Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania X8 (18) DVD

August 9, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Wrestlemania X8” Review:

“Hulk Hogan,… you talk about headlining Wrestlemania, after Wrestlemania, well how would you like to HEADLINE one MORE WRESTLEMANIA, With THE ROCK!?…”The Rock




WWF Wrestlemania X8 took place on Sunday, March 17th, 2002 at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario.

-The event marked the final WrestleMania event under the WWF name. It was the second WrestleMania to take place in the Toronto metropolitan area (following WrestleMania VI).

-The record-breaking attendance for the SkyDome of 68,237 resulted in gross receipts of approximately $6.1 million CAD ($3.9 million USD).

-WrestleMania weekend also included WWF Fan Axxess at the Canadian National Exhibition’s Automotive Building.

-This was the 18th Annual WWF Wrestlemania event.

-This Mania was the first outside of the USA since Wrestlemania 6. This marked Hulk Hogan’s first appearance at Wrestlemania since #9 in 1993, nine years previous.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the show.

-Saliva sang “Superstar” among a few other songs throughout the night.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, a six-man tag team match was aired on Sunday Night Heat between the team of Mr. Perfect, Lance Storm and Test and the team of Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert. Rikishi won the match for his team after pinning Mr. Perfect following a Banzai Drop at 7:19.

-Now onto the PPV……………



1) Opening Contest- William Regal (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

William Regal opens up Mania for the second year in a row in an IC title match.

Regal had been cheating to win a number of times during his reign as Intercontinental Champion as of late, and was more then over as a heel at the time. Coming in the defending IC Champion against one Van Dam here in Toronto to a chorus of boo’s just what Lord Regal likes to see.

Rob Van Dam teased leaping to the outside but still met Regal with high kicks and a splash. RVD sends Regal to the corner but he lifts an elbow at Van Dam. William Regal had knucks but Rob kicks them right out of his hands and now Regal drops to his knees. RVD sends Regal to the corner and he ducks a heel kick, Van Dam lands a high kick.
RVD goes for a fivestar splash and William Regal avoids contact and this time lands a shot to the back of Van Dam and continiously got nearfalls. William Regal choked out Rob a bit until off the ropes came Van Dam with a crossbody. A backslide by Rob Van Dam and Regal rolls out and starts to dish out punishment. William Regal lands a standing vertical suplex. William Regal gives Rob a shot in the corner and out of the other corner RVD hits a back bodydrop to William Regal. Rob Vam with more shots until William Regal in mid-air caught Van Dam with a nice neackbreaker and a nearfall. Regal elects to slow down Van Dam. Rob throws him out dishes another boot and this time looks for a rolling thunder but missed as William Regal had it scouted lifting the knees. Regal up and has Van Dam locked in a powerbomb position and its applied, Van Dam making his Wretlemania debut kicks out. Rob gets an inside cradle but Regal clotheslines Van Dam back hard to the mat.

Regal goes for a double hook suplex again but RVD cornered him with a dropkick and a monkeyflip out of the corner on Regal. Rob flips back and lifts up Regl’s leg looking for a kick but Regal hits an amazing full nelson into a german suplex as it drives Robs head right into the mat.
This is the spot of the match, amazingly violent due to Rob’s landing. Rob slowly gets thrown into the ring and the match will continue after that nasty fall. William Regal then gets Knucks in hand and the official takes them away, RVD gives him a heel kick and then the five star frog splash.

In the end at 6:19, Regal does the job for the second year in a row for the babyface to come out on top, as RVD wins the IC title after he defeated William Regal with his Five Star Frog Splash.

This match was a violent opener, very back and forth. I especially love the full nelson into German suplex from William Regal to Rob Van Dam as he lands right on his head. That is sick. Good solid opener here.

** 3/4




2) Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs Christian for the WWF European Championship

Christian had cut a good heel promo earlier by ripping on Canada, and how his home is now in Florida. Christian was likeable as a bad guy even back here. He says he is done with his tantrums.

Christian stomps on Page early before being booed.

Diamond Dallas Page is not the same Diamond Dallas Page from WCW or else he wouldn’t be in a match this low on the card.

Ross points out DDP was at WM 6 driving Honkeytonk man to the ring.

Diamond Dallas Page lifts Christian up on his shoulders then drops him with a gutbuster, followed up a hard clothesline taking Christian out to the floor. DDP slammed Christian headfirst into the barricade. Page with a number of shots until he drops down as Christian hits him with a lowblow.

Christian desperate hangs Page on the outisde ropes, comes off the other side and sends him into the security wall after bouncing him off the apron. Diamond Dallas Page in a bad way as Christian throws him back in. Christian stomps down on Page and he chokes him out in the corner of the ring. Christian unloaded on Page with a series of rights and then DDP dragged Christian by the legs into the post, Christian abled out of it by slapping Page and throwing him back in.
Page lands shots but gets caught in an abdominal stretch by Christian. Page caught with a neckbreaker into the knee of Christian but he only got a two. Christian blocked a charge and went to the top where Page caught him and powerslammed him from the top to the canvas floor. Page goes for a power bomb and applies a sitdown powerbomb which got him a two. Diamond Dallas Page lands on his feet after a gut shot from Christian and then Page avoided Christian in the corner and attempted a diamond cutter
but Christian landed his ddt.

