Review: WWF/WWE Royal Rumble 1990 DVD

May 7, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Royal Rumble 1990 Review:




“Watchya Gonna DO WWF….. When Hulkamania RUMBLE’S ALL OVER YOUUUUU!?      -WWF Champion (Hulk Hogan)





-WWF Royal Rumble 1990 took place on Sunday, January The 21st, 1990 at the Orlando Arena in Orlando, Florida in front of 16, 000 fans.

-This was the 3rd Annual WWF Royal Rumble event.

-Tony Schiavone and Jesse “THE BODY” Ventura do commentary for the event.
-Jesse The Body Ventura had now appeared as the color commentator for the first three Royal Rumble’s and there was a different play by play voice for each one to date. (McMahon in 88, Monsoon in 89 and now Tony S in 90)

-Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, Paul Roma defeated The Brooklyn Brawler in a dark match at 6:13.

-Ted DiBiase broke Curt Hennig’s longevity record, lasting 44:47.

-During the Rumble PPV, an episode of the Brother Love Show aired and featured “Sensational” Queen Sherri and Sapphire. The two got into a heated argument and brawl. Randy Savage and Dusty Rhodes then joined them. Rhodes and Sapphire cleaned out the ring including Brother Love. Truly terrible just like the feud between Savage and Rhodes, should of been so much more then it was.




1)  Opening Contest- The Bushwhackers (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) vs The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques and Raymond) (w/Jimmy Hart)


Raymond Rougeau began the match with Bushwhacker Butch and then he tagged in Jacques who went for a double team but Luke ran in and he wouldn’t allow a double team by the Rougeau brothers and then Raymond Rougeau locked on a Sleeper until Butch countered him into the corner. Butch then bit Raymond Rougeau and even the referee! Fans cheer and Ventura thought it should of been a DQ. Raymond Rougeau tagged in Jacques and then Luke and Butch chased them to the outsdie as they dictated the pace and the fans went wild, then The Bushwhackers went wild inside the ring doing there taunt, and walking there walk while Jimmy Hart tried to calm them down on the outside.

Jacques Rougeau then got in the ring with Luke and he pounded away on the head but Luke came back with some right hands and then he bit Jaques, and then Jaques leaped over Luke and then he fell to the outside and the fans went wild. Butch came in the ring and then slammed down Raymond Rougeau and once again the Whackers just strutted around the ring and the fans went wild for god knows whatever reason.

Jimmy Hart tried to re-group the much more talented Rougeau Brothers and there strength was wrestling, the Whackers were more of a dirty team but in a babyface way, they were all about the gimmick here. Jacques then from behind hit Luke and then cornered him and Raymond Rougeau choked him with the ring rope behind the ref’s back. The Rougeau Brothers then tried to isolate Luke in there corner to get control of this tag match, Jacques gets a two and tags in Raymond. Raymond Rougeau with a beautiful kick but only got a two on Luke. Luke then gets hammered in the mid-section with blows from Raymond Rougeau then sent to the opposite corner with a hard irish whip to the buckle! Luke gets tossed to the outside, and then Butch gets slammed back first to the apron of the ring.

Raymond Rougeau dropped an elbow to Luke but he bit Raymond Rougeau and Ventura bitches that referee Danny Davis just kept letting it slide. Raymond Rougeau irish whipped Luke to the corner and Jacques caught him with a forearm from the apron. Raymond Rougeau then with a jumping reverse elbow to Luke and then Jacques Rougeau got tagged in and kicked up after slamming Luke and then they double teamed Luke into the corner and they kept tagging back and forth frequently to slam his back into the corner. Then when Butch distracted the ref (what an idiot) The Rougeau’s double teamed him and dropped him on the top rope. Fans tried to get The Bushwhackers back in the match as Jacques had a sleeper on Luke but Raymond Rougeau then came back in the ring and beat on Luke until he tagged in Jacques. A hectic pace for The Rougeau’s and Jacques irish whipped Luke until he slapped an abdominal stretch on him. Raymond Rougeau then tagged in and he hit Luke with a hard right hand to the mid-section after the abdominal stretch and then Jacques hit a forearm to the back for icing oin the cake.

Raymond Rougeau then with a camel clutch and then a scoop slam followed by a tag. Jacques Rougeau went for a splash but Luke got the knees up and the fans went wild!

Luke finally tagged in Butch and the place went crazy!

