WWE WrestleMania 30 DVD Runs Over 8.5 Hours, Blu-Ray Extras Confirmed

May 1, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 30 Logo

New information suggests that the WrestleMania 30 DVD will contain 8 hours and 36 minutes of footage, a runtime considerably longer than that of other WWE DVDs of late.

We can confirm that the previously revealed list of WrestleMania 30 DVD extras are going ahead as stated. As a reminder, here they are again below.


Hall of Fame 2014 Ceremony

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. Real Americans vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel
WrestleMania Pre-Show • April 6, 2014

– Top 30 Greatest WrestleMania Moments
– Hulk Hogan Discusses WrestleMania
– Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Reveal the WrestleMania Set
– Batista Reflects on His Return to WWE
– Randy Orton Speaks On Becoming the Face of WWE
– The History of Andre the Giant
– The Streak vs. The Beast
– A Look at Hulk Hogan’s Storied Career
– John Cena Confronts His Fears
– AJ Lee vs. The World

This also means that the Blu-ray exclusives will stick too. You may recall that there were two of those, listed again below. These extras look to have a total runtime of just 4 minutes.


– All That’s Left is The Game
– Bruno Sammartino Unveils His Statue


WWE WrestleMania 30 DVD and Blu-ray Cover Art

In terms of special editions, we’ve learned this week that the United Kingdom will be getting a version with dog tags as a store exclusive. Further details as we receive them.

That special edition with dog tags will be released to the United States through FYE stores, and to Canada through HMV stores. The US Amazon site also has a special edition available which contains a “30 Moments for 30 Years” mini-book and a Topps Chrome trading card.


Pre-order your WrestleMania 30 DVD/Blu-ray…

USA: Click here to pre-order your WrestleMania DVD/Blu-ray for May 13th.

Australia: Order the DVD/Blu-ray now from WWEDVD.com.au for May 13th.

UK/Europe: Order the DVD/Blu-ray now from WWEDVD.co.uk for June 9th.

After WrestleMania drops, the next WWE title to hit stores will be “Greatest Wrestling Factions”. The first sighting of the DVD comes courtesy of radio personality Sam Roberts. Sam tweeted the photo below and revealed that his interview footage with WWE is featured.

WWE Greatest Wrestling Factions DVD - Sam Roberts Interview

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To the self-professed lover of the WWE Network also known as the man without aliases (like “stop whining about the frame rate” is a real identity or anyone else with half a brain uses their real identities online) that I’d suggest taking on the name of “WWE Network Conformist”:
    Where are your credentials making you an expert on what it would take for them to correct the problem? Until you have that, you mean the same to me as you do to the WWE, which I’ve already said is nothing.

    Understand that I didn’t make my 3 original posts on this site talking to you. We get it. You “love” the Network. Pop the question already.

    Your posts make little sense. Why would someone disliking the network frame rate bother you more than it bothers the original poster? Why do you think it’s an attack on the network instead of honest and real feelings shared by many? How is that hard to believe? How do you come to the conclusion that the awful frame rate is stopping piracy? Why would anyone want to pirate something that’s supposed to always be available anyway? That’s a big-time disconnect which at best proves the point that the current frame rate footage isn’t worth anyone’s time.

    It really seems to me that you have an unhealthy obsession of the WWE Network. You’re the guy who says he’s actively searching for network stories to find out about viewer feedback instead of supposedly enjoying the network you say you “love”. I won’t go any further on that other than to speculate as to who you refer to when you say “we” make fun of those posters who don’t like the frame rate. You can’t have online/virtual WWE network buddies. No one can be that sad and without a life.

    Whatever. Instead of posting endlessly expressing your love of the WWE Network maybe it’s time to figure out why you’re also obsessed with having everyone conform to your opinion. There’s lot of incredibly important historical figures who’ve tried that and many of them are considered villains or lunatics today so I’d look into things if I were you before it gets too bad. If you can finally solve that riddle maybe you can get over your WWE Network obsession. I wish you all the best!

    • Stop Whining About Frame Rate says:

      I don’t need your suggestions as to what I should use as a screen name. Perhaps you should be a little more creative though. Especially if you plan to spew your negativity about the Network over several different sites where the network is discussed.

