Exclusive: Previews of ‘Signature Sounds: Music of WWE’ DVD – Jim Johnston

March 12, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Signature Sound - The Music of WWE DVD Cover Art Revealed

There’s just 6 days left until “The Music of WWE” DVD is released!

This special single-disc DVD counts down the greatest 25 entrance themes of all time and includes newly filmed interviews with WWE composer Jim Johnston, along with new and archive interviews with the Superstars.

Below, we can now reveal two exclusive video clips! They preview the “Mankind – Ode to Freud” segment of the main documentary, and the “William Regal – He’s a Man” extra segment on the disc.

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Stephanie McMahon tweeted out that she is filming for a fitness themed DVD today.

Back in December a “Fan Council” survey was issued and one of the new ideas on there was a WWE Fitness DVD. The survey respondent could choose which Superstars or Divas they would most like to be involved in the project and one of those was Stephanie McMahon.

WWE Fan Council Survey - Fitness DVD
WWE Stephanie McMahon Fitness DVD

Heads up, this eBay seller is auctioning off 15 rare WWF DVDs individually today! Those include Attitude Collection titles, WrestleMania 18, Backlash 2002, and others.

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Rare WWF Attitude Collection DVDs

As you may recall, the WWE TLC 2013 PPV made it only to DVD format when released recently. However, an exclusive Blu-ray edition is on the way later this month to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. It will be released by WWEDVD.co.uk on March 31st.

WWE TLC - Tables Ladders & Chairs 2013 DVD & Blu-ray

There will be 1 hour and 18 minutes of bonus footage included only on the Blu-ray. That includes the Smackdown tag match between the Rhodes brothers and The Shield which turned into a 6-man tag match, which then turned into a 12-man tag match! A full rundown of Blu-ray exclusives, screenshots and individual runtimes follows below.

Blu-ray Exclusives

WWE Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield

SmackDown • November 29, 2013:
Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield (19:43)

WWE CM Punk in 6-Man Tag Match

SmackDown • November 29, 2013:
Cody Rhodes, Goldust & CM Punk vs. The Shield (9:31)

WWE Wyatt Family in 12-Man Tag Match

SmackDown • November 29, 2013:
Cody Rhodes, Goldust, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio & The Usos vs. The Shield & The Wyatt Family (9:32)

WWE John Cena & Randy Orton Contract Signing

Monday Night RAW • December 2, 2013:
– John Cena vs. Randy Orton Contract Signing (20:33)

WWE Daniel Bryan in Championship Ascension Ceremony

Monday Night RAW • December 9, 2013:
– Championship Ascension Ceremony (19:22)


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  1. Kelsey says:

    Does this have any andre the giant matchers on It? From this year?

  2. I WANT THAT Championship Ascension Ceremony !!!

  3. number1jf says:

    Oh, here’s the link to that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8bNwHpCDpA.

  4. number1jf says:

    I just realized that the Johnston segment at the piano was shot around April of 2013, as he is wearing the exact same thing in this video where he preforms Fandango’s “ChaChaLaLa”. This DVD may have been planned for a while.

  5. stub says:

    Really looking forward to the signature sounds DVD,it’s something different and about time we heard more from Jim Johnston,he doesn’t get enough recognition for all the work he’s put in over the years and I think he deserves a spot in the hall of fame someday.

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