Review: WWE Wrestlemania XIX (19) DVD

August 10, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Wrestlemania X9” Review:


“If there`s ONE thing Hollywood has taught me,…. it`s that Act 1 and 2……., they don`t matter. The only thing that MATTERS,….. EVERYONE remembers.. Act 3…” -The Rock
 -WWE Wrestlemania 19 took place on Sunday, March 30th, 2003 at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. The event was the first WrestleMania held in the state of Washington. A record-breaking 54,097 fans from all fifty states and numerous countries from around the world at Safeco Field resulted in a gate attendance generating more than USD- $2.76 million.

-This was the 19th Annual Wrestlemania event.
-WrestleMania XIX was the first WrestleMania to be promoted under the WWE name and the first to have taken place after the WWE Brand Extension.

-It was a joint-promotion pay-per-view event, featuring performers from the Raw and SmackDown! brands.
-During this show a video package told WWE fans that Goldberg was on his way to the company.

-Before the show rookie John Cena had audio problems but still cut a rap on Jay Z.

-The tagline for WrestleMania XIX was “Dare To Dream”. The official theme song for the event was “Crack Addict” by Limp Bizkit.

-Limp Bizkit performed the theme song live, as well as “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” during The Undertaker’s entrance.

-Micheal Cole and Tazz did Smackdown matches while Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did the Raw side.

-The Miller Lite Catfight Girls had a match “on a bed” with Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson in the middle of the PPV with The Coach playing as the host. So Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson fought the Miller Lite Catfight Girls (Kitana Baker and Tanya Ballinger) to a no contest.

-A documentary entitled The Mania of WrestleMania was filmed live during the event and released the following year. It was the first production from WWE Films.

-Despite Scott Steiner competing for the World title in two PPV’s previous to this show, he failed to make this Mania card.

-This PPV has the last match in the historic career of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

-Kurt Angle was in a considerable amount of pain before going into his Main Event with Brock Lesnar, both men would leave the match hurt.

-Ashanti sang “America The Beautiful” before the show.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, Lance Storm and Chief Morley (c) defeated Kane and Rob Van Dam for the World Tag Title’s around the ten minute mark. The Dudleyz cost Kane and RVD the straps in the end.
-Now onto the PPV……………
1) Opening Contest- Matt Hardy (c) (with MFer Shannon Moore) vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

A quick opener to begin Mania!
Matt Hardy often wonders how they did Wrestlemania without him, well that is certainly a good question.
Rey Mysterio with a corkscrew over the top to the floor on Matt and his Mfer Shannon Moore to begin. A boot in the corner followed by spinning heel kicks. Great offense right away by Mysterio. Rey Mysterio slingshotted over the top looking for a sunset flip but Shannon Moore kicked at Rey and dropped him on the barricade giving Matt a breather. Matt beats up Rey inside the ring and then Matt lands a side suplex to Rey Mysterio. Matt choked out Rey over the top rope, then Shannon Moore did any chance he could get.
I love the insight of Tazz on commentary about Hardy cutting out Bannana juice to stay underweight. I think I consume too many, but then again I am trying to put on weight. Not that it matters to any of you though. Matt went for a twist of fate but Rey countered into a cradle and got a two. Matt caught Rey out of the corner and he dropped Rey with a Side Effect.
Awesome wrestling to begin. Snapmare takedown into a stretch as Rey had both arms stretched back meanwhile Matt Hardy drove his knee into the spine Rey Mysterio.

Seattle helped get Mysterio out but he got a chop in the corneer from Matt. Matt chaged into Rey and got a big boot. Matt Hardy charged and Rey Mysterio moves and he hit the post.
Rey Mysterio springboarded in onto Matt, once then again! Rey is fast. Rey Mysterio off the ropes hits a flying legscissors to Hardy and then a ddt. Matt kicks out. Matt caught in a drop toehold by Matt but Shannon blocked it up.
Hardy hits the Twist of Fate but Mysterio kicks out! Matt is in shock. Cole could not believe Mysterio kicked out either.

Matt Hardy then hit a backslide from the top rope to Mysterio.

Matt Hardy then got it countered into a hurricanrauna by Rey Mysterio.
Shannon is knocked off the apron, Rey dropkicks Matt to the ropes and he hits the 619! Rey has it now as he goes for the West Coast Pop it was ducked, Rey sent himself off the ropes but Matt used his bodyweight to maintain balance on top of Rey.
In the end Matt retained the Cruiserweight title at 5:39 when he used the ropes.

I liked this move from a booking perspective because I don’t believe just because it is “WRESTLEMANIA” the show always has to start and end on a good note.
This match was very good for the time it got.

 Talk about a quick opener to get the fans ready for a show, this is the one for you.

Quite great in that regard. Bang for your buck here.

2) The Undertaker vs The Big Show and A-Train in a Handicap match

This match was supposed to be Nathan Jones teaming with Taker originally taking on the team of Show and Albert, but perhaps it would SUCK LESS if Nathan Jones wasn’t invovled?

I think that was the company’s outlook on this situation.
Either way, I certainly can’t blame them if that was the case.

Or you could argue they wanted to threaten Taker’s streak with having him take on two Giants on his own.
Taker came out to Limp Bizkit’s live version of “Rollin” and we are all reminded that Limp Bizkit is the WWE’s favourite band, “in the WHOLE WORLD.” Cringe worthy statement, or intentionally hilarious by the delivery of the quote.
The Undertaker had A-Train where he wanted him and delivered Old School.

Taker kicked Show away and now ran into a press slam from A-Train. Albert kicked The Undertaker to Show who drove his spine into the ringpost.

Now the HEELS showing unity against the Deadman, proving where the advantage was in the match.

The DeCapitator by the A-Train bringing the Deadman in through the ropes and taking off his head. Nice name for it. Big Show tags in and he continued the pressure beating on the knee of Taker.
Would these odds be to much for Taker and his streak at the event was what one wondered. The Undertaker fought back.
The Undertaker kicks Alberts out of the ring and placed an impressive armbar to the Big Show. A-Train ran back in and then he applied an overhead wristlock to him. Big Show drops a big leg on Taker as both guys go to work some more. Big Show landed headbutts to The Undertaker and then placed him in an abdominal stretch.
A-Train tags in and goes right back to work on the injured mid-section of Taker where the abdomen is focused. The Undertaker turns the tables on the A-Train getting one slapped on him as well. The Undertaker lands a nice back suplex to A-Train. The Undertaker back up in a war runs off the ropes and Show lifted a knee and a clothesline from A-Train. A two count still.
A-Train trashtalked The Undertaker some more calling him not a big dog any more. Taker fought back as both guys landed righthands. Undertaker from his knees fought back. The Undertaker ducks a blow from Train and then both back off The Undertaker hits a swinging ddt taking Train down until Show interupts the count.
Basically The Undertaker can hold his own unless one of the two men between A-train and Show will interfere. The Undertaker has had enough he splashed Show in corner after a series of shots.
The Undertaker went coast to coast splashing both big men. The Undertaker grabs Show by the throat and a boot to the face of A-Train. A flying clothesline by The Undertaker on Show now. A-Train out of no where lifted his boot and dropped Big Evil.

