*SPOILER* WWE Top 50 Superstars DVD Ranking Revealed & DVD Extras

November 13, 2010 by Daniel Bee

If you don’t want to know the full ranking for the new WWE Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD then read no further!

Shawn Michaels conducted a radio interview to hype WrestleMania 27 and during which he briefly mentioned that he was told by WWE he was top of a “50 Greatest Superstars” ranking. Though he didn’t specifically reference the DVD, to us this sounded a lot like it.

Turns out he was indeed talking about that, as F4WOnline.com have just revealed the full 50 Superstar rankings for the upcoming DVD. We assume this is the confirmed list for the DVD which is to be released on December 14th in North America.

#50 – Killer Kowalski
#49 – Batista
#48 – “Ravishing” Rick Rude
#47 – Bob Backlund
#46 – Dory Funk Jr.
#45 – Jeff Hardy
#44 – Nick Bockwinkel
#43 – Kane
#42 – Sgt. Slaughter
#41 – Jack Brisco
#40 – Big Show
#39 – Jake “The Snake” Roberts
#38 – “Superstar” Billy Graham
#37 – Junkyard Dog
#36 – Gorilla Monsoon
#35 – “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers
#34 – Kurt Angle
#33 – Mick Foley
#32 – “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka
#31 – The Iron Sheik
#30 – Pat Patterson
#29 – Randy Orton
#28 – “Classie” Freddie Blassie
#27 – The Fabulous Moolah
#26 – “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
#25 – Chris Jericho
#24 – Bruno Sammartino
#23 – Hulk Hogan
#22 – Terry Funk
#21 – Lou Thesz
#20 – Jerry “The King” Lawler
#19 – Edge
#18 – N/A
#17 – Dusty Rhodes/Ric Flair (Tie)
#16 – John Cena
#15 – “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig
#14 – “Macho Man” Randy Savage
#13 – Gorgeous George
#12 – Triple H
#11 – Eddie Guerrero
#10 – “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
#9 – Rey Mysterio
#8 – Andre The Giant
#7 – Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
#6 – Harley Race
#5 – The Rock
#4 – Bret “The Hitman” Hart
#3 – Stone Cold Steve Austin
#2 – The Undertaker
#1 – Shawn Michaels

Your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Kevin N says:

    Undertaker is the world’s best WWE wrestler of all time.
    Have anyone seen during his match, his facial expressions and ability to apply ring psychology and dynamic changes keep crowds on their edges.
    Besides, his complete investment in his gimmick is very credible and exciting for an unheard-of company.

  2. baabu says:

    my rank:
    1. undertaker
    2. stone cold steve austin
    3. hulk hogan
    4. rock
    5. shawn michaels
    6. ric flair
    7. bret hart
    8. john cena
    9. triple h
    10. brock lesnar

  3. Guest says:

    Sting is probaly not here because he joined wwe in 2014 WCW for longest time

  4. Patrick f says:

    Where is warrior should be in top 10 at least. There’s not a mission there are 50 better than him

  5. Kevin Owens says:

    Undertaker & Austin will not be in my top 20! Booooooooooring :/

  6. Taha says:

    Top 10 Greatest Superstars of all time:
    10. John Cena
    9. Sting
    8. The Ultimate Warrior
    7. Bret “The hitman” Hert
    6. Ric Flair
    5. The Rock
    4. Shawn Michaels
    3. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
    2. The Undertaker
    1. Hulk Hogan

  7. Taha says:

    Top 10 Greatest Superstars of all time:
    10. John Cena
    9. Sting
    8. The Ultimate Warrior
    7. Bret “The hitman” Hert
    6. Ric Flair
    5. The Rock
    4. Shawn Michaels
    3. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
    2. The Undertaker
    1. Hulk Hogan

  8. jack says:

    sorry i have forget warrior and sting

  9. jack says:

    my list:
    andre the giant

  10. Peely says:

    Hmmm it’s Interesting , are they basing this on wrestling capabilities such as in ring performance ? Innovation ? Promo Expertise ? Loyalty? Accolades? I’m assuming it’s all gone into one. It’s good that everyone has different opinions here is my top 10 :-)bare in mind I’m too young to account for pre 90s

    1.Eddie Guerrero
    2.Shawn Michaels
    4.Stone Cold
    6.The Rock
    8.Kurt Angle

    Special mentions for great innovator’s such as Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. Workers such as Kane and Mysterio. Technicians like Benoit and even Booker. n people who will kill themselves for the business like Mick Foley.

    • Peely says:

      In Ring Performance/Innovation/Promo Expertise/Loyalty/Accolades

      1. 10/10/10/10/7. 47/50
      2. 10/10/10/10/7. 47/50
      3. 9/8/9/10/10. 46/50
      4. 8/10/10/8/8. 44/50
      5. 8/6/10/10/10. 44/50
      6. 8/8/10/6/8. 40/50
      7. 7/8/8/10/7. 40/50
      8. 10/9/8/6/6 39/50
      9. 6/6/7/10/10. 39/50
      10. 8/7/8/6/8. 37/50

  11. Sam jackson says:

    Brett Hart
    Macho Man
    Dusty Rhodes
    Mr Perfect
    Jeff hardy
    Harley Race
    Rey Mysterio
    Brock Lesnar
    Terry Funk
    Razor Ramon
    Mick foley
    Kurt Angle
    Daniel Bryan
    Rowdy Roddy Piper
    Bruno Samertino
    Iron Sheik
    Big Show
    Junkyard Dog
    Bob Backland
    Jimmy Snuka
    Sgt Slaughter
    Owen Hart
    Andre The Giant
    Booker T
    Jake The Snake
    Ted Debiase
    Jerry The King Lawler

    That’s my opinion

  12. Michael Byrnes says:

    In the top 50 superstars or finishing moves where the F $@+×! Is the ultimate warrior…i mean really??? Sleeper holds? Chicken wings? Suplexes? Easy shit……

  13. Unbiased Fan says:

    This “people” that made this list that you’re all bitching about was made by THE WWE/WWF superstars past and present. Not Vince, not fans, not upper management, but the current and past wwe superstars. Watch the DVD.

    The top 5 are arguably interchangeable.

    All of the wrestlers that have ever come through WWE have decided that Shawn Michaels is the best to ever come through the business.

    And for the commenter below, both Flair and HHH say that HBK is the best of all time.

  14. shady says:

    Hhh shoud be higher than Michaels. and flair because he was a ring general like no other also kind and of the leader in Dx and evolution and considering the fact that he made rand orton and batista better fighters and superstars he should in top five
    The top list should be
    1 hogan
    2 rock
    3 Austin

    4 undertaker
    5 hhh
    6 flair
    8 Michaels
    9 cena
    10 ricky (the dragon)
    NOTE:not a fan of hulk hogan

    • Michael Byrnes says:

      No sh*t…Jakes ddt should’ve surpassed many

    • Michael Byrnes says:

      The list for top 50 Anyway should’ve gone something like the following….

      1 Hulk Hogan
      2 Macho man savage
      3 ultimate warrior
      4 Brett hart
      5 Sting
      6 Jake the snake
      7 Roddy piper
      8 playboy Buddy Rose
      9 Jimmy Snuka
      10 Axe and Smash
      11 Hawk and Animal
      12 Dusty Rhodes
      13 Ricky the Dragon
      14 Ric Flair
      15 Andre the Giant
      16 Undertaker
      17 Sid Justice
      18 Jeff Hardie
      19 Shawn Michaels
      20 HHH
      21 STONE COLD
      22 The Rock
      23 Goldberg
      24 Kurt Angle
      25 Diesel
      26 DDP
      And so on…..

      • Michael Byrnes says:

        there so many I’m sure I forgot some and I’m sure those are exactly in the order they should be in but I mean come on people

    • Guest says:

      hhh is not even hall of famer! XD

  15. shady says:

    Hhh shoud be higher than Michaels. and flair because he was kind and of the leader in Dx and evolution and considering the fact that he made rand orton and batista better fighters and superstars he should in top five
    The top list should be
    1 hogan
    2 rock
    3 Austin

  16. big Boi says:

    this is dumb! rey is better than cena? LOL!!!! Why the fuk is HBK first?

  17. JustTheFacts says:

    How the f**k can they get away with putting Edge before Hulk Hogan!?!? WTF.. Hogan didn’t even make the top 20!!

  18. burningtramps says:

    Chris Benoit should be on that list. But knowing WWE that probably kept up trying to pretend that he never existed. :L

  19. The Undertaker fan says:

    Undertaker deserves first place… HBK was a Mister Wrestlemania but Undertaker was and is Wrestlemania Phenomenon. Also CM Punk should be put on this list

  20. shawn says:

    the undertaker hulk hogan and ric flair are the best superstar . Now I do not know which of the three is the best, but these 3 are arguably the 3 biggest wrestler ever.

