REVEALED: 14 WWE DVDs Being Considered for 2018 – Andre The Giant, NXT Box Set, More Unreleased!

June 7, 2017 by Daniel Bee

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Just some of the new WWE DVDs and Blu-rays we potentially having coming in 2018!

The company issued a Home Video-themed “Fan Council” survey this week with the names of nearly 15 different concepts under consideration for next year including old school Superstar sets on Andre the Giant and Rick Rude, current stars the likes of The New Day and The Wyatt Family, compilations on Shotgun Saturday Night and the Women’s Revolution, and three more collections of never-before-released material, one involving a certain “Heartbreak Kid”.

WWE also made reference to a possible NXT box set and dropped hints on several documentaries.

Now that the 2017 WWE DVD schedule has been finalized we look to what next year may bring. has the full list of titles and proposed synopses, check ’em out…

Shawn Michaels: Unreleased

Shawn Michaels has had legendary bouts with Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Triple H, and many others. The WWE Universe may be familiar with many of them, but there were several excellent matches that have never made it to DVD. Now fans can own some of the Heartbreak Kid’s greatest matches that have never been released on WWE Home Video before.

Ultimate Warrior: Unreleased

The Ultimate Warrior has had legendary bouts with Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, Andre the Giant and many others. The WWE Universe may be familiar with many of them, but there were several excellent matches that have never made it to DVD. Now fans can own some of the Ultimate Warrior’s greatest matches that have never been released on WWE Home Video before.

Macho Man: Unreleased

The Macho Man has had legendary bouts with Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts, and many others. The WWE Universe may be familiar with many of them, but there were several excellent matches that have never made it to DVD. Now fans can own some of the Macho Man’s greatest matches that have never been released on WWE Home Video before.

New WWE DVDs Being Considered for 2018 - The Best of Shotgun Saturday Night!

The Best of Shotgun Saturday Night

In 1997, WWE’s most groundbreaking show, Shotgun Saturday Night, lead the attitudinal charge – hosting live events from local New York bars, nightclubs, and even Penn Station. Watch some of WWE’s biggest stars of all-time compete in a unique environment with an unforgettable atmosphere as Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Mankind, Triple H and more do battle all throughout New York City in the most unlikeliest of places.

The Best of Trish Stratus

Arguably the most popular female Superstar of all-time, Trish Stratus reached a level of stardom that rivaled several of WWE’s top male superstars. Watch her evolution from arm-candy valet, to in-ring competitor, to WWE Women’s Champion who delivered Stratusfaction at every turn while she battled Lita, Molly, Victoria, Mickie James, Stephanie McMahon & more.

The Best of Andre the Giant

The largest man to ever step into a WWE ring, and one of the most dominant (yet beloved) superstars to ever grace the world of sports entertainment. Andre the Giant was a sight to behold, and justifiably nicknamed the 8th Wonder of the World. Relive some of Andre’s greatest matches and moments with the Best of Andre the Giant.

New WWE DVDs Being Considered for 2018 - The Best of Andre The Giant

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The Best of Ravishing Rick Rude

Groundbreaking & controversial, Rick Rude was a true trailblazer – bringing ‘attitude’ and edginess more than a decade before it was trendy throughout the industry. Now, relive his greatest moments and matches, with the Best of Rick Rude, featuring matches and rivalries with Jake the Snake, The Ultimate Warrior, Ricky Steamboat, Sting, and more!

The Best of Bruno Sammartino

The icon of early WWE and a Madison Square Garden legend, Bruno Sammartino was synonymous with WWE and wrestling throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Relive some of his most iconic matches against Ivan Koloff, Killer Kowalski, Superstar Billy Graham, Roddy Piper, Stan Hansen, Larry Zbyszko, and more.

The Wyatt Family

Since their arrival in 2013, the Wyatt Family has been a dominant force in WWE. Their unique personalities and in-ring style have made them a unique attraction, as they consistently entertain the WWE Universe with classic matches and intense encounters. Relive their greatest matches and moments, featuring battles with John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, The Shield, & many more!


The ultimate underdog who found a way… relive Bayley’s rise up the NXT ranks and fulfillment of her childhood dream, as the hugger captures the hearts of the NXT Universe and climbs her way to the top of the women’s division. But the success didn’t stop there… watch Bayley make her main roster debut, continue to spread fun & happiness throughout WWE, shocks the world as she defeats Charlotte for the Women’s Championship, and takes part in an epic fatal four way in her WrestleMania debut. This is the very best of Bayley.

New WWE DVDs Being Considered for 2018 - Sasha Banks & Bayley

Sasha Banks

Witness Sasha’s evolution from fresh-faced rookie to legit boss. From her early days in NXT, to her phenomenal matches with Charlotte, Becky, & Bayley, to her RAW debut and numerous title wins, to competing in front of 100,000 at WrestleMania… relive the very best of Sasha Banks.