Butch exploded on Jacques and then he charged at Raymond Rougeau and then he charged at Jacques and all four men came in the ring and The Bushwhackers irish whipped The Rougeau’s together in mid-ring and they collided together. Luke throws Butch into Raymond Rougeau and he hit him with a clothesline. The Rougeau Brothers on the outside and Jimmy Hart got pulled into the ring and they attacked the Mouth of the South and the fans went wild. Jimmy Hart sacrificed his body to save his tag team as Jacques hit Butch from behind and then slapped on a Boston Crab. Luke then from behind pushed Butch into Jacques Rougeau!
In the end it was Bushwhacker Butch who pinned Jacques after the two hit the Battering Ram from behind at 13:35.

Well…at least the fans were happy….with the result anyway….

Jesse Ventura calls the result sickening. The Rougeau’s carried The Whackers to a watchable opener that the fans were into but it could of been shorter.



* 1/2




2)  Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs The Genius


Brutus was amazingly over to his credit (even though I hate him) and he could play his character quite well due to his charisma and the charm he had with the audience, I’ll never take THAT away from him. It’s just the character he played is way to over the top in a childish way similar to Eugene in 2004. I never was a fan, I laughed once or twice but then it got old. Brutus, there wasn’t anything funny it was just plain BAD…. you’d think he was the charachter who was handicapped. He was supposed to be a person who styled hair yet he comes out with the worst looking haircut you’d ever see. An 80’s Mullet if I ever saw one.

The Genius rolls out of the ring and then goes up to the camera on the outside and points to his head to say he had the brains to outsmart Bruti and said there’s now way Brutus is getting to his hair.

Beefcake blows The Genius a kiss in the corner. No kidding, then he slaps his ass slowly as he bends over and struts to the corner like a man from San Francisco…oh wait, that IS where he’s from, no wonder.

I’m dead serious. Why the fans cheered for this I’ll never know.

The Genius then shows great athleticism (He’s a Poffo after-all) and does a standing front flip to catch up with Beefcake in the corner but no reaction. Brutus hits The Genius with some blows then an atomic drop.

The Genius goes outside the ring for a breather. Genius came back in the ring and the two tie up again and The Genius Brutus’s eyes and then sent him in the corner and hit him with a big chop. Genius tried to drop kick Brutus in the corner but he hit the turnbuckle. Brutus won the test of strength then stomped on Poffo’s hand and then dropped Genius on the top rope with one leg on each side! The Genius then went for another walk outside of the ring. Back inside the ring Genius speared Brutus in the corner and then he kicked at Brustus in the mid-section and delivered a headbutt to Beefcake, and then Brutus caught him with a left foot to the chin of Genius. Beefcake got hit by a big kick from Genius though and went for a crossbody but Brutus kicked out with great authority and lifted Genius up but Genius found his mark with some forearms to the back of the neck of Beefcake. Fans got in big time support for Brutus but Genius remained in control and slammed Brutus to the canvas after mocking Beefcake by doing his walk. Genius then jumped from the top and missed Beefcake as he moved out of the way. Brutus irish whipped Genius and hit a forearm to the mid-section and then he stomped on Genius’s head. Brutus then caught Genius in mid-ring attempting to make him go to sleep, but Genius with a beautiful reversal into a side headlock and then Brutus pushed Genius into the referee and he fell to the outside.

With the ref down the two continued to brawl inside the ring until Brutus locked on a sleeper about 25 seconds after the ref bump but there is no ref to see if Genius is out. Brutus then let go of the hold without any bell and then strutted around the ring like he had won because he is a moron. Brutus then signalled to get the clippers. Ventura said it was horrible and it truely was but the live fans enjoyed it. Beefcake wiggled his ass like a homosexual again and then went to cut Genius’s hair and did so! He messed up a lot of his hair until Mr. Perfect thankfully came out and began to beat the hell out of Beefcake and hit the Perfect Plex. A rested Hennig then hit a chair into the mid-section area of Beefcake. These two would go on to meet at that year’s Wrestlemania. (Wrestlemania 6)

These two fought to a Double DQ in the end at 11:07 after the ref ruled this a double DQ when he got pushed out of the ring after all hell broke loose with interference, a ref bump, a chair involvment, and hair cutting.

Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, far from it but it was definitely no where close to being good.





3)  “RUGGED” Ronnie Garvin vs Greg “THE HAMMER” Valentine (w/”The Mouth of The South” Jimmy Hart) in an “I Quit” match


One of the most overlooked, forgotten about matches in not only Rumble history, but PPV history. This was such a rough neck, hard nosed battle between two mid carders at the time and the crowd wasn’t to hot, the bout lasted a long while and despite the hard chops and rough brawling there was good submission holds as well. It was AFTER ALL a submission match pretty much since the rules were “I-Quit” and in those days you’d quit over a submission for the most part rather then 11 chair shots to the cranium.

Garvin had tremendous workrate and Valentine for his size had great conditioning, both these guys could really go and they would REALLY put on a clinic in this one!