Christian attempted not to throw a tantrum and then sooner or later Diamond Dallas Page drops Christian with a Diamond Cutter and the win.

In the end DDP retained his title at 6:08 after he put away Christian with his Cutter.

Afterwards, Christian throws another tantrum.

This match is a gem here. It was very good and remains underrated.


** 3/4




3) Maven (c) vs Goldust for the WWF Hardcore Championship

Maven, ya know the Tough Enough kid took quite the beating from Undertaker at the 2002 Rumble. Such a good one, he was awarded the Hardcore championship.
You can only suspend your belief for so long, and Dustin wasn’t very impressed.
The veteran wanted to teach him a lesson here.

Goldust with Golden lids in hand began the beatdown on Mavan laying him on the security wall before dropping an elbow down on Maven.

Goldust dropped him with a frying pan now. Goldust catapolted Maven and he landed catching a can throwing it to Goldust, while Maven went for a dropkick he missed some of the can hitting Goldust as the fans booed. Ross said he isn`t sure if Maven got all of it to cover up.
Goldust levelled Maven with a front faceslam. Goldust brought in a shovel and then lifted it up into the throat of Maven. Goldust placed the Golden trashcan in the corner and unloaded onto Maven on one side, a hard irishwhip into the garbarge can. Goldust with another lid waits for Maven to turn around and when they both do they both knock each other out with cans.
Spike runs out and covers Maven winning the hardcore title at 3:15.

This one on one match did end as a no contest.

This match was your basic hardcore beatdown on the Rookie, with the 24-7 rule about to be played throughout the night backstage.


* 1/4




4) Kurt Angle vs Kane

Oh. This feud was kind of just there, on the card for the sake of it.
Not very appealing, but at least Angle and Kane delivered here.

Kurt Angle began the match in a big way with a promo ripping on the Canadian`s then a ringbell shot to the head of Kane. They tried to make something out of a nothing build and you have got to give it to them for that.

Kane fought back but it was only a matter of time he found himself in a german suplex by Angle. Kurt Angle goes directly back to the head with kicks. Kane back up landing an uppercut and a reverse elbow. Kane lands two slaps in the corner then lifts up Angle as he drops to the canvas. Kane continuing the punishment sending Angle in but he gets nobody and Angle hits a beautiful belly to belly overhead on a bigger man.

Canadian fans chant for Angle now because of how good he was. Kurt Angle drops Kane with a clothesline. Kane kicked at some more and the crowd boo. Kane lands back a stiff uppercut. Angle sent chestfirst into the corner and Angle gets a suplex out of it. Angle slaps on a front facelock to Kane to wear him down, always a sound strategy.
Kane at 6`10 with the leverage advantage fought his way up and eventually planted Angle on his stomach mat first. Angle up threw desperation shots at Kane until walking into a sidewalk slam. Kane with a frontface lock into a suplex but Angle lands on his feet and hits a German Suplex. Kurt Angle elects to lock the hands and hang on dropping Kane with two more consecutive German Suplexes but he only gets a two out of it. Angle climbs to the top this time in an attempt to catch Kane but then does so with a fying clothesline.
Angle feeling good about himself thought why not and did it again. This time Kane caught Angle coming down dropping both men to the floor as the official began to count.
Kane and Kurt engage in a slugfest until Angle drives a high knee then irishwhipped in and Kane drops him with a boot, then a clothesline. Kane backdrops Kurt to the mat and lands a clothesline in the corner, and out of the other corner a sidewalk slam. Angle still managed to kickout. Kane sends Angle to the corner but Kurt puts up an elbow, still though Kane drops Angle with a chokeslam!

Kane is going to get the three but Angle has his hand on the rope as a way out. Kane signalled for the end in version of a tombstone piledriver but Kurt lands on his feet, tried to pull Kane`s mask off taking him off his game. Angle still hits the Angle Slam but Kane managed to kickout this time!
Angle now is mad, drops the straps and goes for an Ankle Lock. Kane eventually rolled through the pressure the first time. The second timehe finally got to the bottom again. Kane using ropes for leverage dropped Angle with an Inzigui with his long legs. Both men down, Kane`s ankle in trouble as is the vision of Angle.
Kane goes flying but Angle leaped up there right in time hitting a belly to belly suplex on Kane all the way to the mat. Awesome agility by Kurt Angle.
Angle goes for the Angle Slam, Kane countered it into a chokeslam, Angle countered it into a roll-up and Angle pinned him with his feet on the ropes.

Kane can`t believe it!

Kane was shocked.

So in the end at 10:45 Angle put Kane away with a cradle out of a chokeslam with both feet using the ropes.

This was nothing anybody was expecting to be great but it ended up being actually enjoyable with some good quality, so both guys should get credit.
This really was a great contrast in style`s.