      I do love the Network. Jealous? Probably.

      You say the Network is garbage to you. So since you’re big on suggesting screen names, how about you go and change yours to “WWE Network is Complete Garbage To Me”

      You ask me where are my credentials, well what about you? Where are YOUR credentials to come on here barking about what WWE NEEDS to do “correct the problem” or “gain new subscribers” ??? Provide some credentials that makes you an expert.

      I maintain that in my opinion there will not be enough people complaining (like you) who view the frame rate as a “problem” that WWE would have to address and change it. It’s a problem to you. Well tough cookies. Guess what? They ain’t gonna change change the entire WWE Network because you a few others want broadcast quality video from an internet stream.

      And on top of that I already stated earlier, that most of the leading sites that provide streaming video do so in the same, or less quality then WWE. Why do you expect WWE to upload these massive file sizes, and make it hard for people to stream, when they don’t really have to?

      The thing is, it’s so close to broadcast quality, it’s pretty much ludicrous on your part or that other complainer who even goes into FPS and technical specifics (and you say I’m obsessed?) to call it “garbage.” It seems obsessive on YOUR part for you to even complain about the quality. I would guess less then 1% complain about the specific issue you consider a “problem” the frame rate. I see some people complaining about freezing or stuff like that, but let’s face it, a good majority of WWE and Wrestling fans are morons, and there is a great chance their computer or viewing device is not even powerful enough to stream the videos as is.

      I mean hey, whatever. If you truly think it’s garbage, then it’s your loss. You’ll miss out on a lot of awesome videos, some exclusive to the network, and others available for the first time in this great quality, and you’ll be a spiteful brat and miss out on them because they’re apparently not good enough for you. Get real. What’s your alternative? Someones old junky ass VCR recording uploaded to Youtube? Have a great time with that buddy.

      That should explain to you why someone disliking the Network bothers me. It’s nitpicking.

      You claim my posts make little sense, well we share something in common then, because I feel the same way about your posts. Especially your comments about piracy. I’m either smarter then I already know I am or you’re really dumber then I thought you were if you can’t figure out why obsessive wrestling fans would want to pirate network footage. I have seen comments all over, including this very site, where people wanted to record stuff off the network and make their own “PPV box sets”

      I never came to any conclusion that the current frame rate you consider “awful” is stopping people from recording it. (and you claim I make little sense) I did however say, that maybe ONE of the many reasons WWE doesn’t upload their videos with TV broadcast quality is because they don’t want bootleggers gobbling it all up, making box sets of their copyrighted material, making crappy cover art for it, claiming it as their own and selling it/profiting from it on some site like ioffer. That ever occur to you? You notice the Network videos don’t have any logos or other crap on them like you see on TV. Perhaps one of the MANY reason they use typical internet stream video frame rate is to deter wrestling fans from using their fat little fingers to record and sell their content. I mean, they still do though, I’ve seen bootleggers selling network content, but perhaps WWE doesn’t want studio quality masters floating around for these bottom feeders to profit off their copyrighted material.

      What is it with you? Really, I mean you make it seem like since I enjoy WWE Network, that I have to watch it all day and night and can’t browse the internet to see how others are also enjoying this newly launched service. You consider that an unhealthy obsession, lol. Get real buddy. You’re here just like me, so you must have an unhealthy obsession with it too then.

      And also, you seem like a real stuck up jerk who thinks he’s better then others. From your high and almighty elite standards that WWE Network doesn’t live up to, to making fun of me because I chat with people who also enjoy WWE Network. You’re so above that? You’ve never enjoyed a hobby or sport and went online and chatted and became friendly with people who also shared your same enthusiasm for that hobby or sport? You know damn well you have and do.

      You keep claiming I am obsessed with this, obsessed with that, I’m not obsessed with having anyone conform to my opinion. I am simply provided my feedback, just like you did yours and I’ve explained why I think your criticisms are unfair. But the more I read your posts, the more you come off like a stuck up jerk who thinks he’s better then everyone else, I can see why you complain about the quality of WWE Network.