Valentine is one of the stiffest workers ever and we saw just why in this contest!

Greg Valentine was near the entrance way and Garvin chopped Valentine’s chest and then he got him in the ring and did it a couple more times and went for a pin until the ref told him pinfalls don’t count. Garvin them slammed Greg Valentine’s head into the top of the turnbuckle eight times and then Garvin hit a big right hand. The Hammer then threw Garvin into the corner then Greg Valentine with some hard chops of his own showing his terrific stiff blows.

Garvin fought back with brutal chops and then the FANS APPLAUDED loud when Valentine rolled to the outside as Jimmy Hart encouraged him on.


The fans are very respectful of the hard blows from both men as you could hear it, and Jesse Ventura said he was glad he had retired when seeing matches like this.

Ronnie Garvin goes for a leg of The Hammer and left himself open for a jam and then Greg Valentine dropped an elbow to Garvin. He went for a second one but Garvin rolled out of the way. Valentine still locked the hands on Garvin with his back to the mat but he powered up and then Greg Valentine just picked his spots in the corner with some hard rights, THEN THE PACE PICKED UP SOME MORE as bot men went at it with hard right hands back and forth in mid-ring. Greg Valentine then got hit with a headbutt by Rugged Ronnie Garvin.

Garvin then set up for a piledriver and surely a move like this would put hi back in the driver seat but no, Valentine flipped over, then Garvin went for a sunset flip but Valentine stopped and landed on him. Both guys then tied up again and Valentine pushed Garvin into the corner. Greg Valentine then chopped Garvin hard 6 or 7 times in the corner. My god these are hard blows over and over and over here. Truely what an I Quit match should be. Both men then chopped each other some more and both men fell down.

Greg Valentine then got up and went to snap on a figure four and Garvin then pushed Valentine into the corner turnbuckle and went for a nearfall again (what an idiot) but Valentine had boughten himself a second of time and that’s all he needed to catch a break so he hit him with a chop, bounced off the ropes for leverage and dropped his elbow to Garvin’s head. That’s why he’s called The Hammer!

The Hammer then slapped on a figure four!

All of the sudden Rugged Ronnie Garvin reversed the Figure Four and mocked Valentine with some goofy taunts until the two just ended up breaking each other’s momentum and they got to there feet slowly until Valentine scooped up Garvin and went to slam him but Garvin hit an inside cradle and yet another pinning combination and he still hasn’t learned. Valentine then picked up Ronnie Garvin and stretched his back on his shoulders and he couldn’t connect the hands to apply more pressure but the damage was done. Garvin then grounded Valentine and this match turned Rugged as he choked out Valentine. Both men to there feet and Garvin chopped the hell out of Valentine in the corner. The head of Greg Valentine being rocked back and forth in the corner as Garvin hit some hard blows and then a drop toehold as Greg Valentine came out of the corner and then Garvin leaned back with Greg Valentine’s foot hooked. Garvin’s first submission attempt and then hooked in a variation of an Indian Deathlock and then he continued to drive in pressure by twisting the ankle of The Hammer, over and over again leaning back. Valentine then got to the ropes to break the hold as he did not have to quit.

The Hammer limps on the outside and Jimmy Hart cheers him on. Ronnie Garvin grabs Valentine by the hair but he brings him to the outside on the mat and hits a beautiful back body drop to Garvin out of desperation after a series of hard chops back and forth., Jesse Ventura calls this the most RUGGED match he’s ever seen. It sure fit the bill, that’s for sure.

Greg Valentine spears Garvin in the corner, until Garvin irish whips him back but Greg Valentine moved out of the way and Garvin just hung there on the turnbuckle upside down and Greg Valentine kneed at Garvin’s throat and then he finally fell down!

What a fanatastic pace for the brutal action in the match.

More stiff chops from Greg Valentine to Garvin! They are both still standing at a tremendous pace with gread conditioning, more chops and then both men to there back. Greg Valentine then scooped up Garvin and hit a back breaker. Greg Valentine then with a figure four!

Ventura claimed we weren’t seeing Garvin making any faces at Valentine this time around due to the pain he was in and it was true.

Valentine then stomped on Garvin’s injured legs and then Garvin with another ridiculous desperation cradle! No pinfalls in this match, he still doesen’t get it. (Kayfabe wise I’d hope)

Valentine from the top and Garvin who could only stand with one leg limped to the corner and then scoop slammed him off the top rope to the canvas. Garvin took off Valentine’s knee brace and then both guys chop each other as both men barely can stand and then Garvin hit another chop to Greg Valentine and he got tied up in the ropes. Garvin then brought in Jimmy Hart into the ring and from behind came Valentine with the Mega Phone, but Garvin hit him with Greg Valentine’s knee brace he had just taken off of him!