5) The Undertaker vs “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair in a No disqualification match

Flair’s first Wrestlemniania since #8 when he lost to Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

These two had a hot feud going, as the previous month before it Flair cost Taker his match with The Rock at No Way Out, Taker took out David Flair and so on…

A big brawler like Taker is in a No DQ match with an old timer like Flair, and we’re supposed to buy into it, which is the best part.
This match was Flair`s second-coming, as he`d like to call it. To prove Naitch could still go in this type of environment.
The video package was AWESOME and now the Match (BRAWL) was about to start so here we go!

Flair is all business running to the ring and the bell ringds, a slugfest breaks out and to the floor both men go. The Undertaker jumped by Flair and he took Taker over the table dropping rights. Showing true emotion. Flair in all his game `Wooo`d even still. Flair with tons of passion and rage taking it out on big evil.
The Undertaker backed into a charging Flair twice. Back inside Flair landed jabs and Taker fell to the floor. Flair “Wooo`d“ some more and now as Ric jumped off the apron Big Evil caught him and drove his spine into the ringpost. The Undertaker dropped him down with another right and rolled him back in the ring. The Undertaker lands a headbutt on Flair in the corner as he is just measuring the older man. The Undertaker irishwhipped Flair hard to the other corner and he swung upside down. The Undertaker dished out hard elbow shots to Flair. Flair thrown into the ring and swung upside past a buckle onto the outside apron and now the Deadman drives a boot into the face of Naitch.
Taker says “Now we go to school.“
Taker dropping shots on Flair who was in a sitting position. Undertaker with more and more striking blows, you really felt Taker`s shots were gruesome here, Flair`s a bloody mess already.

What a beating, what a brawl.

The Undertaker has Flair on the mat and he is all bloodied. With Ric back in the ring The Undertaker gave a high boot to a bloodied Flair. Lawler hilarious on commentary poking shots at Ric Flair.

It was now a disection as The Undertaker was working over Ric Flair in a major way. Somehow Flair found something in him to deliver chops to the deadman, Taker dropped him once more and continued throwing shots to the head of Flair. Taker charged at Flair and hit him with a Splash as Flair came limping back at him Taker dropped Flair back on top showing no remorse. The Undertakergoes up high and has a front facelock on Flair, from the top attempts a Superplex and he hits it!
A SUPERPLEX from the top from Taker to a bloodied Flair!


It`s still not over as Naitch had something left but how much, he rolled around a bloody mess and took a big beating but Taker kept disecting Flair at any cost. Undertaker rolled the head of Ric Flair out on the ring apron and The Undertaker lowered an elbow shot to the head of Flair. Ric Flair blading like the good old days as if he could no longer compete. Flair lifted his shoulder off the mat by The Undertaker who didn`t want it to be over.

The undefeated Undertaker grabbed a hand full of hair, bloodied hair. The Undertaker sized him up and enjoyed dropping him with another big right. The Undertaker enjoying this, running off the side ropes Flair moves and Flair now tries desperately to land chops but The Undertaker kept up with the right`s and left`s. The Undertaker signalled for Old School now as he showed some agility, Taker once up Flair threw him off as The Undertaker hesitated.
This bought Naitch some time if nothing else. Flair chopped back at Taker all dripping blood and The Undertaker dropped Flair with a sidewalk slam. Flair kicked out this time and The Undertaker went for a big boot but Flair dropped the bottom rope. Flair landed a couple of hard chops to The Undertaker taking him outside to the floor. Great way for Flair to try an make an attempt to get back in, outside the ring a bloodied Flair was desperate and he raked the face of The Undertaker.
Flair grabbed The Undertaker`s lead pipe outside the ring and dropped The Undertaker with it outside the ring, another hard shot to the back and then another to the ribs. The Undertaker drove Flair to the ring back first. The Undertaker with a bloodied Ric took him in the entrance way and dropped two more righthands on Flair. The Undertaker took a moment and Flair was able to grab a sign and drop it on The Undertaker`s head. Flair is trying to get back into the match any way he can. Flair back in lets out a Woooo.

Flair has The Undertaker on his knees and unloads rights from a loads of adrenaline. A straight shot to the jaw by the Deadman and then a choke. Flair lowblowed the Deadman since its a NO DQ match, and Flair with a single legtakedown into the Figure Four. Flair has got the figure four on The Undertaker and Toronto loves it. A bloodied Flair was trying to weardown the long Undertaker.

All of the sudden an awesome spot during the figure four takes place, The Deadman sits up and grabs Flair by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam, but still Flair kicked out! The Undertaker`s bloodied image now had his eyes widen up as he can`t believe it, Flair keeps kicking out of all of The Undertaker`s punishment. The Undertaker grabbed referee Charles Robinson and drove him to the mat out of frustration. Taker grabbed the lead pipe back in his hand.
Flair to defend himself chopped Taker who held a pipe and then out of no where came Double A!
The Enforcer! Double A! A true mark out moment.

Arn Anderson hits a Spinebuster on Taker and Flair covers but only a two.
The Undertaker goes back to work and now busts up Arn to show how badass Big Evil truely was. The Undertaker choked out Arn`s sergically repaired neck, I love it. Flair with perfectly legal chairshots until The Undertaker off the ropes dropped a boot to the face of Flair with the chair in front.
What a war.

