WWE WRESTLEMANIA 38 DVD & Blu-Ray Gets Cover Artwork, Alternate Cover, And Full Content Listing!

April 7, 2022 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 38 (2022) Logo - With Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns

It’s that time again (as WrestlingDVDNetwork.com turns 12 years old this month) when we take a look at the cover artwork, content, and planned special editions for the WrestleMania DVD!

We’ve got our hands on the full content listing WWE has finalized for WrestleMania 38 on DVD and Blu-ray, which will be formatted as the usual 3-disc set on DVD and a 2-disc set on Blu-ray. The listing reveals that for the DVD version, similar to last year’s WrestleMania 37 release, Night 1 of ‘Mania will be featured on the first disc and Night 2 on the second disc.

However, the two main events of both evenings — Kevin Owens vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar — will be featured together on the third disc of the DVD, and along with those matches will be The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame induction speech as an extra!

WWE WrestleMania 38 DVD - Official Cover Artwork

PRE-ORDER IN THE US: Grab your copy of WrestleMania 38 in the United States; click here to Amazon.com for the 3-disc DVD or here for the 2-disc Blu-ray.



America the Beautiful

The Most Stupendous Saturday in History

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs

Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Corbin

The Miz & Logan Paul vs. Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio

An American Hero

RAW Women’s Championship Match
Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair

Seth Rollins vs. An Opponent of Mr. McMahon’s Choosing

The Class of 2022

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey

Disc runtime (approx.): 3 hours and 3 minutes



America the Beautiful

The Most Stupendous Sunday in History

A Message from The Game

RAW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
RK-Bro vs. The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos

Anything Goes Match
Sami Zayn vs. Johnny Knoxville

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs. Shayna Baszler & Natalya vs. Carmella & Queen Zelina

AJ Styles vs. Edge

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs. Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Thank You Taker

Pat McAfee vs. Austin Theory

Disc runtime (approx.): 2 hours and 54 minutes

WWE WrestleMania 38 Blu-ray - Cover Artwork

PRE-ORDER IN THE UK: Heads up, WrestleMania 38 is also now available to pre-order in the UK; click here to Amazon.co.uk to grab the 3-disc DVD or here for the 2-disc Blu-ray.



The KO Show Comes to Texas

Winner Take All – Championship Unification Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns


WrestleMania 38 DVD Extra

— The Deadman Speaks
WWE Hall of Fame • April 1, 2022

Disc runtime (approx.): 2 hours and 18 minutes



Fremantle in the UK will be offering WrestleMania 38 with alternate cover artwork!

The standard cover artwork seen earlier puts the main focus on Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, while the alternate artwork features closer-up shots of all the stars, including legends Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker! Check it out:

WWE WrestleMania 38 DVD - Alternate Cover Artwork, UK Exclusive

UK fans get a choice between the two covers because there’s versions with or without the alternate artwork. Also of note, the UK editions of the ‘Mania DVD will once again be produced in Digipak packaging for that premium feel.

We have learned that the alternate artwork (DVD) will be a UK Retail Exclusive with Morrisons and an Online Exclusive with WWEDVD.co.uk. The WWE DVD UK site also has the exclusive on an alternate artwork Blu-ray edition.

In Germany, the alternate artwork (DVD) will also be a retail exclusive like in the UK, with that retailer still to be confirmed.

To break this down, the following are all the UK editions planned:

  • WrestleMania 38 (3-DVD Digipak Set)
  • WrestleMania 38 (2-Disc Blu-ray)
  • WrestleMania 38 [Exclusive Alternate Artwork] (3-DVD Digipak Set) – available at Morrisons and online
  • WrestleMania 38 [Exclusive Alternate Artwork] (2-Disc Blu-ray) – available online only

UK pre-orders for the exclusive versions placed directly with WWE Home Video UK via WWEDVD.co.uk will also include an exclusive WrestleMania 38 pull-out poster (A3 size) and a free drawstring bag.

WWE WrestleMania 38 DVD - UK Pre-Order Bonus Items - Poster & Drawstring Bag!