  21. Dean.j says:

    Randy Savage at 14? Hulk Hogan at 23? Who made this list, and what rugs were they on. Savage is easily a top 5 and Hulk Hogan is easily #1. What a joke.

  22. Andrew says:

    P.S How dare them f***ing put Eddie Guerrero over Triple H, although Eddie was a great wrestler his accomplishments were a f***ing joke compared to the Game.

  23. Andrew says:

    1. Undertaker
    2. Steve Austin
    3. Shawn Michaels
    4. Bret Hart
    5. The Rock
    6. Ric Flair
    7. Triple H
    8. Andre the Giant
    9. Hulk Hogan
    10. L.O.D ( Animal & Hawk )

    The reason Goldberg isn’t in the top is because this is the list of WWE!!! Goldberg was nothing but an over pushed rookie in WCW who kissed a lot of ass, his in ring ability was impressive yes, but no more then Lesnar or Batista. Was just another Football wash-out who got a lucky break in my opnion, his wrestling career was what 4-5 years? P.S Shawn Michaels faked an injury to so he wouldn’t have to drop the title to Bret Hart, in addition he was in on the Montreal Screwjob which made Bret Leave and Owen die. The Rock would be higher if he didn’t leave WWF for a Acting Career. When I made my list I thought about who made the biggest impact in history names that people actually still recall or names that influence wrestlers today. L.o.D popularized face painting and their unique style I honestly think they should be much higher then 10, but again my opinion.

  24. Ashley kubiak says:

    Where’s the Ultimate Warrior on this list!! One of the best superstars of all time. Period

  25. Flight of the Phoenix says:

    How men like ted dibiasi eddie guerrero and jerry lawler are under Randy Orton ? and where is the position of shemus cmpunk and bill goldburg ? Batista must have better position

  26. mike says:

    f*** you vince mcmahon and your stupid list.hulk hogan number 23?are you crazy man?

  27. how the hell can hulk hogan be number 25 when he has defetied both shawn michaels, bret hart and all the others before him. Also he would defete undertaker if mcmahon and ric flair didnt helkp undertaker at 1991 and 2002 . If mcmahon didnt help undertaker hulk hogan was going to defete the rock too and stone cold is notrhing in compared with him so here is myt list :
    1.hulk hogan
    2.bret hart
    4.the rock
    5.stone cold
    6.ultimate warrior
    8.shawn michaels

  28. Anonymous says:

    Here is my own opinion of the top 10 best WWE superstars ever:

    10. Goldberg

    9. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

    8. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

    7. Shawn Michaels

    6. Hulk Hogan

    5. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

    4. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

    3. The Rock

    2. Andre The Giant

    1. The Undertaker

  29. Anonymous says:

    Undertaker should’ve been number one, he is the best WWE superstar to ever set foot in the ring.

  30. sean says:

    hulk hogan will rule forever.

  31. PUNEET says:


  32. dean says:

    hulk hogan was the biggest draw in wrestling history undertaker the second biggest draw ever but for me the greatest wrestler ever is ric flair.

  33. mitch says:

    this is a stupid list.flair and hogan the best.

  34. Anonymous says:

    1. Ric Flair – a 40 year career with 16 World Titles and more main events than anyone else
    2. Hulk Hogan – most famous wrestler; more than 10 World titles and time on top 2nd to Flair
    3. Steve Austin – biggest draw and the one guy most responsible for the 1990s resurgence
    4. The Rock – biggest mainstream star in industry history with around 10 World titles
    5. Harley Race – 8 time world champion who dominated the 70s through the early 80s
    6. Lou Thesz – was the industry flagship through the 60s and dominated prior to Race
    7. Sting – 20 years as a main eventer with lots of charisma and more than 10 world titles
    8. Shawn Michaels – from 1996 to 1998 and again 2002 to 2009 was the best worker
    9. Dusty Rhodes – huge draw, unbelievable charisma and interviews and 3 time world champ
    10. Triple H – second most world titles and very long tenure on top of the industry

  35. sal says:

    Yes Shawn deserves the number 1 spot so stop complaining people because noone worked as hard as him. But they should have out hogan and flair early especially flair those 2 are legends and there underrated in this list along with triple h and john cena.
    Top ten.
    10. John Cena
    9. Ricky steambolt
    8. Hulk Hogan
    7. Bret “the hitman” Hart
    6. Stone cold Steve Austin
    5. The Rock
    4. Triple H
    3. Ric Flair
    2. The Undertaker
    1. Shawn Michaels
    Andre the Giant and Roddy Piper deserve to be in there somewhere.

  36. Anonymous says:

    This was the biggest joke of a list ever created until you look deeper and realize that this Top 50 list was only the Top 50 Most Respected By Their Peers list and not the Top 50 SuperStars/Greatest Superstars of All Time. Regardless, a list like this without Flair and Hogan in the Top 3 is the biggest joke. Who influenced more stars than these two? Nobody. If I were making the list, the top three would be Flair, Hogan and Austin.

  37. mitch says:

    Hulkmania will live forever brother.

  38. Jay says:

    I Dont Have Problems With HBK being at No.1 Well HEgave it all.. heart and soul.. hulk hogan may be the face of wwf or whatever(thats what other idiots are bragging about) but he didnt care much about wwf/wwe… But i hated the fact that Kurt Angle has been ranked so low.. As far as Goldberg is concerned..dont worry fans he will make it to “Wrestlers who wont sell other wrestler’s moves” and also maybe “wrestlers who cant wrestle so gets only 2 mins to end their matches” categories…
    My Top Ten:
    1. Shawn Michaels
    2. Kurt Angle
    3. Bret Hart
    4. Stone Cold
    5. Eddie Guererro
    6. Chris Jericho
    7. The Undertaker
    8. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
    9. The Rock
    10. Edge

    Those who thinks Why Kevin Naash Didnt Make it..well i’m sure he did make it in between top 490-500

  39. slasher10 says:

    what about cm punk…

  40. brad says:

    the icon of american wrestling was and will be forever hulk hogan

  41. Anonymous says:

    in my opinion john cena should be in the top 10 he is much better and popular than rey mysterio, rick steamboat etc.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Be thankful he is where he is. Look at all those wrestling legends further down in the list that could easily be ahead of him. Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle to name two.

  42. olympic hero says:

    even though kurt angle wnet to tna he should still be in the top ten -__- he was a great entertainer as well as a wrestler… Had incredible wrestling and mic skills and they only put him at 34 just because he went to tna *smh* -__-

  43. Cm punk says:

    are you kidding me cm punk is better than rey mysterio and where is goldberg

  44. Riaz says:

    Yeah! This is perfect ranking.shawn michaels is always no.1.he is a die hard fighter.wwe always neglects shawn.bcoz shawn michaels is just 3 times wwe champion.but he effort wwe champion of all time.i love shawn michaels.every one loves shawn michaels.

  45. Ballin28 says:

    I think Macho Man should be in the top 5 and Kevin Nash should be in the top 20.

  46. brad says:

    for me the number one of all time is the ultimate warrior

    • Michael Byrnes says:

      No sh*t…it’s about time someone said it…he had more passion drive and adrenaline than anyone…i mean really…a suplex..chicken wing or sleeper…any nut less monkey can perform a sleeper…my 12 year old daughter can perform a sleeper

  47. Kevin says:

    The number 1 wrestler of all tim is the Rated R superstar, Edge!

  48. sam says:

    shawn better of ric flair hulk hogan and undertaker? ah ah ah is very funny

  49. Harpreet says:

    Shawn Michaels is on #1
    He is the best superstar ever..
    Love you shawn!! <3 <3

  50. JC says:

    This is a list of top Superstars and not wrestlers…so should include guys with best in-ring talent and out of ring capabilities (like persona, mic skills)..In that sense, though I agree with Shawn Michaels being the best, I cant beleive that Rey Mysterio is in top ten…For me, Edge and HHH should be in top 10…I cant beleive Edge is at #19…I ll consider putting him in top 5..

  51. sunnny says:

    WHO IS AT NO. 18?

  52. frank says:

    hulk hogan can,t be 23 in the rating is a total joke.shawn michaels is nothing against hulk hogan and vince macmahon knows well.everybody knows hulk in the world.he,s the wrestling.

  53. Witch says:

    The ranking is based on what they did for the company and how it affected the industry. HBK is #1 based on the fact that he always delivered with all his heart what they asked back stage, even when it made him beyond ticked. He introduced a new style of wrestling as well (flyer style). This list was not based on the crowd, it is based on a professional and historical viewpoint. While Hogan was a rage for the crowd and many loved him, that doesn’t mean he was a rage backstage, thus the reason for the rating being #23.