      Nice attempt there with the historical figures jab you took at me. But much like every other opinion you have come up with, I’ve countered it better and made you look like the wanna be elitist brat you are.

      Some of the most intelligent people in this world were/are also considered villains and lunatics. And it’s usually the sheeple who lack intelligence who are the ones laying that claim.

      Take your wish and shove it. I’m happy and enjoying life and the WWE Network. It’s you who apparently has so much negativity inside you and an apparent superiority complex.

      I’d wish you the best, but I don’t really give a crap what you do 🙂

      Have fun watching old junky VCR stuff on Youtube pal lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you say you’re “smarter then I already know I am” and then want to claim I have a “superiority complex”. Not surprising to see you’re so hypocritical.

        You say people who don’t like the network’s frame rate are “long winded and fanatical”. Take a look in the mirror Mr. WWE Network conformist.

        I believe you could be continuously writing these book long posts to talk yourself into believing your own posts. It’s probably also why you have such a problem with negative remarks about the network.

        I also like how you seem to want to portray me as a “sheeple” and “elitist brat” at the same time. Elitists and sheeple don’t have a lot in common. You seem like a conflicted individual which I guess ties into your desire to receive constant affirmation that the network is “awesome”. If something you like is so great it shouldn’t matter to you if others see the flaws and express it.

        I’m not just like you. I don’t visit other sites to see what others say as you already expressed you do. I work on the computer all day and don’t surf for fun because it would feel like an extension of my long hours and I also have a social life. As far as wrestling goes I check out this site for DVD updates and that’s it. I’m not reading people’s posts spending the time to try to form a composite into who they are as fans and specifically their likes or dislikes, making network buddies or labeling people as “annoying”. I don’t know individual posters. The fact that you claim to is a pretty good indication of your obsession level. My guess is you’re posting about the network at least five days a weeks which is a pretty good indicator of an addiction or unhealthy obsession.

        I’m almost inclined to think you may have subconsciously chosen to elevate three fictional nemeses in your head as a coping mechanism. It must be so very hard to believe that any greater number could hold an opposing view to yours when we live in a society that’s pretty much evenly divided into exact opposite perspectives, liberals and conservatives. I guess we all get along on everything don’t we?

        Your comments regarding the bootleg market are noteworthy and perhaps insightful, especially in light of your other statement about “massive file sizes”. From what I’ve seen at the flea market, bootleggers don’t care about quality and are routinely selling audience recorded movies and compressed movies. Bigger files are their enemy. They care about volume, as in more shows, not quality and big files. WWE’s lesser frame rate and, as you’ve asserted smaller files, would be making it easier for them not harder, wouldn’t it? I’m not into bootlegs or piracy for many reasons including poor quality so I don’t have much knowledge on the subject other than deductive reasoning derived from your “facts” and the understanding that people who buy bootlegs and the bootleggers themselves aren’t all that concerned about quality or else they’d be buying the real thing. At $9.99 per month for content that’s supposed to be there forever, why would anyone want a bootleg?

        In closing you said, “a good majority of WWE and Wrestling fans are morons”. (Who’s the elitist now?) If, as you say, the majority “love” the network, and the “majority of WWE and Wrestling fans are morons”, I guess we know why some are so willingly going along with noticeably less than perfect quality.

        Like I said, don’t try to get in the way of progress because it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not.

        I think we should just agree to disagree. As the great Mankind would say “Have a nice day!”

  2. Jay says:

    Any word on a digipak? for the Blu-Ray like last year?

  3. Steve says:

    Maybe we can all start facing the facts. WWE on DVD/BLU Ray is dyeing a slow painful death. It’s a tough pill to swallow for many of us loyal collectors. Very little motivation for WWE to put lots of great extra content on this DVD when they want as many network subscribers as possible. I will give it 12 months before DVD/BLU Ray releases are eliminated. Then we can call this site WWENetworknews.com. In life it’s all about Evolution.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I get what you mean about effort potentially going away because of the Network, but you could argue they’ve packed the WM30 DVD full of content. 8.5 hours of it. The limit, I’d say. Then the Blu-ray probably suffered so it could stay on 2 discs. The only real complaint here is the Blu-ray not having more.