Women’s Revolution

From Fabulous Moolah to Alundra Blayze, to the rise of Lita & Trish during the attitude era, to the Diva Search days and bra & panty matches, all the way to the current revival of the division with Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Alexa, and Bayley. Witness the greatest matches and most memorable moments in the history of WWE women’s wrestling.

NXT Greatest Matches: Volume 2

The former developmental system has become a full-fledged brand of its own, and produces some of the hardest-hitting, fast-paced, topnotch matches in the world. See some of the greatest matches to come out of NXT, featuring Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, American Alpha, The Revival, Sami Zayn, Bobby Roode, and many more.

New WWE DVDs Being Considered for 2018 - NXT TakeOver Box Set?

Lastly, and still on the subject of NXT, the same survey also gauged fan interest in the prospect of NXT TakeOver specials being released on Home Video for the first time!

If that were to happen it looks like the events could either be presented as a box set of all TakeOvers throughout the year or as individual DVDs shortly after each special has aired, the same release schedule the standard WWE PPV DVDs had prior to the new “Double Feature” packs.

As for documentary sets, we can confirm that as of now WWE is still considering the following titles recently revealed on the list of 16 New WWE DVD Concepts for 2017/18: a look back at 1998, Kevin Nash, The New Day, Finn Bálor, Kurt Angle, Charlotte Flair, and Goldberg.

New WWE DVDs Being Considered for 2018 - The Best of Andre The Giant

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  1. Anan says:

    They seem to respond to fans via Twitter. Remember the WM34 Women’s Battle Royal name change, #GiveDivasAChance, and I think the Daniel Bryan being in the WM30 main event world title match starting with the #OccupyRAWMovement and #YesYesYes and #YesMovement?? It’s WWE’s response to fan’s demands that they voiced out to the company via Twitter. Maybe Facebook too. But I believe Twitter works better regarding WWE responding.

    So if u REALLY want them to do/release something that badly, tweet it out w/a hashtag that’ll get more followers so they’ll see how many people want it which’ll increase the chances of it happening. That’s my suggestion.

  2. Jim says:

    I think they should make a movie of the big boss man

  3. kirkbonsu says:

    wwe should the invasion 2001 dvd how they made the Monday night wars dvd

  4. nik Mason says:

    I want to see a Rick Rude Full Documentary. The Life and Times of rick Rude, from the start to the End.

  5. Foster says:

    Can’t understand why the wwe hasn’t done a Andre the Giant set yet! Andre the Giant vs black jack mulligan, Kamala ,King Kong bundy, John studd, jerry Blackwell, bam bam big ,and Hulk Hogan! No we don’t need another Shawn Michaels dvd set , it would be his 3 set! Vote Andre the Giant!

  6. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    Kane Booker t mark Henry and goldust all desvered an docamentry DVD/Blu Ray

  7. Lawrence says:

    I went with Bruno Sammartino and Andre the Giant. Both definitely deserve one, as does Ravishing Rick Rude.

  8. Tom says:

    I voted ‘best matches and moments of Superstars of Wrestling’.

  9. clintk9 says:

    heres a list of unseen matches id like to see:

    Hulk Hogan/Ken Patera vs. Andre the Giant/Hercules (WWF South Bend 4-28-87 SNME Taping)
    Hulk Hogan/Big Boss Man vs. Andre/Haku (WWF Milwaukee 3-24-90)
    Hulk Hogan/Big Boss Man vs. Powers of Pain
    Hart Foundation vs Andre/Haku (3/11/90 east rutherford, NJ)
    Bulldogs vs Can-Am connection (WWF @ Montreal, Quebec – Forum – November 14, 1986)
    Bulldogs vs Bees 14. September 1986 @ Forum in Montréal, Quebec (Canada)
    Mr. Perfect (sub. for the Undertaker) & Randy Savage defeated Giant Gonzalez & Mr. Hughes (Lowell, MA – Memorial Auditorium – August 18, 1993)
    Hart Foundation vs Power & Glory (1991)
    Studd/Bundy vs Killer Bees August 1986 @ Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan (us express & hillbillies)
    Gonzales vs Kamala 1993/03/22 @ Manhattan Center in New York City, New York
    Rockers vs R&R Express 1988 CWA AWA tiles
    89 big john studd vs big bossman 1/29/89, bad news brown 2/06/89, jake snake 2/15/89
    ultimate warrior vs sid justice, nailz, vader, flair, issac yankem, owen hart
    orndorff/bigelow vs bundy/rude 10/25/87 montreal
    orndorff/bigelow vs bundy/hercules 10/26/87 east rutherford
    patera/graham vs bundy/hercules 7/31 maryland
    orndorff/bundy vs bees, muraco/orton, can-am (tag team tourney)
    dreamteam vs muraco/orton 3/7/87
    tag team champs rockers vs power & glory
    killer bees vs can am connection and vs young stallions
    flair vs undertaker 1992

  10. Daniel Wissert says:

    Warrior, Warrior, Warrior!
    Always Believe!