  54. john says:

    hulk hogan the best forever

  55. rahul raphy says:

    what a bad ranking!it is such a shame McMOHAN!there is no jim duggan,chris benoit,c.m punk,owen hart,brock lesnar,goldberg & randy orton is placed @ 29! I need rko in TOP 10 & hulk hogan to be no:1.this is the worst ranking i’ve seen in my life ever……………….

  56. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe CM Punk isn’t on there. Is it because his character wasn’t created by Vince? And what about Owen Hart?

  57. Ahmed Mahmood says:

    Just swtich Stone Cold Steve Austin with The Rock and I’ll be fine

  58. Nataraj says:

    Fuck :-)y rock on #5th he should be always 1st for ever

  59. Grey Treed says:


  60. mark says:

    in the mind of million of people hulk hogan is the wrestling.i am italian and follow the wrestling when i was 11 years old.hulk hogan is the biggest star of all time.never will be an other how him.an other super star without doubt is undertaker.my personal opinion and list.
    hulk hogan
    ric flair
    brett hart
    the ultimate warrior
    macho man randy savage
    ricy steamboat
    andre the giant
    steve austin
    the rock

  61. Jeff hardy is #1 wrestler in this world

  62. Eddie Guerrero Fan says:

    whys eddie guerrero not in the top 10

  63. Eddie Guerrero Fan says:

    1. batistas better than at least half those guys in front of him
    2. wheres goldberg lesnar owen hart and benoit
    3. hows mysterio rated over eddie guerrero hulk hogan ric flair and triple h

  64. mark says:

    is a joke?hulk hogan hulk hogan and always hulk hogan number 1.the man that has changed the modern wrestling.ric flair number 17?no isn,t possible this isn,t a serious list.and the great ultimate warrior where is?

  65. Jason says:

    Andre the Giant!
    Hogan and Flair should be much higher.

  66. Shibu says:

    10.BIG SHOW
    19.CM PUNK

  67. Anonymous says:

    Com on cena should be among the top 5…nd frm where coms within top 5?

  68. ZIG ZAG says:

    Anonymous I think you are garbage!!!! go fuck your self

  69. Anonymous says:

    how is cena 16th??? kinda high for a 21st century wrestler…no ultimate warrior, big boss man…i think we are prisoners of the moment…then again wwe is garbage now…can’t wait to see the wcw list….

  70. Anonymous says:

    this list is seriously funjny, where the fuck-suck is brock lesner….a dn goldberg….where are these BIG DADDYs hun……bullshit!

  71. Anonymous says:

    the rock is there on the list asshole..

  72. dx army n edge says:

    1.shawn michaels 2.triple h 3.edge 4.undertaker 5.randy orton

  73. Anonymous says:

    This is the worst list I’ve ever seen in my life.

  74. jason says:

    shawn better be number 1 he was and will always be the best wrestler/entertainer ever noone holds a candle to him john cena steve austin ric flair hhh the rock will all agree hbk is in a league of his own

  75. Anonymous says:

    where is brock lesnar and goldberg ??????????????????????????????????

  76. Anonymous says:

    1. Rey Mysterio higher than HHH, Hogan and Flair? He hasnt even been w/WWE that long!
    2.Where is Yokozuna? Ultimate Warrior?
    3. Chyna should also be on here. She beat the other women so easily and dominated that division.
    4. Vince McMahon obviously has somethin against Hogan and Flair lol

  77. Anonymous says:

    hulk hogan made wrestling what it is today – be it wwf (/wwe) or wcw … we are talking about superstars – not their technical abilities .. he should undoubtedly be ranked #1 for being the greatest face there ever was, for being the greatest heel there ever could be .. and making the most stunning change which is down is history as the greatest moment in wrestling ever!

  78. hhh is first power in wwe universe, undertaker is second and kane is third.

  79. byron says:

    where the hell is orton

  80. sahil says:

    im glad shawn is ranked one. yepeeee

  81. Anonymous says:

    hhh should be higher

  82. ortonfan says:

    where is orton

  83. Corrector says:

    He is. He is number 5!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Why isnt Dwayne ‘the rock ‘ Johnson on this list??!!

  85. jay says:

    why is jeff hardy on here and why is hulk hogan 23 com on john cena over hlk hogan rey msterio over hulk hogan

  86. Callumh123 says:

    This was decided by todays wwe superstars. They all voted

  87. Vince says:

    First off some people are missing like Rob Van Dam, The Ultimate Warrior, and The British Bulldog. RVD unified the WWE championship and the ECW championship at one point. Ric Flair should not be tied with anyone, he should be in the top ten. Flair should easily replace Rey Mysterio for the 9 spot. The fact Rey is top ten is astonishing, late 20s early 30s is where he belongs. Jeff Hardy was WWE champ once also multiple tag title champs but I don’t think he belongs on here. Finally the most underrated superstar on the list is the most decorated, Edge. He has won The King Of The Ring, Royal Rumble and Money In The Bank. Only wrestler to win all 3, also has won 31 championship titles. He has won every title that has been able to be won only wrestler to achieve this. He should be 3 or 4 ATLEAST.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Woo Woo Woo

  89. jim says:

    terrible list

  90. Dev says:

    Undie should be no.1

  91. Brett Mix says:

    It’s not just Bret, Shawn or Flair. I would put 50 guys ahead of John Cena right now. I understand why he’s as high as he is for the WWE to product today, but if were talking all time, he’s not even in my top 50 but close.

  92. Bryan says:

    maybe if John Cena wrestles for another 25 years I’ll think about it but sorry HBK, Bret Hart, and the almighty Ric Flair put the Cenation and it’s idiot followers to shame. Flair had more good matches from 87-89 tahn John Cena will have in his entire career.

  93. wwwe says:

    cena deserves number one spot in this list

  94. vivek kannan says:

    john cena should be no 1 but i’m sure that one day he will be in that place what he deserves

  95. vince says:

    how the fuck is bruno samartino on top10?

  96. JIHAN says:

    this listing is just bull shit……in my opinion a fare top 10 list will be……..

    3)KURT ANGLE,Shawn Michaels(tie)

  97. johndough says:

    I really don’t agree with Lawler being on this list. They should’ve given that spot to somebody like Owen Hart, British Bulldog, or Warrior, you know… Like someone who actually achieved something in the ring and not just a laughing stock because that’s what Lawler was, and always will be!!!

  98. Max says:

    Cena should not be that high. That’s disgusting. But hbk number one is totally correct. Without him the wwe would have went out of business to wcw. Taker played a huge role in the business staying alive but hbk was the main eventer and main attraction. He’s the one that started the attitude era with triple h with the dx gig. But he got injured and stone cold became the attitude era guy. So hbk is without a doubt number 1.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Chris Jericho is way better than Cena

  100. Anonymous says:

    CM Punk missing

  101. Adewunmi, Adeleke Akinsola says:

    If they had mentioned how they arrived their their listing it would have made much sense. Ultimate Warrior and Texas Tornado should have made the list.

  102. Anonymous says:

    The Warrior………. missing

  103. Tonino says:

    Is this some joke? Undertaker #2? How are these wrestlers rated? Overrated Shawn Michaels #1? Hogan #23 behind Roddy Piper??? Sammartino 24??? Higher. Andre #8??? What is the def of wrestler here? What jackass did these? Angle should be in the top 10. Cena #16? should be higher.

  104. ketan says:

    hhh is rocking in the ranking
    shaun micheals deserve the no1 in rankings
    i m happy to see jeff hardy & eddie guerrero in evergreen rankings

  105. WTF says:

    chris jericho on #25 and rey mysterio on #9….somebody messed up BIG TIME

  106. Kumar says:

    The top 5 earned their spot… but i feel hogan flair hhh angle and cena shoulda been 6-10. Undertaker and Michaels earned their spots… Other than those two.. idc how they would change the list

  107. chay says:

    How the fuck did Rey Mysterio beat Eddie Guerrero???? !!!! And how in gods blazes did bret hart beat any of the above!!!!

  108. nagendra says:

    india is great and rock is always great .missssisss a myaaaaa the rock was coocking.

  109. nagendra says:

    rock rock rock rock rock rock …………………………………………………………………………………………..i love rock……………………………….

  110. nagendra says:

    rock is always number one. this is true .so rock,cold ,under.hbk.next whatever may be i think .

  111. Anymous says:

    People who side with me are mostly HBK fans,n u whiners,U just plainly do not know wat in the world is wrestling.Wrestling is acting,The Only reason Shawn is no.1 is becos his acting is top notch n he is also a very interesting man.Alongside with Hunter they r awesome in every single way.So DX deserves to be Top 20 n Shawn of course deserves to be 1st.People who tinks he should not be first are just haters.