      • Steve says:

        It is a good thing that the run time is 8.5 but it’s sad that we get excited about that when we used to consistently get 9 & 10 hours. This is also the WM release so I would expect more from it. My biggest issue is with other PPV’s not being released on Blu Ray. The network has them on demand in HD and live. This will kill PPV releases. Our only hope is superstar documentaries.

    • ekkoes4life says:

      regarding death of dvd/bluray: of course I can not have knowledge bout how effect is directy in USA, where the Network at the moment is solely in fuction, as I live in Denmark, but..should the Network one day be able in my country, I doubt it will have any effect on my passion for collecting especially Bluray..today, I buy the ones that I find interesting, and select off those that I do not care about, e.g. Cena sets and in the future I’m not getting the Sting set that may, may not come, since I could’nt be bothered. That would not chance, if I had access to the Network, since: 1-: its not full HD 1920×1080 like Bluray are. 2-: the Network got so much reality-tv based junk, that I could’nt care bout. 3-: the only full lenght ppvs I’m interested in are the WWF/WWE and I own that in full; the WCW I don’t fond other than what is released as greatest stuff, same goes with ECW, that in my view is a cool brand, but not from a story telling view like on level of WWF/E.
      It will of course all depend on how well the Network is doing domestic and in the future outside USA.

      • Anonymous says:

        I honestly have no interest in the WWE network thanks to the frame rate. I don’t watch too many movies and don’t like to watch wrestling that have a movie look. I watch sports and I expect my wrestling to look like sports as it does on regular TV channels. The WWE Network is showing videos in film quality. I’d rather not watch wrestling at all than to watch it in a frame rate that causes film-like quality. WWE Network is complete garbage to me.

        • Stop Whining About Frame Rate says:

          Your the same guy who complains all over the wrestling internet when the wwe network is brought up “Waah Waah I watch Sports Vids and Hockey. I dont like the way the Network looks” The Network looks great. Picture perfect quality. It will never be shown in exact quality as Cable or Sattelite television because it will take up too much bandwidth. So enjoy your collection of junky VCR tapes. When the Network is available in your country, you should lighten up and enjoy it like the rest of us do.

          • Anonymous says:

            WWE Network has killed a lot of my enthusiasm for wrestling because the quality is so messed up, hence I’ve slightly vented three times. I’ve made two other posts (aside from the ones on this specific link) about it on this site and nowhere else. Yet of my three posts I’ve now had two posts telling me to shut me up. Why? Are you getting into arguments about the frame rate elsewhere and confusing me with them and transferring your anger onto an unsuspecting poster? Does honest feedback bother you so much? Why attack people for being smart enough to know there’s better out there?

            I have no idea who you are, but I do find your fascination with me quite surprising (2 out of 3 times already). FWIW, hockey isn’t the only sport displayed with the proper frame rate online.

            If you’re so cheap when it comes to bandwidth, why should WWE care for your opinion? Chances are you’ll be canceling your subscription as soon as they raise the price so you’ll mean nothing to them.

            The true is the network doesn’t look great on Roku or laptop. I was just watching both hours ago and I’d rather quit watching wrestling altogether than watch this. I won’t ever enjoy this garbage until it’s corrected. I have friends who say the same. If WWE wants to raise their subscription numbers even by just a little, they have to service their potential audience so quit trying to get in the way of progress. They already have you because you’ll accept what they feed you. Now they have to up their game for the rest of us meaning proper 2014 standard video quality, more variety, etc. FWIW, unlike you, I’m honest. I will admit to having some friends who say they enjoy it, though they admit the quality is a bit of a turnoff, but love the free PPVs and like the reality shows.

            Finally, if WWE Network is so great, why don’t you just watch it instead of wasting your time posting negative feedback against those who see its obvious flaws? My advice to you is enjoy it if you can and “stop whining” about what others are doing because there’s no way your opinion or requests are going to ever sway me to “lighten up.” I don’t change for anybody.

            • Stop Whining About Frame Rate says:

              Calm down cupcake.

