New Survey of Potential 2014 WWE DVDs – Sting, Heyman, Attitude Era Vol. 2?

October 24, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE DVD Blu-Ray 2014

As of today you can add another 16 WWE DVD and Blu-ray titles to the list of potential releases for next year!

WWE has sent out another survey to “Fan Council” members (the third following this survey and this one issued less than a month ago) gauging interest in several 3-disc DVD ideas.

You can see all of the options below and they include the likes of Volume 2 follow ups for The Attitude Era and “OMG!”, plus compilation and documentary sets on Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior and Paul Heyman. Thanks to Chris and other WDN readers in “Fan Council”.


WWE DVD Survey 2014 Sting & Paul Heyman

If you haven’t been issued the survey then take our poll below to show your interest.

Which ONE of the WWE DVD titles mentioned in the survey most interests you?

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In the official survey the 16 titles were presented as options in the following contexts.

How likely are you to purchase the following DVDs if they were available in retail stores for $19.99?

Rank the 16 DVDs in order of most interesting to least interesting.

Please select the following titles which would round out your collection.

Please select the following titles you would be proud to own.

Which would you watch over and over?

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Which would make a good gift?

Please select which DVDs seem like content you can get for free on places like YouTube, Netflix, or other online sites.

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  1. John Paul says:

    Bullshit list. Kurt Angle Doc. Macho Man Randy Savage Documentary. A proper Ultimate Warrior Documentary.

  2. Spritz1999 says:

    Paul Heyman Bio – Would love to hear more about his time in ECW, his short time in WCW as Paul E Dangerously, & his feud with Stephanie McMahon in WWE when he returned… this one is a must!
    Attitude Era Vol. 2 – Would love to see the 2nd vol of this… there is so much more you can do with the Attitude Era, and I can see 2 more volumes after vol. 2… depending on how well it sells! 🙂

    Sting Matches – One that has been wanted & talked about for a long time! I think this one will be a definite yes! Would be better with a doc., but we all know this is not going to happen!

    Best of RAW: Not on RAW – Hmmm… could be quite interesting… depends on what all would be on it, but it could be cool to watch!

    OMG! Vol. 2 (WCW themed) – As far as I remember the 1st one did not do so well… even though I liked it. But, a WCW version may be a pretty good idea…although I see Glacier, Shockmaster, or David Arquette’s WCW Title reign in the top 3!

    Best of Great American Bash – Looking forward to this one… the WCW version of GAB had a lot of memorable moments & matches… including Hulk Hogan’s own family getting involved!

    Bruno Sammartino Bio – This one could be interesting… long awaited for sure! Can’t wait to see the story behind one of the greatest!

    WWE Around the World – This would be an amazing dvd… as us over here in the US can not get the annuals, Live Froms… or anything like that unless we have a region free blu-ray/dvd… well, this would be great to see!
    Ultimate Warrior Matches – Last time we got a Warrior Bio, it was all smash talking from the start… but, then again they had a good reason! I mean Warrior was an egotistical jackass… so yeah. But, a collection of his matches would be a good way to put some goodness back in to the memory of the Warrior character!

    Best of WCCW – This one could be as great as the Legends of Mid South if given a chance!

    Wrestling Factions – Don’t understand what exactly they could do here… have there been enough factions to do a whole set on them? I mean I can recall DX, NWO, The Hart Dynasty… but I don’t believe there has been enough to do a 3 discer on… MAYBE a 2 disc, but most likely a one.

    Nexus – This one I heard a lot of interest over when they were still around, mostly because of the impact that they made at the start of their reign!

    WrestleMania Main Events – Ehhh… seeing as we are already getting the Michaels WM dvd… I mean hasn’t there been enough WrestleMania sets to last a couple of years?

    Best of PPVs – I believe the best PPVS would not sell so well… we already have a best ppv matches of the year set annually & a RAW/SD! set annually also!

    Top Giants – I think this could be an ok set. Not the greatest, but good enough to put on my shelf!