Get your copy of the WWE WRESTLEMANIA 38 DVD or Blu-ray on…

United States: May 10th. Pre-order ‘Mania 38 on DVD or Blu-ray here on Amazon.com.

UK/Europe: May 30th. Pre-order the ‘Mania 38 DVD or Blu-ray now on Amazon.co.uk.

If all that artwork wasn’t enough, the front and back covers for WWE Home Video UK’s upcoming “Ruthless Aggression 2” DVD are ready to be revealed!

WWE 'Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2' DVD - Official Box Artwork

Ruthless Aggression 2

Each episode of WWE Ruthless Aggression 2 goes in-depth and takes you behind the scenes of the most transformative periods in WWE’s history. From the creation of innovative matches such as the Elimination Chamber, the Money in the Bank and the first WWE Women’s Revolution, this series brings you through all the top moments that inspired an entire generation of the WWE Universe.

In this collection, you’ll be able to relive The Rock’s electrifying Hollywood debut, the shocking return of Shawn Michaels, and the rise of future Superstars John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Batista. For the first time ever, hear the true stories from the Superstars who changed sports entertainment forever and created a brand new era for WWE.

Full Content Listing for WWE “Ruthless Aggression 2” DVD…

WWE 'Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2' DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Fans in the UK will be treated to the exclusive “Ruthless Aggression 2” DVD on May 2nd, 2022. Available to pre-order now on Amazon.co.uk.

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  1. Andemoine Winrow says:

    I hope next years ”WRESTLEMANIA PART 39’s” home video release gets some extras. This year’s release is really bogus.

  2. RICHARD W says:

    Just wanted to state that for those who ordered the DVD version on Amazon here in the USA, I got a notice stating it will not arrive to one’s destination until a month from now, not sure why, but just giving a heads-up for those that took this route to get this DVD set.

  3. LP1 says:

    A few months ago: “Man, I’m really gonna miss collecting WWE home videos. It was a great run. If nothing else, I’d give anything if we can at least get WrestleMania 38 released on DVD and BD. Let’s hope.”

    Now we get Mania 38 released: “Ugh. What a waste. So much free space on the discs. Where’s the full Hall Of Fame ceremony? Where’s extras from Raw and Smackdown? Where’s the Andre Battle Royal? Why are wrestlers not positioned properly on the cover? Waah waah waah.”

    Some things never change.

  4. Peter Bielik says:

    Interesting. Undertaker is front and center in full costume despite only retiring.

    And Becky and Charlotte each have the wrong opponent above them.

    And I positively don’t like KO show being on a separate disc with Reigns/Lesnar. That makes zero sense, I like continuity. I hope the blu-ray isn’t done like this.

  5. Dennis winship says:

    I wish i could have wrestle mania 38 on dvd. It would of been a better wrestle mania with Scott hall if he was still living. Dennis winship Lynn massachusetts

  6. Manny says:

    Funny how the wrestlemania 22 dvd had way more extras than the mania blu rays have today. That’s what made buying them more special

  7. Justin F says:

    Oh, how much space they could have dedicated to the HOF on that 3rd disc…

  8. Jonathan says:

    Austin vs Kevin Owens was the Main event of Night 1. It’s not listed.

  9. BAS says:

    I just noticed the part where it says the main events will be on disc 3. I intend on getting the blu-ray anyway, but I hope the blu-ray release means each night has their own respective disc, including their own main event.

    I’m sure that’ll be a given, but with each night not really having their own disc on the 36 blu-ray, (first hour of night 2 on disc 1) I wouldn’t put it past them doing a similar format on the blu-ray. Because to me, it seems like they could’ve given each night of 36 their own disc, each have their respective kickoff match on that disc, and one disc have the main extras while the other had the blu-ray exclusive extras.

  10. Patrick McNamara says:

    Why did they put the KO show with Austin that turned into something else on the 3rd disc that was the main event for night one wasn’t it?

  11. Andemoine Winrow says:

    Why even put the Undertaker’s speech on there if there is no ”HALL OF FAME” added ? That could have been on a 4th disc. Really dumb. It was as if nobody else mattered.