              I’m not getting into arguments elsewhere regarding wwe network, whoever else called you out must have been equally annoyed by you. However when I first read someone complain about a “framerate problem” I became interested to learn more about it, and after doing some searches I noticed a common theme of the complaints. They seemed to be stemming from one person or maybe this person has convinced his friends to complain too (all under obvious aliases….and I’m dishonest?) in hopes wwe would change the entire way they present videos for these two or three fanatical fans that complain about it.

              The complaints all had a common theme to them in the way they were written. Didn’t seem like it was random people making these complaints, seemed more like one or two people fanatically spewing the same complaints in hopes to get people to notice.

              Here are two examples



              Notice the similarities between the two. Both long winded and fanatical. I’ve noticed this similar rhetoric on a few other sites as well where the wwe network is mentioned. Seems to be the same guy or his buddy as well, always trying to piss on the parade of people who do enjoy the network. Barging on into the party people are enjoying and souring the mood by barking about all these technical specs of FPS and this that and the other thing that the average fan has no idea about or doesnt care about.

              I’m not cheap with bandwidth, but not everyone wants to watch shows that consume that much or have the devices to display them exactly as they appear on cable or sattelite television without constant buffering and all. Like was pointed out by others in one of those articles. All internet video looks different then TV. I honestly believe that the person or people complaining so much about wwe network not looking exactly as it does on tv have other motives in mind other then just ‘watching’ the network.

              You insinuate that if wwe “corrects” would you consider a framerate problem that would increase subscribers lol. Um no. Fact is, only you and probably a few handful of people even consider it a problem, and only probably less then one handful take to the internet to complain about it.

              I do watch wwenetwork and love it. I just told you why I replied to your post. When “framerate problem” was first mentioned I was interested to see what that meant, and after a search about the subject, I noticed what appeared to be one guy making the same complaints in the same style, then noticed that nobody else gave a crap, nor did I, and thats when I decided to comment on it, because I dont like to see someone piss on something I enjoy.

              Some pro wrestling fans can be very malcontent with stuff, so its annoying that certain people just cant be happy and have to type away on their keypad and get their negative criticism out there and cant just lighten up and enjoy this awesome wwe network, and have to label it as garbage or junk.

              I want the network to be around for years to come. So I read various network threads on the net. Majority of people love it. The just want more content. Most peoples complaints are about stuff they are too stupid to figure out on their own.

              You wanna complain? Go ahead. You’re wasting you time son. You’re not gonna rally up support of people that are gonna join in and start whining to wwe about technical specifications of their network that dont match the exact ones seen on cable and internet television. They already know this, you’re not telling them something they dont know. Duh. It’s less load on their system servers and easier for people to stream. It’s an internet streaming service, not a cable or sattelite service. Different platforms, different specs.

              I dont want your advice. Go shove it.

          • Anonymous says:

            “the same guy who complains all over the wrestling internet ” must be quite busy as a Google search I just did shows 316,000 results. Either wrestlingdvdnews.com has a wider reach than I thought, or that means there’s been a lot more discussion about it than my three posts. That also means you have a lot of work ahead of you if you’re playing the role of Network conformist. Good luck with that! LOLOL

            • Anonymous says:

              People have a right to voice their opinions and if they’re at least bringing something relevant to the conversation they shouldn’t be shouted down. Your post wreaked of someone trying to stifle an opinion and that’s why I responded the way I did.

              I read the two different links and it looks like two people who probably don’t even know each other because one of the guys writes like he’s somewhat intelligent and the other seems the opposite. One of the pages also seems to have more than one person in agreement with the frame rate issue, but disagreeing with some specifics. It’s not an effective way to get across a point, so I doubt it’s the same person. Whatever. They don’t look the same to me but I don’t care either. I didn’t write it and I doubt they’re even friends. I don’t think I know anyone who would actually waste their time on this stuff. The people I know, like me, generally have a life. They tried it out and either liked it and watch occasionally or hated it and stopped watching. There’s only so many free hours of time if you’re in a relationship with a full-time job. In my case, I’ve only commented on this page. I don’t visit other wrestling sites and don’t plan to start. It shouldn’t be hard to believe that if one person sees it that thousands of others do as well. You the WWE Network conformist see it yourself. You admitted it!