    John Cena Matches – As you can tell from this poll & the last poll WWE took… no one cares about another John Cena dvd doc. or matches wise! But, more than likely it will happen anyway… so no luck there! This was honestly the only one on this list I didn’t care for…. the others I can look forward to all day long!

  3. There was a compilation Randy Savage DVD made of just matches. We want a “Macho Man” Randy Savage Life Story & Matches DVD with commentary by his family, real friends and co workers.
    Also a Ultimate Warrior DVD of Warriors Life and Matches as well with the same content.
    Plus… Sting, Owen Hart, Tatanka, The Rockers, Demolition, Scott Hall, DDP, and lots more.
    They deserve it!

  4. These surveys are not accurate. WWE fixes these polls and says this is what the fans voted, just like on polls on Monday night RAW for match stipulations, opponents, etc.
    These are lots more people who want a new DVD of Ultimate Warrior, Sting, WWF days and more.

  5. A DVD for ULTIMATE WARRIOR is way over due. I will not purchase anymore WWE DVD’s until I purchase a new ULTIMATE WARRIOR DVD. Ultimate Warrior deserves a new DVD and positive one. Not like the last BS Bash Job one!
    ONE WARRIOR NATION will always be #1 to me.
    It only makes ULTIMATE sense!

  6. Cory O'Neal says:

    Would love to see the bio on Heyman, also a huge fan of Best of Great American Bash. I’d be psyched for those two, Sting match comp could be solid also.

  7. Mike Poulin says:

    I have a feeling the Warrior set will happen as i think he’s going in the Hall of Fame this year

  8. Mike Poulin says:

    Sting, Warrior, Bruno, Attitude Volume 2. and WWE Around the World i hope those four make the list.

  9. Sake Joe says:

    Being a fan of the history of the sport, I really want them to produce the Bruno bio and match collection as I think that is long overdue. I however like alot of the ideas on this list, including the top 3 in voting: Heyman, Attitude Era Vol. 2, and Sting match collection.

  10. InsideTheCodeX says:

    Attitude Era Vol.2 sounds great as so much was left out from the first one.

  11. Shawn Phelan says:

    Yes Jake, the refs pour ketchup on the wrestlers. Then afterwards, they all dip French fries in it.

  12. WWEFan2013 says:

    Could we get a TV-MA set? Not had one of those since ECW: Extreme Rules in 2007.

  13. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    One word……STINGER!!

  14. dolphin1925 says:

    I predict most of these dvds will be released next year. My top picks are
    Attitude Era vol. 2
    Best of Great American Bash
    Wrestling Factions

  15. Colin V. says:

    A much better survey list! I hope we at least get one of the WCW options as a release for next year. I grew up on WCW and I want more sets! Top Giants would be good too, as well as WCCW.

  16. mark foster says:

    Really hope sting,ultimate warrior,the giants,makes it to dvd next year.I am confused that paul haymen is leading in the vote since he dosent wrestle.

  17. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    If they do come out with the Top Giants in Wrestling History set, I hope they put the Legends of Wrestling episode about giants as a Blu-ray exclusive like the nWo and RAW sets had.

  18. miz4life says:

    Too many good choices. Bruno, Heyman, Sting, Giants (See my Fantasy Concept) Warrior Attitude, Raw & Around the World sound great.

  19. Big Jon says:

    In regards to Kevin Von Erich as a killer (sorry I do not know how to reply to posts on my phone) is according to the author of the book Fritz Von Erich master of the iron claw. Ron G Mullinax was a caregiver and good friend of Jack Addison (Fritz) and his family. Ron transcribed Jack’s dictation of his memoir and gave prescribed medication including pain meds through IV for about a year. Kevin was getting annoyed by the constant that was his dying father and decided to relieve Ron of his duties one night and increased pain fluids (morphine I believe) to deadly levels. Jack was gone by Ron’s return in the morning. Having talked to Ron personally I full heartily believe his story.

  20. lee says:

    This years choice aint that bad. Theres a few that catches the eye….this is to jake…the bloods real. No ketchup just blade

  21. SloopJohn232 says:

    Paul Heyman… Not even close!