Garvin managed to lock on a reverse figure four and the fans went wild!

In the end Garvin forced Valentine to submit with a Reverse Figure Four Leg-lock at 16:55.

One of the most underrated matches ever.

Tremendous in so many ways, extremely good story telling, the fans ate it up as time went on and the stiff and physica action, NEVER SLOWED DOWN.






4)  “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs The Big Boss Man (w/Slick)



Why do most rumble PPV’s undercards absolutely SUCK up until 1993? Think about it? Does that make ANY SENSE. You’d think it’d be the other way around and here is why…..

The rule that the winner of the rumble goes to Wrestlemania came in effect in 1993. Yet the jobbers are saved for THOSE rumbles post 93, and before 93 there’s STARS galore in a rumble match that has little implication. I’m puzzled. You’d think it’d be the other way around to stack stars in the actual Rumble match when there is actually SOMETHING on the line.

Either way….

The two guys tie up from the get go and what a shock it starts with a brawl.

Ventura says we won’t see many wrestling holds in this one. Well I would have never guessed that, and then Hacksaw drags Bossman to the outside and he connected with some left hands until Traylor levelled Hacksaw into the post on the outside. Hacksaw then charged at Bossman and he pushed him into the ring post. Hacksaw attacking the bad side of Bossman back in the ring as the ref let them go at it. Bossman actually was better in these days in the late 80’s, early 90’s compared to a decade later and he showed why in this moment here. Bossman irish whipped Duggan into the corner and came off with an avalanche splash. Then Bossman showed great agility with a kick to the side of Duggan’s head. Bossman with another hard right hand.

Big Bossman continued to wear down Hacksaw choked him out on the middle rope, ran to the side ropes and came off as he dropped the leg on the top of Hacksaw’s head. Bossman slammed Duggan’s head in the top of the turnbuckle a couple of times but only got a two count.

Believe it or not the pace was actually not bad at all to this point in the match but it was right at this moment when things started to drag a little. Bossman locked in a reverse chinlock for about 40 seconds, Hacksaw began to fight back but then Bossman caught a high knee and then began to choke out Duggan some more. Bossman then maintained the offense and went back to the reverse chinlock. Bossman went for a cover on Duggan but Hacksaw caught by Bossman as he slapped on a bear hug. Bossman then squeezed Duggan and you could tell the pace was slower by this point despite the crowd being largely in favor of Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Big Bossman then with a forearm to the back of Duggan and then choked him out in the corner.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan then fought back with hard right hands and then a clothesline to Bossman on the outside. Traylor couldn’t believe after all the punishment he had dished out, that Hacksaw was still in the match.

Regardless Bossman remained in control for the most part but missed a splash fom the top of the rope. Duggan to his feet first and he bounced off the ropes for leverage and he hits a shoulder block and both men go down.

Slick gave Bossman his night stick and then smacked Duggan in the head with it.

This match was just filler and was used to get the crowd ready for the royal rumble.

So in the end, The Big Boss Man was disqualified after hitting Jim Duggan with his nightstick at 10:26.





5)  Main Event- The 1990 Royal Rumble Match



Some Pre-Rumble Interviews here:

The year after Dibiase “bought” Entry #30, he came in at #1 this year and he’d go on to set a new record for longest time in a Rumble match in impressive fashion. Earlier in the night he cut a hillarious promo where he was frustrated when talking to Mean Gene because he was the #1 entrant. He made Virgil pick his # for him then he blamed Virgil, it was hillarious. Typical Heel greatness by The Million Dollar man here.

Bobby Heenan said Rude and Andre were both comfortable with the numbers they drew, and Haku said that as well. Sean Mooney tried to stir up controversy in the Heenan Family before the Rumble as there was some arguing backstage.

Mr. Perfect talked about how The Genius was a friend of his so that’s why he attacked Beefcake earlier in the night. Mean Gene asked Perfect what number he drew and Hennig said he drew the Perfect number, # 30! So now we know Dibiase will be #1 and Hennig will be #30.

The Mouth of the South was hyped up as Dino Bravo and Eathquake both agreed they couldn’t wait.

Demoliton talked about if it came down to them again they might just take each other apart.

Bad News Brown looked intimidating as he said he was going after everyone.

Dusty Rhodes cuts one of his charismatic unique promo’s on Savage that BigCal would absolutely hate, Sapphire joins it to make it only worse.

Shawn Michaels and Jannetty talk about no matter who’s in the Rumble, The Rockers are coming after everybody Royal Rumble style.

The Mighty Hercules says he is ready to rumble.