  12. BAS says:

    Pretty much what I expected from this release given each night ran about 4 hours. It would’ve been nice if they squeezed in at least a few more extras, such as the full event of Undertaker’s statue being unveiled at Axxess, but the big priority was obviously his Hall of Fame induction, so I’m honestly okay with this release, even if it seems very bare bones.

    Besides that, this isn’t the first time a WrestleMania release felt bare bones, so I’m not really all that disappointed with it.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Yeah, I seem to remember WrestleMania 24 feeling quite bare bones for its time. I think it had the pre-show match and the full Hall of Fame ceremony, but no other TV or Behind the Scenes extras as such.

      • BAS says:

        Same can be said about the WrestleManias that had a 2 disc variant (23, 26, 27) if you can count those that is. Even 33 since for us in the states, it was only the event and the Hall of Fame, and I know you guys in the UK were at least treated to getting the pre-show matches for that one, but nothing real special outside of that.

  13. RabidHeat says:

    Hi Daniel – thanks for the info. Two questions that I’m hoping you may be able to answer though:

    1) Is this full confirmation that there will be no 4-disc edition in the UK this year with any extra content, as there had been in the few years apart from 2020?

    2) And I dunno why this is so important to me but I ask it every year, is the standard artwork (with Roman and Brock staring head-to-head at the top), still likely to be visible on the digipak packaging underneath? As in, will the exclusive artwork just be on an outer O-Ring sleeve as in previous years?

    Cheers. 🙂

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Hey. The info I have says:

      – the standard DVD is the traditional Digipak + O-card
      – the alternate artwork for DVD is on an O-card
      – WWEDVD.co.uk has an exclusive Blu-ray sleeve with the alternate artwork

      4th disc, not been told of one, so assume that isn’t happening.

      • RabidHeat says:

        Cheers Daniel. I’m going to assume the standard artwork is probably still under the exclusive O-Ring then, as in previous years.

        It’s a shame re: the bonus 4th disc content as that’s the most interesting thing to wait to hear about each year IMO. Also a shame that we don’t get any bonus WrestleMania Raw or Smackdown stuff such as the Battle Royal and maybe that Ricochet I.C. Triple Threat, as I honestly think I’d prefer that kinda stuff and some storyline promos to Undertaker’s speech, which will probably get released on something else at some point anyway. I would say the lack of the bonus content on ‘Mania this year is really indicative that, while DVDs do seem to have gotten a reprieve for this year, they will nevertheless be gone at some point soon. When less effort is now being put even into the biggest selling release of the year, that is an ominous sign.

        Also not sure how I feel about the main events being separated from the nights they were on, although I guess space has dictated this. On the plus side, if Charlotte or Ronda own this, they can now imagine and pretend that their match was the main event of Night 1 after all!

        • Daniel Bee says:

          While I’ve not been told anything new on the future of WWE DVDs, Fremantle’s releases in the UK seem to be going strong – the Ruthless Aggression 2 DVD above for instance feels quite independent of the usual WWE releases (e.g. the back cover artwork font/synopsis is a different style, if we scrutinise closely). Maybe in the UK they will still be around for quite some time. Let’s hope so. 🙂

  14. Richard W says:

    So on the DVD version here in the USA, on Disc 3, why not just include the entire HOF ceremony and the Andre Battle Royal and title matches from Smackdown before WM 38 as extras, versus just including one speech from the event? Glad it’s coming out on DVD but it just looks so watered down though and not enough effort being put into this by WWE and their distributors. OR…just make a Disc 4 as well with those extras I just spoke about.

    • RabidHeat says:

      I agree. It is quite frustrating when there is clearly approx. 50 minutes of free space on Disc 3! Certainly room for at least a couple of matches on top of Taker’s speech. Maybe even more than two matches if the entrances weren’t included, which they have done in the past to fit Kickoff matches on etc.

  15. Tommy D says:

    Ugh.Compared to last years release, this is really bare bones. Was hoping for some stuff from Stand and Deliver and the Andre Battle Royal. Really hoping WWE UK has a bonus disc, but I am not going to get my Hope’s up.

  16. Timothy J Thorpe says:

    I’m getting the blu ray without question, but I assume there’s no blu ray extras for the second year in a row?