  22. Jake says:

    by the way bob and some guy by blood packets I ment fake ones which would be ketchup. duhh!! 🙂

  23. Jake says:

    thats nice of you Bob lol 🙂

  24. Archangel says:

    I like the ideas of Sting and the Greatest Factions.
    I already have 18 of the 29 WrestleMania main events on DVD.
    How many good Ultimate Warrior matches are not already on DVD?

    • some guy says:

      They always shoot film at Wrestlemanias, if they do the main event DVD I kinda hope they release the matches using the film footage. It’d be the same old match but at least it’d be new footage. Or at least the entrances!

  25. metfan61 says:

    How about a sequel to 25 greatest rivalries with just matches but an unreleased match from each rivalry?

  26. Jake E says:

    I believe they use blood packets or else it is illegal but I want to know what you guys think.

  27. Jake E says:

    Is true that wwe refs give the superstars small razors and then the wrestlers cut themselves-thats how they bleed (it’s what people and a documentary says).

  28. Max says:

    Where is the rest of the “best of WCW Nitro”?

    or the rest of the “best of RAW seasons”??

    • Daniel Bee says:

      They may already be going for another Nitro DVD so not look for feedback on it in a survey. As for those Raw season sets, it looked pretty clear they cancelled all plans for those back in 2010 (I think it was).

  29. Jake E says:

    Wait the omg and nexus ones I don’t want. I was having a weird moment.

  30. Jake E says:

    Best of raw: not on raw and volume 2 of attitude era are the two I want the most out of those. The Omg, nexus and around the world I sort of want to.

  31. Mark says:

    I’d love to see WWE produce more sets about tag teams, whether its a single focus like the LOD or DX sets, or a compilation like Allied Powers. It’s probably the most untapped source of material at this point, but I’m not sure how sales of the previous discs did, so maybe they’re discouraged. All I know is I’d love to get more Steiners, Rock n Roll Express, Midnight Express, Demolition and Arn/Tully matches on tape, as well as newer teams like the Shield.

  32. Simon says:

    Maybe I’m being overly cynical, but I have a sneaking suspicion that WWE: Around the World would end up being Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog (SummerSlam 92), Rock vs. Triple H vs. Lesnar (Global Warning), Triple H vs. Edge (Raw in Tokyo), Umaga vs. Santino (Raw in Milan) etc. Hell, it might even have the 10-man tag match from Canadian Stampede. After the Best of MSG debacle, I have completely lost faith in WWE Home Video.

    • Mark D says:

      Well the description for WWE Around The World is “Never before released matches and moments from international matches”. It could be interesting some matches might be: HBK/Jericho Last Man Standing from Manchester, Hulk vs. Hansen from Japan, Rockin Robin/Sherri Martel from Paris, The Battle Royal from The Albert Hall, Undertaker/Yoko from Milan, Hulk/Studd from Puerto Rico, plus there’s all the UK only PPVs – that’s just off the top of my head. So long as there’s a decent balance between released and unreleased matches it works for me.

      • Kenny says:

        This is the kinda stuff I’m thinking would be on there! This all would get me to drop $20 on that set.

      • Simon says:

        It’s all about how they define ‘unreleased’, I suppose. For instance, many of the UK-only PPVs received a full global DVD release; and matches such as Michaels/Jericho from Manchester and the battle royal at the Albert Hall were both on Live in the UK sets.

        In theory, I do like the concept – a bunch of unreleased gems that we’ve never seen on DVD before. However, I don’t really trust those in charge do come up with the goods.

        • Mark D says:

          Well based off previous released, unreleased means: hasn’t been released in North America on DVD since the WWF/WWE name change.

          • Kenny says:

            Yeah, the most recent set that jumps into my head that they put out was the Bret Hart “Dungeon Collection.” Everything on that set was on DVD for the first time.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I was watching WWE Classics On Demand the other day and there’s an MSG card from 1991 that had one of the very first matches between Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair on there. A really fun match actually. I was thinking that match would have been perfect for the Best of MSG DVD. That set was good but could have been so much better.