Rick Martel then posed from side to side and said that he had it all and he’d prove it tonight by winning the Rumble.

Tito Santana said once he hits the ring friendship was over with everyone, ARIIIIBA!

Snuka talks about fishing with Sharks, wtf?

Slick talks up Akeem The African Dream while he moves his hand in the most annoying fashion possible of course.

Warrior then talks about god knows what…..he turns around about a good 50 times during the promo as well. He said he will fulfill a DESTINNYYYYYYYY at the end though, that’s about all I could pick up.

The Camera cuts back to Jesse and Schiavone as they talk about strategies and then they go to more promo’s.

Macho King Randy Savage says that even though The American Dream would like to get him, but Savage is concentrating on everyone in the WWF since he is #1 of them all, and you should not bet against him because you’d all go broke. He said Jake, Andre, and Piper should watch for him because he is ROYALTY, OOOOOO YEAAAAHH!!

Fuji talks about the Powers of Pain.

Jake Roberts now speaks. That’s always a treat. Roberts’s tone with facial expressions is key, he talks about psychology and how the man who will win will be the man who sacrifices more then everybody else.

Neidhart says that it’s going to be a NASTY affair then Bret told Neidhart to take it easy! Bret said it’s survival of the fittest and they’re ready to go the distance.

Honkytonkman said he’s going to play all 29 hits tonight in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

The WWF Champion Hulk Hogan talked about how he told all his Hulkamaniacs he was going to win because he was the strongest force in the WWF.
Here we go!

Fink says the man who drew #1 is the man who drew #30 last year out comes The Million Dollar Man with Virgil as the crowd laugh at him and he doesen’t look to pleased.

The Bird Man Koko B. Ware comes out next and then comes in the ring and Dibiase strikes him hard with a bunch of right hands and then kicks to the back of Koko.

The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase then smashed Koko’s head in the corner on the top of the buckle until Koko fought back but it was only a matter of time before he backdropped him over the top rope to the outside and Koko was eliminated.

Marty Jannetty then ran out to a great pop and he caught The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase with some drop kicks and then when Dibiase was in the corner, Jannetty charged towards him but ran into a big boot from Dibiase. Then the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase caught Jannetty with a HUGE clothesline that sent him upside down and around again. Dibiase looked extremely prepared and went up high and then went for a double axehandle drop to the back of Marty Jannetty but he moved out of the way and unloaded with some right hands, then caught Dibiase with a big flying elbow. Dibiase then held onto the ropes as Jannetty went flying for The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and he flew over the top rope! Two down and 27 to go for Dibiase! The fans booed!

The countdown continued and out comes Jake “The Snake” Roberts! Jake has now came out in the first 7 entrants throughout all three Rumble’s he’s been in and this is the second time he’s been the Fourth entrant. Dibiase meets Jake under the bottom rope on the otuside then slaps on The Million Dollar Dream but Jake rammed Dibiase into the steel post. These two had bad blood as they’d meet at the Sky Dome at Wrestlemania 6 in a couple months. Jake inside the ring hits The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase with a backbody drop then a clothesline. Fans chanted for the DDT then Roberts set up for it but The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase countered with a gutwrench suplex. Jake went for another DDT attempt but Dibiase cornered him with a spear and then drove the shoulder in again, he charged towards Jake again but Jake lifted a knee up and casugh Dibiase in the head.

Now all of the sudden it’s THE Macho King Randy Savage as he comes out running out and attacked Roberts like it was nobody’s business. Savage then flew off a flying forearm off the ropes. Dibiase and Savage double teamed Roberts and then Savage came jumping off the top with a Double Axehandle smash while Dibiase was holding Roberts from behind. Ventura talked about how facing The Macho King and Dibiase at the same time is punishment for anybody.

Rowdy Roddy Piper runs down to the ring like a mad man and he evened up the odds! Fans went wild as the star power became more and more evident. Piper then went crazy and went for The Ted Dibiase! Piper hit a double clothesline to Savage and Dibiase and then let Jake out of his predicament where he was tied up in the ropes. Piper hit Savage, Roberts hit Dibiase, then Piper and Roberts held back from hitting each other. God, I love Old School talent. Randy Macho King Savage almost eliminated Piper. Macho King then almost eliminated himself but Savage was so quick and used his legs for leverage to keep himself in the Rumble.