  112. izzy says:

    how the hell is rey mysterio better than edge and triple h? randy orton should also be a lot higher. this list is bulls**t

  113. Mitch says:

    what about kurt angle and Brock lesnar. angle is a gold medallist. Lesnar can beat the hell out of hbk.

  114. Mitch says:

    what about kurt angle, angle is a gold medastist, he is better than hbk

  115. gina says:

    where the hell is eugene

  116. Adam says:

    John Cena i think number 18 would be better and stone cold vs triple h vs cm punk vs john cena vs the undetaker in a hell in a cell would be epic !!!!

  117. Adam says:

    Triple H is way better then Eddie Gurrero and Piper he should be number 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. coercivemind says:

    What about CHRIS BENOIT!!!!

  119. ram says:

    its totally wrong
    the real ranking is
    10 hhh

    9 HBK

    8 stone cold

    7 randy orton

    6 BIG show

    5 koki kingston

    4 SIN CARA

    3 john cena(this man rocks!!)


    1 REY MYSTERIO 619

  120. ram says:

    619 is the first forever……………………………………………………………………………………..

  121. Redcape says:

    Overall I’d say this is a fair list. HBK is deserving of the number one spot. The guy had a hall of fame career, broke his back retired and came back and had another hall of fame career.I think Angle and Hogan should definitely be higher on the list. I don’t know what the hell Batista is doing on this list or big show for that matter. I know he can’t be on the list but as far as in the ring goes Benoit was a top 50. Also idk about Mysterio at 9. Absolutely should be on the list but top ten really?

  122. Bocephus says:

    I think WWE showed favoritism towards former wrestlers who are still on good terms with Vince McMahon. Shawn Michaels is good, and he’s definately top 5, but not #1. Hulk Hogan is #1. No one can even make a good, educated arguement for anyone else. He wasn’t the best as far as in-ring, technical wrestling ability, but as the complete package, the complete wrestler package (which is so much more than in-ring ability), no one, and I mean no one, even comes close to doing what Hulk Hogan did. I’ll admit, I am a Hogan fan, but he’s not my favorite. Bret Hart has always been my favorite, and the Ultimate Warrior is a close second. I am not a fan of Shawn Michaels, because of what happened between him and Bret, but I can admit that Michaels should be in the top 5. People left off this list that shouldn’t have been – Ultimate Warrior, Diesel, Razor Ramon. Goldberg maybe. Remember, we are talking about WWE here. Goldberg was only in WWE for 1 year, so you can’t take into account what Goldberg did in WCW for the purposes of this list. That being the case, I think Harley Race is rated way too high for best in WWE history. If you were doing best in pro wrestling history then Race would definately be in the top 10. Jerry Lawler also is rated too high. WTF did he ever do in WWE? Kiss Bret Hart’s feet and throw whiskey on Jake Roberts is what. Dusty Rhodes shouldn’t be as high as he is either if we are basing this list on what these wrestlers did in the WWE. I also think Ricky Steamboat is rated too high. Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, and Rick Rude are all rated too low. This is how I’d start my list, based on in-ring ability/technical wrestling ability, charisma/microphone skills, and fan reaction/impact on wwe:

    1. Hulk Hogan
    2. Steve Austin
    3. The Rock
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. Bret Hart
    6. The Undertaker

  123. jc man says:

    WHAT THE HELL! i know that is not true john is in the top ten the people who made this are mad its not true

  124. Anonymous says:

    oi. wrestling wouldnt even be as popular or mainstream if not for hogan. i dont like hogan at all. but i would put him ahead of michaels. hogan, hbk, austin, rock, flair, bret. those are the people you think of when you think of wrestling. sting, nash and goldberg should be on this list as well. also ultimate warrior. they were the big wrestling stars in the 80s and 90s

  125. piper says:

    The others wrestlers are great as well,but Shawn Michaels won the Slammy awards- Match of the Year- eleven times, and he was the first WWE Grandslam Champion:)So yeah…:)

  126. piper says:

    I Think Shawn deserves the no.1 spot:)

  127. wajid says:

    There is only one phenom there is only one Undertaker he is the greatest of all time if u belive or not but that’s the real truth

  128. Anil singh says:

    John cena nd the undertaker,KELLY KELLY are CHAMPIONS EVER. khali also WWE ROCKKS

  129. deptfodeon says:

    every single 1 of u that said shawn michaels shud’nt b numba 1 r f**kin dumb and dont no anything about wrestling hbk has givin more then 20 years of his life 2 the wwe and thats y his numba 1

  130. raZor Rus says:

    This is list is freaking crazy. First of all the Ultimate Warrior is not on this list what moron forgot or excluded him. He is a legend and was one of the most popular wrestlers ever. The Top 10 is just plain stupid.

    1. The Rock
    2. Hulk Hogan
    3. The Undertaker
    4. John Cena
    5. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    7. Shawn Michaels
    8. Bret “The Hitman” Heart
    9. Andre The Giant
    10. Macho Man Randy Savage

    The only exceptions I can see to this list is whether people swap the The Rock and Hulk Hogan. They were by far the two biggest wrestlers in the business. Other noted wrestlers not on this list:

    Ultimate Warrior
    Sid justice
    Brock Lesnar

  131. venu says:

    I think, no east no west the rock is the best you should give 1st position to him.otherwise i will kick your ass.U can’t smell what the rock is cookin………….!

  132. Anonymous says:

    man this list fucks. the list should go like this(top 10) 1.randy orton 2.edge 3.undertaker 4.john cena 5. rey mysterio 6. christian 7.kane 8. big show 9.the rock 10.jeff hardy. if the list isn’t this then the wwe should be closed down.

  133. Anonymous says:

    it is so stupid to say HBK is so great. hes is not no 1 not even close. maybe 25. so stop saying hbk 1 it makes u sound stupid. all of u must be kids.

  134. main randa says:

    abe gandu kiyu gand k gu teri behn ki chud bahut masale dar hai mujhe chaatne me bahut maza atta hai uski kali gand ki tatti mai roti k sath khaungga teri behn samaan hai

  135. Anonymous says:

    Stone cold should deserve no 10 spot

  136. cow boy says:

    u all r stupid bcoz im the 1 going to defeat undertaker at wm-36 so u have to wait till year 2020 bcoz im the ricky….. And im awesom…..hahaha…

  137. raj says:

    hi im raj 4m India and im watching wwe/wwf earlier from 1994 and from 94 to 2011 there is no one better than HBK and The Undertaker HBK is most handsom player from 1988 to 2004 after 2004 Hbk take so much drugs so he looks so old but he is 38year of age at 2004 and 45 at present so from my side 1-hbk.. 2-undertaker..3-hhh..4-john cena..5-stone cold.. 6-hulk hogan… This is my list i hope u all like it my frnds……. I wish hbk come back again…..

  138. Anonymous says:

    U know if they said greatest wrestlers of all time no matter if they were in NWA later WCW Sting would be in the top 5 and Arn Anderson in top 15. But since Sting was never in WWE he is nowhere to be found on the list. And Arn Anderson did not spend much time in WWE. Nobody beat Sting in his prime without cheating anyway. And his ex partner Ultimate warrior that just makes u sick because he is not on here. And the Rock should maybe be no 30. Hey Rock go make some more stupid movies and take your fans with u. And no im not a kid I have never liked the Rock Cena will win next year. Atleast he is loyal 2 WWE and his fans and im not a big Cena fan. But i hate the Rock and his stupid eyebrow go make another disney movie no wait dont do that because I willhave to see it because my kids watch disney movies.

  139. Anonymous says:

    I agree with u Tony its because Hogan is on TNA and HBK is still kissing WWE butt.

  140. Anonymous says:

    The top 5 should go as follows… 1. Hulk Hogan. 2. Ric Flair. 3. Undertaker. 4.Bret Hart. 5.Maybe HBK maybe. But in 10yrs the list will go as follows 1. Hulk Hogan. 2. John Cena. 3. Randy Orton. 4. Undertaker. 5.Triple H. 1 more thing Rey Mysterio no. 9 hes a bum I cant stand him he sucks worst wrestler ever. He should not be on list at all. If WWE lets him win another championship I will stop watching until he loses the belt. Man this list is so stupid. Who put this together a 6 year old kid.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Thats the worst list ever. HBK no. 1 please. No ultimate warrior. Hogan needs to be in top 5 not the stupid Rock. Also Ric Flair should be in top 5. And Jerry Lawler should be 50. I will not buy this DVD they blew it on this one. And 1 more thing Andre the Giant 8 thats so stupid. He should not even be on this list he was never any kind of champion.