  11. Chris Bove says:

    i do not care how many WWE dvd’s comes out i will watch them all i am all most done with the WWE films i only have 4 more to watch and i start the WWE dvd set’s all most done with that too

  12. Michael Hay says:

    When will there be a new undertaker dvd/blu ray?

    • Anan says:

      Probably after he officially retires I guess. I actually prefer that’s when a new set comes out on him bc otherwise it’ll be another match compilation set like Tombstone & Deadliest Matches were. While that’s great I think it’s high time he get an Unreleased Matches compilation set which might happen before he officially retires and most definitely high time he get a career spanning retrospective documentary which is what I was really talking about when I said “after he officially retires” in the beginning of the comment. No year should be skipped. I wanna know from the man himself why and the motivation he had to stay with WWF during the Gonzalez feud bc I can definitely see anyone else leaving the company if they had to feud with him for just about an entire year.

  13. Mike Poulin says:

    When will we have some more info on the Unsenn/Unreleased DVD 1986-19985

  14. Patrick J McNamara says:

    Come on true fans make the Bruno Sammartino set happen. I am from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am already excited about the Kurt Angle release this year. All I need is that and NXT greatest matches 2 featuring Adrian Neville and Corey Graves’ NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP victory over The Wyatt Family. Along with The NXT CHAMPIONSHIP match between Seth Rollins and Corey Graves. Also some Bo Dallas NXT CHAMPIONSHIP defenses and his victory over Big E Langston please.

  15. John says:

    I voted for Rick Rude and Andre The Giants, both deserved their own sets but I am disappointed to see Ted Diabase not listed, he deserved his own set, maybe one day….

  16. brandon vendetta says:

    I’m amazed WWE is even considering putting out a Bayley dvd. I can see Charolette Flair or Sasha Banks or even Trish Stratus but Bayley?? Come on now that’s just silly. She is the the poster child of everything that’s wrong with Vince McMahons PG wrestling world. I’d sooner buy a DVD about Eugene or Barry Horriblewitz.

    • LP1 says:

      While I agree that they could wait a little longer before they put out a Bayley release, comparing her to Eugene and Barry Horowitz is ridiculous. I don’t remember those guys having match of the year caliber matches. Did you watch her in NXT?

      • brandon vendetta says:

        Yeah I watched her in nxt and I just don’t like her. If you do god bless ya then you buy her DVD if and when it comes out. Her whole hugger thing nauseates me and plenty of other people for that matter.

      • brandon vendetta says:

        I didn’t compare her to Eugene and Horowitz I just said I’d sooner buy a DVD about them.

  17. Jimbo says:

    Voted for Bruno & Rude. Astonishing that Bruno who is one of the biggest stars in company/wrestling history doesn’t have a release-although that was down to Vince’s pettiness all those years. So many great rude matches & promos/angles from WWF & WCW from 1988-1994, the Chono match from Japan.

  18. Indyfan says:

    I can’t seem to think of any Rick Rude matches worth seeing that aren’t already available on other sets.

    • Gordon Sweeney says:

      Then you haven’t really followed his work or his career then. There’s still a lot of his matches that have yet to see the light of day.

      • Indyfan says:

        Why didn’t you atleast name some? I’d love to see more. I wouldn’t count on WWE for that. They re the masters of repeats.

        • Gordon Sweeney says:

          There’s way too many to name. A lot of his wcw matches have yet to be released, his early nwa stuff, wwe stuff as well. Matches with Steamboat (superbrawl 2), us title vs. Dustin Rhodes (beach blast ’93), challenging Flair for the WCW championship, nwa tag team championship win vs. rock n’ roll express, Intercontinental title win over Warrior have yet to be released.

  19. Roland Smitts says:

    Andre and Macho Man are my votes. The Giant has yet to have a proper disc set made; I’d imagine it would be a set built around the HBO special coming out soon. Maybe a Director’s Cut of that and a couple discs of matches. There’s plenty they’ve never released, like his match with Chuck Wepner. Macho would be great if they really dig deep for some hidden gems, maybe even try for some ICW & Memphis stuff. The Bruno set? Not sure. They just did a Network collection for him and that’s probably what the set would look like. Shotgun? Maybe as a one-disc budget title; nowhere near enough to warrant two or three.

  20. Donald says:

    NXT and HBK, the best things about WWE in the 21st century. You can’t dig that? I got two words for ya!

    • RabidHeat says:

      You got a bit of Booker T in there, lol.

      • Donald says:

        For sure SCSA! As long as the content is good and not just filler matches, I’d be satisfied.

    • SCSA says:

      I agree! There’s so much I would love to watch on an HBK set from the 21st Century – throughout D❎ (except perhaps some of his earlier IC matches like against Vs Rick Martel

  21. Victory says:

    I went with Savage and Rude sets. Wouldn’t mind a Bruno or Warrior one either.

  22. Vintage Simona says:

    Shawn Michaels and Shotgun Saturday Night for me. So many incredible HBK matches yet to make it to DVD, and I fear the longer they leave it, the less likely it becomes.