Power and Glory’s WARLORD comes out with Mr. Fuji and the fans knew it meant business. Schiavone says some of the big boys are coming in now. The year before he was eliminated in two seconds by Hulk Hogan (the shortest elimination that stood until Santino’s elimination in 2009) so he wanted to make up for that this year. He went after Piper and already broke his own personal record right away. Five men in the Rumble match now and The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase with Macho King Randy Savage double teamed Jake the Snake Roberts and tried to both eliminate him but couldn’t do so, so they tried to soften him up a bit more and Savage came flying off the top with a double axehandle. Piper then beats on Savage in the corner as the fans are going wild! The Snake is almost out as Savage and Ted Dibiase double-team the Snake-man, even choking him out with a boot in the lower corner. Sherri from outside wanted Macho and DiBiase to break the Snake’s neck, Piper fought them off and the countdown continues…..

It’s the Hitman Bret Hart, runs out and the fans are jumping on there feet, this is a great crowd here! Savage held Bret, Dibiae went to hit the eighth man in Bret but he ducked and he hit Savage as the crowd roared. Six men in the ring now as there is action literally all over the plce and this Rumble match has been wild! All six guys just beating on each other and Roberts came within an inch of eliminating his rival Ted Dibiase. Koko and Warlord are the only two men eliminated thusfar. Piper and Bret hit Warlord with a double-team, move, Warlord scratched off, Roberts tried to get the Macho King over the ropes and the Hitman Bret Hart helped him out.

Bad News Brown, a guy who this match was made for due to him having nothing but enemies came in the ring as the ninth entrant. The Late Bad News and Piper would fight at WM 6 so they’d go at it here of course sticking with the “Pre-Mania Brawl in the Rumble match” theme. Savage then eliminated Jake Roberts and celebrates! Savage is proud of himself and then Dibiase chopped away at “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as a fan screams RODDY I LOVE YOU! Hilarious. DiBiase was going to be eliminated himself by Piper but Savage saved the first entrant, as Ventura and Schiavone argue over why heels are saving heels and faces are saving faces. (but of course not using the technical allignment terms)

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes running out without Sapphire (I guess too much running) is the 10th entrant and he immediately goes after The Macho King! I wouldn’t of called that one! The crowd hasn’t stopped going crazy ever since the match began and then Rhodes eliminated Savage with a backdrop for payback from earlier tonight during the Brother Love Segment. Savage had eliminated Roberts but now he was out thanks to The American Dream. Ten men had came out, six men left in the ring as of now, and twenty more to go in the 1990 Royal Rumble. Warlord, Rhodes, Bret, Piper, Dibiase and Bad News were the six men left as two men went at it in three different corners. A 7th man and 11th entrant would next come out as the Buzzer rings!

DiBiase, the first man in is STILL in the ring.

The 11th entrant is the 8th wonder of the world and the 7th man in the ring currently in Andre The Giant! Giant just scooped up Warlord and threw him over with a hiptoss. Bobby The Brain then pushed Fuji on the outside. Andre dropped his back body weight into Piper and Rhodes in their respective corners. Bad News and Dibiase tried to eliminate Bret in one corner while Piper and Rhodes worked on Andre in the other corner. Fans still very lively which helped the matches presentation. Warlord eliminated by one hand of Andre’s.

Red Rooster comes out next and I’m convinced that’s probably the worst gimmick of all time. Even worse then Brutus Beefcake even though I hate Brutus more if that makes any sense. Piper eliminates Bad News setting up there rivalry even more for Mania 6 and what follows does as well, as Bad News eliminated Piper, but they’re not sure if it’s legal. Boh men fight to the outside. The two fight all the way back to the dressing room and as said the feud would last till at least WM 6 where there wasn’t even a clean finish in that match and the crowd chant for RODDY! Andre stomps on Bret in the ring. Rhodes almost eliminated the first entrant in Ted Dibiase. Rooster fighting in there as well.
Ax of Demolition comes out at Unlucky #13, while The Red Rooster was eliminated by Andre The Giant at the same time. Ax then hit some double axehandle splashes to the back of Andre. Dibiase held on as Bret almost had him over the top rope. Andre then got tied up in the ropes while Bret tried to eliminate The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase on the other side.

King Haku ran down the aisle and he was Andre’s partner in the Heenan Family. Andre worked over Ax, The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and Bret, Rhodes in the other corner with Haku, and then Haku hits a big thrust kick to the Hitman and he falls to the ground.

A seventh man in the ring comes out and at the mid-way point in the Rumble Match! It`s Smash of Demolition and then Andre works over both in a flashback of last year`s Rumble match in a nice spot. Rhodes tried to eliminate Haku. Bret then the ultimate strategist looked all over the ring for guys to potentially just eliminate! Down to the next man!

