Complete List of WWE “Anthology” DVD Box Set Collections

January 16, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here is info on the WWE “Complete Anthology” DVD Box sets that have been released to date.

“McMahon Signed” WrestleMania Anthology (1985-2005) [Leather bound & limited edition of 1000 units],
WrestleMania Anthology (1985-2005),
Royal Rumble Anthology (1988-2007),
SummerSlam Anthology (1988-2007),
Survivor Series Anthology – Volumes 1 & 2 (1987-1996).

Shown in our photos are the UK versions of each Anthology release, however they were all released elsewhere too (besides the leather boxset).

There was also a WrestleMania Anthology 1985-2006 edition released in North America.

The leather bound WrestleMania Anthology is signed by Vince McMahon. 1000 were produced and they were only sold on WWE’s site in the USA.

The volumes contained in each boxset listed above are at the time of writing still officially available to buy individually, however the complete sets with outer boxes are not.

WWE has not yet completed the Survivor Series Anthology DVD series and as of now there are no plans to do so.

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  1. Conrad Satchell says:

    What happened to royal rumble anthology volume 5 2008 to 2012. I have volumes 3 and 4 but could not get 1,2 as well as 5. Can they still be obtained and where can i purchase them?

  2. It looks so weird seeing the two survivor series anthologies next to these box sets. Come on WWE! Release Survivor Series Anthology Volumes 3 and 4 already!

  3. kate says:

    I have got the wwe wrestlemania complete anthology 1985-2005 dvd collection, with 4 senitype cards all signed by john cena. How much would this be worth?

  4. Simon says:

    It’d be cool if WWE released the next chapter of the Royal Rumble anthology (2008-2012) in Blu Ray next year – as the 2008 Rumble hasn’t been released in HD yet, despite being the first ever WWE HD PPV.

  5. Anthony says:


  6. Nate says:

    I Have Them All Besides The McMahon Signed WM & The V2 Of Survivor Series

  7. Rob L says:

    I’m so jealous of those Raw/Smackdown seasons. I’ll pay an arm and leg for those if you ever plan on selling lol This is one of my favorite collections by far just because of how rare your stuff is. Awesome! Make an update soon.

  8. Daniel Bee says:

    Raw/Smackdown season sets aren’t official. Pics of em here:

    The PPV Box sets & WM 20 boxset are exclusive to the UK. I most enjoy collecting rarities and anything a little different as you can probably see!

  9. Rob L says:

    Dude, holy shit! My jaw just hit the floor. You’ve got a ton of rare stuff that I’ve never seen from any other collector. How the hell did you get all those seasons of Raw & Smackdown? And I didn’t know they made box sets of every year for the pay per views? And I’ve never seen that WM 20 set either. Awesome collection bro.

  10. Daniel Bee says:

    Yes, this video: but it’s over a year old and there have been lots of additions since.

  11. Rob L says:

    And I’ve only seen the leather WM anthology one other time. (Shaun Blackford) I bet that thing cost a pretty penny. The 3 major collectors I know of are Shaun, Stevie Breech, and rkotheinfamousnwo.

  12. Rob L says:

    I’m a collector myself but I don’t have any of the anthologys. Which do you think I should pick up first? I was looking at getting the Wrestlemania box set first. I have WM 20-26 on DVD so just want to complete that. And do you have any videos on youtube of your whole vid collection? Would love to see it.

  13. Daniel Bee says:

    This is my collection. Didn’t post it to show off – it’s just a reference for collectors and it joins the rest of the photo archive on the site. Anything more special than usual I try to photograph for the site.

    I did add some useful facts along with the photos and I bet many people don’t even know the leather bound WM Anthology existed. I guess you didn’t enjoy it. Not like I’m showing a sports car here.

  14. Sean says:

    Are you selling these? Otherwise what is the point in posting these other than to show off?

  15. Isrs4life says:

    I wish I could afford these.

  16. Hugh G. Rection says:

    when will the IN YOUR HOUSE anthology set be released?

  17. Rob L says:

    Who’s collection is this?

  18. CJ says:

    I got the Vince signature one on a fluke for christmas.

  19. Jacob says:

    Awesome stuff! Is the WM Anthology 1985-2006 version rarer than the 1985-2005 version?

  20. Daniel Bee says:

    Don’t worry, I’m just a sucker for a DVD boxset or anything more difficult than average to find!

  21. Francisco says:

    Wow! Collections like this sometimes make me feel that I don’t have nothing hahaha lol.

  22. Daniel Bee says:

    You’re right 97-99 haven’t been on DVD (besides UK Tagged Classics) but still no sign of the Survivor Series Anthology continuing for now.

  23. Bill says:

    Will WWE ever release more of the Survivor Series anthology? I don’t think 1997-99 have ever been on DVD. I know 2000 was because I was there and I own it

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