The Undertaker now has a bloodied Flair set up for a piledriver, he fought out of it and now The Undertaker goes for the Tombstone on Ric Flair.

Taker was 10-0. Double digits.

So in the end at 18:47 The Undertaker finally put away Flair after he dropped him with a Tombstone.
This match was pretty tremendous, one of the best of the night.
I absolutely loved how everything played off here, from Taker`s beatdown on Flair, to Flair not giving up and the blade work, to all the spots including Double A`s involvment, this showed Flair could still go in a long brawl with one of the vest best.

On that note it is a Classic match.




6) Edge vs Booker T

Adam Copeland was home, taking on Booker T in his first Wrestlemania. I wonder who is going to win?

The feud was over a Japanese Shampoo Commercial. Well, they`ve done worse.
Edge gets a good pop as one would expect.

The match was now on, the bell rings.
Both men go eye to eye and one man can not help but laugh at the sign that reads THEY ARE FIGTING Over Shampoo. Thats gold.
Booker T does land a shoulder block but sooner then later Edge slams Book to the mat with a front suplex. Edge irishwhipped to the side and Booker T droped Edge clotheslining him back from the top rope.

Booker T drops Edge with a thrust kick. Booker clotheslined Edge over the top to the floor. Booker landed a missile dropkick from the top and Edge got clobbered into the corner. Booker T unloaded with more shots until the official took him off and Edge now went in on Booker with a few of his own.
off the ropes Booker catches Edge and holds him down and slams him hard to the canvas. Ross suggests there could be some damage done. Edge catches Booker on the top rope and tried a hurricanrauna but Booker T tried to resists it and pull back and as a result landed funny.
Both men in a bad way kind of here as they both get to there feet. Booker T hit with a reverse heel kick by Edge who starts to quicken the pace until Booker goes downstairs with an elbow shot. Edge drops Booker on his back as he got ahold of him first and this got a two.
Edge flies to the top off lands a spinning heel kick. Edge tries for three but again Booker T kicked out. Booker irishwhipped hard to the corner and turned it into a sunset flip, shades of Jack Brisco with the roll-up attempt. Edge countered it and went to spear Booker but he moved, as Edge turned around Booker dropped him with a thrust kick.
Booker T now goes for a Spinnerooni and Toronto loves it. Booker drops a scissors kick off the ropes onto Edge, this should be all. But its the WWF not WCW so it would not be all.

Edge desperately with an armbar takeover to Booker T, then a Spear! Edge gets just a two count and then tries the Spinerooni himself,
Edge then mocked Booker T’s taunt.

the Edge-A-Rooni and proceeds to ducking a series of thrust kicks by Booker, Edge then lands his DDT, the Edge-A-Cution! The match is over.
The young man who sat in the sixth row in this very arena has returned home to score victory at Wrestlemania X8.

In the end at 6:32 Edge put away Booker T after a his Edge-A-Cution.
This match was essentially just a typical single’s match to fill the card. I wasn’t interested when it happened live, and nor am I now.
It consisted of basic moves but to its credit was never dull.

* 3/4





7) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Hall (with Kevin Nash)

Hey, it’s the nWo.

Wait…Steve Austin!? In the mid-card? At Wrestlemania? What!? Is that supposed to make me laugh…Is that supposed to be funny? What?
Didn’t he just headline the highly successful Mania last year? Either way here we go, Austin was a couple months (or 24 hours mind-you) of Walkout #1 and he figured he’d make short work of the former Bad Guy.

Okay, here’s the deal with the crowd in this match and it’s a note I’m not going to bother getting far into because it’s pretty self-explanitory.
Toronto is in Canada. Canada is full of Smarks. Smarks love Nostalgia. Austin as a GOOD guy rarely gets booed if ever, parts of the crowd here do this in the match as a rare exception because of everything I’ve stated in this line here.

There. It would also help explain the crowd in the later Rock-Hogan match to another extent.
Stone Cold Steve Austin still manages a great pop but he was out of gas from such a hard year, Still he had his BMF walk and posed like one would expect.
Austin has only lost once at Wrestlemania, that was to Bret Hart he was 4-0 coming into this match.

Scott Hall gets a pretty good pop himself of courser.
Scott Hall had Nash come to the ring with him. Austin did not look impressed.

Austin met Hall with a reverse elbow, tied up Hall in his vest in the corner and unleashed on chops. The Bad Guuy shot back to Austin and then ducked a clothesline before catching a Lou Thesz press by Austin. Stone Cold dropped the head of Hall into the top turnbuckle over and over with the crowd WHAT chants.
Hall decided he wanted a breather. Austin ran after Hall and chopped him outside the ring. Austin gave Nash a shot to let him know he is here. Scott Hall dropped Austin with a clothesline. Scott Hall stomping on Steve and got him to a corner, Hall chops Austin while Nash took the turnbuckle padding off the other side of the ring. Austin shot back with shots of his own but then was sent spine first into the exposed turnbuckle, thats the bad spine of Steve. Nash drops Austin on the outside with hard right hands. Scott Hall punches Austin and puts him back in the ring.

