EXCLUSIVE: WWE Undertaker – The Streak Blu-Ray Pictures

July 22, 2012 by Mark D

WWE Undertaker: The Streak is released in the US this week on Home Video, and we have some exclusive pre-release pictures of the Blu-Ray edition to show you.

The set does feature a slip case just like its DVD counterpart; however the Blu-ray does not have the cut out exposing the case below.

As previously reported the set features a 37 minute documentary looking at Undertaker’s Streak plus all 20 of his WrestleMania matches. US fans can order your copy here, or if you are in the UK and Europe via Silvervision here and Australian fans over here.

Blu-ray Exclusive Content

WrestleMania XXIV
Undertaker & Edge History Package

WrestleMania XXVI
Streak vs. Career History Package

WrestleMania XXVII
Undertaker & Triple H History Package

WrestleMania XXVIII
Undertaker & Triple H History Package

The Streak in Pictures

The Blu-Ray extras on Undertaker – The Streak are located on disc one and last just over 23 minutes. The WrestleMania video packages are from the respective WrestleMania events and “The Streak in Pictures” is a photo gallery. The gallery itself lasts around 4 minutes and has a collection of pics from the WrestleMania matches which play with Undertaker’s theme music in the background.

– US fans can order from Amazon.com here
– UK and European fans can pre-order for release this August over here
– Australian fans can order your copy right here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know the name of the song at the end that go’s its better die on your feet?

  2. nightmare says:

    I hated that Ain’t No Grave song to be honest so missing it was no big deal for me .

  3. Darnell harris says:

    i am very disppointed that the wwe did not put the undertaker american badass theme songs for his wm18,an wm19 matches an also his ain’t no grave theme song for wm27 now i know vince mcmahon do not like the american badass gimmick but he should have put those theme song on their just for the wwe fans sake to make this dvd/blu ray complete with no complaint about it but other then that the good news about undertaker the streak is that all of the matches are in their entirely with no edited

  4. nightmare says:

    So when will the review for this be shown

  5. John rega says:

    Is the blood edited?

  6. nightmare says:

    Well just picked up my blu ra of this today I am glade I pre order it on Walmart because all my Walmart is getting is the dvd

  7. NickP says:

    Just some info for Canadians.. Future Shop is selling a dvd set of The Streak and WWE Hell In A Cell 2011 for just $22.99.

  8. Maziar says:

    Awesome!! cant wait for mine to arrive !

  9. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Seriously can’t wait for this! And this is a response to earlier post about the old block logo being blurred, If i’m thinking right didn’t they blur that logo alot back when the Attitude logo just started?? Coz I remember when I bought Wrestlemania The Legacy 1-14 on Wrestlemania 12 and I think a few more they blurred it out or blacked it out.

    • LP1 says:

      Nope. The block logo was never edited on tv or DVD prior to the last few months. The only place the block logo has been edited since the WWE name change is in WWE Magazines for some strange reason.

  10. nightmare says:

    Can’t blame you there I would have done the same thing and that a lie you can’t get fined $10,000 that BS the only thing will happen is nothing .

  11. east_side_rip_rida says:

    The fye at my mall made a mistake and put the dvd out over a week early, so when I found it on the shelf I baught it. I also noticed a add they had for the dvd which you get a free streak poster with the reservation of the dvd. Well the guy gave me the poster also, but about an hour later when I was leaving the mall an fye employe stopped me to say they goofed and needed me to return the dvd cause they can get fined $10,000 for selling it early and the fye guy that sold it can get fired. Well if they didn’t act like such a$$holes to me when I go in there I would have done it, but since it was sold to me, I paid for it, I said the hell with them and kept it!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Questioning if that was the right thing to do morally, but there’s some dedication to your WWE DVD shopping. 😉

      Just picturing the scene in the mall…

  12. Dave says:

    Also for peeps in Canada, was looking at the Future Shop flyer and they are selling an exclusive version of the DVD and will be packaged with one of the Hell in a Cell ppvs. Its titled “Extreme Value Pack”.

    Also Future Shop has another exclusive with Edge’s movie Bending The Rules (DVD and Blu-ray) packaged with Decade of Decadence.

    Pretty cool exclusives since we hardly get store exclusives like in the US.

  13. Jeff Copeland says:

    jordan same here thats where i got my copy of the streak dvd

  14. nightmare says:

    Sweet thanks alot Dave and Mark can’t wait to get mine it should be at my Walmart Tomorrow I pre order it since I had a Walmart Gift card .

  15. nightmare says:

    Well all you have to do is cut is out carefully I am planing on doing that to mine once I get it

  16. Geolink says:

    Nice, but I wish the slipcase would of had the cutout so that the Taker picture is on the cover art like the DVD packaging.

  17. nightmare says:

    Dave since you got this already are all the matches in there entirety and also is the blood shown during the matches that he had I know some were very graphic and violent

    • Mark D says:

      The matches are complete including entrances, and from what I recall no blood was edited (All the footage looks to have been taken directly from the Anthology). The Bossman hanging was however cut from the end of the WM XV match.

    • Dave says:

      Yes, matches are complete including entrances and blood is shown. Also the old school block logo is not blurred like they have been doing the last few months.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        The block logo wasn’t ever blurred on DVD though, right?

        • LP1 says:

          The whole blurring/editing of the 80’s block logo is so random and inconsistent that I think they must’ve hired some new idiot in the tv dept over the last few months that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

          • Daniel Bee says:

            Ha, could be that. Who knows, might be something going on which is preventing them from showing it on TV and ‘web TV’. Coincidence it’s occurring 10 years later?

        • Mark D says:

          Yup, the block logo wasn’t blurred during the set.

          The whole blurring of the block is strange, I’ve heard it’s a VKM call – but I can’t understand why they’d want to create a whole load of work for themselves blurring a logo they don’t have to!

  18. nightmare says:

    I plan to cut out exposing on my case and than make the little on the slipcase glow in the dark .

    • Mark D says:

      Just a heads up: I believe it wasn’t cut out because the cut out wouldn’t line up; the blu-ray has the case to the right side (meaning they would have to make the Taker image off centre) but with the DVD digipak you don’t get that issue.

  19. Dave says:

    I got the Blu-ray last week from Walmart and it does look pretty nice…wish it was like the DVD with the cutout slipcover exposing the case.

    Still pretty cool…Watched the documentary and its decent.

  20. Jordan begley says:

    I seen in the kmart paper that the undertaker streak 4 disc dvd comes with the undertaker deadliest matches 3 disc dvd for $19.99.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a really good deal.

      I didn’t pick up Deadliest Matches before because it didn’t look that great, but you can’t beat getting it for free with a good DVD.

  21. Harry Faversham says:

    Very nice!

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