    Also went for Shotgun because this wasn’t shown in the UK, so I’ve barely seen any of it, other than a few small amount of matches on various comps. Think Taker vs. Helmsley and the tag match from the Lawler set might be all I have, as far as matches go.

    That said, I’m not sure if there’d be enough decent content to fill an entire Shotgun set, so I’d be happy it they just put five or six of the best matches/promos on the already rumoured 1997 set (rather than the flag match for the fiftieth time, good though it is).

    • Jimbo says:

      Pretty sure that Sky used to air Shotgun on Sky, they certainly used to show clips & matches from it on Superstars & Raw.

  23. RabidHeat says:

    I think a ‘Best of the B/C-shows’ DVD would be the way to go. Shotgun Saturday Night, Heat, Velocity, Metal and Jakked – maybe even the best matches from the current incarnations of Superstars and Main Event, and there could be more than one volume then. But yeah, I don’t think 3 discs of ‘Shotgun Saturday Night’ is going to hold up on it’s own, to be honest.

    • RabidHeat says:

      If doing multiple volumes, you could even throw in matches from WCW Worldwide, Saturday Night and Thunder. At least you can maintain match quality then.

    • Frank says:

      The last thing fans want are a bunch of squash matches which was what silly were on the B or C shows with the occasional good match here and there

  24. Ryan Johansson says:

    A lot of these sound great. I love unreleased matches and especially the Randy Savage ones. I wouldn’t really like to see the Ravishing Rick Rude and Shotgun Saturday ones though. Or even just a “Best of the Minor Show’s” release featuring Heat, Velocity, Shotgun Saturday, Superstars and WCW Thunder/ Saturday Night. That would be great seeing a song how none of those shows are on the WWE Network.

    • Ryan Johansson says:

      That should say “I WOULD like to see the Rick Rude and Shotgun Saturday ones”. Rick Rude is one of my favorites and he should get his own DVD by now.

  25. Kevin N. says:

    I think Shotgun a great idea but there weren’t many great matches to be remember for…they might as well released a “BEST OF SATURDAY NIGHTS EVENT” DVD, where there is a WCW, WWE or any other promotions that had Saturday Night matches at the time. Hell, include Velocity in the mix.

    • whutwhut says:

      there already was a “Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event” set (which was great) some years back.

      I would agree regarding WCW tv – I feel they barely touched some timeframes and shows.

      (also it could hopefully lead to Flair vs. Steamboat Volume Five – aka the match that took place on “WCW Saturday Night” – finally being available on dvd)

  26. Foley Is Good says:

    Rick Rude and NXT.

  27. Guest says:

    The shotgun Saturday night dvd set sounds good because of the era it was presented in. In my opinion. I’d there really enough good matches and segments for a whole release? Will they be championship matches or matches with any meaning? I didn’t watch much of that show so I don’t remember. However I guess it will be nice just having something on that show in my collection. I still think a Smokey Mountain Wrestling documentary and compilation of matches should be looked in to and considered.

    • brandon vendetta says:

      A smokey mountain set sounds great I’d buy it. What about a Memphis wrestling set?? Doesnt Jerry Lawler own the rights to the Memphis catalog?? Surprised that set was never under consideration to my knowledge. There was a documentary called Memphis Heat that came out years ago but it didn’t have any matches on it..

      • whutwhut says:

        while I would love to see more footage from other territories, I assume it’s unlikely.

        (afaik none of the sets that covered promotions besides WWE/F, WCW and ECW have done well)

  28. Tom says:

    Ultimate Warrior Unreleased? Wasn’t that the previous set but with a documentary?

    Macho Man Unreleased? Wasn’t that the previous set but with a documentary also?

    Shawn Michaels Unreleased? Pretty sure I’ve seen two of these before titled Heartbreak & Triumph and My Journey.

    Women’s Revolution? Boring.
    Andre the Giant? Boring
    Bruno Sammartino? Boring.
    Wyatt Family? Too soon.
    NXT 2? You call spot fest match pro wrestling? Pass

  29. Guest says:

    The andre set would be great if they included a well made documentary with time put into it. Also the matches should be from a few different promotions. They could use wwwf,wwf, awa, mid South. Some puerto Rico stuff. There’s a lot of material they could use. Most fans today wouldn’t enjoy most of his matches because a lot of the fans now don’t appreciate Andre. I know in mid South they did a lot of 8 and 10 man tags with Stan Hansen, RIC flair, Hacksaw, Paul Jones. And then throw in some AWA battle royals as well. If they put time and effort into it then it could be very enjoyable.

    • brandon vendetta says:

      Agree with guest on the Andre DVD . if his matches from some of the other promotions are on the set it would be very enjoyable. And also agree that fans now don’t appreciate Andre. He might not have been a great technical wrestler by any means but he was one of the greatest legends of all time. They created the hall of fame in his honor, that’s how much of a legend he was. The 1 disc Andre DVD that came out in 2004 is only an hour and a half long and it doesn’t do his career justice in my book.

