REVEALED: WrestleMania 32 Is WWE’s Next STEELBOOK Blu-Ray for 2016 – Early Cover Artwork!

March 11, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 32 (2016) - Logo

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WrestleMania 32 is confirmed to be WWE’s next Steelbook Blu-ray!

As we’ve been reporting here at, the company will be releasing their first-ever Steelbook Blu-ray sets this year. It begins in April with the Dudley Boyz biography and we can now add WrestleMania 32 to the list of Blu-rays receiving the same special edition treatment.

Right now it has only been announced on the way to fans in the UK, releasing to the region in June, however a domestic release is a possibility. You may recall that details of the Dudleyz Steelbook in the United States were not immediately known – but that one turned out to be a Best Buy exclusive.

Early cover artwork for the Steelbook has been unveiled, as shown below:

WWE WrestleMania 32 Steelbook Blu-ray - Cover Artwork

WrestleMania 32 is currently scheduled to hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray May 10th in the United States, May 18th in Australia, and finally June 6th in the United Kingdom.

Pre-order your copy of the WrestleMania 32 DVD by clicking here, or the Blu-ray edition here.

WWE WrestleMania 32 Steelbook Blu-ray - Cover Artwork

Speaking of Steelbooks, below are new shots of the Dudley Boyz artwork!

Before ‘Mania, “Straight Outta Dudleyville: The Legacy of the Dudley Boyz” will be made available with this special packaging on Blu-ray. As you know, the discs themselves will be packed full with a career documentary, interview extras, moments, and more than 25 matches.

Click here to get your copy of WWE’s “Straight Outta Dudleyville” DVD or Blu-ray.

WWE Dudley Boyz: Straight Outta Dudleyville Steelbook Blu-ray Artwork

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  1. Anan says:

    Wm32 cover….perfect as it highlights the top 3 matches and the anticipated Divas 3-Way.

  2. David DURAN says:

    Good to see that divas get their first wrestlemania DVD cover

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Hang on a minute – doesn’t this spoil the Ambrose/HHH match for tonight at Roadblock? Lol.

  4. RabidHeat says:

    I hope that stays as the cover and is used for the standard editions too. Spoiler covers look cheap.

  5. John says:

    I guess I am the only one who thinks the WrestleMania 32 steelbook is ugly, I will be getting the regular Blu-Ray case if available

  6. Eric says:

    I’m buying it for sure

  7. LP1 says:

    When I saw “Early Cover Artwork” I was hoping it would be a spoiler cover. Darn.

  8. Robert emons says:

    Is this the official wrestlemania DVD cover this year?

  9. Jeff Copeland says:

    i wonder why just now there getting into steelbook. i think it was 07 08 09 ppvs at fye they came in tin cases. like wm 23, summerslam 07, survivor series 07, rumble 08 wm 24, summerslam 08, series 08 rumble 09 and i think last one was wm 25.

    wonder why they stopped doing that idea ??

  10. John Peterson says:

    I dig the cover and also like the steelbook casings.

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