  142. anono says:


  143. Kieran says:

    I totally agree that Benoit should be there, he was a superstar as well as a technicallt gifted wrestler. Hogan is far too low if you’re talking about superstars, Ultimate Warrior should be there for sure, and I personally think Batista is far too low, he was a top performer in the naughties. No doubt Flair and Michaels were great performers, but taking into account being a great superstar and a great Wrestler, I think Bret Hart should be number one. My top 5 list goes as follows:

    1. Bret Hart
    2. Ric Flair
    3. Shawn Michaels
    4. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    5. Chris Beniot

  144. dima says:

    i so disegree wuth 50 greatest wwe supersars of all time where is goldberg or lesnar wwe forgat theme hbk n1 who said this bret hart better then hbk who agree with me

  145. dima says:

    undertaker number 1 on tahth list who in the hell is hbk

  146. Tony says:

    Its top 50 superstars….not wrestlers. Hogan put WWE and pro wrestling on the map and made it as big and main stream as it is today. HBK showed up years later and to make him #1 is a joke. He’s an interesting character but not the #1 superstar. If Hogan was on the card anywhere in the world for over a decade he was guaranteed to be in the main event and be the reason fans showed up for an event. Just look at any house show during the 80s. If Hogan wasn’t there you’d be lucky to sell out. Michaels did not have that effect. Anyone supporting Michaels ahead of Hogan is not well versed in this topic and should leave this to people who know the industry. Michaels is only up there because he is still a part of the company and Hogan is with TNA. Lets be honest.

  147. Anonymous says:

    jhon cena will be only no 5 rock is not eligible

  148. PhiLLy says:

    I agree those are the men who were most popular for there time and everything, i was more talking about best in ring performers, interview style and match quality. Nobody has had more big matches than HBK.

  149. nastynas says:

    the top 3 has to be the 3 men who carried wwe on their backs for their entire runs: hogan, austin and bruno, in that order i think. after that, taker 4 and hbk 5, and then in any order bret, ric, the rock, inoki, giant baba, terry funk, mick foley, macho man, lou thesz and gorgeous george. after them ppl like rick rude, hhh, harley race, ultimate warrior, eddie, rey and andre

  150. PhiLLy says:

    Haha, everybody making these comments are so fuckin stupid. Top 2 performers of all time are Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, hands down. between them who is first i dont think we’ll ever know. But anyone who is a fan and knows about the wrestling business knows, and most professionals will tell you, these are the two best there’s ever been. Ofocurse Hogan and Stone Cold were more popular, Got big “POPS” from the crowd everynight. Hogan should be alot higher for sure. and missing the warrior isnt right either, he was put over by Hulk Hogan afterall.

  151. Tony says:

    What a joke! Shawn Michaels #1??? Who decided this? Someone who’s 15 with help from their dad? This is a complete disrespect to true legends who laid the ground work. I’m ok with the names, just not the order. My biggest issue is where Hogan lands. Of course McMahon’s son-in-law had to be that high up. Lawler and Mysterio are ahead of Hogan. You won’t be getting my money on this one WWE.

  152. Aslam Ali says:

    Stone cold does not deserve the 3rd 1 UNDERTAKER 2Bret Hart 3 Hulk Hogan

  153. Aslam Ali says:

    Undertaker is the greatest superstar of all time and should be no.l

  154. the odinson says:

    I don’t know how everyone can get so worked up with anything the WWE publishes. They are completely biased and have no real say in this matter. Also, for those of you who said “so and so beat so and so”, it is scripted and fake, it has no bearings on who the better athlete is. British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith is my fav.

  155. LiLoia4 says:

    and everyone who is talkin shit about benoit, yes, he did commit an unthinkable act, but he was one of the top 10 wrestlers of all time. mike vick killed dogs, were cool with him, ray lewis raped a girl, were cool with him, OJ simpson killed 2 ppl, and hes in the fuckin hall of fame. so ppl talkin shit about benoit, shut the fuck up

  156. LiLoia4 says:

    no yokozuna? wut the fuck lol

  157. Bj says:

    Wow as a wrestling fan this does no justice….I dont think any thought was put into this list.

  158. Dave says:

    Hulk Hogan should be no. 1. The definition of SUPERSTAR wouldn’t have been used for Wrestling had it not been for Hulk Hogan. He should be no. 1, The Rock 2, Stone Cold 3, Shawn Michaels 4, Undertaker 5, Andre the Giant 5, John Cena 6, Rowdy Piper 7, Bret Hart 8, Triple H 9, Ultimate Warrior 10…

  159. chrisj says:

    how is ultimate warrior and owen hart not on this list?? mick foley and hulk hogan were shitted on in this list!!! No tag teams?!?!(hawk and animal both deserving) and although i dont think they were ever vince’s property it is a WWE list how bout giving sting and gohlberg some recognition?? those are my beefs, but it was a great watch

  160. Coopa says:

    What the hell? thats all i have to say.

  161. johnny ru says:

    Total joke. Hogan is 1. Flair 2. Rock, Austin, HHH, taker, hbk, and Bret are top 8. Everyone else interchangeable but those are the top 8. No Ultimate Warrior? Joke list

  162. What? says:

    Judging by the majority of these dipshit comments, most of you are 15 and have no sense of wrestling history.

    This list was garbage.

  163. Shreyas says:

    Kane is soo low…at the rankings…he should be at the range of 10-15 Ranks…also Stone cold is the best…then comes Shawn Michaels and then Undertaker..

  164. Bryan says:

    Hulk Hogan sucks ass he’s top 10 at best material

  165. Anonymous says:

    Fuck this list.

  166. Anonymous says:

    What the hell is this? Is this the REAL list? Hulk HOGAN…at 23?!? How the Fuck is Edge ahead of HULK HOGAN?? What a joke. Fuck the WWE and this garbage list. WWE has just become dog shit.

    #1 Hulk Hogan
    #2 Steve Austin
    #3 The Undertaker

    Shawn Michaels got his ass beat by the Undertaker TWICE.

  167. Rick says:

    People keep saying “where is Chris Benoit?”… uh Hello morons… HES A FUCKING MURDERER! the man kiiled his wife and CHILD. fuck his wrestling career… and by the way, you know where he is… if there is a God, he is in HELL!

  168. Rajil says:

    Well , Superstars like Eddie and Chris Benoit gave up their life for WWE………..But there is NO CHRIS BENOIT!!! OMG

  169. Frank perez says:

    1. Stone Cold
    2. Ric Flair
    3. Hulk Hogan
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. The Undertaker
    6. The Rock
    7. Bret Hart
    8. Randy Savage
    9. Triple H
    10. Mr. Perfect
    11. Andre The Giant
    12. Roddy Piper
    13. Chris Jericho
    14. Eddie Guerrero
    15. Kurt Angle
    16. John Cena
    17. Lou Thesz
    18. Ricky Steamboat
    19. Rick Rude
    20. Randy Orton

    Thats the real list IMO.

  170. Ash says:

    NO NO NO i bought this dvd and i was pumped until i saw it wtf were they thinking ok i can let the chris benoit thing slide but the top five was the most f***ed up thing they cod do it should have been

    5. Bret the hitman Hart- BEST TECHNICAL WRESTLER EVER
    3. Stone Cold Steve Austin- AUSTIN 3:16
    1. Hulk Hogan- HULKAMANIA


  171. mehmet says:

    susun len undertaker inki 1. mezartaşı

  172. Anonymous says:

    john cena

  173. KARAN says:


  174. Hussain says:


  175. Anonymous says:

    The Rock should be number 1………………………no chris benoit ???damn………..

  176. 28yrwrestling fan says:

    its a load of shit,nothing wrong with hbk.illgive u wat should b top 10.hulkhogan#1,rock#2,steve austin#3,hhh#4,hbk#5,#6 undertaker,#7 ric flair,#8bret hart,#9 ander the giant,john cena#10

  177. T says:

    1. Rock
    2. Hogan
    3. Stone Cold
    4. HBK
    5. Flair
    6. Undertaker
    7. HHH
    8. Bret Hart
    9. Kurt Angle
    10. Randy Savage
    11. Cena
    12. Andre the Giant
    13. Dusty Rhodes
    14. Christ Jericho
    15. Randy Orton
    16. Ricky Steamboat
    17. Eddie Guerrero
    18. Mr. Perfect
    19. Roddy Piper
    20. Rey Mysterio

  178. tim li says:


  179. chiro says:

    ive been watchin wwe for 15 years now….. all i can say its slowly gettin worse since 2005

  180. chiro says:

    n some1 plz tell me wassap with that #18…. wat do u mean by NOT APPLICABLE…. give it to the more deserving people who are left out

  181. chiro says:

    More to it theres no lesnar and goldberg

  182. chiro says:

    Undertaker has proved it twice (wrestlemania 2009 and 2010)… n can prove it again… that he is 5000 times better than HBK(Shawn Michaels)… it makes no sense …. he is numero uno and deserves that top spot…

  183. ricky says:

    #1.Triple h
    #2. Shawn Michaels
    #4.John Cena
    #5.Randy Orton
    #7.Big Show
    #8.John Morrsion
    #9.Rey Mysterio

  184. Stiv says:

    No Tito Santana…?