  33. Kenny says:

    My top 5 would be:

    1) Bruno bio (how this isn’t #1 right now, I’ll never know)
    A bio of the most significant wrestler in the infancy of the WWWF? How does this NOT get done??

    2) Paul Heyman bio (currently #1 as I’m typing this)
    A polarizing name in the modern history of pro wrestling, and a major name in the industry today. A masterful storyteller with a fascinating story to be told.

    3) WWE Around the World
    WWF has a lot of great footage, past and present, of their international shows. There are some great gems that can make their way onto this set, and I’ll put money on the idea that there are some great ones that we don’t even know about that can make this set great.

    4) Top Giants
    Growing up in old-school 80s WWF, this wouldn’t be the best DVD as far as match quality, but it sure would be a DVD that would be fun to watch. Imagine the names from all over the world that would be on this set!

    5) Best of World Class
    A personal pick. I became a BIG fan of World Class after watching the WWF’s “Triumph and Tragedy” DVD, and have watched so many of the shows they’ve put on the 24/7 channel. If they did this DVD, it would be a must-grab for me. If they don’t do this set, I get why.

    Bottom 5 (Dumbest ideas):

    5) Ultimate Warrior Matches
    While at first glance this seems like it would be really cool, step back for a minute, breathe, and think about what matches would be on this set. My point EXACTLY! Lol!!

    4) OMG! Vol. 2 (WCW themed)
    I don’t see anything good coming from this, except for the early NWO formation moments (Razor interrupting, Hogan turn, Diesel jackknife on Bischoff, etc.). Otherwise, I see this being one of those deals that just takes the opportunity to make WCW a laughing stock. We don’t really need that…yet again. Do we?

    3) Attitude Era Vol. 2
    The first Attitude Era DVD was a big disappointment. No substance, no insight, just a bunch of footage of stuff we’ve seen over and over again throughout the past 10+ years. The Attitude era really wasn’t known for match quality, so with an exception here or there, the matches would be pretty bad, and the best part would just be the moments. Not enough to warrant dedicating a full DVD to this.

    2) Best of RAW: Not on RAW
    Just the concept of this set sounds horrendous! Maybe a gem or so, but most of what would be here would be matches that took place for no reason or random moments that really weren’t that big of a deal (ok, except the Ric Flair retirement). This is just a horrible idea for a DVD set.

    1) Nexus

  34. Tom says:

    How can I vote in the actual poll, is there a link?
    I am mostly interested in Attitude Era Vol. 2, since there is still much to cover, especially if WWE does not hold back the more interesting stuff, outrageous and funny things like DX searching the Undertaker and then mocking him witj a BBQ (this took place after Royal Rumble 1998 when Kane set Taker in a casket on fire).

  35. Brian Kraemer says:

    The only one of ANY interest is Attitude Era 2, Best of Raw, and OMG! WCW…MAYBE Top Giants and DEF…. HEYMAN

  36. WWEFan2013 says:

    Attitude Vol 2, Heyman doc and Best Of RAW Not On RAW needs to happen. A

  37. Steven Jackson says:

    A lot of these DVDs sound very interesting and I would be pleased if a good number were to be released.

    Great American Bash I would like to be in the same style as “Starrcade: Essential Collection” with a documentary and a countdown of say the top 15 matches. Sting sounds cool as well, especially if they include matches against Muta. The factions one sounds good, but it may not meet the expectations.

    A Paul Heyman documentary would be really interesting, if it was done in the same style as Bobby Heenan’s DVD, but the extras may be a little flat. Plus, the WWE Around the World sounds really intriguing, but once again it depends on match quality and video quality, but still a novel DVD idea, I’m open to.

    Most of all, I would like to have a WCCW set to go alongside “The Triumph and Tragedy of WCCW” one of my favourite sets they have ever done.

    Overall, a great variety of DVDs the WWE have listed and I will be interested to see what 2014 holds in regards to releases. =)

  38. Wonderllama says:

    I would pre-order a new John Cena set immediately. He’s by far my favorite WWE superstar. I could come up with an amazing match list in a heartbeat. I love Cena.