All three down. What action.
Big Show drops The Undertaker with a chokeslam.
Show runs at Nathan Jones coming this way and he lands a kick. From behind A-Train got a boot to the face from Jones as he used to be legal I guess which is why it counted.
The Undertaker hits a thombstone piledriver to the big A-Train and the three.

In the end at 9:45 The Undertaker went 11-0 when he finished off Big Show and A-Train after help from Nathan Jones and a Tombstone.

Big Evil stayed on top as if there was any doubt
For a big man match, this was executed quite well.

An enjoyabe ride, a gem in the collection.

** 1/4
3) Victoria (c) (with Steven Richards) vs Trish Stratus vs Jazz in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship
So here we go, we get another great entrance for the babyface, last match we had Taker’s grand entrance with Limp Bizkit and plenty of backup dancer’s, here Trish gets a ton of pyro and we get the luxury of a good position BANG on Trish’s puppies from the couch. They’ve arguably never looked better.
This is a good match here.
All three ladies in the ring and Jazz wants things to get going.
Trish Stratus has to deal with two psychotics here.
Jazz on top of Trish and would not thin twice about roughing her up, a modified camel clutch with a bridge on Trish. Trish Stratus though off the ropes out of it lands a nice Lou Thesz Press on Jazz.
Ross gets on Trish for asking for the crowd support seeing as its Mania. Victoria eliminated Trish from this scene.
The action remains constant and everywhere with three of the best ladies all going at it at the same time at Wrestlemania.
Some floor action goes down.
Victoria drops a leg over the top rope onto Trish Stratus in the ring. Jazz then followed up, Victoria takes Jazz off of here and now the two try co-exist to take apart Trish Stratus. Victoria hit a shoulderbreaker and then began to shiver in a good way, read into that what you will. Victoria went to work on Jazz in the corner spearing her.
Meanwhile Trish Stratus had time to buy herself a break and she rolled up Victoria in a unique way, getting a two. Victoria slapped Trish Stratus at the ropes and then off the ropes Trish lands a high kick on Victoria followed by shots. Jazz grabbed her by the hair and then scoop slammed Trish sitting down, hard powerful slam by Jazz scoring her a two.
Jazz and Victoria scream at one another and the ears arent meant to hear this. Victoria holds Trish for Jazz and she goes for a kick and instead lands it on Victoria. Trish Stratus with a roll-up on Jazz twice but just a two count.
Nice pinning combos.

 A chick kick to Jazz and a nearfall. Trish sent Victoria to the corner and she runs into a knee. Victoria up high is taken off by Trish with a headscissors takedown. Trish delivering shots to Victoria now at the side ropes. Victoria rolls out to the floor. Jazz then had Trish in a bad way, a half boston crab.
Trish selled the hold very good with her noises and it legitimately looked like a painful hold to be in. Stevie then threw Jazz out of the ring after he saw Trish Stratus was about to submit behind the official. Trish with a roll-up on Victoria which shows her ass and she got a two. (Not shown on the anthology)
Jazz back in then lifts Trish Stratus up in front full nelson dropping Trish Stratus face first. A big kick from Victoria to Jazz. Victoria misses a moonsault now. Victoria takes Jazz to the floor with a back bodydrop.
From behind Trish Stratus was waiting.  I wish I could be waiting from behind on her. Regardless Stevie went for a chairshot and caught himself.
Stratus then hit Stevie with her Stratusfaction to a big pop.

Victoria came back in looked for a Widows Peak but Trish Stratus countered it into a Chick Kick and she wins the strap.

In the end at 7:17, Trish Stratus became the New Women’s Champion after she put away Victoria.
This match was the best match in Diva history at a Wrestlemania up to until this point in time. The feel good ending of Trish winning that we didn’t get the year before, we get HERE and in a much better match and environment to boot.

Lawler and his perverted comment about Trish was left off the Anthology as well after the match.
Everything made Trish looked like an absolute pro throughout. Great.
4) Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (c) vs Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo Guerrero) vs Chris Benoit and Rhyno in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
More great action on the way!
Eddie and Chris both missed Wrestlemania X8 after showing up at both Wrestlemania 2000 and WM X7 the years before, so both of them wanted to make the card here. Rhyno also missed Mania X8 with a neck injury.

Everyone else involved in this match was making there in-ring Mania debut.
You had to love the tag wrestling on the Smackdown! side around this period in time, look at the crop of talent and this wasn’t even including the likes of Billy Kidman and others.
You are going to see some nice work here, this is going to be awesome.
Eddie Guerrero ties up with the man beast from Detroit, he gets the better of Rhyno slamming him head first to the top buckle, coming out of the other corner Rhyno managed a powerslam on Eddie. A tag to Shelton from Eddie Guerrero.
Shelton Benjamin dropping Rhyno down and against the ropes Shelton sends him flying and hits a nice reverse elbow shot, again Rhyno kicked out. Rhyno sent to two corners and now Benjamin tags in Haas. The champs double team with a double dropkick to Rhyno. Rhyno though gets in on Haas, Benoit tags in and the double team to Haas.
Benoit with a beautiful suplex to Haas.
Tazz on commentary says something that Stone Cold Steve Austin did when remembering Chris Benoit.

It does not matter how many people are in the building, Benoit is ALWAYS intense…even at home…maybe a bit soon for that one.

Benoit lands another suplex to Charlie Haas. The Rabid Wolvering attempted a pin and isolating Haas was Benoit and Rhyno as Haas came back in and put Rhyno in a front facelock. Haas tags back in Benjamin. Shelton now on Rhyno but he battled back. Rhyno has seen most of the action in the match and he speared Shelton in the corner and got a two out of it.
Tagged in was Eddie Guerrero off Shelton, he suckered Rhyno in and dropped Rhyno with a dropkick. Fans chant Eddie. Benoit tags in.
This is what we all wanted to see.
Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit.
Eddie Guerrero drops Benoit with a side suplex. Eddie goes up high and Benoit catches him with a superplex. Benoit and Eddie are both down. Little did they know that in just one year they would both be at the top of the mountain.
Eddie Guerrero  off the ropes again and Benoit splashes him to the mat into a Crossface predicament but Charlie Haas stopped the hold. Benoit to Eddie off the ropes attempting a backbreaker but Eddie Guerrero turns it into a brainbuster by Eddie Guerrero.
A tag in to Chavo who drops Haas with a clothesline, then a flying headscissors takeover to Shelton. Benoit with a standing switch behind Chavo and he hit him with two German suplexes, goes for the hattrick in a city they should have Hockey, Seattle.
Benoit with another release German Suplex. Benoit was back at Wrestlemania! Shelton came in with a stiff kick but Eddie broke up the count on Benoit.

