WWE Undertaker: The Streak 20-0 DVD & Blu-Ray Covers Revealed

May 25, 2012 by Daniel Bee

The cover art for WWE Undertaker: The Streak has been released over here on Amazon.

It confirms that the official artwork will be that of the promo poster revealed last week. The covers refer to the DVD as a 4-Disc set, and the Blu-ray edition a 3-Disc set.

“The Streak” hits stores in the United States on July 24th, and follows to Australia in August. Keep a check on Silver Vision for the latest UK release details.


It is the most impressive feat in the history of Sports Entertainment, and one that may never be duplicated. Twenty times Undertaker has stepped in the ring at the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania, and 20 times he’s had his hand raised in victory. Undertaker has faced some of the biggest names in WWE history, including Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Ric Flair, Edge, Kane, Batista, Randy Orton, and more, and always claimed their souls.

Now for the first time ever, every match in its entirety is collected in one release—Undertaker: The Streak. In addition to every match, the DVD also includes a never-before-seen documentary discussing the historic, unprecedented run.

   Pre-order your copy on DVD or Blu-ray for July.

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  1. abuthahir says:

    wow, wristlemania is coming i must watch this wristlemania 29. i am indian. i love so much this wwe universe. and i watch this wwe dvd, bluray”s. fentastic, awesome. we must watching this dvd”. if u smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll /

  2. abuthahir says:

    i love wwe universe

  3. hari says:

    iam seeing this dvd

  4. ShutYourMouth2002 says:

    ###Cena2 Undertaker best!!! +++ WWE haytin’ bst cvr eva! 4lyfe Sad n Stupid

  5. Anonymous says:

    Even with the WWE getting more and more stingy about total content on their DVDs, I still have to assume that every one of these matches is going to include the complete ring entrances. All 20 of his matches cap out around 5 1/2 hrs total ring time. Throw in the typical 2 – 2 1/2 hr documentary and we have 8 hours total. I suppose that could be put on a 4 disc DVD 3 disc Blu-ray, but why? Especially when it would easily fit on the 3 and 2 disc sets. And let’s face, pennies or not, saving money on each set by using one less disc adds up.

  6. Harry Faversham says:

    I actually really like this cover. Its kind of what I was hoping for way back when they did the Tombstone DVD. I’m just a little worried that we are’nt going to get it in the UK as soon. I think I’d have to go with the blu ray. I used to buy every dvd, but I really couldn’t afford to anymore so I became more selective with my collection. I think if you only bought a handful of wwe dvd’s then this is a cracker. I can see why collectors might be disappointed, but most of them will buy it anyway for the collection. And in my view it wont hurt them to have this on the shelf. Its not like this is taking the place of another Undertaker DVD. He will get more because he’s the UNDERTAKER. He’s had a video release every few years since Gravest matches came out on VHS.

    Honetsly, when the time is RIGHT, I think there will be a big undertaker doc, kayfabe or not. But personally I love the Undertaker. I can see that if it becomes incomplete at 21-0 it will be outdated. BUT wwe may have plans to end the streak and more importantly, a DVD on the streak will not be as effective if they wait or after he has retired. They are cashing in on the mystique and intrigue of whether it will end, which makes the story on the DVD better than it might be if they waited a few more years, especially if Taker starts to show his age more. With 20 being a nice number they don’t want to miss the opportunity because if you end the streak the DVD isnt so appealing is it. And I hate to say it but undertaker is becoming less amrketbale with a bald head and a bit of a belly on him too. Its striking while the iron is hot with the streak. Even if the streak ended, a career doc dvd would sell, but a streak dvd may not do so well afterwards.

  7. nightmare says:

    Well I don’t have any of The wrestlemania so I am going to buy this day one .If people don’t like this than don’t buy it .I wondering what the extras on the blu ray will be .

  8. jgreeds says:

    I’m sick of people seeing that all the “real” wrestling fans already own every wrestlemania. I’m as big fan as all you, if not bigger, and I don’t own every wrestlemania. I own ONE wrestlemania, the one I went to. I have over 60 dvds and blurays on wrestling and that’s the only wrestlemania. I own books on wrestling. I go to random indie shows in high school gyms. I could school you all in my wrestling knowledge. And you’re saying I’m not a “real” wrestling fan?? You folks who own every wrestlemania are such a small, small protion of wrestling fans worldwide. Saying 5% would be awfully generous. We are not the people who they target these dvds. This is a great release and will be a high seller. I can’t believe some of the complaining I’m hearing. And go to hell if you really don’t think I’m a real wrestling fan.

