Cover Art Revealed for WWE ‘Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe’ DVD & Blu-Ray

February 14, 2015 by Daniel Bee

The cover artwork for “Ultimate Warrior – Always Believe” has now been revealed, and it comes courtesy of the Ultimate Warrior’s official social media accounts!

Take a first look at the cover shot through the Twitter link or see it below.

WWE will release the new DVD and Blu-ray set worldwide this April. Click here to pre-order your DVD copy for $19.99, or click here to pre-order the Blu-ray edition for $24.99.

WWE Ultimate Warrior - Always Believe DVD Cover Artwork

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Below is a reminder of the Complete Match & Promo List for the new Ultimate Warrior DVD, along with plans for Blu-ray exclusive content, as confirmed last month.

Warriors who pick this one up on DVD or Blu-ray will get a brand new documentary feature on the Ultimate Warrior’s life and career, plus a compilation of more than 20 matches and nearly 50 promos and interviews; including the Ultimate Warrior’s final WWE appearance!



Chapters of the “Ultimate Warrior – Always Believe” documentary are TBC.



2-on-1 Handicap Match
Dingo Warrior vs. Perry Jackson and Chico Cabello
World Class Championship Wrestling • July 25, 1986

Dingo Warrior vs. Big Bear Collie
World Class Championship Wrestling • June 2, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Frenchy Martin
Madison Square Garden • November 24, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brian Costello
Wrestling Challenge • November 29, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Mike Sharpe
Philadelphia, PA • December 5, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Conquistador #1
Wrestling Challenge • May 8, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man
Boston, MA • October 10, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior
East Rutherford, NJ • May 8, 1989

Ultimate Warrior & King Duggan vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude & Andre the Giant
Madison, WI • June 6, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. John Weiss
Wrestling Challenge • September 24, 1989

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant
Maple Leaf Wrestling • October 29, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brooklyn Brawler
Wrestling Challenge • March 11, 1990

WWE Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Haku
Saturday Night’s Main Event • April 28, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Saturday Night’s Main Event • April 27, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick “The Model” Martel
Wrestling Challenge • April 28, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Smash
Superstars • May 18, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Skinner
Superstars • May 2, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango
Lexington, KY • May 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior & “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. The Nasty Boys
SummerSlam Spectacular • August 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Isaac Yankem
RAW • April 29, 1996

Ultimate Warrior vs. Owen Hart
RAW • July 8, 1996



Bill Mercer interviews Dingo Warrior
World Class Championship Wrestling • September 19, 1986

Nightmares are the Best Part of My Day
Superstars • February 27, 1988

I Live For Anger and Frustration
Wrestling Challenge • March 13, 1988

Normal People
Wrestling Challenge • June 5, 1988

I Won’t Let You Down
Wrestling Challenge • June 25, 1988

Legends Weren’t Built Overnight
Superstars • July 16, 1988

Craig DeGeorge Interviews the New Intercontinental Champion
Superstars • September 3, 1988

You Can Feel It
All American Wrestling • September 18, 1988

Totally Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge • January 29, 1989

A Test Like all the Others
Wrestling Challenge • May 28, 1989

We Shall Conquer the Giant
Superstars • July 15, 1989

Mean Gene interviews Ultimate Warrior about SummerSlam
Wrestling Challenge • August 13, 1989

The Eighth Wonder of the World
Superstars • September 9, 1989

Mean Gene interviews The Ultimate Warriors
Wrestling Challenge • November 5, 1989

The Brother Love Show Discussing the Royal Rumble
Superstars • January 13, 1990

I Speak to You, Hulk Hogan
Superstars • February 3, 1990

The New WWE Champion
Superstars • April 14, 1990

The Brother Love Show Discussing SummerSlam
Superstars • June 23, 1990

Confined Spaces
Superstars • July 21, 1990

Leaving Nothing Behind
Wrestling Challenge • August 12, 1990

Useless Dreams
Wrestling Challenge • August 26, 1990

The Brother Love Show with Queen Sherri
Superstars • September 8, 1990

Sister Love
Superstars • October 13, 1990

The Commander in Chief
Wrestling Challenge • December 23, 1990

Your Ultimate Destruction
Wrestling Challenge • December 30, 1990

Total Surrender
Superstars • January 5, 1991

The Smell of Defeat
Wrestling Challenge • January 13, 1991

Mean Gene interviews Queen Sherri
Royal Rumble • January 19, 1991

I am the Wildness
Superstars • February 9, 1991

I Said Sew It In!
Superstars • February 16, 1991

You Have Found the Madness
Superstars • February 23, 1991

Don’t Look Back
Superstars • March 9, 1991

One More Step in the Destiny
Wrestling Challenge • March 10, 1991

A Battle Like No Other
Wrestling Challenge • March 17, 1991

Now We Are Back
Superstars • May 4, 1991

Then We Shall Feast
Superstars • April 11, 1992

These Are My Warriors
Superstars • April 18, 1992

The Papa Shango Curse
Superstars • May 23, 1992

Only Desperate Men Act with Impatience
Superstars • August 8, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Born
Superstars • September 19, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge • November 7, 1992

One Warrior Nation
WCW Monday Nitro • August 24, 1998

Running to Reappear
WCW Monday Nitro • September 21 • 1998

Ultimate Warrior – Hall of Fame Induction
Hall of Fame • April 5, 2014

The Spirit of Ultimate Warrior Will Run Forever
RAW • April 7, 2014



— A collection of personal stories from Warrior, Dana Warrior and Indiana & Mattigan Warrior. Specifics of these extras are TBC.

