, but knowing WWE and the chimps in dvd production, really bad choices will be made for Top 10

    If the “Attitude Adjustment” is in the Top 10, I will never buy a WWE dvd again

  12. NWO 4 Life says:

    It depends on where they are at for Raw or Smackdown’s or WrestleMania or any other pay-per-view. The live events always has the crowd into the match. I thought the Mania27 crowd was weak throughout Mania27 except for Triple H vs Undertaker.

  13. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    @Daniel Bee

    I wish the crowds at today’s WWE events were this live. Now its like they’re sitting in a movie theater.

  14. timohty says:

    i wonder how they going to do the matches

  15. Anonymous says:

    i wonder how they going to do the matches

  16. SRB says:

    How good can your finisher be when someone kicks out 3 times? Not worthy of a top ten in my book. How about a finisher no one gets up from? I haven’t seen Bret let go of the Sharpshooter too often and I havent seen most guys kick out of Yokozuna’s bonzai drop. But, I’ve seen countless guys kick out of Hogan’s leg drop, HBK’s sweet chin music and Edge’s Spear. Let’s be honest in the 80’s and 90’s wrestlers laid down for eachother and never got up from the finishers. I knew once Mr. Perfect put that Perfect Plex on anyone it was bell time.

  17. Dave says:

    @ Chris Smith

    I guess they will just pick random matches…possibly matches that have guys kick out of the others finisher multiple times in a match or something like that. (ie. Angle kicking out of stunner 3 times from Summerslam 2001, etc.)

    First disc will be probably just be 1.5 hours of the countdown with highlights, and extras from certain guys talking about their finishers, how they got them, etc. then the matches.

  18. DX23 says:

    Too bad we won’t get a Hogan vs Macho Man dvd that would be awesome might have some drama if Macho Man was still alive during the sit down interview with them.

  19. DX23 says:

    I always liked Brock Lesner’s F5 move but that will be top 30 I bet. Sweet Chin Music top 10 I bet. Codebreaker badass will be top 10.

  20. SRB says:

    TOP 50 FINISHERS???? Now I have to sit there for 9 hours and hear the history of the Tombstone, The Superkick and The Pedigree? What’s the 3rd disc gonna be? 2 hours on the RKO? Awful idea. WWE has really insulted the fans’ intelligence with this one, while in their offices they have every single In Your House, the rest of Survivor Series and everything from WCW but they release this garbage??? Horrible idea. I didn’t think anything could be worse than OMG, but I think this just may top it.

  21. Chris Smith says:

    How the hell would one select the matches for the finishers DVD?

  22. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I still want to see a Greatest Rivalries: WWE vs WCW – The Monday Night War. It is the only subject worthy enough to follow up the Bret/Shawn DVD set last year.

    I see all these people complaining about another “Top 50” DVD, but, there is a simple solution….. don’t buy it. Problem solved.

  23. Charles says:

    Wow, top 50 finishing moves… not buying. I don’t understand how this set can be attractive and interesting?

    Why not make a top 50 matches of all time…

    And for GR, it will probably be austin vs the rock which is a good thing.

  24. scsa says:

    I’d like 2c Austin Vs Rock, Rock Vs Triple H or a D-X Vs Nation fued! My favourite Finishers r SWEET CHIN MUSIC, STONE COLD STUNNER, BRET HART’s SHARPSHOOTER AND HHH’s 2nd PEDIGREE!

  25. Harry Faversham says:

    I think it will be a bad countdown because it will overlook things as usual. As far as finishers go, Goldberg had a great finisher but does anyone believe this list will reflect anything of the sort. Its all subjective anyway which makes it a bad idea from the outset. It does give them plenty of scope for a good match list though. Randy Orton vs. Triple H was a boring feud in my opinion. I wouldnt want to be in the same room as a DVD about their rivalry. But each to their own.

  26. Sticky Fingers says:

    i wanna see a randy orton vs. triple h dvd … those guys worked together, feuded together and i’m pretty sure they had legit backstage heat backstage after they seperated from evolution. and they had some good matches too. some not so great but the majority were good.

  27. Brad Attitude says:

    i think the top 50 dvds are just a cheap way for wwe to make some quick cash.

    i would love to see a hbk vs. hhh dvd as well but i doubt wwe will add their wrestlemania xx, backlash 2004 matches since chris benoit was in it as well. hopefully they will have enough matches from raw and ppv to help fill up the disc time.

  28. Mark Markson says:

    I hope it won’t be for a WWE rivalry. I mean, a Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair set… How cool would that be?

  29. Justin says:

    what about a rivalry set that isn’t between just two guys but factions? DX vs the nation, etc.

    Also a finishing move DVD could be cool. It’d be neat to find out how some finishing moves started, their story, how they came to be perfected.

  30. Stacey John says:

    @o yes! I don’t think they would have enough matches/content for and eddie vs angle/angle vs lesnar and also angle is in tna so i doubt they would allow him to breach his contract by filming a dvd with wwe

  31. indyfan says:

    Top 50 finishing moves sounds lame. It would hardly be accurate if they don’t include a burning hammer. And i hope the next rivalry dvd is Mcmahon vs Bischoff vs Heyman. It won’t happen i know

  32. John Peterson says:

    I like to see the Rock/hhh feud be highlighted next.then hhh/hbk after that.

  33. lhdang2000 says:

    Cena vs Edge or Cena vs Randy Orton for the great Rivalry DVD

  34. Anonymous says:

    on the finishing moves dvd i hope they have undertaker’s hells gate, awesome submission.

  35. Daniel says:

    Taker Vs. Kane and of course the best Finishing Move of all time, the Tombstone.

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. o yes! says:

    or eddie vs angle angle vs lesnar?

  38. o yes! says:

    hhh vs hbk next dvd rivariles would be great!

  39. jasongoldsmith says:

    mick foley vs undertaker or austin vs mcmahon would be 2 very good ideas for the rivalries dvd.
    stone cold stunner for best finisher is my bet.

  40. Jamie says:

    Stone Cold vs Rock,Cena vs Edge,Austin vs Rock,Taker vs Kane who knows should be a good watch wat ever Fued they release this time

  41. Dave says:

    I’m guessing the top 5 finishers according to WWE will be:

    5- Tombsone
    4- Rock Bottom
    3- Stone Cold Stunner
    2- Hogan Leg drop
    1- FU/Attitude Adjustment

  42. Anonymous says:

    Sure, the whole “top 50” is pointless but if the match listing contains as many gems as Top 50 Superstars I welcome this release with open arms!

  43. attitudefan says:

    How do u top Bret/HBK? SImple: U can’t. No other rivalry was as real as theirs was. I for one do not wanna see Austin/Rock. Those 2 were really friends and sparks no interest plus their matches have been released countless times. Now I would be for HHH/Rock since those 2 had legit heat when Rock first came in also to get that great Iron Man Match on dvd that’s never been released

  44. Matt L. says:

    Sounds great, but all I gotta say is that if Colin Delaney’s finisher (whatever that was) isn’t included, I RIOT!

  45. Anonymous says:

    top 50 finishing moves? stupid and pointless, we want the In Your House Anthology,the rest of Survivor Series and best of RAW seasons released

  46. Mark D says:

    Not too sure about a top 50 finishers…

  47. Geolink says:

    Please let it be Rock/Austin! I would love those two sit down next to each other getting interviewed by Jim Ross about their legendary rivalry.

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