    • NickP says:

      Just because someone spent $200 on a Wrestlemania collection doesn’t make them a true fan.. Its the love of professional wrestling (no matter how good or bad some shows can be), the respect for the wrestlers and the respect for the history of wrestling. I laugh at people that say I know more than you blah blah blah.. why cant all wrestling fans just enjoy the business and stop bitching about dvd covers, and who knows more about wrestling

      • SRB says:

        The discussion of how big of a fan someone is or exactly what makes them a fan is debatable. If someone has a magazine subscription are they a “true” fan? What amount of DVDs does it take to be a “true” fan? I dont think it really matters too much. The stuff is out there for anyone and everyone to enjoy despite age range, race or gender and thats what makes WWE so great, they market to everyone. I went to a house show about 2 weeks ago and saw little kids, grown men and women. I would consider all of those people “true” fans since they bought a ticket to a house show. I could care less about their DVD collections or how many PPVs they order every year.

  9. Doesn’t look like it’s a cover slip on the bluray….

  10. Geolink says:

    I can honestly see the “documentary” part of the DVD just showing all of the buildups to his WrestleMania matches with some added commentary from today’s and past wrestlers.

  11. AJ says:

    Undertaker is so protective of his gimmick, I don’t see him wanting to do a doc for a long time. How many new fans spend the money to get the WM Anthology. Just because every release doesn’t appeal to the collectors, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. If it makes money, which I’m sure with will, why not make it.

    • SRB says:

      From my view ANY release appeals to collectors because that’s what makes collectors who they are, they collect every DVD despite if it’s bad or good. I am in this category. I have WWE sets I absolutly hate, but I am a collector, so I bought them. So collectors and non-collectors will be interested in this no matter what, but because the matches have been released before and the set doesnt give us any more info on the Undertaker than we had before I think it may not be as successful as hoped.

      • james says:

        “because the matches have been released before and the set doesnt give us any more info on the Undertaker than we had before I think it may not be as successful as hoped.”

        Wrong. As usual.

        • SRB says:

          Oh James I love it when you pop up once and a while on this page only to lowball my comments… As usual.

          • james says:

            You do realize that it’s impossible for them to release stuff that appeals to ONLY collector’s right? If they eliminated everything that’s been released on a DVD before from contention, that wouldn’t be very responsible of them as a company. Just because Undertaker vs. Jimmy Snuka was released on an Antholgy set 7 years ago, that means it shouldn’t be released here or anywhere else ever again? Just so you don’t have any duplicates in your collection? What exactly are you expecting from a DVD called “Undertaker 20-0?” MSG house shows? His WCW stuff?

            And if you buy everything they release, well that’s your business. I’m sure they appreciate the money you’re giving them, whether you approve of the content or not. If you really don’t like the DVD then don’t buy it. Send your message that way. There’s plenty of fans out there, hardcore and casual, who will be interested in this. And because it features one the most popular superstars of all time, I’m sure it will sell just fine – despite the fact that it’s repeating Undertaker vs. Kane from “This Is My Yard” released 11 years ago.

            • SRB says:

              I’m totally flattered that you take your time and attempt to educate me over and over again on wrestling history and DVD releases almost every time I make a comment on something. I’ve been watching for a long time and don’t need a history lesson from you. You’ve got your opinions and I’ve got mine, just like everyone else does on this site and we are both entitled to say what we wish. I don’t need to see things the James way and you don’t need to see things the SRB way. Let’s agree to disagree.

  12. SRB says:

    I said this release made no sense when it was first announced and everyone jumped on me saying, “No youre wrong, this is a good release because its in HD” or “This is a good release for people who dont own every WM on DVD” or “Its a good release for little kids” I still stand by what I originally said, sure the DVD might be popular but I see no point to it. Taker is very likely to return next year for WM again and that will be 21-0. I’m tired of them releasing tons of Undertaker DVDs but none of them are really about HIM. Yes, i know hes a “behind the scenes” guy, but let’s be honest, a documentary is well overdue

    • Harry Faversham says:

      I’m sure that will happen when his career is finished.