Dingo Warrior vs. Rick Rude
World Class Championship Wrestling • August 22, 1986

The Ultimate Challenge
WWE Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match

Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
WrestleMania VI • April 1, 1990
Arena Hard Camera Version

Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom vs. Demolition
Saturday Night’s Main Event • October 13, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Earthquake
Fort Myers, FL • February 19, 1991

Ultimate Warrior & Undertaker vs. Papa Shango & Berzerker
Ontario, Canada • June 3, 1992



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  1. Ultimate Warrior – Matches Database: (Including Dark Matches)

  2. Hvcv says:

    Have the ropes bend so it looks like it’s shaking.

  3. Brad Attitude says:

    Awesome cover. Looks cool!!!

  4. Ultimate Warrior vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

    • GEZRALLY says:

      Is this all you’re going to do now is list matches you’re upset aren’t on this already jam packed set? Why don’t you make your own DVD of all those matches you want and then sell it? I promise I’ll be the first customer. Until then, be happy with what they’ve given you

  5. Ultimate Warrior & Don Muraco vs One Man Gang & Ron Bass
    (Prime Time April 25th, 1988)

  6. captainplanet says:

    Now THAT’S a cover. There have been a lot of bland ones lately (Jericho’s…), but this absolutely personifies Warrior’s character. Lots of energy, lots of color. Love it.

  7. Ultimate Warrior really did have matches with others who WWE said that never happened…

    Ultimate Warrior vs. Vader
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Kamala
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Sid
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Big Bossman
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Nailz
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Ric Flair
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Owen Hart (Other than Raw – Dark Match)

    and plenty more.

  8. steiner says:

    I havent seen the listing…but other than the hogan WM6 match…Are there any repeats in this set and the ultimate warrior collection set?

    • Joe Young says:

      No, they went out of their way to put unreleased matches for this set. Warrior enjoyed working with the enhancement talent.

      • Jakki Steal says:

        Personally, I love how Ultimate Warrior’s sets have some matches w/jobbers on them.
        I grew up poor & I never saw any of the big 4 original pay per views until years later.
        So a big chunk of my childhood memories of wrestling were jobber matches w/the superstars.

        I would like to see other 1980’s/90’s superstars sets include a few jobber matches as well.
        I miss jobber matches.
        They made it all the more special when you got to finally see 2 superstars face each other…
        & they were a great way to build up feuds & stuff w/other wrestlers coming to ringside & trying to interrupt the matches & what not.

        & While I loved the “original” cover, I still love the “new” official cover as well.
        I’m loving everything about this new set.
        Most anticipated release of the year for me!

  9. GEOLINK says:

    This should have a slipcover.

  10. Alan Shore says:

    Best cover in a long, long time. Just a shame we’ll get a bastardised version of the packaging when it lands in the UK.

  11. LP1 says:

    4% of the votes “hate” the cover. I’m a firm believer that there are people that are going to hate just to hate. Nothing more. It’s one thing if you don’t like the cover, but hatred is another level.

    With that said I can’t wait for this release. It’s probably going to be the last Warrior release we get, maybe ever. Between the Savage documentary and now this, all we need is a full length in depth Hogan documentary and we’ll have what I like to call the late 80’s/early 90’s “big 3” covered.

    • ChadWWE says:

      That’s why I’ve come to learn to ignore 10%. If it’s 10% or under (on love or hate), then it is just people thinking they are funny. I would say WWE did very well with this cover by the vote so far.

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      while I can follow your way of thinking, regarding the 3 big personalities, regarding Hogan, I find it hard to have 3 discs dvd/2 disc bluray release on him, since the previous 13 discs – with nWo releases and Superstars of 80’s profile segment – without many repeat matches.

      A doc on Network would be more logic, but of course, if there exists much more unreleased material for the Hulkamaniacs, then there problaly would be Millions of Dollars for Vince and the Hulkster. 😉

      • LP1 says:

        I honestly don’t care about the matches. I just want a full length documentary on not just his career, but his life. The only thing close to a documentary we got was the 2002 Hulk Still Rules release. And that felt pretty rushed and didn’t cover everything deeply. Plus since 2002 there has been a lot that has happened in his life since then. I say the next Hogan release should be a definitive documentary as the selling point and include his career defining matches as the extras. Then later down the line do an Unreleased Volume 2.

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          “…Plus since 2002 there has been a lot that has happened in his life since then…” :

          While the “Hogan’s knows best” show would take its rightfull place on a doc in this reality-tv twitter era, it would not be enough to fill a doc, other than repeating stuff from other releases..

          Then there would be the Bubba the Love Sponge incident..and maybe the Vince McMahon from 1997-2006 may have touched that subject, buuuut, I don’t think that ‘s gonna happen these days..

          Last, but not least, I can only remember Hogan being part of TNA, as the final ´”main” thing Hogan’s been doing since 2002. And I doubt, that WWE gets too deep in to that…nor will Hogan problaly..

          Now.. Hogan did of course appear for some matches after the Hollywood still Rules release.. but, other than the Michaels match at Summerslam 2005, there was’nt really anything to write bout there… I very much doubt, that focusing on the mighty Hulkster tapping out to Kurt Angle at KOTR 2002, would be an issue they want to is similiar to the bs statement, that “..Cena never gives up..”. 😉

          Naaaah, I say, keep it to a one hour max doc on the Network..that should do it..

          But.. we’ll see what they come up with.. 🙂

  12. Mr Hesse says:

    I have had the Blu ray ordered for a month now!

  13. SRB says:

    Amazing artwork! The best I’ve seen in a while.

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      totally agree with you there.. its this kind of artwork that I missed on the Ultimate collection.. while there is intensity in the face of the Warrior for sure on that release, this cover really shows the energy loading machine, that Warrior was. Truly great.

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