WWE WrestleMania 39 DVD & Blu-Ray Gets Official Release Date & Preliminary Cover Artwork!

February 15, 2023 by Daniel Bee

The most stupendous event on the WWE calendar deserves a stupendously early DVD cover reveal, don’t you think?!

WWE WrestleMania 39 - WrestleMania Goes Hollywood Logo

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com has received word that WrestleMania 39 has officially been scheduled for Home Video release to fans in United States on May 9th, following to fans in the United Kingdom later that month on May 29th.

Early word is to expect a 3-disc DVD set and 2-disc Blu-ray set in all regions, therefore the Blu-ray offering for North America remains safe again this year. In the UK, the plan is the DVD version will be housed in Digipak packaging as in previous years for the initial run.

WWE WrestleMania 39 DVD - Preliminary Box Artwork
WWE WrestleMania 39 DVD - Early Cover Artwork Reveal!

To hype up the release on the road to WrestleMania, WWE has created preliminary cover artwork for the DVD/Blu-ray that you see above and below. It puts the biggest spotlight on Roman Reigns and “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, a match currently speculated to be the main event of ‘Mania with the two battling it out for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Sami Zayn, The Usos, Bianca Belair, Rey Mysterio, Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair also feature on this Hollywood-themed design. The tagline of “The Most Stupendous Two-Night WrestleMania In History” potentially feels more like marketing for last year’s event, so it will be interesting to see which elements (if any) of this cover artwork make it to the final product.

A product listing for the WrestleMania 39 DVD is being created now here on Amazon.com.

WWE WrestleMania 39 Blu-ray - Preliminary Box Artwork
WWE WrestleMania 39 Blu-ray - Early Cover Artwork Reveal!

Spot the difference!

The Royal Rumble 2023 DVD cover artwork we revealed earlier this month for the US will be sticking — it was the final design and Charlotte Flair will remain on there.

However, Fremantle’s release to UK fans comes a little later than the US, which gave them the opportunity to request WWE make a change to Charlotte Flair, because she wasn’t at the Rumble. On the UK artwork, Charlotte is replaced by Alexa Bliss. The US were too far along to make the change.

As a reminder, here’s the official box art for the United States:

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 DVD - Official Box Artwork

And here’s the box art Fremantle went with for fans in the UK:

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 DVD Box Artwork in the UK - Alexa Bliss Added!

Fans across the US can get the Royal Rumble DVD on pre-order by clicking here to Amazon.com. It releases to you in less than 2 weeks, on February 28th.

Fans in the UK will once again get the Rumble event on both DVD and Blu-ray formats. Pre-order yours by clicking here to Amazon.co.uk. The DVD and Blu-ray will hit the UK on March 20th.

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Blu-ray Box Artwork in the UK - Alexa Bliss Added!

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  1. Joe says:

    No WWE Universal Championship title gold on the Wrestlemania 39 cover?!? Roman should be featured with the Championships upon which so much is centred in Sports Entertainment!

  2. Manny says:

    I wish they would add alot of extras for the mania dvds. I think the last mania release that had alot of extras was 22. Made buying the dvds worth it.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    I’ll be shocked if that sticks as the general cover art. It looks like a bad custom cover on DeviantArt.

    How bizarre to leave the catchphrase from last year’s even on it, even temporarily? I’m surprised they would release a prototype image of such low quality, even ahead of time.

  4. Andemoine Winrow says:

    Nah !! That’s a bad cover. It doesn’t look like a wrestlemania cover. I hope that this is just a mock photo leading up to the actual one.

  5. RDC says:

    WWE always does it up right with event artwork.

  6. BAS says:

    Happy to see the blu-ray is still safe for the US market. I doubt we’ll get any sort of digipak as that has also been part of the cut costs of home video production, but the way the blu-ray label looks on the image, it reminds me a little bit of how the WrestleMania 29 blu-ray looked since they actually gave that version a digipak for the States at least.

    And I know it says preliminary for a reason, but I’d assume the final product will say WrestleMania goes Hollywood rather than the most stupendous two-night WrestleMania in history.

  7. Joshua Cowsert says:

    Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka never had his own WWE DVD. That’s needs to happen.

    • RCS1988 says:

      He won’t get one. I want to see sets on the Steiner Brothers, Undertaker Unreleased Matches, & Volume 2 of WWE Unreleased 1986-1995.

  8. WWE PPV collector says:

    Great cover.

  9. Timothy J Thorpe says:

    The cover looks nice. I wonder if the blu ray will finally have exclusives again after a few years drought.

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