    An Ultimate Warrior set would be sorta interesting, only because I like the 80’s era so much, but 3 discs seems way too much for somebody like Warrior. You can count on one hand Warrior’s truly great matches, which have been all been released a bunch of times. I would rather see something on 80’s WWF in general that could include a lot of Warrior.

  39. Marco says:

    Would love to see a (real) Warrior DVD and Blu Ray, not only because he was my favorite wrestler when I was a kid, but also because of all the great wrestlers from the 80s and 90s The Warrior has wrestled: Mr Perfect, Rick Rude, Macho Man, Ted DiBiasi, Andre…

  40. KarlKayfabian says:

    I feel much better about 2014’s prospects after the release of this poll than I did about the first two. I would buy Heyman, Giants, Sting, Warrior, Bruno, Factions, GAB, AE vol 2, OMG vol 2, Around the World, and World Class.

  41. Big Jon says:

    Of course my vote went with the Giants DVD simply because Andre deserves a DVD. If anyone disagrees it because you are merely aware of his post back operation, black strap singlet days. Prior to 87 Andre was a very agile giant, even jumping off the top rope. Further favorites is the Best of WCCW, even though Kevin Von Erich (murderer) isn’t involved.
    Best of not on raw is an awesome idea!! Best matches from around the world is also a great idea because it is a different show overseas, faces are sometimes heels and midcarders are sometime main eventers

    • victory73 says:

      What? When did Kevin Von Erich become a murderer? What did I miss?

      • Harry Faversham says:

        I agree for the most part with the Andre The Giant comments, but seriously what do you mean by the Kevin Von Erich comments? I must have missed something too? Please explain.

        The best off air Raw moment I’m aware of is probably a stone cold stunner to Hulk Hogan.

  42. Colin V says:

    I hope we get at least one of the WCW options from this survey for next year release!

  43. John Victorio says:

    Attitude Era Vol 2 would be awesome and include DX searching for Undertaker on the raw of 1-19-98, watch it on it’s hilarious.

  44. Shane says:

    Some good ideas here, like the wwe around the world, best of Sting, Best of Great American Bash, not loving the Cena or Warrior ideas though. Two very bad wrestlers, very bad.

  45. Pedro says:

    That is a great list. I’d buy most of those (except John Cena)

  46. Anan says:

    About my point on Booker T and JR, same goes for Jerry The King Lawler too.

  47. Anan says:

    The ones I wanna see:

    Bruno Sammartino – this one should be a documentary. And it could turn out to be one because I remember how HHH’s set was first titled HHH Bio and Foley’s was too. But they eventually became documentary sets.

    Paul Heyman – Same deal as Bruno – documentary.

    Wrestling Factions – Ministry, Corporation/Corporate Ministry, Evolution, nWo (even though they had their own set), DX, there’s a lot of factions to profile.

    The Not On RAW looks very interesting. I definitely want that along with the Around The World set.

    Wouldn’t mind a Warrior set, but it should be a non-burial documentary to coincide with his HOF Induction if or should I say when he gets one. Same goes for Jake Roberts. Sting and other names like Kane, Taker, Kurt Angle to name a few deserve a documentary once they’re in the HOF rather than compilation sets.

    Million Dollar Man and after he has his last match, Goldust deserve sets of their own. I know Dibiase was on the Mid-South set, but that didn’t cover his time in WWE where he was one of the top heels of the company during his career. Docs on Rude and Savage are also most welcome.

    Booker T’s career and story deserves to get its own set and he’s a HOF’er so I don’t know why a set on him hasn’t been done yet. Same goes for JR.

  48. Charlie F says:

    How does one get on this mailing list?
    My top 5 out of those are
    1. Great American bash
    2. Attitude Era
    4. WcW OMG
    5. Bruno dvd

    I’m really hoping for some more unreleased nitro, raw, and ecw sets.

