WWE Undertaker: The Streak DVD & Blu-ray Promo Poster Revealed

May 16, 2012 by Daniel Bee

A promo poster for July’s WWE Undertaker: The Streak Home Video release has been revealed.

The poster was released via Shock Entertainment, confirmed to have been provided by WWE. Whilst it may end up as the DVD cover we assume it’s preliminary artwork.

“The Streak” hits stores on DVD and Blu-ray formats across the United States on July 24th (pre-order here), and follows to Australia in early August.

Undertaker: The Streak (4-DVD, 3-Blu-Ray) will feature all twenty matches in their entirety, along with the “first ever comprehensive biography, spanning the Undertaker’s career at WrestleMania and beyond”.

It is the most impressive feat in the history of Sports Entertainment, and one that may never be duplicated. Twenty times Undertaker has stepped in the ring at the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania, and 20 times he’s had his hand raised in victory. Undertaker has faced some of the biggest names in WWE history, including Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Ric Flair, Edge, Kane, Batista, Randy Orton, and more, and always claimed their souls.

Now for the first time ever, every match in its entirety is collected in one release—Undertaker: The Streak. In addition to every match, the DVD also includes a never-before-seen documentary discussing the historic, unprecedented run.

Thanks to Nick Jaworski for contributing to this article.

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  1. BigJim says:

    I’d love a more biographical Undertaker DVD. I have all the ones released, minus ‘This is my yard’ which, in my opinion, was the best!!

  2. WWEfan says:

    The 15-0 said there was going to be interviews and such and I don’t remember anything being added. The last 4 matches are SOOOO overrated, but I would like to see the documentary, if it exists.

  3. Maziar says:

    Awesome! can’t wait to get it.His matches with Kane(the first one),Orton,Batista,Edge,HBK and HHH were the best of the best IMO.
    He is a living legend

  4. RabidHeat says:

    Frankly, I can’t sit through most of his streak with ratio bars either side of the picture!

  5. Jason H says:

    I hope this is the final cover art and that it’s a die-cut slipcover for both the DVD and Blu-ray.

  6. Captain America says:

    20-0 is amazing at Mania, his last 4 matches are awesome, I really thought HBK was going to break the streak at Mania25.

  7. Anan says:

    Yeah they should save him talking as himself for the inevitable career documentary they will likely do on him when he’s done as Daniel stated.

    The Streak was spoken of on a number of WWE sets. The Greatest Stars Of The 90s & 21st Century, Top 50 Stars, True WM Story, My Yard. I hope none of this is reused for this dvd. Knowing WWE though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was since a large portion of Taker’s Top 50 Stars bio was footage taken from The Greatest Stars Of The 90s.

    I also hope to see what they advertised in the 15-0 dvd and that is interviews/comments from past opponents. This turned out to be a false ad as we did not get that in that dvd.

    And the pic above is great and all. But a better one would be a multiple pics of Taker with each one displaying a persona he used at a WM since over they years, he’s had different looks for the event.

  8. JAF says:

    I really wish that WWE would pay Limp Bizkit for the licensing of “Rollin'”, instead of using some generic music such as in Tombstone:The History of The Undertaker. I also hope that Mark Calaway speaks as himself, not as The Undertaker, it would make the dvd a lot better.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      If he speaks at all. They might save that for the inevitable biography DVD whenever he’s done. It’s a shame the Bizkit tracks are always edited, especially My Way/WMX7!

  9. nightmare says:

    I think this one will sell very well because I am just one person I am sure that doesn’t own any WM dvd or blu rays and I am a huge Undertaker fan and I have all the dvds that have come out so this will be amazing to have and as for the cover I think it’s bass ass cool looking very different .I mean he was now known for doing this at the end of his matches so it’s a great idea .

    I do wish it would glow in the dark would be cool

  10. Rip says:

    No other photos of the Undertaker, than that disgusting tongue? Yeah, you’re a streak where my money stays put, in my pocket! WWE can not come up with better package designs. Plus, where are volume 2’s of WCW, OMG, a better 4 Horsemen volume, something, come on!!! The network is not up yet, so pump out more product. Cheers!

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!! How DARE the WWE release another Undertaker DVD as its last, final DVD release EVER? How will the WWE release all the Pay Per View DVDs, considering Undertaker just took their spot? OMG!

  11. sgasd says:

    this dvd is good for those who don’t own all wrestlemanias. but for me it a no no since i own all wrestlemanias.

  12. nightmare says:

    It would not be hard to make the eyes glow in the dark I think when I get it I will do just that and also make the 20-0 and the streak also glow in the dark .I just wondering what the blu ray will have the dvd won’t can’t wait for this one HELL YES.

  13. nightmare says:

    Day one buy I am not sure if it will be blu ray or dvd and I will have to get in online because I am quit sure my Walmart won’t have it

  14. NickP says:

    Awesome.. It would be cool if has Takers face glow in the dark too

  15. I hope that’s a slip cover and underneath is the actual full picture

  16. Mark D says:

    I really like it, and It would be a fantastic slip cover with the photo of Taker on the actual box with the title printed on him.

  17. StingaLing says:

    That would be a great cover if the black was a slipcover with the full photo underneath!

  18. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    The Undertaker… the absolute BEST entrance in all of pro wrestling history, and the all time BEST “character” in pro wrestling history. Without a doubt. Legend. Icon. Big Red. The Phenom. Big Evil. American Badass. Future Hall of Famer.

  19. Daniel Bee says:

    It was listed as a poster on the Shock Entertainment site.

    I wouldn’t mind if it did turn out to be the cover, but maybe with a few tweaks. I like the simplicity of it and think it looks classy.

  20. Dave says:

    I doubt thats the cover…just a placeholder til the official cover releases.

  21. RabidHeat says:

    I’m not that bothered about the poor arwork, because the Silver Vision won’t be stocking it anyway, lol!

  22. ALK says:

    Hope its not the cover, give us some more then that…

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