    Tito Santana was the fighting-est champion during the mid-eighties – the “glory years” of the WWF/E. Hulk Hogan would defend his Championship once every two or three months. Tito Santana defended the Intercontinental Title every week, sometimes several times per week. He was good on the mic, excellent in the ring, and won the first ever Wrestlemania match.

    Santana was, along with Ricky Steamboat, the Junkyard Dog, Andre the Giant, and Hulk Hogan, among the top five babyfaces of the 1980s, and the 1980s are why all you under-thirty fans have heard of professional wrestling (outside of carnivals).

    Of all five of those names, Tito Santana was the hardest worker and the easiest guy to get along with backstage (well, maybe tied with Steamboat in both regards).

    Hulk Hogan not being in the top ten (or even twenty) is even more ridiculous. They gave him a relatively low ranking because he’s working for TNA now. I never much liked Hogan, and he took A LOT of time off during his heyday, but he’s unarguably the single most popular wrestler of all time (with Steve Austin coming in second, and Ric Flair in third).

  185. Joel Australia NSW says:

    1. The Rock
    2. Stone Cold
    3. Hulk Hogan
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. Triple H
    6. Undertaker
    7. Bret Hart
    8. John Cena
    9. Batista
    10. Ric Flair
    11. Randy Savage
    12. Mick Foley
    13. Jericho
    14. Randy Orton
    15. Edge
    16. Kurt Angle
    17. Harley Race
    18. Big Show
    19. Diesel
    20. Razor Ramon

  186. Steven says:

    To me I think Jeff Hardy and Batista should be higher in the ranking, I think Chris Jericho should’ve been in the top 10.

  187. Ron says:

    John Cena really shouldn’t be in the top 20 at all. He can’t wrestle, plain and simple. Perfect, Jake Roberts, Ted Sr., and there’s a few more should definitely be further up that where they are. V.Navneet, watch some of Rey’s older matches, when he still a light weight before all the injuries. He’s three times the wrestler Cena is ;). HBK and The Undertaker…They’ve both done it all. To me, it’s more of a tie really.

  188. don says:

    wow bullshit fuck this dvd hogan is number 1 wtf fuck is that crap hahaha macho man before hulk hogan hahahaha wowwwwwwwwwww

  189. V.Navneet says:

    both of them sacrificed their bodies.see hbk lost twice to taker so what?if cena lost to nexus?so what? even holk hogan,ric flair ,jeff hardy should have a higher rating.wwe is jealous of them being in TNA.

    this rey is damn.only cena and hbk should both deserve no.1

  190. V.Navneet says:

    It is shocking of cena on 16.

    ok he should be in top 5 or something.

    and rey mysterio only in his dreams is better then cena

  191. Anonymous says:

    this list is horrible it should be bret hart 1 undertaker 2 stone cold 3 triple h 4 kurt angle 5 rob van dam 6 the rock 7 shawn michaels 8 hulk hogan 9 randy orton 10 rey mysterio shouldn’t be in the top 30 and jeff hardy shouldn’t be own the fuckin list

  192. Brett Mix says:

    Ya know, this list is not so bad when I look at the lists of others. No Flair and Savage….I mean come on.

  193. nikos says:

    the number one should be hulk hogan 2 the rock 3 austin 4 undertaker 5 bill goldberg 6 rey misterio 7 triple h 8 bret hart 9 hbk and 10 cena

  194. Anonymous says:

    Rey Mysterio should not be no 9, Maybe Kane. Undertaker the greatest wrestler of all times, he undoubtedly should be rank no. 1!

  195. ishaan says:

    John Cena should be number one…..he creates an emotion for all the wwe fans that no other superstar has ever been able to create…..and rey mysterio should not be no 9, superstars like Randy Orton ,Edge ,Chris Jericho and batista have always been better than mysterio

  196. Joe says:

    um… HBK made the ladder match with Razor Ramon, and guys like Mr.Perfect, and Roddy Piper and HBK made the Intercontinental title famous in the 90s, back when it MEANT SOMETHING, now they just pass it around to the mid-carders. Back then, it was probably just as prestigious as the WWF title. The WWE title now is somewhat of a joke too.

  197. HBK IS DA BEST says:

    HBK is right. Hogan should be way higher, same with HHH, Flair and Cena. What about Jeff Hardy, i know he’s #45 but jeez he made the TLC match, the ladder match, plus he helped make the I-C title famous along w/ HBK. Which goes back to my first sentence. HBK IS THE BEST

  198. Anonymous says:

    kane should be near 10, cena near 40, to all those who say no u r just idiots, LOOK AT THE FUKIN WRESTLIN STLYES KANE DOES MUCH MORE THAN CENa, CENA HRDLY DOES ANY JUST THE SAME CRAP OVER AND OVER AGAIN

  199. Alissa says:

    Shawn Michaels sucks! Undertaker should be #1!

  200. anonymous says:

    Undertaker greatest of all time not stupid shawn micheals shawn micheal fucks

  201. James says:

    John Cena should be NUMBER 1

  202. Brittany says:

    Randy Orton should have made it higher then freaking 29!!!!

  203. Jay says:

    ok this list is fucking stupid. AUSTIN should have been number 1 cus no1 has had a bigger impact in the WWE/F that the Rattlesnake.. Hogan and Flair should have been 2 and 3 but because they r in TNA they get shafted.. MYSTERIO NINE? REALLY? wtf no way and HHH should have been top ten..hes been around way longer and Eddie anf Rey and has won so many titles compared to Eddie and Rey’s 3 combined..may not like him but Cena at least should be top 10 or 15.. man wwe fucked up on this list.. what would have happened if Hogan and Flair did not go to TNA? then they would get right spot.. Undertaker 4 and Bret 5..HBK 6 Rock 7 HHH 8 Cena 9 and Lou Thesz 10…but HBK 1 and Taker 2 is also fine.otherwise wow fuckin up Vince..

  204. ricky says:

    what the hell!!! how is hulk hogan not at least in the top three. cuz he’s in tna??? he practically built the WWE. and how is it even remotely possible that rey or eddy could be above hhh. Hunter has been a wwe main eventer probably loner than the entirety of both misterio’s and eddie’s wwe runs combined. what a crock of shit.surprised they even ranked the anti christ of wrestling jeff hardy seeing that he is the current tna world champ

  205. reyrules says:

    Rey Mysterio should be number one (and he IS way better than john cena)

  206. bryan says:

    Number 1 2 and 3 for me are always HBK Bret Hart and Ric Flair period in any order but if one of those 3 names isn’t in your top spot you could be wrestling retarded. Speaking of how is Ric “the f#!*ing man” Flair only at 17 he is damn sure better than Rey, HHH, Harley Race, Piper and The Crock I just think WWE doesn’t like that he’s in TNA now which is a shit poor excuse to try to diminish his 35 plus years of greatness.

  207. Dj syk says:

    Damm right hbk deserves number 1 spot hes the best of all time. He lost to taker but how people can be mr wrestlemania? Thats why he headlined numerous ones. Just cause taker beat him twice at wrestlemania doesnt mean shit. Taker lost numerous matches but he didnt sacrifice his body like hbk. He kept wwf alive when wcw was beating their ass. Clearly best of all time. He should have beaten everyone but oh well

  208. Mohammad Shaikh says:

    How the hell is Rey Mysterio higher rated then Cena?i mean sure rey is good but better then cena? i dont think so. Ok rey is underdog but thats it nothing more i think cena should be ranked higher alot higher

  209. arpithcena says:

    i understand that why wrestlers involved with tna are not hing on the list & i dont blame wwe for that.but how in the hell hbk is better than taker.i have seen almost every single match of taker & of hbk for more than 20 years.from hogan era till today undertaker has dominated the wwe.but hbk missed attitude era.if u have wached wwe for 8 to 10 years,u would understand that undertaker is no.1 by considering all aspects of wrestling.on doubt that hbk is 2nd greatest superstar of all time but taker is the greatest superstar of all time not only in the wwe but in all sportsentertainment.even hbk himself would agree with me. even vince knows it is the truth. i think he thought that fans would not accept if he had put taker on no.1 & flair,hogan so behind.

    vince mcmahon if u are watching this messege.
    please swallow the fact that taker was no.1,he is no.1 & he will be no.1 forever. taker is the total pakage & loyal to wwe.