Scott Hall with Austin sent him hard into both corners dropping him with clotheslines. Hall looks a bit rusty but still manages a fall-away slam, then a clothesline to Austin and a two. Hall with his leg choked Austin out on the middle rope until Nash gave Austin a cheapshot from the outside of the ring. Stone Cold limped up in the corner while Hall dropped down on Austin. Nash came over with another forearm shot on Austin behind the ref.
Austin caught Hall off the ropes buying himself some time in the match and both men seem to be out of it. A slow slug-fest breaks out and Hall drops him again with another right. Austin up just listening to the thuds coming from the punishment of Hall. Austin got the Stunner out of no where but Nash takes out the official. Nash comes in and gives Austin a bunch of forearm shots. Scott Hall gets up and grabs a chair. Hall went for a chairshot but Austin got the lowblow, Austin then stunnered Hall and then stunnered Nash! Austin still has the cover and a late referee is elbowed down by Nash so the three is not counted.

Stone Cold takes Nash out over to the floor and turns around finding himself into the Razors Edge which the crowd pop for.

Austin backdrops him out to the floor. Scott Hall countered a stunner attempt and hit a stunner himself, Austin kicks out though.

Stone Cold would not lie down to his own move. Hall pushed to the corner this time and Austin hit the stunner, then up again Austin hits his third Stunner, an amazing one where HALL basically flips. A wrestlemania stunner!

In the end at 9:51 Austin pinned Hall after a Stone Cold Stunner.

This match is not very good, but given the health and attitude of both men you can see why. This did its job though and was certainly not bad.


* 3/4




8) Billy and Chuck (c) vs The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) (with Stacy Keibler) vs The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) in a Four Corners Elimination match for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Stacy Keibler is a bright spot in the match, grinding with the ever-so-lucky Saliva in here entrance, or getting tapped on the Apron by Jeff when she shows off the goods.
Other then that though, this match is quite worthless.

It’s not very enjoyable, but why break tradition now.

Here we go!

Bradshaw gives Chuck a suplex tagging into Farooq who has his way with Chuck now, and not the way one would assume he liked. Chuck lands a shot and in comes Billy who stomps on Farooq with the official distracted.
The crowd by now are dead. Billy Gunn tagged in gets powerslammed by Farooq. Bradshaw drops powermoves to both Gunn and Palumbo. D-Von tagged and now Bradshaw hit a spinebuster slam on Bubba Dudley. A spinebuster on the outside by Farooq on Chuck.
Clothesline from hell from Bradshaw to Gunn, the 3D to APA and they are elminated.
Hardyz, Chuck and Buck, APA remain.

Jeff beats on D-Vin and got a cover out of it. Dudleyz set up a table outside the ring but Matt with a baseball slide dropping him.
Back inside Jeff hits a corkscrew moonsault on Bubba and then takes his shirt off.
Stacy shakes her ass on the apron and then is shoved off the apron. Jeff on the shoulders of Bubba until Billy took him off.
Bubba Dudley lands a big time Bubba Bomb on Gunn. Bubba Dudley begins choking out a shirtless and crack addict looking Jeff Hardy.
Bubba slaps at Jeff in the corner. Bubba Dudley lands a back bodydrop to Jeff. Bubba Dudley goes into a reverse chinlock to weardown the quicker Hardy brother. D-Von Dudley came out of no where and ran into Jeff taking him down. D-Von went to work on Jeff Hardy dropping him in the corner with shot after shots.
With the dead crowd one might wonder if it would of been a good idea to add a tlc match here. D-Von lands a suplex to Jeff and Bubba Dudley comes back in for additional punishment. Bubba Dudley stretched Jeff vertically upside down in the corner until Matt pushed him off out to the floor. D-Von watched as Bubba Dudley dragged Jeff back to him. D-Von Dudley choked Jeff out on the mat.

D-Von with a heel kick lands its mark. Bubba Dudley tags in but Matt backdrops everyone and clears house. Bubba Dudley lands a back suplex on Matt from behind. Bubba Dudley tries to splash but Matt moves, Matt goes up high and drops his legdrop but somehow Bubba Dudley kicked out. Bubba Dudley slammed Matt and D-Von was about to but Billy Gunn shoved him through a table off the top.

Matt was able to hit a twist of fate on Bubba Dudley, then Jeff landed a Swanton and a three.
Now down to the reigning champions in Chuck and Billy against the Hardyz. Chuck took it to Jeff Hardy out of the ring.
Back inside Hardyz try some double team offense as Matt throws Chuck to the corner, Jeff Hardy lands on top with Poetry in motion. Matt now hits the Twist of Fate, Hardy scored with the Swanton but behind the official Gunn hit the Fameasser on Jeff Hardy, but Jeff managed to kick out!!
Gunn grabs his belt and runs it into the head of Jeff Hardy. Chuck had the cover made, the referee had not turned around.

In the end at 13:50 Billy and Chuck retained the titles.

Note to the WWF: If you’re going to put a tag match like this, as a long match, at Mania, on at this place in the show….make the good guys win, k?
Billy Gunn was getting beyond X-Pac heat by this point.