      • whutwhut says:

        also makes sense because that was just a rerelease of an old Coliseum vhs tape that was originally released in 1985 or 1986 (so before WrestleMania III even took place).

        (and while I appreciate that this way some matches that otherwise would have never been released again ended up on dvd, it’s really not a career-spanning set at all)

  30. brandon vendetta says:

    Anyone else find it unbelievable that an undertaker documentary set isn’t anywhere on that list?? How the hell is that even possible?? He’s retired and he’s probably going into the hall of fame next year. What on earth is the WWE waiting for?? The fans have been talking about it and wanting it for years and years now. Guaranteed it would sell more than all the sets they are considering making combined. I just don’t get it. making a long awaited and well overdue undertaker doc set should be priority number 1 as far as DVD sets are concerned. I wish the WWE would just stop keeping the fans in the dark about this and come out and say if its ever going to be made or not. It’s getting ridiculous already.

    • Vintage Simona says:

      I’m assuming it’s not listed because they don’t need to poll fan interest on that title – as they already know it will be a huge seller when they finally release it. This market research is purely to establish which more ‘borderline’ options people would be interested in. I wouldn’t assume the titles listed are the only ones being considered for release.

      • brandon vendetta says:

        I thought that too but who knows. As of a few weeks ago according to a post on here its still considered to be a “myth” so thats not very comforting. Im just sick of waiting and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  31. d.p. says:

    HBK = Absolutely
    Warrior = I’ve had my fill of him with the 3 sets they’ve already put out on him
    Macho Man = Absolutely
    Best Of Shotgun = If this is one of those quick one disc sets I can watch in one sitting then sure but otherwise I’ll pass
    Trish/Sasha/Bayley = Not intested in individual sets, just put them all on the womens set
    Andre = Not interested in this as I probably wouldn’t watch it more than once but definately waiting on the documentry coming out soon
    Rick Rude = Long overdue
    Bruno = They just did a collection of matches on the Network so not interested. It’s not something I would watch more than once.
    Wyatt Family = Depends on the listing
    NXT Matches = Sure
    Takeover specials = Already got them on the network

  32. Stephen says:

    I’ve said for years that the TakeOvers should be released on DVD

  33. RICHARD W says:

    I’m in for the Shotgun Saturday Night and NXT V2 DVD sets, but throw in Best of Nitro Volume 4 into the mix as well.

    • whutwhut says:

      what worthwhile content would there be left for a fourth “Best of Nitro”?

      • RCS1988 says:

        At some point they would have to include Benoit matches.

      • Mark Markson says:

        The third volume of the Best of Nitro was not that good IMO. So I agere that there is no need for a 4th set.

        I’d rather see a best of WCW Saturday Night set.

        Some fans also want a WCW Thunder set. I’m not really interested in that, because WCW was pretty bad when Thunder debuted.

  34. Max says:

    I voted for the HBK/ Savage sets….. I really do NOT want an NXT set. I don’t watch but I picked up volume one, and I HATE how smarks ruined it with the “this is awesome, this is wrestling” stupid chants. It’s so annoying and ruins the moments

  35. Max says:

    Where’s the Best of Heath Slater?!?

  36. Domivee says:

    My top three are :
    Best of Shogun Saturday Night
    Just such a unique concept show that people still seem to be talking about to this day. I wasn’t able to watch nearly enough of it at the time and there seems to be so little of it available. At the very least they should put it on The Network already.

    Best of Shawn Michaels: Unreleased
    Shawn was one of the greatest performers of all time! And he was in an era where they seemed to record a lot of house show type stuff too. I’d be very curious to see this, especially if his WWE Championship Ladder Match against Goldust from Xperience in Toronto is on here.

    and Best of NXT vol.2
    This is the one I didn’t vote for, ultimately because I think this is a likely release at some point in the future. But some of the consistently best wrestling going on in WWE today is happening in NXT. That Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match at last years Mania weekend TakeOver was magic! The energy, the build, the match itself, everything. It made it instantly a fan of Nakamura. This blu-ray set would be worth it for that match alone in my opinion.

    • LP1 says:

      The ladder match with Goldust wasn’t professionally taped, with a hard camera and all that. They had only a few handheld cameras at ringside for it. Contrary to what some people online think, that Ex-perience show was never filmed in full and never aired anywhere. I’ve seen ridiculous stories from people claiming they watched it live as an internet-only PPV. That’s laughable considering live video streaming in 1996 was non existent. That show was just a house show. Nothing more. If they did record the full match with Shawn and Goldust, it will probably be in the same vein as Attitude Era Vol 3 where there’s no commentary and it’s more like a fan-cam shot.

    • ChadWWE says:

      I remember going to bars during Shotgun Saturday Night’s run and the bars would have it on TV. That was a great show.

  37. Nicolas Hébert says:

    On the HBK DVD, they must put the Wrestlemania X Ladder Match against Razor Ramon or I will not buy it!!!