Wild stuff.
Eddie Guerrero irishwhipped by Benoit and then a double collision takes place at the center of the ring. Shelton buying for time comes in kicking at Benoit and hits him with a bodyslam. Shelton drops a leg on benoit, Eddie Guerrero interupts the count with a frogsplash just in time!

Everyone out everywhere and now Chavo and Haas are the legal men. Rhyno gored Haas from no where! Rhyno signalled for one on Chavo and he took him right out! Benjamin still the legal man covered Chavo and Eddie Guerrero was in disbelief!

In the end at 8:46 Team Angle retained the titles after the Gore to Chavo from Rhyno.

This match was quite simply, great. On paper it looks like it was going to be no matter what, and it definitely delivered. I would of liked to see more time, but it was understandable there wasn’t more to work with here.
This was ton of quality, a little bit all over the place, if it had better structure and time to develop a better story it could of been a Classic. Still top notch stuff on a great card.

*** 1/2
5) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs “Y2J” Chris Jericho in a Grudge Match

To say this was a dream match would be a major understatement.

Jericho growing up idolized the likes of Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, and of course a guy a little closer to his age…Shawn Michaels.
Jerichio and Michaels were mirror images of one another. Both tremendous in the ring, both can display a ton of charisma and because of that likeable attitude, the crowd here is split. Half or perhaps more are going for Jericho.
Shawn still has his fans for sure because this is his first Mania back.
The storyline coming in was done fabulous with the video package, the build-up was months in the waiting and now when it was finally time for a one on one match at Mania, we were ready.
The anticipation had been built for so long and the match is now underway!
Bell rings.

Here we go as Jericho and Shawn Michaels get this Classic rolling.
Chris Jericho wanted to prove a point and they had some tremendous matches in 2008, but right here in 2003 was the gold standard.
The two men initially tie-up, Jericho thinks he wins, on the real one Michaels takes Jericho down with a side headlock takeover, back both up. Another tie-up and an armdrag by Jericho shades of Steamboat and then Michaels with a headscissors out.

Michaels played mindgames on Chris Jericho laying on the top buckle.
Into an armbar is Shawn, then into a hammerlock by Jericho showing some solid chain wrestling. Shawn elbowed out and hit a hiplock. A single leg takedown by Jericho and both man back up yet again.
What a tremendous exchange to begin this epic.

Chris Jericho ties up with Shawn and in the side headlock again gets taken over, Jericho goes for the legscissors out but Michaels has the presence of mind to have it scouted and block that escape route by Chris Jericho.
Awesome veteran instinct by Michaels, I really love something so small in the match just as that, as Michaels had reversed this earlier on Jericho, this time Jericho uses it as a force of defence, no, Michaels has it scouted this time, so into the side headlock Jericho does NOT get out with a legscissors because Shawn Michaels knows how to block that counterhold.

Unbelievable chain-sequence and logic.
Great stuff.

Shawn Michaels is rolled over by Chris Jericho on the mat in a pinning combination but Michaels regains the headlock. Where have I seen this before is what I want to know.
It was Wrestlemania 12, Hart had the headlock on Shawn and Shawn kept getting roll attempts at a pin, back first on the mat. Here Michaels is in the role Bret was in, Hart must of taught Shawn a thing or two.
Out of the side headlock Chris Jericho runs at Michaels dropping him with a rough shoulder block. Michaels leapfrogged Jericho, ducked then went to leap but Chris Jericho stopped and slapped Michaels. Shawn slapped back and elevated Chris over the top rope to the floor by his hair and the crowd loved it.
With Jericho outside Michaels charged off the ropes dropping Chris Jericho with a baseball slide. Chris Jericho thrown back in the ring and Michaels lands a high crossbody and a kickout. Michaels off the ropes catches a spinning heel kick by Jericho.

Jericho irishwhipped Shawn hard to the corner putting pressure on his injured lowerback that kept him out of action. Logical moved by Jericho.
Shawn catches a break as Chris Jericho was going for a running bulldog, Michaels dropped and sent Jericho flying into the ringpost.
In mid-ring Shawn Michaels slaps on a figure-four leglock on Chris Jericho. This was a weardown move Michaels needed on an aerial great like Jericho. Michaels right back to work on the left leg dropping it to the mat.

Michaels set the formation of another leglock to tork the injured leg but Chris Jericho with his good leg kicked Shawn directly into the ring post. Chris Jericho threw Shawn over the rope but he skinned the cat and elevated Jericho outside of the ring all at the same time!
Michaels was not done. He sprung himself over the top rope onto Jericho on the floor.

Unbelievable stuff.

Hard righthands met Chris Jericho by Shawn Michaels, all of the sudden when Michaels went for a dropkick on the outside Chris Jericho slapped on the Walls on the floor. The count was on so Jericho had to break the count but the damage had been done.
Michaels earlier had taken it all seemingly out of Jericho and his legs, Jericho now locked on the Walls for seven seconds on the floor taking it out of Michaels. Chris Jericho was not done. He drove Shawn and his injured lower spine into the ringpost.
Awesome work by Chris Jericho who goes into the ring and poses to a mixed reaction. Jericho feeling cocky dances around. Chris Jericho tossed Shawn coming back in off with a springboard dropkick.

If this was not the prime of Chris Jericho, I would be shocked. He was on his game. Chris Jericho dragged Michaels back in and dropped him with a back suplex. Chris slapped at Michaels claiming he was better then him. A long standing vertical suplex from Jericho to Michaels and Shawn had JUST enough to kick out.
Jericho kept on his man in perfect form applying the backbreaker to an already injured back. Brilliant psychology all match long.
Jericho does his usual COME ON BABY while pinning and of course gets a two that way. To slow Michaels down, he wears him down with a reverse chinlock.
Seattle gets behind the Showstopper but Chris Jericho has been in complete control, does HBK have anything left. Shawn battles out with a hard forehand then another to the abodmen until Chris Jericho rakes his eyes. Off the ropes Jericho is planted head first by Shawn Michaels with a ddt.
This move by Shawn out desperation catches him a breather and a break. Both men down to answer the ten count and in dramatic fashion they do. Once up Chris Jericho catches a shot by Michaels, a slugfest breaks out as both men dish out punishment but it is Chris Jericho who flies off with a flying forearm.
Then to mock Michaels he kicks up, as some of the crowd cheer. Chris Jericho poses, HBK kicks up behind him and drops right hands to Jericho and he hits a forearm. Michaels kicks up again, an inverted atomic drop to Jericho, then a backbody drop.
Shawn feeding off the crowd despite a bad back.
Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania so catches Chris Jericho coming in with a boot, Michaels climbs up for a moonsault and got a two count. Shawn jumps over Jericho on the ropes with a roll-up, Chris Jericho tried a cradle, both guys roll each other up for some exciting unique pinning combinations and now Chris Jericho has the Walls but Michaels with his leg strength shoots him off.

