Full Content Revealed for WWE WrestleMania 27 DVD & Blu-ray Editions

April 8, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Courtesy of Silver Vision, here’s what is to be included on the DVD & Blu-ray editions of WWE WrestleMania 27.

Disc 1

Keri Hilson sings “America the Beautiful”

WrestleMania Host The Rock

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

Snoop Dogg is in the house

Kane, Big Show, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston vs. The Corre

The Rock with Divas Champion Eve

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

The Rock with ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011

Stone Cold Steve Austin as Special Guest Referee
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Disc 2

No Holds Barred Match
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool

WWE Championship Match
The Miz vs. John Cena

WrestleMania 27 Highlights

Special Features

Home Video Exclusive
United States Championship Lumberjack Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Edge and Alberto Del Rio History

– “Legendary Moments” will be included here on the UK edition.

– Segments from Raw episode before WM27 to be included here on the North American edition, along with the WM28 main event announcement from the Raw following the event. Not confirmed yet but suggested.

Disc 3

WWE Hall of Fame 2011 Ceremony

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Bullet Bob Armstrong


Abdullah the Butcher

The Road Warriors

Drew Carey

Shawn Michaels

* Full WM27 event ONLY on North America’s 2-Disc edition.

WrestleMania 27 Blu-ray

– The full event and WM27 highlights will be on the first disc.

– The Hall of Fame 2011 ceremony, Bryan/Sheamus match and Edge/Rio history video package will be on the second.

– The Blu-ray will also include:

Monday Night Raw 28th March, 2011:
Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Jack Swagger

Triple H won’t back down from The Undertaker

Finally The Rock has come back to Chicago

Monday Night Raw 4th April, 2011:
Rock & Cena announce Main Event for WrestleMania 28


SmackDown 1st April 2011 (Exclusive to UK’s 3 Disc Blu-ray):
Intercontinental Championship Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

Matt Striker interviews ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes

Todd Grisham and The Bellas at WrestleMania Fan Axxess

Randy Orton is ready for CM Punk

Jerry “The King” Lawler has final words for Michael Cole

Todd Grisham and The Bellas at WrestleMania Fan Axxess

Edge and Alberto Del Rio square off at WrestleMania

Chris Masters vs. ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes

Todd Grisham and The Bellas at WrestleMania Fan Axxess

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  1. Dan E says:

    Greg – The Battle Royal came about from the US title match, which appears to be featured on the tail end of disc 2 as a special feature. All the lumberjacks got involved in the match, so it got turned in to a Battle Royal.

  2. Cody says:

    There is no real extras that is what made the wrestlemania dvds so fun to get back then all the extras.

  3. Greg says:

    What about the battle royal Great Khali won…will that be on any edition?

  4. Ryan says:

    As john peterson said earlier…I really hope they don’t end up editing out For Whom The Bell Tolls during Triple H’s entrance. That was one of the best WM entrances ever IMO and dubbing it over or leaving it out would put a damper on that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Would have made sense to have put the Shawn Michaels hall of fame diary from the website on there. That was good behind the scenes footage. But it seems to me that they don’t like making the obvious choice.

  6. john peterson says:

    i hope they keep for whom the bells toll from metallica on triple h’s entrance.it was awesome

  7. Daniel Bee says:

    straightedge: They said something like the intro vid to HHH/Taker is on one disc whilst the actual match is on the next.

  8. Rob L says:

    I can’t believe WWE fined Hunter and Taker for the chair shot to the head. The best match on the card, the two most respected men in WWE, and they get fined for putting on an awesome match. Stupid.

  9. william says:

    I saw somewhere they said they would have matchs frome the 2011 HOF induties this true

  10. Is it really that difficult to add some extra features on there? Like someone else had said, just throw some bonus matches or footage from Axxess.

  11. Alan says:

    Probably means that The Undertaker took so long to leave ringside, it requires its own disc!

  12. straightedge47 says:

    On Silvervision Undertaker v Triple H is listed on disk 1 and 2, does that mean anything or did they just make a mistake?

  13. Alan says:

    I’d definitely prefer the HOF matches as opposed to the Legendary Moments, but I still miss the days of WM (and WM weekend) related content making up the extras. WM’s 20-23 had some great footage from the weekend itself. Couldn’t WM27 utilise highlights from the Axxess matches and Q&A’s for instance? Or the HOF backstage interviews as broadcast on WWE.com? That’d certainly entice me more than Y2J’s debut from 12 years ago that I’ve seen countless times already. Thanks for all the info though.

  14. Daniel Bee says:

    As it stands the North American WM27 Blu-ray has no exclusive content, since the DVD edition is said to have the Raw stuff as extras. I’d expect some exclusives to be added.

  15. Daniel Bee says:

    Alan my head was spinning writing it out too 😉 Then I read on another site there are meant to be matches of the Hall of Famers and other “Mania moments” on there, but not in this listing so far. Silvervision said no to the HOF’er matches and I can’t see the US/UK editions being far different besides Legendary Moments.

  16. tnawwejosh says:

    Also guys the WM27 blu ray could have some more content being added too it so look out for that.

  17. I want the Blu Ray for the HD but the DVD for Legendary Moments :$ What will I do?

  18. Alan says:

    Very pleased that the North American DVD won’t have the Legendary Moments – not interested in them at all (at least, not included in this set). There’s way too many editions and variables though, my head was spinning just reading all of it!

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