  38. whutwhut says:

    my thoughts on every single one of them.

    “NXT Greatest Matches: Volume 2”: seems the likeliest of all of these. I guess the only thing that would keep that from happening would be surprisingly weak sales for the upcoming “NXT: From Secret to Success” set.

    “The Best of Shotgun Saturday Night”: already commented on that below.

    “Macho Man: Unreleased”: while I love Randy Savage (he’s actually my favorite wrestler of all time), I’m not sure if there are enough quality/interesting matches for another set (remember that most houseshows matches weren’t **** classics). so it might end up being similar to the “Unreleased” set for Hogan several years ago.

    “The Best of Ravishing Rick Rude”: unlike the Savage set, there is more potential unreleased footage with Rude due to him being in other promotions before and after his time in the WWF, making this set seem more worthwhile.

    “Shawn Michaels: Unreleased”: similar to Savage, I’m really not sure what they want to put on this. I mean, there have been four dvd releases about him (not to mention him appearing on other releases like the “Kliq” dvd/bd), pretty much everything that is REALLY good has been released already.

    “The Best of Andre the Giant”: as mentioned below I would very much wish for this to happen in form of a set including a documentary. also it would likely be one of those sets that has pre-Hulkamania footage on it (which of course seems to make it more unlikely to happen, since afaik no release like that has ever had strong sales).

    “The Best of Trish Stratus”: really should have happened already, considering the way Stratus is perceived by fans and the promotion (and how she is presented). while the more recent influx of female talent has somewhat changed the perspective about how good she was, she is still rightfully considered WWE’s most noteworthy female worker of the whole decade she competed in.

    “Ultimate Warrior: Unreleased”: isn’t that basically what the third set was? it even included matches against jobbers (and no, I’m not using “jobbers” synonymous with mid- or undercarders here). so why should this one turn out better then?

    “The Best of Bruno Sammartino”: while I would like to see it, I think the “old footage doesn’t sell” applies here even more than for André (who due to his persona, appearance and, obviously, famous feud against Hogan seems to have much more positive recognition for middle aged fans).

    “Women’s Revolution”: if it would include a well-made documentary portion, then I’d be all for it. if it’s just a match compilation, I wouldn’t be so inclined to buy (the more recent portion of this set is probably going to be a lot of repeats, since those were the most important matches/segments).

    “Sasha Banks” / “Bayley” / “The Wyatt Family”: the only one I would really care for is the one about Bayley, because afaik she has the most interesting story. but of course that would only be relevant if these get a documentary in the first place. otherwise I wouldn’t need any of these.

    • Indyfan says:

      Check out Savages no dqs with Tito Santana and tell me they don’t deserve to be on dvd

      • whutwhut says:

        I agree about some of these (afair not every match against Hogan in MSG from 1986 has been released). but we’re likely talking about a three disc set, right? (meaning they would have to dig up A LOT of stuff)

        • Brad Attitude says:

          WWE have yet to release much of his work from Memphis and WCW.

          • whutwhut says:

            I’m not sure the WWE owns the footage of the ICW and CWA, I assume they don’t.

            if so, that would mean it would be mostly from his WCW run – of which all the best moments and matches (and a lot of “okayish” ones) have been released already.

  39. Mark says:

    Please someone, anyone help me understand why the hell would you want warrior unreleased? Micheals and savage have probably hundreds upon hundreds of unreleased gems but warrior? Come on! The guy sucks and they’ve released enough to warrant his career.

    • LP1 says:

      Why would anyone want his unreleased matches? Because they’re fans of his. It’s that simple. The guy was a huge star and drew money. His previous releases must’ve sold great if they’re considering making another release for him. As for him sucking, not true. As I said, the guy drew a ton of money. “But he did the same 3 moves over and over! Horrible workrate! His promos sucked!” And he drew more money than almost anyone during his era. That’s what it’s all about.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        Just because he was a big draw doesn’t mean he was a good wrestler.

        • LP1 says:

          And just because you’re a good wrestler doesn’t mean you’re a draw. What’s your point?

          • Brad Attitude says:

            You just implied Warrior was a good wrestler all because of his star appeal and how big of a draw he was. That isn’t true at all. He was never known for being a great wrestler or worker. He was very limited in his skillset.

            • LP1 says:

              I never implied he was a great wrestler. But a “worker”? He absolutely didn’t suck. I just had this convo with someone a few weeks back about being a good worker. Not to get into the whole spiel again, but the number one job of a wrestler is to draw as much money as possible. Not “make” as much money as possible. A lot of guys made a ton of money, but didn’t draw anything but flies. Drawing money, meaning making people want to spend money and buy tickets and PPVs/the Network to see you wrestle, buy your merchandise, etc. is what matters most. And Warrior did just that. Whether he only did 3 moves or not is irrelevant. He got people interested in him and paying to see him. That’s a good worker.