A standing switch from Jericho to Michaels as he hits a Northern Light Suplex and a nearfall, the strength of Shawn bridges up and out. What power. Chris Jericho lands a clothesline off the ropes.
Incredible climax.
Shawn Michaels gets to his feet and Jericho attempts a running bulldog and this time he hits it. Jericho lands on Michaels with a Lionsault off the ropes springboarding back. Jericho gets a two as Michaels stil has it in him.
Shawn hit by a chop but off the ropes he kicks Jericho. Shawn then went for a headscissors but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho! Some cheer as Jericho has Shawn and his lowerback right where he wanted them, and in mid-ring to boot!

All that was left was for Shawn to tap! Michaels desperately got to the bottom rope in time as the fans cheered. Chris Jericho goes to slap it on in mid-ring yet again but Michaels countered it with an inside cradle out of desperation and he got a two.
Jericho then to further injure the back of Michaels he goes for a double underhook suplex into a backbreaker.

Jericho up high takes his time and Michaels is on the receiving end of a reverse elbow shot. Jericho in the corner of the ring starts to tune up the band.
Chris hits it! Nearfall. An angry Chris Jericho dishes out blows and elbows to Michaels and throws him to the corner, Michaels comes flying off with a crossbody on Jericho and he gets a two. Shawn back up bruised brawling with Chris, Shawn now attempts perhaps the Walls as he has Chris up but he catapolted him up to the corner and Michaels got a two, STILL Chris Jericho kicked out.

Chris Jericho with more hard forearm shots to the bruised lowerback. Jericho set up Michaels up high on the top turnbuckle meanwhile throwing out hard forearm shots to his bad lowerback. From the top, SOMEHOW Michaels was able to counter in mid-air with a crossbody!
Both men down.
Shawn Michaels goes to slowly climb to the top bad back and all. Shawn Michaels goes for an elbow drop but Chris Jericho kicked the official into the ropes making the official fall. Jericho acted as if he was innocent. Jericho meets Shawn up high for a Superples attempt but Michaels sends Jericho flying face first on the mat.

Shawn Michaels NOW can go for his elbow drop from the top and he hits it. Shawn Michaels can feel it now. Shawn goes to tune the band in the corner of the ring, as Chris Jericho gets up Shawn Michaels misses and Jericho catches him as he reversed it into the Walls of Jericho!
Twist after Twist, Swerve after Swerve. Oh yeah, the match is also GREAT.
Chris Jericho keeps the Walls locked on in a bad way, squeezing all of Michaels had. Somehow Shawn found a way to grab the bottom rope and Chris Jericho is in disbelief. Jericho argued with the official which is textbook storytelling allowing the Babyface to come back and he does.
Shawn hits an out of no where Superkick and both men are down on the mat. Michaels kicks out! Shawn reverse irishwhipped to the corner and he flips upside down and lands on his feet rolling back in. Jericho with another forearm shot and he goes to suplex Michaels up he lands on his feet again, this time Michaels rolls him up for the three count!

In the end at 22:33, Michaels was the winner after he put Jericho away with a roll-up. All is right in Seattle.

I always thought Jericho should of definitely have gone over here. However despite who won and who lost, one can’t ignore the workrate and delivery this match brought to the table. Magnificent.

To keep his COOL after the match, Jericho went in for a shake with Michaels, turned it into a hug, then a lowblow to the groin of Michaels. 

The Jerichomarks in Seattle were at least, happy with THAT result.
This is without a doubt, one of the greatest matches of all time.

I was in absolute awe the first time I saw it, and despite me not even knowing I’d be in for a treat with Michaels back at Mania.

These two together still blew me away and while they had tremendous matches five years later in 2008, not one of them could match this classic.
In my opinion the second best match in the career of one Chris Jericho. A strong argument could be made for his very best.
It was the fact both wrestler’s styles complimented each other perfectly, they balanced the story-telling with the wrestling, and the brawling absolutely perfect here.

I put this in my top 30 matches of all time. This has been on many dvd`s and rightfully so, even though Jericho had other great matches it was essential to include this on his upcoming DVD in late 2010.

The match of the night if not year, and a defining Cassic in the history of Wrestlemania…

**** 3/4

6) Triple H (c) (with Ric Flair) vs Booker T for the World Heavyweight Championship


So here`s the deal in the Raw scene- Triple H is World Champion and hadn`t even had to `get there` by winning in a tournament, he was hated in more ways then one.
Booker T was finally getting a push going over people like The Rock in the meantime which made him a much bigger name.
People figured this would be his big payoff, at Wrestlemania. After all, with how he was booked, he HAD to win, pretty much…Somebody Like HIM could never win the title rubbed most fans the wrong way.

 A very racist storyline here.

Booker T had some awesome matches with the likes of Bret Hart and especially Chris Benoit. This is another Golden match in his career, win or lose. Arguably his best regardless of the storyline.

Booker got a great ovation, the Game got good heel heat, mixed with some REAL HEAT.
This is an old school mentality type match, and with Naitch at ringside he had to of loved that. Very methodically paced.
Plus Lawler on commentary throughout this match is GOLD. Poking fun at Booker T and his life, or reminding Jim Ross that it was Wrestlemania! This is a great match, but when you re-watch it, look out for those instances which make this already great match that much more.


Triple H meant business, it was a World Title defence in 2003 and he was in the purple trunks. Booker in the WHITE.

Booker tying up with H and neither man getting groung other then Booker but the official breaks the two up.
Booker T thrown into the corner by Helmsley now and blocked a right hand was Book who dishes out one and then two hard chops on the Game.
Hunter reversed the punishment with more chops. Booker knocked him down sent him to the corner and hit a nice back bodydrop on Hunter. Book dishing more chops to Helmsley in the corner but he lifts a reverse elbow as Booker runs into him.
Triple H in uncharacteristic fashion goes up high this early but Booker T caught him and hit him with a powerslam. Booker grabbed Triple H by the head and threw him into the ring post. Booker T has a word with Naitch and once back in Hunter held on the top rope and was waiting kicking Booker up high.
Booker T with a leapfrog on Booker and in a switch landed a nice clothesline. The Challenger knew he had to keep taking it to the Game in order to win the big one, so he lands a series of high kicks.
Booker seemed to came to play here, he goes for a third but Hunter by instinct drops the bottom and he crashed to the floor.

