New Jimmy Hart DVD Preview, Latest WWE Survey, Hell in a Cell Extras Update

November 19, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Jimmy Hart: Keep on Rockin’ releases today through JPA Entertainment at

As announced earlier this month, the DVD is a shoot interview with a twist – Jimmy Hart’s career in music is the focus.

Jimmy Hart Keep on Rockin' DVD Cover

You can watch the debut trailer here and get all the details on what’s included. Below we have a exclusive new preview clip of the interview conducted with Hart.

The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment was also released today!

Dan Epps found the DVD version on sale for just $14.99 at K-Mart and sent in this pic.

The History of WWE DVD Set

Hell in a Cell 2013 is the next incoming WWE DVD release and hits stores one week today! You can pre-order that for just $10.99 by clicking here.

We have confirmation of runtimes for each of the 3 extra features present on the DVD and some first look screenshots below.

Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow (9 minutes, 13 seconds)

– CM Punk Reflects on Hell in a Cell (1 minute, 11 seconds)

– Exclusive 1st Interview with John Cena since Returning From Injury
(1 minute, 41 seconds)

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 DVD Extras

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 DVD Extra - CM Punk Interview

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 DVD Extra - John Cena Interview

Rick Velazquez sends word of finding “The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden” DVD marked down to just $12.99 at Best Buy stores right now.

Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD Deal

If online buying is your thing, until Friday WWEShop are offering 20% off and FREE shipping on all $50+ orders placed on the site and that includes your DVD and Blu-ray pick-ups.

Use promo code “NOV20” at by clicking here

WWE DVDs and Blu-rays On Sale

Early next year Australia will get a “WWE: 2013 Ultimate Pay-Per-View Collection” box set of all the PPV DVDs of this year bundled together. You may recall the same was released for the 2012 PPVs in that region, the artwork for which is shown below.

Australia Ultimate WWE PPV 2012 DVD Box Set

The most recent “Fan Council” survey issued by WWE looked at video formats and “side bars” shown on standard definition material. In the survey four video formats were shown to the respondent – two with “side bars” (pure black or patterned) and two with stretched out footage covering the full screen. The respondent was asked to give their opinion of each format shown and choose the one which they felt was the best viewing experience.

A screenshot of the video format with patterned bars is shown below.

WWE Survey on Video Formats & Sidebars

WWE has a library of videos that were produced in Standard Definition. We would like your opinion on what format these Standard Definition videos should take when they are converted to High Definition video format.

You will be shown four different formats of the same video footage as it would appear on your TV, smartphone or tablet. After each video, you will be asked to rate the format.

Please look at the shape, size, and overall appearance of the full screen, NOT the sound quality or picture resolution.

A huge lot of 84 WWE DVDs is being auctioned off later today. It contains a good mix of rare out-of-print WWF DVDs like Royal Rumble 2000-2002 and recent releases such as The Attitude Era and Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come! Click here or the pic below to go to it.

Huge WWE DVD Collection

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. AD Degreez says:

    Zoom is so annoying I hated it on the triple h dvd when they showed his first title win against foley it was pointless showing it like that… I will be very disappointed if future releases are zoomed. The ppv box set is awesome I picked up the 2012 set 3 months ago for only $59!!!

  2. Kenny says:

    Is this Fan Council thing something anybody can sign up for? If so, how?

  3. Kenny says:

    I can’t stand it when they use the zoom on classic footage to make it fit widescreen. The picture looks grossly distorted, and you don’t even see everything in the original frame.

    Keep the sidebars…or even better, don’t format it for widescreen!!!

  4. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I actually like the sidebars on the SD footage on Blu-rays. I think even with the bars, the footage looks better than it does on DVD. I hope they keep the bars. At the rate they’re going… I hope they keep the damn Blu-rays!

  5. David says:

    People that choose to have SD footage stretched on widescreen televisions are fools, plain and simple. SD footage is meant to be displayed in native 4:3 with sidebars if played on a widescreen tv.

    I would hate if WWE did that. They did that crap with Best of RAW 2009, even though it was filmed in 16:9 widescreen and John Morrison Rock Star.

    • @IMDJLUIS says:

      They didn’t stretch it, they just didn’t present the wide screen version, but rather the full screen version, which was still appropriately cropped. I think it wasn’t until sometime in the middle of 2008 that the DVDs were finally presented in wide screen.

      • David says:

        Yeah, i recall Wrestlemania 24 was the first ppv presented in widescreen on DVD and of course Blu-ray. Royal Rumble and No Way out 2008 were both in full screen.

        Since I switched to HD in 2005 i’m use to watching SD footage with side bars so any wrestling DVD or any other show I watch has to be in that format. Stretched footage looks like crap.

    • LP1 says:

      I agree completely. I also don’t care for any kind of designs, logos or different colors on the sidebars. They just distract from the picture. Keep the black bars and keep the 4:3 frame. That’s how the picture is supposed to be seen. If anyone wants to distort the picture by stretching it then they can do that with their TV settings.

  6. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    I was meaning to go to Costo last night after hanging out with a friend last night But then again i was too tired So maybe next time i’ll go and check if USA has those boxes I wanted to check if they had it

    • Daniel Bee says:

      It’s gonna be a Canadian exclusive I would think. It’s released by eOne. Also the similar box set to this released a year or two back only made it to Canada too.

      The one in the article above is different though – it’s all 2013 PPVs and that’s for Australia next year.

  7. @IMDJLUIS says:

    How do you get added to the Fan Council?

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