This match seemed painfully long and it flowed decent at best. Still some solid work here and there.


* 3/4





9) Icon vs Legend: The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan

This arguably could of been the Main Event because matches like this don’t come around often, if ever.
Everyone had bought the ticket to this show, for this match.

It is the one everyone was emotionally invested in.

The Hulkster and The Great one went toe to toe, the staredown was amazing as was the crowd’s participation here, which was essentially what made the whole match.
We’ve all heard the phrase “If it wasn’t for the fans, this wouldn’t be possible.” Well that was certainly the case here.

Hogan chants flooded side to side while Rocky looked side to side. A tie up to begin and Hogan wins the first test of power.
The crowd ate it up chanting his name.

Hogan showed off for the fans, Rock said OKAY LETS GO, into a standing side headlock by the Hulkster.

Rock shoved Hogan off but he landed a shoulder breaker and then flexed some more and Toronto could not help but love this.
Rocky Sucks was even chanted.

Rock looked on a little shocked at the reaction from the crowd, perhaps…

Hogan started to drop Rock with a big right, then another against the ropes. Hogan lands a clothesline on Rock in the middle of the ring. Hogan misses a clothesline and Rock strikes first to a chorus of boos.

Rock challenged Hogan to get back up.

Rock kept trying to ground Hogan, but he battled through it and Toronto loved it. Rock was in shock.

Rock said just bring it and Hogan pushed back. Hogan went for a right but Rock blocked and delivered a few to the Hulkster taking him over the top rope to the floor. Hogan went for a walk. The Rock chases him down and throws him back inside the ring. The Rock off the ropes kicks up at Hogan with a kick and now he stalked behind him waiting.

Hogan elbowed out of it. Hogan dropped an elbow on the head of the Rock. Hogan then raked the face of Rock with his boot and everyone still cheered the dirty tactics from Hogan, still chanting his name. Hogan had Rock in the buckle but Rock fought back only to boos, Hogan gets back in control to a great cheer as he slaps on the Abdominal Stretch.

Ross and Lawler argue over who and why the crowd are cheering.
Hogan into a cradle gets a two count. Hulk Hogan rakes the back of Rock, not once but to his WCW roots, twice. Hogan lands a hard shot and then another chop to Rock. Rock chopped Hogan in the corner and caught Hulk with a reverse elbow shot. Hulk Hogan in mid-ring caught Rock and dropped him with a one handed chokeslam! Great pop.
Hulk Hogan choking Rock on the mat, Hogan takes off his belt and begins to choke him with that as well. Hulk Hogan sends Rock over the top rope to the floor to a thunderous ovation. Hogan picked up Rock and dropped him amdobminal first on the security railing. Hogan took off a tv monitor and clotheslines Rock.
A fight breaks back into the ring and Rocky runs into the official. The Rock dropped Hulk Hogan with a Spinebuster Slam.
Toronto was not too fond of that move. Rock goes for a Sharpshooter in Canada so it gets booed twice as much. What is Rocky thinking.
Hogan breaks the hold. Hogan taps but no official to declare it a match. Clear ROCKY SUCKS chants diected at Rock and then Hogan hit a lowblow. Hogan hits the Rock Bottom on the Rock!

WOW. Rock kicks out, Hogan takes off the belt again and whipped at the spine region of The Rock. Rock kicks Hogan and scores with a ddt blocking a shot. Rock spots the belt Hogan had been using on him and now Rock uses it back on Hogan.
Rock waited for Hogan to turn around and then the Rock Bottom and Hogan kicked out.

Hulk started to Hulk Up and the crowd went beyond insane scoring with a few shots. Hogan lands the legdrop, Rock kicked out and they were in shock.
Hogan looked for a legdrop a second time, instead a Rock Bottom again. The Rock now up with Hogan in hand goes for it a thrird time. Now Rock to finish things up goes for the peoples elbow and gets it.

In the end at 16:23 The Rock pinned Hulk Hogan after an Elbow following three Rock Bottoms.
The aftermath with the nWo was good but it was the match that was for the ages.

This match is the definition of Sports Entertainment.

The Rock was one of the most popular stars in the entire world.

However this was Hulk Hogan in his world Wrestlemania, ONE MORE TIME, and in Canada to boot. This was the house of Hogan and he and Rock tore down the roof off of Skydome with the help of Toronto.

Everything together it is a modern day Masterpiece.






10) Jazz (c) vs Trish Stratus vs Lita in a Triple Threat match for the WWF Women’s Championship

Remember when Bobby Heenan battled The Red Rooster before the Mega Powers exploded at Wrestlemania 5 in the main event?
Well that was placed there so the fans could build up anticipation for the Main Event after a long card. That’s sort of why this Diva’s match was placed here, but in fairness to them they delivered far better then Rooster-Heenan.

Trish like Edge returned home here, getting a great pop especially in her Canadian attire.

Jazz attacked Lita until Trish helped her both dish out chops to Jazz.