 Hunter knocks him off the apron once he attempted at coming back in as well.
Triple H all alone and decided to break the count. Hunter rammed Booker T headfirst into the steps. Upon getting back in Hunter stomped on Booker T and then proceeded to drive an elbow into his throat as he hung head over the apron. HHH now in control.
This is where the Old School mentality comes back into play, the methodical disection of one Booker T by the Game.
Hunter with a long neckbreaker and lands it. Nearfall, Hunter keeps punching the head of Book. Ross on commentary gets on Lawlers case for any hints of racism.
A Lets Go Booker chant breaks out but Double A would like the Spinebuster slam Hunter drops Booker T with. Booker T irishwhipped to the corner and Hunter with some impact drops a clothesline taking the wind out of Booker T, but still he managed to the legs up slowly. The Cerebral Assasin took Booker T and choked him out until referee Patrick stopped him.
Booker T fights back from a corner and drops a chop to Hunter. Hunter is winning the shot war, until Booker flips from behind him and lands a big time ddt at the Game is down.
Booker T looks around, thinking of a Spinnerooni, or days behind bars says Lawler. Good stuff. Ross gets mad.
Booker and HHH both slug away at one another, Booker lands a chop against the Game on the ropes and then dropping a big spinning heel kick to Hunter building momentum. A sidewalk slam by Booker T and off the ropes goes HHH who runs into a hard forearm shot, another close call. Booker is frustrated now. Booker lands a chop on Hunter and an arm-ringer followed by a knee to the gut, signalled for the Spinnerooni but the Game gets a sleeper.
Wow I have never seen that kind of heat for just a Sleeper by Triple H. It did not last long as Booker backed Hunter off into the corner. The fans get back behind Booker he sends HHH to the ropes and he dropes him with a facebreaker.
Running off the ropes is The game but Booker T this time catches him with a Spinebuster! Naitch is worried outside. Booker wants the title in the biggest way and dropped chops on Hunter in the corner. Hunter lifted his boot as Booker came in, Hunter flying off the top runs into a big boot from Booker T. Hunter crashed and burned.
What a move, it could be over. Booker T gets a long two count and is not sure what he has to do to win the World Title. Booker with a kick to the mid-section and goes for a scissors kick, Helmsley moves, then a high kick, HHH with enough presence of mind to pull the top rope and Booker T flew to the outside.
Lawler hilariously says Flair is trying to help Booker back in the ring but really he drops him on the steps. This also caught a moment for the Champ to come back in the match. Booker now down and seemingly out, outside the ring. Booker rolls back in and Helmsley will now stay on the bad leg.
Triple H pulls out the Indian Deathlock! Ross screams he has not seen this version used in years. The Indian Deathlock put more tork on the injured legs of Booker T due to Flair and his punishment outside the ring.

The Game has the submission hold slapped on perfectly, Booker attempts to roll out but is in a considerable amount of pain still. Triple H keeps it slapped on for additional punishment.
The Game followed up by kicking his leg off the ropes for additional punishment. Flair loves this outside the ring. Booker is down and the fans were still all there with him. Hunter irishwhipped Booker and he fell in mid-stride as his legs collapsed due to the force of the Deathlock.
Everybody boos.

Booker limping up needs something and fast but Triple H goes to slam his knee into the mat, Booker desperately found a sunset flip into a victory roll but got a two.
No more messing around says Hunter he goes fro the Pedigree. Hunter kicked out into the referee.

Booker with a roll-up on HHH.

Hunter kicks at his face and off the ropes catches a big elbow by Booker T.
Booker T needs to hit something major now.
Booker hits his scissors kick! Still HHH kicks out.

But maybe more is needed to win the title. After all the punishment Booker T had been through he finally hit his move and it did not get the job done.
Despite his knees killing him Booker T elects to go upstairs.

Flair though tried to stop him but Booker knocked him off. Triple H gets up and drops Book in a sitting position with a right. Hunter tried to hook him up for a superplex and down goes the Champion. Flair again gets knocked off by Booker T again.
Booker T hits the Houston Hangover!

This was surely his chance to put away Triple H and become World Champion.

Booker T had done it, he went for everything he had. Booker T and his injured knees prevented for a quick count or it surely would of been over, when he finally did Flair put Hunters leg on the ropes and the dome do not like these turn of events.
Both men getting up to answer the count.

Booker got up and went off the ropes but his legs collapsed on him due to the knee still selling from the Indian Deathlock.

Booker T hit off the ropes with the Pedigree. Booker collapsed literally right in front of him for the Pedigree.

In the end at 18:47 Triple H got a cover on Booker after waiting a dozen seconds before doing-so…catching many by shock.


This wasn`t going to sit well with people.

This match has definitely received a ton of backlash over time due to the questionable booking of the storyline heading into the match, or with how it ended.
But one thing is for certain, when you ignore all of THAT detail, this is A CLASSIC Wrestling Match, at the end of the day which is all that matters to me.

Booker`s finest hour.


7) 20 Years in the Making: Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon in a Street Fight 

The pre-match video package was done very well to this match. Good music selection. I get goosebumps watching it, even still…

Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan were eye to eye.

Vince McMahon with some REAL hatred you would have to think on the Hulkster, the feelings go back for both men.

The two most important men in Wrestling history, or this event WRESTLEMANIA finally squaring off. It had that appeal at least.

What people were worried about was the in-ring action.

Here we, the anticipation is high and the bell rings.

Vince McMahon begins with a slap. Hogan tackled down McMahon and shoved his head to the mat. Hogan throws his bandanna off and then clotheslined Vince before choking him out.

Hogan stomped on Vince in the corner of the ring and choked him. An elbow by Vince McMahon gets him out of this predicament and he drops a clothesline this time. McMahon kicks Hogan and sells the ribs a bit. McMahon cornered Hogan and delivered high knees. Vince with an elbow to Hogan on the Grand Stage, as Cole says no one ever thought it would come this.

Hogan lands some sloppy looking right hands.
Of course after so many terrific matches this is going to look lackluster.
McMahon drives his knee into the joint of the elbow of Hulk. McMahon with a hammerlock on Hogan and he elbows out. Vince McMahon dragged Hogan by the elbow and slammed it against the post. Vince McMahon attempting to hyperextend the elbow slams it once more into the post.
Vince now in mid-ring with a wristlock continuing pressure on the bruised left arm. Hogan feeling the support from the Maniacs as he came back up, an additional shot down by the Charman and Vince is once again in control.

A test of power in mid-ring sees Vince McMahon in control. Hogan squeezed Vince into his chest twice, then McMahon was able to elevate Hulk out to the barricade. Hulk still in a hammerlock is driven right into the steel post outside the ring with his one bruised arm wrapped behind him. Vince is smart I guess.
McMahon grabs a Steel Chair now. With chair in hand Vince McMahon goes to deck out Hogan against the post but he moves. Hulk fights back knocking McMahon down with a right and then sending Vince McMahon right into the steel post. Now Hogan has the chair!
Hulk Hogan with a chair asks for the crowds support and with the chair knocks Vince McMahon square in the skull! A hard thud, what a sick chair shot by the Hulkster! Seattle goes crazy.
Hogan now in control with Hogan chants going up everywhere. Hogan has busted open Vince McMahon and he keeps beating on a battered Vince McMahon some more with additional shots. Hulk throws McMahon inside the ring. Hogan all riled up knows how to work in this environment and go as a match from a sports entertaining standpoint. Hulk sends the bloody mess to the outside. An extra chairshot to McMahon.
A bloodied Vince McMahon recieved a third and now he is done until a desperate lowblow which is legal in a street fight hits the Hulkster taking him down.
A bloodied Vince McMahon now has a little bit of time to re-group. Vince McMahon with chair in hand smacks Hogan across the face!