  49. Andy Garland says:

    mid atlantic chamionship wrestling

  50. Tony Kegger says:

    A lot of bad ideas, but a lot of good ideas too! I love the Off-Raw idea and WWE Around the World. Is it too soon for a Nexus DVD? I think an Evolution DVD would make more sense.

  51. Joe Israel says:

    Well, I guess I’m in the minority of those who would not like Attitude Era Vol. 2. Attitude Era was not a great DVD, why do we need a sequel?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I’d say because it’s a great topic and the first DVD was rather poorly executed. Though I enjoyed it (despite some disappointments) they can make something more fitting for the era. Do it again, do it better. 🙂

    • Tony Kegger says:

      I think there’s still a lot of footage they haven’t used yet. I would buy Attitude Era Vol. 2. The only bad thing about Vol. 1 was that I wanted more.

    • Erik G. says:

      There is still a lot of unreleased content from that era as WWE didn’t release everything on DVD until 2001. That seems to be the primary purpose of the set.

  52. victory73 says:

    Quite a few great ones on that list. Bruno, WCCW, Warrior, Giants, WCW Bash and Sting are the ones that interest me.

    The top vote getters as of now in Attitude, Heyman and OMG 2 I have Zero interest in. Seriously the first OMG was bad enough I don’t want to see a second even if it is WCW.

    • Erik G. says:

      I don’t understand why people hate that OMG set so much. I thought it was a lot of fun. Workrate isn’t everything.

  53. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Wow. I wouldn’t mind all of them coming out next year. I can dig OMG! Volume 2 (WCW Moments) and Attitude Era Volume 2, Bruno Sammartino doc, Best of Great American Bash. I can’t wait to see what they come out with.

  54. Brad Attitude says:

    I’d rather see The Best of Boston Garden Matches … that’s if the company does it right and not the train wreck like they did with the best of MSG.

  55. Hollywood says:

    I would hope Hogan forming the nWo would be #1 on a OMG WCW list. Hell that moment is more than likely #1 moment in the history of wrestling.

  56. Peter J says:

    I would pay to see The Attitude Era #2, Ultimate Warrior #2, Sting, Group Factions, WCCW #2 and Best of Great American Bash.

  57. GEOLINK says:

    Who the hell would want a Nexus DVD?

  58. Steve says:

    All of these would be day 1 purchases for me except…
    Best of PPV’s
    Wrestlemania Main Events
    The Nexus release is kind of dumb considering they are all in the middle of there career but a decent concept.

  59. RCS1988 says:

    All the titles are interesting. I thought the dark match thing would be stuff from the 80’s & 90’s that never aired on tv or coliseum video. I bet they will make most of those. I still wish for Undertaker unreleased, Warrior unreleased, Coliseum Video Hidden Treasures, & Most Unusual Matches. The Raw not on Raw DVD if they only include dark matches, if you start with 93-now, there are a lot of dark matches they can choose. Hogan had dark matches on RAW in 2005. You also have the Luger Borga matches as well.

  60. AD Degreez says:

    2014 releases look great gotta have,
    – ECW unreleased 3 ( hopefully see hall vs credible)
    – Randy savage doc
    – WCW ppv matches
    – WCW omg
    – attitude era 2
    – Sting matches (even doc with him if rumors are true) haha

  61. Anonymous says:

    Much better selection than the last time as at least half of them are so-so (though the bottom half are more pure garbage).

    My want list in order from most wanted to least wanted:
    Best of Great American Bash
    OMG! Vol. 2 (WCW themed)
    Sting Matches
    Best of RAW: Not on RAW
    Wrestling Factions
    Best of WCCW
    WWE Around the World
    Attitude Era Vol. 2

    I have NO INTEREST whatsoever in the following garbage:
    Top Giants
    Paul Heyman Bio
    Ultimate Warrior Matches
    John Cena Matches
    WrestleMania Main Events
    Best of PPVs
    Bruno Sammartino Bio

  62. Lawrence says:

    A Bruno Sammartino documentary plus some of his major matches would be the #1 DVD I’d want out of this list.

  63. Justin Greeder says:

    A WCW top 50 OMG moments could be gold, Jerry. Gold.