    • yoshi says:


    • NickP says:

      I agree with you that a Taker release like this is kinda useless and for casual fans, even though as a collector I will probably buy this, but the closest anyone will get to a documentary on Mark Calloway a.k.a. Undertaker is the This Is My Yard dvd, which is pretty good

  13. Anonymous says:

    they need a collection matches and a documentaryabout his whole carrer

  14. RabidHeat says:

    I think the difference with this release, and why the repeated matches argument is kinda valid in this case, is that EVERY match has not only been released before, but all have been on WrestleMania releases, and any real fan would own ALL of the WrestleManias, so there really isn’t that much bang for your buck here. If the documentary’s good I’ll get the DVD used for a knock-down price at a much later date.

    I agree with what Daniel Bee said on an earlier page though, the cover is very slick and simple, which is a good thing. With important sets like this, simplicity is usually key; too elaborate of a cover can end up making it look not all that iconic, and just another DVD set with crazy artwork.

    This should be a slip case though, revealing the full image underneath, like the Iron Man 2-disc Collector’s Edition which revealed Robert Downey Jr.’s face under the Iron Man suit which was on the slipcase. Unfortunately, the Blu-Ray image implies that it won’t be.

    As a side note, an earlier synopsis for this DVD seemed to imply that only matches 1-19 would be on this. I can imagine WWE doing that so as to not lose sales of the WrestleMania 28 DVD to those fans who only want Hell in a Cell! But it looks like the’re now doing all 20 matches.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I can say why you thought that but actually it was always going to be the 20 matches. It’s just I guess the synopsis was meant to be released/seen prior to WM28 so it read “nineteen times Taker has…”, so not to spoil the outcome of WM28. Dumb I know, since it’s obvious. I changed the synopsis myself to twenty since the other didn’t make sense any more. I also did that because other info I received with the synopsis specifically said it will include the latest WrestleMania 28 match.

      Now additional artwork has been revealed you can see it says 20-0.

  15. Steve says:

    A waste of a release. The documentary would be good if it wasn’t in Kayfabe but you know it will be. I highly doubt they will have a “real documentary” with the Undertaker himself talking about his opponents. Instead this I destined to be a handful of the opponents he has had saying “What an amazing feat being 20-0 is” over and over until 56 minutes of a half assed documentary are complete. Then all the seven year olds can watch all of these matches for the first time while the real wrestling fans can watch them on there Wrestlemania DVD’s. Replace his set with best of Brock or something cool.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can we please get a match listing for the falls count anywhere set already?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Don’t ya see it’s Silver Vision usually releasing that, and that they’re out of action right now? If none of the powers that be plan on revealing the content then I will when the DVD arrives with me. Best I can do if official sources don’t think it’s necessary to put out.

  17. oldschool says:

    I will only buy if there is a documentary on this…

  18. Anonymous says:

    I alraedy got all of his wrestlemania matches on other dvd sets

  19. SRB says:

    ###Cena2 Undertaker best!!! +++ WWE haytin’ bst cvr eva! 4lyfe

  20. champo says:

    These matches have all been released on other dvds already! Sorry I had to LOL!!!

  21. Hamish says:

    Ugh, all these matches have been released before!

    Lame cover, really don’t like it at all.

  22. LP1 says:

    I’m waiting for someone to say “Ugh. These matches have all been released on other DVDs already!” lol

  23. PeeWee says:

    great looking blu ray and as for keeping an eye on silvervision i seem to be doing that daily for any news

    • Legend_Killer says:

      Me too, I keep checking Silver Vision’s website on a daily basis, but it’s frustrating they don’t say a word on the situation. If it is a license issue, then we will probably know by next week, on June 1st.

  24. Mark D says:

    Nice, clean and simple. I like it!

    I wonder which matches will be inclulded on this one? 😉

  25. Marco says:

    Ugly, ugly, ugly, and very cheap looking!

  26. Matt says:

    Phenomenal cover. Can not wait for the Blu Ray. Wonder what kind of extras will be available on the BR version.

    • Dave says:

      My guess would be some segments and promos leading to the specific Wrestlemania match, ie. Taker beating up Flair’s son or the RAW segment where Taker had a duplicate Diesel in the coffin.

      • Matt L. says:

        Very good idea. I’d love for the promos leading up to both HBK matches. That was some intriguing TV, for sure.

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