A bloody battle here.

McMahon with a Giant Ladder sets it up by the announce table. Vince climbs and Hulk Hogan asks what is going on. Vince slams Hogan face first into the table, both men a bloody mess. Vince sends Hogan into the barricade now.
Vince sets up a Ladder inbetween the tables this time and continued to choke Hogan.
McMahon went for a huge bump here, all bloodied in the air.


Vince from the top of the Ladder asks for Hogans fans and then hits his OWN move (perhaps better then the Hulkster ever did) on HIM off a ladder through a table!

After a moment Vince now knows this is going to put away Hogan and still could not get it done. McMahon looked everywhere for something and now with a sadistic look in his eye found a pipe.

Vince has the Pipe and what sounds like Pipe, i will go to that later.
Hulk Hogan nailed Vince in the grapefruits.

Vince down with the Pipe. Forget the PIPE…in comes PIPER!

Tazz then marks out, as does Seattle as he screams “No Way! It`s ROWDY, Roddy PIPER!“ as the Hot Rod returns in style to a great ovation.
Piper goes to hit Vince originally but eventually hits Hogan and spits on him to a mixed reaction.
Hulk Hogan down now in a bad way.

McMahon crawls over for the pin.

A bloodied Vince can`t believe The Hulkster kicked out!

In comes Vince and his favourite tool the Pipe. And his Montreal ref, Slyvian Grenier and Hogan kicked out!
Everyone went wild.
Hogan hulked up and dropped blows to Hogan and the official, another dou

ble axehandle out of desperation from Vince but he ends up getting a legdrop twice.
Hulk Hogan hits a legdrop for a third time for good measure and they love it.

In the end at 20:48 Hogan finally went over Vince.
The fan in me always wonders, what is if it was Randy Savage attacking Hogan, that would be insane. But the Hot Rod works just as well.
This match was much better then anyone figured it`d be, which is something we always hear when a “McMahon“ wrestles for the most part.
Shane McMahon came out to check on his old man after the match, and Hogan gave Shane a stare.
The rough stuff was unbelievable for guys of their age, the wrestling was also quite impressive as it made sense and followed a story. However it looked bad in comparison to all the classics surrounding it on the night.
Another great aspect here was Hogan and McMahon are both tremendous entertainers, that with the Piper shock made everything so FUN.

This came of real well.

Great stuff. Better then anyone would have predicted.

** 3/4 
8) The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin -Act 3

While filming “The Mania of Wrestlemania” documentary we took a look at Austin`s life and how real things were despite it being a show.
But that`s what this match here was all about.


From Jim Ross`s call, to the legendary feud, to what both men meant to the business and the fans, and to each other. From the fact that this is what Rock needed, or that Austin almost died the night before.
This was Act 3, at Wrestlemania.
The stage was set, the only way this one could of possibly had been better was if Austin was in better shape, it was clear his best days were behind him. The Rock had so much more life in this match but you had to give Steve credit for hanging with a younger (more in his prime) Rocky here.
“Issssss Cookin” hits and Rocky who had turned heel gets a mixed reaction from Seattle. One of those characters too popular to boo and you could not help but just love his persona. This was the third and final opportunity to the now Hollywood Film Maker Dwayne Johnson to score a victory on Austin at Mania!
Austin walks to the ring as one proud man.

The camera films Steve appropriately walking behind him in the large Seattle Dome, at Safeco Field.

Ross with a historic call…and how true these words were for the appropriate time being.
Jim Ross: “He has earned the REPUTATION as…THE..toughest, SON OF A BITCH in the WWE, there has no one that has ever laced there boots any more intense, ever with the will to win then Stone Cold Steve Austin. The pride of Edna Texas grew up wanting to be here, wanting to do this. This was his life! This was his destiny!”
Austin poses on the turnbuckle for his fans, and he has the initials -OMR- on his vest, standing for ONE MORE ROUND.

Rock earlier had mentioned, Act 1 and 2 do not matter, that act 3 was what it was all about. Ross suggests it has eaten him alive that he had not beaten Austin at Wrestlemania.

The tension has built and Mania was ready!

Rock and Austin are looking eye to eye, in familiar territory at Wrestlemania where they`ve met twice already before.

Stone Cold Steve Austin just wanted to get through the match and not have it blow up, what they produced was much more then a good match, it was a spectacular classic for Mania.
The bell rings.

The Rock waits as Stone Cold Steve Austin takes off his vest slowly. A typical Steve and Rock slugfest opens the bout, Austin flips off Hebner, Rock with an arm-ringer and Austin avoids a clothesline, Austin went for a Stunner and Rock left the ring going for a walk.

Austin chased him in the entrance way and beat on Rock some more slamming him head first into the steps. Stone Cold Steve Austin continued roughing up Rocky with chops across the chest at the barricade. Steve dragged Rock by the barricade, Austin and Rock around a ton of tools now, carnage everywhere. Steve drops Rock on his abdomen over the barricade.

Rock takes a huge bump as Stone Cold Steve Austin with his cold blue eyes sent Rocky crashing back first, hard into the steel steps! Ouch. Austin got Rock in the ring and kicked at him with his knee brace.

Watching Austin wrestle his final match is so bittersweet, on one hand you appreciate it so much. Austin choked out Rock not showing much ring rust. Stone Cold Steve Austin with a back suplex gets him a nearfall. Rock sent to the corner by Austin and then Rock reversed an irishwhip sending Austin to the corner but Stone Cold Steve Austin shot out landing a clothesline on Rock. Austin choked out Rock on the middle rope.

Stone Cold has a few words with Hebner. The Rock hits a desperate move as he goes and takes a knee out of Austin. With Austin limping on the outside of the ring The Rock hits a violent chopblock to Austin and his bad knee, focusing on the knee some more. Steve is layed out on the announce table and Rock removed some televisions and padding.
The Rock tosses Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the ring. Austin is limping in the corner but Rock kept wearing down the leg and outside on the floor he slams his leg onto the apron. Now by the ring post Rocky adapts to his environment even more.

Rock with a hard shot to Austin and then smacks Steve and his bad left knee into the ring post. Rock back in the ring grabs a beaten Austin and goes for a right, Stone Cold Steve Austin fights back in mid-ring building momentum until Rock catches him with a high kick when Stone Cold Steve Austin went for a backdrop off the ropes. Rock taunts the crowd some more.
Rock lifts up Austin and drops his bad leg to the mat. Excellent work by Rock who slaps on a sharpshooter now. Austin has been in this move before at Wrestlemania. This of course adding further damage to the injured leg, Rock is just disecting Austin in every way and the Rattlesnake would have to fight back in a big way to survive this. Rock tries to break Austin some more dragging his legs closer to the post.