              • Brad Attitude says:

                Wrong, a good worker is someone who can have good to great matches with others. That’s what the term has always meant, nothing to do with being a money draw.

                • LP1 says:

                  Not necessarilly. The term “work” in itself has many meanings in the wrestling business. Dean Malenko, Bret Hart, great in ring workers. Roddy Piper, The Rock, great at working the crowd. Hulk Hogan, perhaps the greatest worker of all time. The guy is always in “work mode” 24/7, even til this day. Whether you’re working in the ring, working the crowd, or even working the boys, the bottom line is it’s all done for the sole purpose of drawing money. If you’re in the ring doing 100 holds and 100 flips and have the greatest psychology and putting on a technical clinic, but the crowd isn’t into it and they’re not responding to you as a character, then you suck. You’re not doing your job right. On the other hand, if you can do just 1 move and the crowd is going apeshit for you and wants to pay money to see you again, then you’re awesome. Warrior was awesome at getting the crowd worked up. And part of being a worker is working the crowd.

                  • Brad Attitude says:

                    Don’t twist it around, you implied Warrior was a good wrestler by stating he’s a good worker which he wasn’t.

                    • LP1 says:

                      You really should re-read everything I wrote. You’re drawing your own conclusions.

                    • Brad Attitude says:

                      No need when you continue to twist the words around. I know what “good worker” means.

      • Vintage Simona says:

        I’m not disagreeing with you by any means, but is there really much left to put on a Warrior set at this stage? I mean, most of his PPV matches were on the last sets, and a lot of his TV matches are already accounted for too. Hell, even his squash matches from Wrestling Challenge and Superstars have been included. Is there really enough left over to warrant a third volume? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his past sets, I’m just curious as to what people would want on it.

        • LP1 says:

          They can easily get another 20-22 matches on an unreleased set. There’s a ton of matches from MSG, Boston, the Spectrum, Maple Leaf Gardens, overseas tours, Coliseum Video exclusives, TV matches, dark matches and more that they can include. Not all of them would be considered “classic” matches, but on an unreleased set for anybody you’re really not gonna get classic matches as they would most likely already be released.

  40. Indyfan says:

    Macho Nan and HBK un released all the way. Andre set would suck outside the documentary. In that case make a network special on him. I’d be ok with a Shotgun set but I’d rather a WCW thunder set.

    Can we get so more tag team wrestling sets? Like best of the Midnight Express or best of the Hart Foundation? Even a documentary on the Express would rule

  41. whutwhut says:

    I don’t even understand what would be on a “Best of Shotgun” set…

    afaik this isn’t like “Superstars” in the 80’s/early 90’s, hardly anything of note ever happened on “Shotgun”.

    (and unlike a c-show like “Velocity” there are likely not even that many “forgotten” quality matches that one could pick from).

    • Jay Tinzz says:

      Boobs happened. Terry Funk/Austin situation happened. Shotgun was awesome.

      • whutwhut says:

        I feel you’re talking about the initial concept (which had the things you mentioned) … but that was very quickly scrapped.

  42. Sigrev2 says:

    sweet fancy moses, we don’t need another shawn michaels set. bitter as f**k. fingers crossed we get the warrior/nxt/trish sets.

  43. Derick says:

    You forgot to list the DVD they have planned for The Miz

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Which is? Actually we did talk about a Miz one in the last “2018” post ( but have heard nothing definitive on it. The Miz wasn’t listed on the survey above.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        …which is Aaaaaawesome! he he he

      • Nick says:

        FYI, I just got a survey in my email and only a few mentioned above were on it. They must be sending out different surveys to different people. Only ones above that were in mine were Women’s Rev and Bruno. My survey had Goldust Doc, Kevin Nash Doc, Miz Doc, AJ Styles Doc, Kurt Angle Doc, DiBiase Doc, Best of 1998, Goldberg, New Day, Charlotte and Balor

    • whutwhut says:

      his story would be so worth being put into a well-produced documentary.

  44. Mark Markson says:

    Voted for unreleased sets with Michaels and Savage. I’d also be happy with an unreleased set with Warrior, but I expect sets with Michaels and Savage will have better matches.

    I’d also like to see another NXT compilation. And to see the Takeover shows on DVD/blu-ray.

    If they do an Andre set, I fear it will mainly include matches that are already available on DVD. That makes an Andre set less appealing to me. But no doubt he deserves a set, never the less.

    • whutwhut says:

      in theory they would have no problem filling it with unreleased material from the 70’s and early 80’s.

      (“in theory” due to the WWE having become more hesitant about releasing footage that old)

  45. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Much much better than this year (only bought WrestleMania Monday Bluray and problaly gonna buy the Unreleased 1986-1995 set as the sole 2 sets)..

    I believe it, when I see it, based on previous years on/off potentials.

    But.. Warrior and Savage unreleased collections (my 2 favorite picks on that list), along with Michaels, Andre, Rude and Shotgun Saturday. Bruno is a big maybe, since Im not that big a fan of the style of that time, but understands the huge impact he has had.