  64. Simon says:

    Actually I do like some ideas in here..

    Attitude Era Vol. 2
    Sting Matches
    Best of Raw; Not on Raw
    OMG 2 (WCW)
    Best of American Bash
    WWE Around the World

    Would definitly buy them!!

  65. mark foster says:

    Would love to have the sting dvd,he was a great wrestler in his prime.The ultimate warrior set would be great to,wasnt the greatest wrestler,but was entertaining.The best of great american batch would be a winner.I am rooting for the giants of wrestling to make it,since still no ultimate ander the giant set is on the list.

  66. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    Attitude Era Vol. 2
    Paul Heyman Bio
    Best of RAW: Not on RAW

  67. Sean says:

    I would be interested in the Ultimate Warrior set now that Jim Hellwig & Vince seem to have buried the hatchet in order to make money together. A bio with his input, with matches from WCCW at least, would be something in my opinion.

  68. JAF says:

    That Raw: Not On Raw DVD sounds awesome, so does that Nexus DVD.

  69. David says:

    Heyman bio would be interesting. I would love to see the following:

    – Bruno Sammartino biography
    – Best of Great American Bash
    – Attitude Era Volume 2
    – Sting

    OMG Part 2 with WCW would be pretty interesting…they will likely cover most the ridiculous crap WCW did like David Arquette as World Champ and ____ on a Pole, etc.

  70. Thijs says:

    Only Nexus, John Cena, Wrestling fractions and Wrestlemania main events wouldn’t have my attention. I did vote for OMG top 50 WCW, but Attitude 2, Sting, Paul Heyman, WCCW, Bruno and Warrior (+doc with imput from himself) are also very interesting!

  71. a fan says:

    wwe around the world has surprisingly few votes; the ‘after raw’ set has littlere-watchability, attitude era dvd/bd was enough of that period, the nexus set is pointless, as are the ppvs and wrstlemania main events. the same can be said for the cena, sting, warrior and top giants. mostly uninspired sets or boring workers.

  72. Simon says:

    Nothing particularly inspiring there. I voted for the Heyman bio, but the bulk of his career was covered on the Rise and Fall of ECW set.

    Around the World and Attitude Era Vol. 2 sound like they have potential, but it would all depend on the match listing.

    • Mark D says:

      Really? Nothing? In all seriousness what WOULD you like? There’s a huge selection of different concepts there.

      • Simon says:

        I’ve never been a fan of WCW or ECW, so that rules out at least a dozen DVDs. WrestleMania main events? No. John Cena matches? No. Ultimate Warrior matches? Obviously not.

        Post-Raw moments are always fun to watch, but a whole set devoted to just these? Probably wouldn’t work. The Nexus and Giants sets don’t interest me in the slightest either.

  73. Markus says:

    I would pick Sting, Top50 WCW and the Great American Bash.

  74. CrimeDawg says:

    I voted for the Paul Heyman DVD. I would vote for Sting, but as long as he is under contract to TNA, he won’t have any input. I think they should wait until he is done, so they can release a DVD set to commemorate his going into the Hall of Fame.

    But I must say there are some really choices on there, certainly better than the second list they sent out a while back.

  75. Cody Schields says:

    Voted the Sting DVD as high as I could every time it was mentioned.

  76. John Peterson says:

    A lot of good stuff in this survey.

  77. rocky245 says:

    Wow some great choices to be honest I would buy every one of them so I say release them all but for the vote I picked around the world cos I love the unreleased stuff get to see stuff I have never seen before

  78. Erik G. says:

    Wow, OMG WCW moments sounds tremendous. I voted for that without hesitation.

  79. Jeff Copeland says:

    i would pick either sting or warrior dvd

  80. ALK says:

    A better list then the last one.

    These countdown sets won’t go away will they? Soon though, we’ll have things like the 20 Greatest on-air contract signing in WWE History or top 50 weddings. XD I’m certain the only reason for another OMG one is so they can reuse that awful OMG song… XD

  81. John says:

    Attitude Era Volume 2 is my vote

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