Hebner yells for Rock to get back in the ring, as it was a NO DQ match but you could have fooled me. Rock then slaps on Austin`s vest as a lack of respect is shown.
Austin shooting back at Rock in hi vest, Rock and Austin have a double collision in the middle of the ring. Austin up and charging off the ropes the busted Rattlesnake finds a way to ground Rock hitting his trusty Lou Thesz press to a giant roar. An emotional spot considering the very best of all time just turned the tide in his final match. Stone Cold Steve Austin landed shots to

The Rock down and Seattle got hot.

Austin with everything he had and then flipped off the official, off the ropes he lifts the fingers and drops the elbow. The hook of the leg and its not enough to put away The Great one. JR says OH HELL YEAH. Austin stomps on Rock who was still wearing his vest into the corner with his good leg, fans chant What.

Ducking clotheslines is the Rock who levelled Austin down with one. Rock kicks up and poses as some cheer.

All of the sudden Stone Cold Steve Austin Rock Bottoms the Rock wearing Austin`s vest. A two count, Stone Cold then wants Rock to get up as he was stalking him from behind. Rock slowly rose to his feet and caught the leg, flipped of Austin and now The Rock got the Stunner on Steve Austin as most booed. Rock takes his time still wearing the vest of Austin rolling over to Austin. A cover, a count, and a nearfall as the Rattlesnake kicks out.

Stone Cold Steve Austin down and Rock was patiently waiting and landed a few hard shots taking everything out of Austin possible. Rock with hard shots, a double flip, a spit to the palm and then Austin flipped him off and hit the Stunner!

What an ovation!

Austin hit the Stunner and got a nearfall, no one could believe it.

Both men down now and Austin was wondering what he could do to put Rock away. Austin shoved the official out of the way and Rocky hits a desperate low blow. Rock now has Austin down in position and The Rock signals for the Elbow. Rock runs side to side and misses as Stone Cold Steve Austin moves out fo the way going for second stunner. Austin ran into a Spinebuster by

The Rock.

Rock goes rope to rope and this time lands the Elbow. Will it be enough, it would not as Stone Cold Steve Austin managed to kick out againd and Rocks eyes widened. Ross screams out the Rattlesmakee will not die.

Crowd chant for Austin and Rock makes fun of them, Rock goes for a Rock Bottom! Austin kicks out! Rock backs up and he is in disbelief.
The final time, Rocky stalks Austin from behind.

Austin and his knee had been ripped, Austin tried to elbow his way desperately out of it but Rock ended up landing it.

1…..2….and two Rock Bottoms by the Great One can`t put away Stone Cold.

The final moments are here of Stone cold Steve Austin as an in-ring competitor, Rock for a third time!

The Rock hits a third Rock Bottom to a crippled Rattlesnake.


Lots of Rock fans had been waiting for this moment, and a good chunk pop at the count of three to soak it all in.

It is still hard watching perhaps the very best of all time getting the book slammed shut on his historic career, but that is life.

The Rock had done it, finally…FINALLY….

In the end at 17:53, The Rock ended the career of Steve Austin after Three Rock Bottom`s. He kisses his family after he tells Austin what this meant to him, and that he loved him. Only having to push Earl Hebner away twice in the process.

Rock told Austin once more heading up the ramp.

Austin then went for his last walk with tears in his eyes, his fans completely oblivious we were witnessing him leave the ring for the last time as an active wrestler, but deep inside, he knew it.
This match has gotten more special as time went on and that`s why it remains a favourite and a definite classic. The cult of personality…

Steve toasts the crowd one final time.

Fans chanted Austin as Steve in tears headed up for the final walk. A Wrestlemania moment to be re-lived forever. If they only knew this moment could have even been better.

In the match I loved the way The Rock took apart Austin and his bad knee. The smart, strategic disection from Rock was sorely missed in the first two Mania clashes between them. That was one aspect I liked, the other was the natural charisma from both men showing in full color. Austin and his energy to begin (in the state he was in to boot) and Rocky full of personality using his vest.
Perfect storytelling for Act 1, 2 and 3.

Everything you could want in a Wrestling match.

Take into the weekend the two had from a personal standpoint, add in the drama of what both men meant to Wrestling, and this was Wrestlemania and you have just another Wrestlemania Classic between the two.
Austin couldn`t of asked for better at the time.

The word “SPECIAL” doesen`t even quite do this one justice.
This is something that will go down as nothing short of historic, especially if it remains the last match of Austin`s career, which I am sure it will.

**** 1/2

9) Main Event- Kurt Angle (c) vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship

The 2003 Royal Rumble winner was a Babyface Brock Lesnar who was now on a roll. Angle had neck problems coming in and a sign read THANK YOU KURT which was nice to see at ringside.
The winner therefore would be rather obvious, but still a amateur showdown is a treat to any Wrestling Purist wanting to see these two mat wrestlers take it to the edge at the Main Event of Wrestlemania.

Angle comes out in all his glory as the defending WWE Champion.

Brock comes out the challenger.

It was just a little hard to top main event after main event after main event, but these guys did a hell of a job wrestling and telling a story.

It is always unique when Brock and Angle get it on. Angle is a three time Champion coming in and Michael Cole has clearly lost his voice.
The bell rings and we are underway.
Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar both had a tremendous mat-game and chain wrestling was both men`s fortay.

They could work a powerful match, and a smart one.

This is what Wrestling is all about, of course the crowd could have helped how this match came off but with all they had seen it was understandable.

The WWE title is lifted high, small Lets go Angle chants break out and that seems normal.

A tie-up sends Brock in, a quick charge sends Angle in, both men trying to gain leverage. Both men walk around one another, Angle goes into a hammerlock and then a front facelock, some chain wrestling trying to ground Brock Lesnar but he performs a switch into an armbar.
Brock to his vertical base gets hit by a fireman`s carry from Angle into an armbar. An armringer by Angle but a side headlock takedown by Brock. Angle with a legscissors on Brock gets out of it.
Both guys to their feet look eye to eye and the crowd applaud the beginning chain-wrestling sequence that was lovely.
I love when tremendous chain-wrestling is appreciated.
Here we go now, Round 2.
This time Kurt Angle Brock with a waist-lock go-behind, a standing switch by Angle into one, a leg scissors by Lesnar, then a side headlock takeover by Angle in desperation. Angle using his entire body to ground Lesnar but he slowly rises up. Off the ropes comes Angle but he ran into a powerful shoulder block by Brock Lesnar who was making his Wrestlemania debut believe it or not.
Brock hops around but sold the lower back a bit. Angle tries a single leg takedown, trips the other, Brock sneaks up behind Angle with a takeover. Brock elbowed to the face but Lesnar was able to hit an armdrag on Kurt. An overhead armbar into the corner Angle lands cheap shots to abdomen of Brock. Angle reverse irishwhipped and catches an elbow by Brock who then proceeds to spear Angle in the corner. Brock sends Angle to the corer and he lifts the goot, Anglek just got his shoulder up.