              You need to face the fact that there is no party and you’re also wasting your time which I concede I am right now as well. The WWE Network isn’t a success or failure. The technology isn’t great and will get better because it has to.

              I know you mentioned you’re concerned about bandwidth but did you ever think you’d be streaming stuff in this kind of quality? I know I never thought it was going to happen even 5 years ago. Time moves on and technology gets better which will force internet service providers to eventually drop bandwidth limits as has been seen around the country. It won’t cost you any more assuming that’s truly your concern and it will make more people happier including most who find it decent right now.

              The WWE Network specs aren’t any different from any other streaming service. MLB will eventually have to catch up to all the other major sports.

              The problem I have with your post wasn’t just your condescending tone. I also really disliked the way you seemed to realize there’s a problem, didn’t care, but still went out of your way to knock my opinion. How can you knock someone you acknowledge was right about there being a frame rate problem in the first place?

              Progress will happen but you’ll only slow it down by trying to stifle people as you’ve tried with me. Let people have their say. It’s a free country and people shouldn’t have to automatically expect to be attacked for having a different opinion. Enjoy the network, quit playing WWE conformist (unless they’re paying you) and don’t try to stop progress. You said it was a party so enjoy it instead of telling others how they should act.

              • Stop Whining About Frame Rate says:

                There is a party. And everyone who waited years for the Network is all there having a good time. There’s some party poopers though.

                I don’t view the frame rate as a problem, so I’m not acknowdledging the fact that the frame rate is different from cable/sattelite television is a problem. I see it as, it looks like any other streaming video on the internet, which is what I expected the wwe network videos to look like. Looks the same way as when I would watch NXT on Hulu. I notice an ever so slight difference then I would then seeing it on Television, but the lack of cable compression actually makes it better.

                I think it looks amazing, and is completely greater then crappy youtube uploads or in the case of old pay per views, crappy vcr tapes.

                I just think it’s lame you consider it garbage. I mean is it really THAT bad? What sites stream videos exactly as they appear on television? You keep saying MLB has to catch up with sports.

                Maybe your internet is not fast enough to stream it without some lag.

                • Anonymous says:

                  The reason for the party poopers is because of the poop on the screen.

                  I don’t think it looks amazing. It looks very different from USA or SyFy. Blaming it on my Internet when I’ve already hinted that I live in a part of the country without bandwidth limits is lame especially since I watch other stuff without a hint of a frame rate problem.

                  Intimating there’s only a few handfuls of people who are bothered is worse. WWE Network has 667,000 subscribers. How many are online singing its praises of WWE Network on any kind of regular basis? Let’s make a liberal guess of 300. Let’s make a conservative guess that another 6 are saying there’s a noticeable frame rate problem. At that rate there’s over 13,000 unhappy subscribers. However, even in the unlikely event that you are correct and there’s only 2 different ones posting, that accounts for over 4,400. So if you’re having a party do yourself a favor and don’t tell any of them where it is. Even with just a paltry 4,400 unhappy viewers, I don’t think you’ll like your party’s atmosphere.

                  • Stop Whining About Frame Rate says:

                    It looks different because you’re not watching USA or SyFy network. You’re watching an internet stream. Do you watch Hulu or Youtube and say it looks like poop? Probably.

                    I don’t care to imagine the statistics of network subscribers who actively post online. But go right ahead if you want.

                    I’ve seen that guy (whether that’s you or not, I don’t care) who talks about the 59.94fps and the NHL Center Ice posts on a few different topics pertaining to wwe network. That is the same person posting that. I have no doubt. He’s a notorious complainer when it comes to video quality. Yes it does get annoying to read complaints about something that is awesome, but other then that, you, him and his many fake aliases and anyone else can go right ahead and complain all you want. I love the network, and from what I can tell so do most other people.