Jazz kicked at Trish and then Lita. Trish battled Jazz until she slapped a halfcrab ob Trish. Now Jazz with a chickenwing on Lina. Jazz landa a legdrop then a double arm suplex to Lita. Trish rolled out of the ring.

Lita takes over on Jazz.
Litacaruana then with Jazz off the ropes hits a bodyslam. Jazz rakes here eyes. Trish rolled up Jazz and Lita hit a crossbody on Trish.
Trish and Lita locked up.

Trish Stratus pushed out of the way while Jazz lands a running bulldog on Lita.

Jazz in control drops Lita to the mat and kicks at her, basically a one on two.
Trish rolled underneath gets a two.

Trish and Lita go toe to toe one more and now those shots are being felt. Lita backdropped Trish and she dropped in a unique way, then she hit the twist of fate on Trish.
Lita went up high for a double moonsault on both, Trish kicked out. Trish with a backslide to Jazz but she gets up and then Lita backdrops her to the floor. Lita stops Trish Stratus and throws her literally GRION first into the ring post. Trish shoved off the apron by Jazz.
Jazz lands a fisherman suplex to Lita off the top, what a move.
Jazz wins the match after the superplex.

In the end at 6:16 Jazz retained the title.

Didn’t really understand the ending to this match either, just like the tag match earlier on. You’d figure Trish would of been a lock here in Toronto but they can’t win them all, and it was a good swerve I guess.

This was a strange match. No real flow and a bunch of spots here and there.


* 1/2




11) Main Event- “The Game” Triple H vs Y2J Chris Jericho (c) (with Stephanie McMahon) for the WWF Undisputed Championship

This whole feud up until this point was basically a joke.

It was more about Stephanie’s “divorce” with Triple H then it was that of Chris Jericho being the first ever Undisputed Champion.
The Initial Comeback video for HHH was good.

As was his return in MSG in January, but the feud they placed him in was piss poor at best. Stephanie’s Dog even got involved at one point. Ugh.
This match woudldn’t be much better.

Triple H has MOTORHEAD play his way down to the ring.

The focus of this match is Hunter and his damaged quad.

Immiedately Jericho feels the effect of a back bodydrop and then a clothesline. Fans chant You Screwed Bret at Eral. Jericho tried to fight back, he ducked a clothesline but ran into a running high knee.

This took a lot out of Hunter and then Jericho was able to capitalize by tossing him out to the floor. Chris Jericho got shoved to the barricade by the Game and he limped on the outside over to Jericho. HHH brought Jericho in on one leg and dropped him with a vertical suplex on the floor.
Hunter began removing tv monitors. Jericho spotted the leg and kicked at it making sure it would be a difficult task having Hunter walk. Jericho relentlessly dropped H on his bad leg in the corner. Hunter shot out though and dropped on Chris with big right hands, HHH now seperated the shoulder and dropped his good leg on Jerichos leg.
Hunter wanted Chris to know what he had been through, Chris Jericho now limping aroung selling the legwork by Hunter. HHH slams Chris Jericho legfirst into the mat.
The Game now goes into a Figure Four, Stephanie McMahon got involved but HHH shook it off. HHH grabbed her by the hair. Chris Jericho meanwhile bought himself time to charge behind HHH but ended up hitting Stephanie off the apron.

Fans clap and Hunter stands alone with Steph in the ring. HHH goes for a Pedigree but Jericho saves the day. Y2J hit a missile dropkick to HHH and then takes the bad leg of his and slams it against the ring post twice in ivcious fashion. Stephanie even got some cheap shots in on the brused leg of Hunter outside the ring. Jericho threw a forearms shot at Hunter before twisting his one leg to the side, in a half leg-lock, putting pressure on the thigh muscle thats all taped up. Stephanie cheers him on as Jericho drops Hunter on his bad leg some more as he sells it appropriately.

Hunter slammed right into the post this time but not before Stephanie get get one final slap.

Chris Jericho twists the legs of Triple H and slaps on a Figure Four around the ring post which ripped Hunters quad to shred, he dropped at four did Chris Jericho and was yelled at Hebner as a result.
Chris Jericho in control with Hunter down because of his strategic disection. Hunter with everything he had from his knees dropped rights but Jericho found himself in a half-crab and he leaned forward to the mat dropping the leg for additional tork. Hunter was in even more pain.

The Champion was in a good way doing everything he possibly could to take out the leg of Triple H, Chris Jericho even grabbed onto the ropes for additional leverage. Hunter with his good leg bought himself a moment sending Jericho shoulder first cracking the ringpost.

Now it was Hunters time to work, ducking a clothesline and landing a neckbreaker. A kick to Jericho, a Kick to HHH and this hurts worse as he goes down. A facebuster off the ropes by Hunter to Jericho still selling the leg. Jericho runs towards HHH but he moved and Jericho lands in the corner.
This looked a bit sloppy.

This time Hunter hits a hard Spinebuster Slam and a two. Chris Jericho reverses an irishwhip sending Hunter and his bad quad to the floor. Jericho had Hemsley where he wanted him, from the time he injured him on Raw in the position for the Walls on the announce table, instead HHH fights out and Chris Jericho lands a back bodydrop through the Spanish announce table goes HHH. Rough landing.