  210. Mitchell says:

    Did any of you guys ever stop to think that maybe this list was made on a number of factors and not just personal biases and that theres probably a good reason every person got the rank they did? Try watching the DVD and hearing WWE out on their reasoning before you go on a tyraid over something pointless, lol.

  211. Joe says:

    Everybodys knows that Hulk Hogan is the top superstar of all time. This dvd sucks. Come on, Batista at #49, that’s wrong. I think Vince gave him that spot because he left the WWE and I think the reason why Shawn Michaels got #1 because Vince want him back so I think that Vince is kissing Shawn Michaels ass in a way. The top 5 should definitely go like this Hogan, Austin, Rock, HHH, and Shawn Michaels (when they were DX of coarse). So there u have it.

  212. Maken- z says:

    HBK is great but he is not great as the rock because the rock has generated more money then anyone in the wwe history, and he is so talented that he sucsessfully crossed over to acting. that is why the rock fought hulk hogan at wrestlemania 18 and not shawn michaels.

  213. jugen says:

    Why is chris benoit not in the list

  214. garret says:

    whatttt undertaker should be no. 1 and triple h should be in top 5 why is rey mysterio in top ten

  215. JR 23 says:


  216. jose says:

    yea number1 bhk thats AWESOME

  217. Anonymous says:

    This list is some sorta stupid.
    John Cena should AT LEAST be in the top 5. AT LEAST!
    Same for Hulk Hogan. Hogan got the WWE pretty much started & Cena kept it going. Cena made a bigger impact to not only the WWE but the WWE universe then almost ANYONE on this list. Why does the WWE title look like it does now? Oh, I know. CENA created it and put a whole new spin on the WWE. This list is bull. Also, Randy Orton should be at a better ranking. This list is just all kinda wrong.

  218. Anonymous says:

    How is Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio above Triple H? Triple H is by far better than either of them and deserves to be in the top 10. And honestly, The Rock should be first and Stone Cold should be second. Theres a reason they aren’t wrestling anymore though I wish they’d come back.

  219. Deadmantak says:

    UNDERTAKER should be number 1 only because he is the best of superstar in the history

  220. Anonymous says:

    hogan easy number 1 warrior should be on the list to

  221. hulkster says:

    all of you guys are fucking lunatics. hulk hogan is number 1 and that is based on sheer provable fact.

  222. matt says:

    taker deserves to be number 1, hes been in wwe for twenty years without ever being out of a contract and had the best gimmick ever, and hogan although i hate his guts, he deserves to be top 5 no doubt about it, this list is bullshit for the fact that vince made the call of what order they would be and you know he would hold a grudge against certain people, i for one wont buy this dvd because no thought was put into. just what vince wanted

  223. Abdullah says:

    stfu every one who says rey doesnt deserve to be no. 9! REY IS BETTER THAN JOHN CENA EVER WAS! cena sucks! mark that down kids… REY RULZ! 619!!! he should be no.6 or no.1 or no.9!! they choose 9! 😀 ! and john cena doesnt even deserve to be from the top suerstars of all time! there are some of the above i disagree with, like randy and jeff! and the rest idc about them…

  224. Matt says:

    How is John Cena number 16 fuk the wwe John Cena number 2 and the Undertaker number 1

  225. matt says:

    This is bullshit Undertaker beat Sahwn Michaels twice at wrestlemania not once but twice! Undertaker should be NUMBER 1!!!!!

  226. javed says:

    I am not agree with the list u cannot put Undertaker on no.2 spot and shawn michaels is never be greatest like the Undertaker.The phenom deserves the no.1 spot fuck the list

  227. Azeem says:

    there is only one man who beated the undertaker ,shawn michles ,johncens,trippleh ,edge,kane,shamus,randyorton,omaga ,bigshow,gret khali,finly,mvp,zikeo jackson,rick flair,booker t ,the rock, gold berg,and all the wwe superstars guess who

    the animal Batista and he deserverse the no :1 Spot in the wwe ranking dvd this is funny to me this dvd is fake ok batista is the best in the wwe or mma

  228. sheezy says:

    its sad to not see sting on this list,i know he was never in the wwe but sting is without a doubt one of the 20 best of all time and i would put him in the top 10. how the hell does batista make this list?he was only in the wwe for 8 years and spent half of that time being injured! if this was the top 50 wastes of potential talent,he might be number 1.having hulk hogan number 23 would be like michael jordan being ranked as the 23rd best bball player of all time,or the beatles as the 23rd best band of all time. when you have the man who is more famous than the business itself at number 23 you lose all credibility. vince you quite often shit on wrestling history with dvd releases based on your personal bias.but this list is a slap in the face to anyone who knows wrestling. you made this list based on whos been a good servant to you and not who the best wrestler is. you also tried to cater this list towards children who know nothing of wrestling history,which is made obvious by your number 1 choice and the high rankings of cena and edge. god i hope the top 50 matches dvd set is better.

  229. sheezy says:

    kane being on the list is a joke,until the last few months kane had not been interesting since he wore a mask, and he really started to lost his appeal the day he started talking,all though who didnt love it when he said “suuuuuck it”!

  230. sheezy says:

    ok idiots there is no 18 because 17 is a tie……jeez how hard is that to figure out?speaking of stupid……..thats what this list is,im still gonna buy the dvd but im glad i didnt wait for the dvd to see the ranking,cuz its awful. hulk hogan is 23 and ric flair is 17?????people who have never even watched wrestling know that hulk and flair are the top two wrestlers of all time. im also dissapointed to see that this list is only a wwe list,it should be the top 50 of all time period. roddy piper is 10?he was never even world champ!!!!!i love rey mysterio but he is not the ninth best wrestler in wwe history.to see john cena ahead of hogan and flair is a slap in the face to wrestling. how is flair tied with dusty?he cant even get his own spot?flair used to beat dusty all the time!and macho mans ahead of hogan?hogan used to beat macho on the regular!hogan and sammartino at 23 and 24…….lol!if mr perfect wasnt dead he wouldnt have cracked the top 20.how is hbk ahead of taker?is my memory bad or did taker beat hbk at the last two wrestlemanias to retire him?undertaker is 18 and 0 at wm and hbk is 1-5 in wm main events.

  231. James Curran says:

    Rey Mysterio Was Ranked Hire Than John Cena?
    Edge was Ranked Hire Then Jeff Hardy?

    This DVD’s Messed Up

  232. Jon Thrash says:

    i hope the significance of 18 being N/A is for Christ Benoit… That’d be awesome of they at least did that, cuz the rest of the list is kinda butt. I agree with Akon for OUR generation.. but what about people born in the seventies? at least this creates good discussion.

  233. fleming says:

    Undertaker is the number one of all time and that’s the truth i am very surprised that mcmahon rank no.1 to shawn michael it means that shawn michael is better than the Undertaker? Undertaker is the greatest superstar of all time and better than shawn michael.

  234. Akon says:

    Top 10 should be 1.Undertaker 2.Michaels 3.Stone Cold 4.Bret Hart 5.Rock 6.HHH 7.Eddie 8.Benoit 9.Angle 10.Edge. What up with #18 and Andre in top 10? Kane should be in top 20.

  235. jim simon says:

    i can see why Hogan and Sammartino were not in the top 3 of all time wwe superstars they only held the wwe tittle 17 years between them so yeah it is not like there contributions to wwe were important.

  236. Tre says:

    and randy orton should of been 18

  237. Tre says:

    i like the list taker and hbk are the rightful one’s up there and i think edge shud of been 11 or 9

  238. mike says:

    I say than the Undertaker is the no.1 man in wwe not shawn michael if look in the dvd there is no of shawn michael and then u gave him the rank no.1 what a joke? who’s the most respected person in wwe Undertaker not Shawn Michael.

  239. salman shah says:

    I’m very surprised that wwe has put shawn michael in no.1 spot. There is only man that deserve the no.1 spot and that is UNDERTAKER u cannot even compare any wwe superstar with the UNDERTAKER.He defeat shawn michaels two times at wretlemania.UNDERTAKER has the recored of 18-0 at wrestlmania and has more titles than shawn michaels the UNDERTAKER put his body for 20 years and done it all and nothing to prove WWE should think this stupid list.