It`s Akeem the African Dream and the fans boo! Akeem then comes in and the eighth man is the most there`s been in the Rumble all year. Andre was knocked out of the ring but through the middle ropes, then back in the ring and Demolition once Andre gets back in the ring eliminate him together as they overcome the biggest obstacle int he match! Rhodes eliminated Bret right before this though in the corner of the screen with an elbow over the top that seemed to go fairly un-noticed. Ventura then points out about 20 seconds ater this that they were so concerned over Andre`s elimination that they missed Bret`s. Thank god for Ventura knowing Bret’s elimination is worthy of pointing out, even back then. Six men now left in the ring here. Rhodes, Haku, Akeem, Ax, Smash and The first entrant still, The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka joins as the seventh man currently in the ring and the 17th entrant overall in the Rumble match. The Superfly elevated himself up high and hit Akeem with a forearm and he goes over the top rope to the outside. It’s a Demolition doubleteam as Superfly Jimmy Snuka! Rhodes on his knees brawling with The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, Haku being double teamed by Smash and Snuka! The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase came down hard off the top rope to Dusty Rhodes with a double axehandle. Akeem the African Dream is tossed out and the fans love it.

The 18th entrant is the World`s Strongest Man according to Ventura, DINO BRAVO! Demolition pound on Dibiase at the side of the ring, Snuka pounds on Haku and in the other corner Dusty

Rhodes is being pounded by Dino Bravo. The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase was almost out of there and you heard and felt the tension of the crowd who had fully recognized he has been in there from the beginning with how vocal they were as they clearly knew it was a big deal. Chaos in each corner here as the countdown continued……

Out comes the Earthquake! Tenta comes out and Ventura points out how he`s lucky for a man of his size to get such a good entrant. Eathquake tosses out Dusty Rhodes! Rhodes had been in there a long time through ten entrants and had earlier eliminated Savage. Earthquake who was being pushed as a serious monster in 1990 then just through out Demolition`s Ax! Earthquake then with high knees to the mid-section of Haku! Smash working over Bravo while Snuka worked over The “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase.

Jim the Anvil Neidhart was the 20th man in the 1990 Royal Rumble and two big men collided when The Anvil went straight for The Earthquake! All of the sudden the entire ring cornered and all gathered up and finally eliminated him! The fans go wild as all six men, Bravo, Snuka, Dibiase, Smash, Haku and Neidhart all eliminated Earthquake together! DiBiase still in there from Number one and recieves a double atomic drop by Smash and Neidhart and as Ventura wisely pointed out, as if DiBiase hadn’t suffered enough enterting #1.


Out Runs the Ultimate Warrior to a HUGE POP. When you see entrances like this you wish they had the entrance music back then but that didn`t become a regular thing for all 30 entrants until 1996! Warrior hammered on Bravo with a ton of energy and no sold everything he did until he backdropped him over the top rope to the outside. Warrior then slammed Snuka`s head into the corner of the ring. Haku then held Warrior so Snuka could beat on him. Warrior battled on Smash from Demolition and then in the other corner Dibiase STILL stood in there working over Neidhart in the corner having survived since the start of the match! Dibiase took chop after chop from Warrior and Neidhart and then he rolled into the canvas and took a breather in the corner. Neidhart and Warrior now turned one each other!

The Model Rick Martel comes out at Number 22. Haku with a thrust kick to Smash on the ring apron and he was eliminated. All of Demolition gone. The Anvil then clotheslined The Model Rick Martel but he saved himself from elimination as he rolled in from the ring apron. Six men in the match, a seventh man soon to enter at number 23!

Tito Santana runs out and goes right for Rick Martel, the man who turned on him at Wrestlemania 5, the former team of STRIKE FORCE go at it as the crowd goes wild! Warrior with a big clothesline on Haku! Martel and Santana are going at it, and Dibiase gives Neidhart and Snuka a double headbutt smashing them into each other. Warrior battling on Haku in the corner. Heenan on the outside cheering on his King Haku.

Number 24 is The Honkytonk Man with Jimmy Hart. Warrior then with help eliminated Neidhart. Six men remain here in the ring, six to go. The Ultimate Warrior then FINALLY eliminated The Million Dollar Man with a big clothesline as the fans absolutely go wild! Dibiase was the first entrant in the ring and he lasted nearly 45 minutes to survive the Royal Rumble match, a new record by a long shot, what a performance by Dibiase!

The place went crazy as the first entrant went finally out, but then the biggest pop of the night occurred as of the next entrant!

Number 25 is THE HULKSTER!!! Fans go insane as out runs the World Wrestling Federation Champion! Hogan then gets beaten on by Snuka, but Hogan clotheslines him over the top. Hulk then irishwhips Haku and boots him over the top rope. Snuka and Haku are also gone by Hulk, then Martel and Santana going at it and The Warrior working them over. Honkytonk elbowed by Hogan, Martel eliminated Santana. Down to four guys, Warrior speared by Martel, while Honkytonk Man chokes Hogan out in the other corner with Hulk`s T-Shirt while Jimmy Hart screamed for him in the corner.