Jericho drags him in the ring and somehow after a nearfall HHH went into a Pedigree attempt but the leg gave out, the Walls of Jericho then came in which would be all the Game could endure in this type of position. HHH eventually gets out and drives Chris Jericho into a chair on a DDT but Jericho kicked out.
HHH was now pulling out all stops as he was desperate limping everywhere around the ring. Steph picked up the chair in an attempt to hit HHH. She and Hebner get in a war until HHH grabs her and hits the Pedigree on Stephanie McMahon.

Meanwhile Chris Jericho got up and levelled out Hunter with the Chair but Triple H still managed to kick out. Fans were worried here that it might be another HEEL that goes over in the main event of Mania but it was not to be.
With an injured leg Chris Jericho got the Game in the Pedigree position but Hunter catapolted Chris to the corner and HHH hits the Pediree on Jericho and gets the three.

In the end Triple H put away Jericho at 18:41 after The Pedigree.

This match was unacceptable for the very reason these two were capable of SO, very much more. See Fully Loaded 2000. The only two reasons I think it was underwhelming outside the bad build, would be the dead crowd, and the fact Triple H had recently returned from injury.

Add all those elements in and we will not see a Mania Main Event worthy of the title. It still tried to tell a decent story but Casablanca tells a great story and I am still not interested.



** 1/2



Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania X8 = 5/10

This Mania was definitely one of the poorest, if not the very worst this decade has seen, but it still had a few things on the show that could make it worth watching such as the obvious Hogan-Rock, or Taker-Flair matches. Some decent things here or there (Kane-Angle) but ultimately dissapointing and incredibally mediocre compared to the high expectations set the year before.

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  1. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    Got seven things to point out:

    1.Just like how he, Test, Perfect, Rikishi, Albert, and Scotty were all bumped down to the pre-show, this would happen again to Lance Storm at the following year’s WrestleMania.

    2.The song “Superstar” made its way into Legends of Wrestling 2 for the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube later that year.

    3.Maven was both the Erik Watts and Roman Reigns of 2002.

    Also, it’s a shame Maven never showed up in TNA in 2007 when Goldust was Black Reign, because they could’ve reprised their brief feud there.

    4.I would’ve preferred Edge vs. Christian: The Final Encounter, as well as DDP vs. Booker for the Euro Title, on this PPV.

    5.The only champion who didn’t get on this PPV was the Cruiserweight Champion Yoshihiro Tajiri.

    6.The Big Show was at WWF New York, which Cody Rhodes would bring up ten years later.

    7.The basic idea of Jericho and Stephanie burying the hatchet and teaming up to take out HHH isn’t too bad; it was all in the execution.

    If they would have had Jericho be the dominating force in the relationship, using Steph to get to HHH, it could have worked.

    Instead, they made Jericho into Steph’s bitch and totally ruined all the progress he had made as a legit main event star.

  2. Jay Karia says:

    I have just bought this DVD today. I watched it and in my personal opinion, I thought that the Rock-Hogan, Triple H-Jericho and the Undertaker-Flair matches were the 3 best ones.

  3. bryan says:

    WM X8 had the misfortune looking back of being bookended by 2 of the best WMs ever WM X7 and my personal favorite (along with WM10) WM19

    • Brett Mix says:

      I absolutely agree Bryan, its the natural consensus that WM X7 and X9 are the two best Manias (and perhaps events) ever.

  4. Steven says:

    The 2 best moments/matches of Wrestlemania X8 was Chris Jericho vs Triple H for the Undisputed Championship and Hogan vs Rock, also entertaining I thought was Stone Cold vs Scott Hall, where Hall took a Stunner then went into another Stunner.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    5.5 is a very fair rating for Wrestlemania X8 which had a very dissapointing Main Event, Womens Match, Hall-Austin. Stupid performances by Saliva throughout, Edge-Booker was pointless. It had its moments and that is why it gets 5.5 but nothing higher. Nothing wrong with a different opinion. No need for name calling though.

  6. bryan says:

    Rock/Hogan was good for the crowd reaction but the match was def not as epic as everyone thinks it is its no Warrior/Hogan match that’s for sure

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, whoever is reviewing these manias are dumb.

    18 a 5/10?
    26 A 5.5/10?

    Are you watching a different show than we are?

  8. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, yeah, I definitely dont go out of my way to watch this event. I remember watching it Live I had a ton of friends over despite having a terrible Flu, and just watching it with that sickness made it even worse. Hogan-Rock and Flair-Taker are the only reasons I re-watch it, or if I am going through Mania to Mania like right now, otherwise it just stays put.

  9. Daniel Bee says:

    Great view, glad you’re back.

    This is one of those Wrestlemanias I don’t watch all that often because it really is disappointing on each viewing of Y2J/HHH because it could have been so much better. I find Austin/Hall to be an awkward match whilst the rest (except Rock/Hogan) don’t interest me much. I might rewatch Christian/DPP & Angle/Kane soon though.

    This was the first WWF/WWE DVD I ever got.

  10. larry says:

    i liked the triple h vs jericho match they had some good spots eney way great review

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