                    I sincerely doubt that WWE will at any point take down all of the content they have on their network thus far and re-upload it in massive file size broadcast quality. Keep hoping for that though if that’s your wish. I would venture to guess most people would have a hard time streaming that. And what’s the reason for them to do this? It’s barely noticeable the difference. It’s an internet stream, and a damn good one at that. Perhaps they also don’t want people pirating their footage in broadcast quality. Maybe they will live stream shows in broadcast quality, but I doubt they would ever upload their on demand library in different quality then it is now.

                    I’m going to go on and enjoy the WWE Network much like I do Hulu, because they are both awesome quality and in many ways better then watching on Cable and Sattelite Television. No compression, no annoying pop up’s for upcoming TV shows, or commercials, or scroll bars.

                    The WWE Network party is everywhere the network is discussed. It’s a wish come true to many fans like myself. Unfortunately there will always be a few malcontents to try and sour the mood of the party. We usually just ignore or chuckle at them.

                    • LP1 says:

                      I don’t know if I’m in the minority or majority opinion on this, but personally I prefer the FPS of the Network(the “film look”) over the FPS of TV(the “live look”). I always have. I hope WWE keeps it this way as I don’t see it as a problem at all. I’m more concerned with the quality of the picture. If WWE can upgrade to 1080p from 1080i then it will be perfect in my opinion.

  4. Nick Jeeter says:

    Would’ve liked to have seen Warrior’s speech from Raw as an extra!

  5. Lawrence says:

    Hopefully the Hall of Fame ceremony is all on one disc. Last year’s saw Mick Foley on Disc 2 and the rest on Disc 3 and I wondered why they didn’t just put it all on one DVD.
    Not a huge issue, but I’d prefer the whole Hall of Fame on one separate DVD. I understand the entire WrestleMania 30 card being split into two discs but hopefully there is enough room to put the entire Hall of Fame on one disc.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen that Sam Roberts guy on the Network’s Countdown show too. What’s his connection to wrestling?

  7. anonymous says:

    You really don’t want more than about 3 hours and 20 minutes per DVD. But, a Blu-ray should be able to handle close to 5 hours. There’s no excuse for such a little amount of content.

    Given that DVD/Blu-ray is on decline, why won’t they just throw on some interesting unreleased extras like some unseen 2002 Brock/Undertaker footage or Flair/HHH from September 2002 for the vacant world title which would tie into the Evolution world championship theme of the main event? I would imagine stuff like this might be the only thing to spike sales figures when you consider the WWE Network has 667,000 viewers who’ve already seen the event live for only $9.99

  8. ekkoes4life says:

    not sure why they not just state it immediatly, but like all ppv blu-rays XXX will also contain RAW/Smackdown content from weeks leading up to the ppv, I assume.

  9. LP1 says:

    At 8 hours and 40 minutes there really isn’t much more they could’ve added to the blu-ray version. That’s 4 hours and 20 minutes per disc. It may seem like they skimped on blu-ray extras, but that’s because they realized they can fit most of the extras on the dvd as well instead of having all that wasted room that they usually have on dvd’s.

  10. Kyle Willard says:

    I was hoping for Daniel Bryan Journey To Wrestlemania, and Warrior The Ultimate Legend specials as Blu ray exclusives :/

  11. David says:

    WM alone with 4 hours, HOF was about 3.5 hours, so thats about an hour of extras. The Blu-ray exclusives blow, only 4 minutes?! They could have included the Shield’s three part interview from Wrestlemania today or any RAW/SD footage involving Bryan/HHH, Taker/Lesnar, etc.

    I still think WM20 and 22 were the best in terms of extra features. They loaded those up with great stuff.

  12. some guy says:

    Prime Time Sam Roberts! Day 1 Purchase!

  13. SRB says:

    At least for WM we’re closer to 9 hours again. Was watching my Flair DVD the other day, 10 1/2 hours on 3 discs. Don’t tell me it can’t be done. Probably has something to do with HD and other stuff I don’t notice.

    • ekkoes4life says:

      a DVD can contain close to 4 hours.. I have some, not wrestling, that are 3 hours 55 minutes. it’s all about money..put as little as possible on discs, but enough to satisfy for a while..and then you make sure, customers have to come back for more… problaly same with Bluray..not sure how much, but would’nt surprise me, if a BD can contain close to the double of 4 hours.

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