Breaking: Triple H WWE DVD for 2012 Removed & Cancelled?

January 7, 2012 by Daniel Bee

As you may have been following recently, the listings for the upcoming Triple H WWE DVD and Blu-ray were removed from Amazon. This occurrence alone isn’t all that unusual and has happened in the past, with the DVD in question being added back shortly after.

However, the entries for the release have now been removed from an official WWE Home Video schedule that we have access to here at WWEDVDNews, which has not happened before since we’ve been running this site (aside from cancelled pay-per-view events on Blu-ray format) so something is definitely going on.

This is rather strange since when new titles appear on our schedule for the next three months, it means those DVDs are fully confirmed and planning or production is already under way. Therefore this looks to be an abrupt change, with a reason behind it.

As we revealed here on the site the sets had been assigned catalog and UPC numbers, a synopsis and confirmed release date of March 13th, 2012, but these have been removed.

You may remember a Triple H DVD was on WWE’s tentative full year schedule last year but later removed and postpoined until this year. The difference between then and now is that last year it wasn’t confirmed nor assigned a release date.

We think this new change means the Triple H feature is either now postponed again to later this year or it’s been outright cancelled at the last minute.

As it stands right now the schedule for the US looks as shown below.

Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2011 [DVD] – January 17
Raw & Smackdown: The Best of 2011 [DVD/Blu-ray] – January 31
The Epic Adventure of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson [DVD/Blu-ray] – February 21
Royal Rumble 2012 [DVD/Blu-ray] – February 28
Elimination Chamber 2012 [DVD] – March 20

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  1. scsa says:

    I hav a feeling the Triple H Dvd/Blu-Ray was post-poned so that the WM28 Match w/The Undertaker inside Hell In A Cell can be added to it. If that really is the case, then I don’t mind waiting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    if they go ahead and do it they would make a lot of money off that one

  3. troll says:

    Uh oh… recent pics of steph getting back in shape…HHH DVD getting bumped… hmmmmmmmm? steph back on the market in 2012?

  4. Isrs4life says:

    Triple H and Chyna
    DX Original
    Well, there is 2 similar triple h dvds back in 2001/2
    Triple H:The King of kings – Not to great.
    DX Reunion(2006 – Pretty Much complete)
    DX Reunion(2009 – Pretty Much complete)

    Why dont they just make a evolution dvd set? this is the only
    group WWE has not done one yet on. I know Evolution isnt the best
    but it might grab some 2003 bouts in there of The Game’s.

    But Triple H still deserves that final respectful one if they are planning to go deep well there are many raw non ppv matches that were
    really good to put on there.

  5. Isrs4life says:

    If this is true I outta say the f word so many times.
    Just wish it will be released.

  6. jasongoldsmith says:

    triple h always strikes me as the kind that wants to keep the spotlight from younger guys–losing the belt to them just for purposes of coming back to humiliate them.
    i never could understand why somebody with his talent would feel a need for that–if you have the talents they will rise to the top 99% of the time.
    as far as his dvd i would buy it because i do like watching him but unfortunately he dont seem to realize as many others have in the past that his time at the top is over.

    • Anonymous says:

      You better shut your mouth triple h is always has been and always will be the best wrestler in the history of the wwe

  7. SRB says:

    By the time they release a decent DVD on him and his career you can make it a 7 disc set, 12 disc blu-ray. As long as HHH hogged the championship title from guys like Steiner, Nash, HBK, and Booker, I would have thought he would hog the DVD library too

  8. James says:

    This is the saddest day of 2012

  9. F You all says:

    its cause triple hhh is still active and they wanna wait until he gets into the hall of fame then they will make a dvd on him and plus he is still shown a lot on tv they wanna wait until he’s gone off tv and everything else and plus his last match to end the dvd.

  10. Kyle Willard says:

    I hope its so edge’s DVD can have that release date! I want the new edge dvd as soon as possible! not a huge deal to me that its cancelled, he’s still gonna get one down the line. Hopefully the rock’s new dvd is like stone cold’s with a long ass documentary. But id rather them wait to put out the rock’s new dvd until after wrestlemania, so he can talk about the match with cena.

  11. Rocko says:

    Eh, I’m not broken up about it. They are probably better off waiting a few years until his inevitable HoF induction. Then the thing would sell like mad.

  12. SRB says:

    Maybe HHH’s adventure wasn’t that epic

  13. Stacey John says:

    Maybe they wanted to wait until after the match with Triple H/Undertaker III which is meant to take place at Wrestlemania with HBK as guest referee so they can add it onto the dvd?

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