Brock in the meantime in control, until Angle hits a standing switch into a German Suplex. Angle hops around Wooing until Lesnar kicks up and drops him with a clothesline. Brock Lesnar sends Angle to the ropes and he ducks and goes for a walk.
Angle was smart as Brock Lesnar came back in and Angle dropped boots to Brock. Angle started to focus on the lower back of Brock. Brock was able to lift Angle up and drop him with a hard landing to the canvas. Angle sent hard into the corner but he lifts the boots catching Brock.
This time in the opposite corner a bigger spot goes down. Kurt Angle goes for a German Suplex and Lesnar landed high and tight into the turnbuckle, in his rib-region. Lesnar let out a grunt.
Angle with nice psychology following up on the injured ribs, Angle drives Lesnar in the mid-section into the barricade, hangs Lesnar on the apron and drives a forearm. In the ring Angle drops Lesnar with a vertical suplex. Angle was smart, he had a gameplan here and now drops an uppercut to Lesnar to thr right. Another suplex by Angle and a kickout by Brock.
More pressure to the lower back, Angle locks on freestyle leglock that emphasizes the lowerback and half the body, into a modified body scissors choking him out all at the same time. Angle grounding Lesnar in a major way on the mat.
Seattle tried to get the next big thing back in the match but Angle had the leglock slapped on perfectly. Kurt Angle with a switch into a rear choke and now Angle drives his knees into the injured ribcage. Brock may tap, his arm is up but he says no. This hold has taken a lot out of him. Lesnar turns over with everything he had. Lesnar drives Angle into the post backwards to break the hold. Brock selling the ribs starts to tomp on Angle trying to build momentum.
Angle resourcefully pushed Brock into corner and he selled the ribs some more, Angle lands a high suplex and then a back of the knee twice to Brocks lower and injured back taking him to the floor.
Angle expertly disecting this portion of Brock.
Back in out of desperation Brock Lesnar lands a hard spinebuster on Angle buying himself a moment to breathe.
Both men down now as the official counts. Brock found a small way to get back in the match just when he had to after all the hard work by Angle targetting the lower back.
Both men up and Angle grounds Brock Lesnar but he lands high knees. Angle rakes the eyes but it does not stop a high crossbody off the ropes by Brock Lesnar. A shove to the face sending Angle to the corner. Brock spears Angle over and over. Brock Lesnar sends Angle to the corner and Angle lifts a elbow up, Angle then goes for Lesnar but he hit a belly to belly.
Brock Lesnar with another overhead belly to belly suplex on Angle and it got him a two.
Terrific back and forth Wrestling now!
Angle with standing switch into a German after the waistlock, Angle hits Two Germans and with the fingers locked, Angle hit a third German Suplex to Brock Lesnar.
Unbelievable with a bad neck, Angle hit four German Suplexes to a man as big as Lesnar.

Angle wants Brock up and he goes for the Olympic Slam, Lesnar countered it into an F5 attempt, but Angle lands showing nice agility, beautiful technique into an Ankle Lock. Counter after counter after counter.

Angle has Brock Lesnar in the Ankle Lock he reached the ropes until he was dragged to the middle of the ring, Angle switched over to a half-crab that followed up the injured ribs of Lesnar. Smart sound strategy by Angle here the Champion. Kurt Angle is forced to let go of the halfcrab as Brock Lesnar reached the ropes. Angle powering relentlesslty on the injured back of Brock Lesnar. A high knee. Another charge and Brock elevated Kurt up over the ropes to the floor. Lesnar buys himself some time making his way to his feet, the legs and lowerback had the damage done and now it was go time for Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar moves as Angle charged into nothing in the corner, spears into Angle. Another go-behind waistlock by Angle and from the corner Kurt Angle hits an arm-ringer into a release back to belly overhead suplex.


Angle still could not put away Brock Lesnar after that AMAZING belly to back, overhead suplex to a giant like Brock Lesnar. You have to give credit to Angle. Kurt drops Brock Lesnar with the Angle Slam but he still managed to kick out yet again! Unreal.
Angle drops the straps not sure what to do. Angle stalks Lesnar from the mat and now decides to go for another Angle Slam, Lesnar with an inside cradle but a two catching Angle by surprise.

Lesnar drops Angle with an F5! Everybody pops. Angle kicks out. Angle finds Brock in an Ankle Lock yet again, Brock in the middle of the ring in a bad way. Angle wraps the entire two legs around his mid-section in a grapevine. Lesnar makes it to the ropes and Angle breaks the hold. Lesnar kicks Angle off of him someway. Both men are spent.
Brock with a bad injured lower-half, Angle with an injured neck. Lesnar with a quick, Angle with a quick inside cradle into a two. Lesnar another F5! Angle goes down and Lesnar hit the F5 for a second time to the Champion Kurt Angle!

Brock does not know what to do now as if two F5s might have done the trick. So he goes to the corner of the ring and begins to climb.
Very unlike Brock to do something like this.

The fans were standing by now.

Brock missed the Shooting Star Press Attempt!

Tazz appropriately screams “OH MY GOD!“.
Angle kicks out of the initial pin from Lesnar who did not hit the Shooting Star Press.

After a moment of not knowing what to do, and just making sure he could move, they then improvised what would happen next.

Lesnar hits the F-5 Again somehow for a third time blocking a kick from Angle.
In the end at 21:04 Brock Lesnar became the NEW WWE Champion after putting Kurt Angle away with three F5`s.

Brock was still able to stand, due to his freakish physique.
This match is apart of the tremendous 2003 trilogy these two put on together, not the best of the three but still amazing. There matches were always something special, this is no exception, it`s even a Classic Wrestling Match with solid psychology, the only thing we could of had better was the environment, but again, completely understandable as the audience had just endured an emotional rollercoaster of a night.
Amazing end, to an amazing show.

**** 1/2


Final Rating for WWE Wrestlemania X9 = 9.5/10

This Mania was the most stacked show of all time.
No one can deny this card. However, I don`t have it ranked as the best show just because of the era, the atmosphere and the overall presentation. While definitely great, can`t touch Mania X7. It will definitely be a top 5 show in all likely hood for a very long time. Still, this is one of the most memorable events of all time and from a pure entertainment standpoint, or WRESTLING QUALITY for that matter, it`s a must own. Arguably the second greatest Wrestlemania or SHOW ever.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

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    I get emotional every time I watch Rock/Austin 3. Everything from the OMR on Steve’s vest to him putting Rock over just screamed “My Final Match” to me.

    Thank you Steve.

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    I mostly agree with your review, however, Booker/HHH wasn’t even close to a **** match IMO, it was more like **1/2 tops.

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    best WM ever even better that X7 for me the one WM besides 10 that I can watch over and over and over and never be bored this WM actually got me back into wrestling after not watching it since late 98

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