Shawn Michaels runs out next and now we have five in the ring. Hulk throws out Honkytonk man and then The Warrior eliminated Shawn Michaels in a matter of seconds, HBK didn`t even last ten seconds! Then The Model Rick Martel didn`t last as Hulk threw him out! Now we`re down to two men. The fans go wild in a showdown between the two most popular babyfaces on the roster in Hogan and Warrior in a preview of what was the classic WWF Title match at Wrestlemania 6 just two months in advance here in the Rumble match. This is one of the most famous parts of any Rumble match, The Hogan-Warrior showdown together after so long of action with a ton of guys in the ring, these two went face to face and the atmosphere was so electric with everyone in the building on there feet making noise, both competitors so charismatic and full of energy. Both men with two shoulder blocks in a dream match no man, went down, a criss cross, Warrior’s leaped over, ducked a clothesline from Hulk hen clotheslined each other!

Neither man gained an inch but the showdown was incredible to see. Everybody on there feet previewing Mania 6.

The next entrant was the 27th entrant and it`s The Barbarian. Barbarian then dropped a couple of elbows to both Hogan and Warrior.

Rick Rude came out pre-maturely ay 28 and worked over his former rival The Ultimate Warrior! Barbarian and Rude were hanging over the ropes and Hogan eliminated The Warrior! Warrior came back in the ring and tackled down Barbarian and Rude some more then ran to the back to a good ovation.
Rude and Barbarian then beat on Hogan some more and The Mighty Hercules came out at Number 29. Four men left in the ring and one more to go and we know it is Curt Hennig! Hogan with a giant boot to Barbarian in the corner of the ring. Hogan chokes out The Barbarian and then hits him with a scoop slam! Hogan sets up Barbarian over the top rope and Barbarian scratches the eyes of Hulk Hogan. Hogan then with a boot to the mid-section of Barbarian and then he hits him with a big clothesline, then he rakes the back of Rude. Looks like Hollywood Hogan 7 years too early with that move by Hulk! Hogan lifts up a boot as Hercules charges towards him!

Out comes the last entrant, with the Perfect Number, Number 30- Mr. Perfect. Hercules then with a back body drop to Barbarian and he is out of there!


Perfect then chopped Hogan in one corner and then Hercules and Rude battled in the other corner. Rude then clotheslined Hercules after Pefect drop kicked him beside the ropes. Perfect and Rude then double teamed Hogan as the fans chanted for the WWF Champion who looked like he didn`t have a chance at overcoming the odds but he was THE HULKSTER! Rude punched out Perfect but he rolled out of the apron but he stayed in there, and then Hogan threw Rude out as Perfect dropped the top rope and Rude is out!

Down to the final two!

In the end The final two participants were Hulk Hogan and Mr. Perfect.

Mr. Perfect hit a clothesline on Hogan! Ventura reminds us that Hogan has been in there a lot longer then Hennig had. Hennig and Hogan had some chemistry due to some one on one work together. Mr. Perfect WAS INFACT PERFECT to this point and he hit a Perfect-Plex but it didn`t phase Hulk and the fans went wild as he Hulked up and then catapolted Perfect up in the corner.

Hogan then pointed to the corner and he tossed Perfect out to a great ovation!

Hulk Hogan wins the 1990 Royal Rumble!

So Hogan in the end managed to throw Perfect over the top rope to win his first Royal Rumble match at 58:46.

I heard Perfect was supposed to go over in this one but Hogan refused which is too bad seeing as he wouldn’t of lose a title or a WM spot. Just a bad break for Curt Hennig.

Fans go Wild for Hulk who eliminated four guys coming out at #25 to win the match!

The best Royal Rumble match of the first three!


*** 1/2




Final Rating for WWF Royal Rumble 1990 = 6/10


This show had a great I Quit match, a very good Rumble match, and everything else pretty much can be put away unfortunately. It still passes because luckily for the Royal Rumble that match alone takes up nearly half the show and it’s always the most entertaining hour of the year most of the time so for those two matches alone it gets a 6 score, as a whole it is the worst of the first three Rumble PPV’s for sure and it ironically had the best Rumble match to date! However it’s still worth a look for the Rumble Match and the I Quit Match alone, as previously mentioned…

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The Garvin/Valentine match was THEE beat match for me personally.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    A great Rumble overall.

  3. bryan says:

    finally somebody gives respect to the I Quit match on this card, I think for that era in wrestling it was an exceptional match glad to see someone agree

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