  240. LaShawn says:

    In my opinion, The Undertaker needs to be first. Then, The Rock.. Stone Cold, Bret Hart, THEN Shawn Michaels… Why Is Shawn Michaels Even In The Number One Spot… Undertaker Has Worked His Butt Off Day In And Day Out Every Single Week To Keep Us Entertained. Undertaker Has Been Named By WWE The Biggest Big-Man Of ALL-TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Zahin says:

    Shawn Micheals won because he has held more titiles than Undertaker and cox he is Mr.Wrestlemania

  242. sameer says:

    I simply say wwe is UNDERTAKER and UNDERTAKER is wwe he is the face of wwe and UNDERTAKER is the no.1 superstar of all time not shawn michael

  243. Yo-man says:

    seriously, nick bockwinkel? yeah sure, an ok champ 4 a while, but really?

  244. WayneH1007 says:

    I’m not gonna chime in with complaints about the crazy listings and surprise omissions other than to add,was anybody really that surprised that Chris Benoit has been ommitted. Also,WWE including Moolah but not Trish Stratus is as bad as John Cena placing above Kurt Angle. If WWE was going to include a female it should have been Stratus.

  245. jack says:

    Fck The list. Taker should be #1.

  246. Seth says:

    Remember this is the WWE’s top 50 superstars. I am guessing they are only including time spent in the WWE. Therefore Sting is not on the list and others like Flair take a huge hit. Guys like Taker, Shawn, and Bret Hart spent most of their careers in the WWE/F. Warrior should be on this list. He is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all-time. Sucks they have to put personal vendettas into lists like this. Another reason wrestling is fake.

  247. Anonymous says:

    You could argue for years on how you can fix the list…JUST LEAVE IT!!

  248. Fahad Ahmed says:

    This list is a joke u put shawn michaels no.1 why? UNDERTAKER is the man who deserves no.1 spot. No man has done what UNDERTAKER has done for wwe. And if u r a wrestling fan than u know the UNDERTAKER is better than shawn michaels.UNDERTAKER is the face of wwe.

  249. Anonymous says:

    ive worked out how to read the list! if your in tna u automatically lose 15 places: this would make the actual countdown: 1.Shawn Michaels, 2. Undertaker, 3. Ric Flair, 4. Stone Cold, 5. Bret Hart, 6. The Rock, 7. Harley Race, 8. Ricky Steamboat, 9. Hulk Hogan, 10. Andre, 11. Rey Mysterio, 12. Roddy Piper, 13. Eddie Guerrero, 14. Triple-H, 15. Gorgeous George, 16. Randy Savage, 17. Curt Hennig, 18. John Cena, 19. Mick Foley, 20. Kurt Angle. Sounds a lot more realistic to me than WWE’s bashing people who dont kiss Vince’s ass list

  250. allie says:

    yay! hbk #1 umm taker shouldn’t be #1 ya he is a great wrestler/performer ect ect but after every wm he’s always gone…and them 5months later he returns is like a repeat every year. and buy hbk he doesn’t leave every wm and is always performing

  251. Cody says:

    The list I already knew was going to have its flaws When kurt angle is that low on the list there is a problem & that goes for hogan & flair all 3 of these guys should have been top 10.

  252. Bogus undertaker is the number one.

  253. Fahad Ahmed says:

    UNDERTAEKR is the no.1 superstar of all time not shawn micheal’s he is good performer but not the greatest all time.UNDERTAKER is the greatest of all time.

  254. Bhupinder Singh says:

    It’s one and only “The Undertaker” coz he has done it all and has nothin to proove. he’s on the top forever.

  255. Nick B says:

    wtf no chris benoit?… even after all that happened, you can’t deny that he was one of the best wrestlers wwe has ever seen

  256. David T says:

    Quite the bias here. I cannot understand how Hogan, Sammartino, are not top five. Heck Ric Flair not top ten. A bunch of crap.

  257. Brett Mix says:

    There is just so much wrong with the list. Owen Hart should of been on it. He is better then nearly half of the people. So many people like Backlund are so low.

  258. GG Allin says:

    This list is terrible! Where the hell are Bruiser Brody, The Sheik, Abdullah the Butcher and Sting?! Batista, really? Brody was the highest paid wrestler in the 80’s until he died in ’88; yes he made more than Hogan. Horrible list!

  259. I don’t actually think the Top 50 Superstars should be a matter that should be disputed, It should just be left for Wrestling fans to argue over, In other words it’s a topic woth leaving alone in my view!

  260. Ollie says:

    Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan should be #1…

  261. KHALID says:

    it’s the TOP 50 SUPERSTARS not the TOP 50 WRESTLERS
    so it’s not only about inRing Skills
    so I’m totally OK with it

  262. Steve says:

    This list lost all credibility because Cena is not ranked number one.

  263. Jessica Sollhart says:

    WWE is just nuts to put Chris Jericho at #25… and Mysterio at #9. That little guy so many places over Jericho? Pff… and HBk as No. 1? Also not in my opinion.

  264. Bob Bobberson says:

    What an insult to all the men lower on the list to have Rey Mysterio at #09. Mysterio is absolutely terrible, he injures not only himself but literally everyone he works with. The only reason he has a job is because of his mask. I’m truely disgusted. He certainly has no place being listed above Eddie Guerrero.

  265. Mike says:

    Cena, Orton, and Triple H shouldn’t be on this list. Jericho should be much higher.

  266. william says:

    how the hell is cena ahead of flair but besides that t looks fine

  267. Chris says:

    I’m surprised yet pleased with HBK taking the top spot. I was sure WWE was just gonna take the easy way out and rank Cena or Austin as Number 1. Shawn Michaels is easily the best in-ring performer on the list but I wouldn’t call him the best “Superstar”. I can only assume Hogan and Flair are so low down because they’re in TNA.

  268. Erik Raether says:

    Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan should have all been in the Top 13, but weren’t. Also, I very strongly disagree with WWE’s decision to put John Cena and Jerry Lawler in the Top 20. I’ll still be buying this upcoming three disc dvd set even though it’s very highly controversial with how many of the Superstars appear on the list number wise. Also, it’s such a travesty that The Ultimate Warrior was left off of the list.

  269. Anonymous says:

    Kurt Angle, Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Ric Flair should all have been in the Top 12, but weren’t. Also, I very strongly disagree with many of the other rankings too when it comes to how early or how late certain superstars appear on the list. Also, John Cena and Jerry Lawler being ranked in the Top 20 is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. I’ll definitely still be buying this upcoming three disc dvd set even though it’s very highly controversial how quite a bit of the rankings were made number wise. Also, it’s such a travesty that The Ultimate Warrior was left off of the list.

  270. SRB says:

    And to not have the Warrior on the list is also nuts. You get your 1st guy to really ever beat Hogan and because of the personal nonsense he’s off the list. Of course we got Cena and rightfully so, but Warrior is a huge name lacking. Glad to see Savage on there, looks like Vince was having a good day when he chose that one.

  271. SRB says:

    Not a bad choice of past and present, but the order is way off. HBK being # 1 is a good choice. But, to have Edge beat Bruno Sammartino is absolutley insane! Seems like the top of the list is really good but in the 30’s and 20’s it starts to get weird. I agree with some of the spots in the final 10 and most of the spots in the 40’s. Again, Hogan # 23???? And to have Dusty tie with Flair is nuts. Again, the superstars chosen is good, but the order is way off!

  272. safx41 says:


  273. MickEiA says:

    hmmm…no JBL

  274. ian morgan says:

    im in agreement with all this except maybe Triple H and Harley Race should swap places

  275. OrtonFan says:

    This list is just plain dumb. Ultimate Warrior brought in so much money for WWE and is still a fan favorite. Most average people don’t know who the hell Harley Race is, but they know the Ultimate Warrior. He should be on the list.

    And to have Hulk Hogan at #23 is an absolute joke.

  276. Dillkid says:

    I would do it like this:
    1: Hulk Hogan
    2: Steve Austin
    3: The Rock
    4: John Cena
    5: Undertaker
    6: Triple H
    7: HBK
    8: Bret Hart etc
    Their listing is shit.

  277. Ricky Schmidt says:

    I was expecting Undertaker at #1. In all seriousness, the guy deserves it. Hogan helped make the WWE what it is, but Undertaker stood by the company throughout EVERYTHING, and he loses out to Shawn? Great work, WWE.

  278. wwefan10993 says:

    Wow. Some of the listing sucks. Harley Race is 6? He didn’t even do that much in WWE. Hogan 23? Are you kidding me? I’m glad to see HBK at the top, him being my favorite of all time. Glad Cena didn’t make the top 10. This DVD with be hit and miss. Hit with the matches (probably once all have been revealed) and miss with this countdown.

  279. Ritwik says:

    is this a joke? It’s about the top 50 SuperStars. I bet everyone with a bit of sense of what the word ‘SuperStar’ means were expecting Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin to take the first two spots.

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