    Rest of the list can make Jericho’s List, cos Im not hot on Bailey and Sasha and already got the old Trish-Bag release which is enough Stratusfaction for me. 😉

  46. Daniel says:

    I doubt they will bring out another NXT DVD with a new one coming out this December

    • whutwhut says:

      it’s safe to say that this will be the measuring stick. if the December release doesn’t do awful, “Volume 2” is probably going to get made.

  47. LP1 says:

    Most likely all of these will be released. Every year WWE does these surveys and it ends up with most of them being made.

    • whutwhut says:

      how is that true?

      here is a list of some of the potential releases that have been mentioned in these surveys but haven’t come to life (yet):

      1998: a Look back, The Best of 1996 (kind of interesting that we will end up with a 1997 set though), The Best of WWE Superstars, Black History, Epic Undercard, Greatest Rivalries Dreamer vs. Raven, Taz vs. Sabu, Hogan vs. Piper, Austin vs. The Rock and McMahon vs. Bischoff (too lazy to check now, but I assume the sales for the Michaels vs. Hart weren’t that strong?), History of the Tag Team Championships, Iron Man Matches, Masters on the Mic, New Generation/Survival Mode: The Early 90’s, Top 25 Celebrity Moments, The True Story of SummerSlam, WrestleMania III: 30 Years later, Rising Superstars, The Story of Tribute to the Troops, Best of World Class Championship Wrestling…

      as well as documentaries on Kevin Nash, the New Day, Goldberg, Charlotte Flair, Finn Balor, Alberto Del Rio, the Anoa’i family, Bruno Sammartino, Booker T, JBL, Lex Luger, Mark Henry, Goldust and Cody Rhodes, Kane, Sheamus, Stephanie McMahon, Sycho Sid, Nexus (“Where are they now?”) and the Undertaker…

      and finally (new) match compilations for John Cena, Roman Reigns, Shane McMahon, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, the Hart Foundation…

      (and I still left a lot of potential titles out)

      so it’s really not like every hypothetical concept will end up being actually produced (or it is produced but ends up on the Network, like what happened with the third “OMG!” volume featuring ECW moments).

  48. Jon says:

    Andre the Giant is on the list every year it seems and nothing comes to fruition, let’s hope that this will be the time it works out. What a great list of potential DVDs it is hard to choose just two.

    • whutwhut says:

      I hope that as well. I would love for the WWE to put some effort in and create a “definitive” André the Giant biography.

    • Foley Is Good says:

      Isn’t HBO making an Andre Documentary.

      • brandon vendetta says:

        HBO making an Andre doc?? Where did you hear about that??

        • brandon vendetta says:

          Never mind I just looked it up and turns out HBO is teaming up with WWE to do an Andre doc. Wow that’s news to me. Hope its done properly and covers alot of ground. HBO has made many good docs in the past so it has potential.

  49. James says:

    Just release them all. I’ll be buying 🙂

  50. Jeff Copeland says:

    voted hbk and macho but SERIOUSLY BAILEY and Sasha ??? SIGHS!!! i can maybe understand owens and rollins dvds but even those are to early.

    the rest look damn good 2017 gonna be a good year!!

    • Sigrev2 says:

      i can kinda see Bayley and Sasha sets working out if they’re anything like the Superstar Series releases from a few years back. but full 3 disc sets? i don’t think so, tim.

      • Jeff Copeland says:

        yeah i would of done that for sasha, bayley seth owens and few others. 3 disk NO!!! RUDE needs a 3 disk, dibasie needs a 3 disk

        i sorta wanted another wcw ppv dvd like havoc or superbrawl or fall brawl.

        as far as title dvds ? cw/light heavyweight title. EUROPEAN TITLE!!!

  51. Archangel says:

    I’ve been waiting years for an Andre DVD. NXT, Macho Man, Rick Rude, and Bruno Sammartino would also be good choices. WWE should wait another year before releasing a Sasha Banks or Bayley DVD. I see no real need for another Ultimate Warrior DVD. And Shotgun was good at first, but if I’m correct, it didn’t last very long as a unique show. They should just put some of those on WWE Network instead of an entire DVD.

    • LP1 says:

      I agree about Shotgun. I’ve been waiting for those early episodes from January and February ’99 to show up on the Network. The original format of airing the shows every week live from a different local nightclub, restaurant, etc only lasted for 6 weeks before they decided to just tape the show prior to Raw. I remember the local NY station WLNY was upset about the San Antonio bar fight episode where Terry Funk just started cursing in his promo and they wound up airing the next week’s show an hour later on tape delay so they could bleep out any cursing. That eventually lead to the WWF just saying the heck with it and making it a taped show for the next few years. It ran until August ’99 until it was replaced by Jakked which was essentially the same exact show with a different name.

  52. yeahitsme says:


    • yeahitsme says:

      seriously though I voted for Macho Man and Shotgun but Trish is a close third overall those are some good choices

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