A ‘WONDERFUL!’ 7-WWE DVD 7th Birthday Giveaway, New Photos of Big 4-Disc ‘BEST OF 2000s’ DVD

May 1, 2017 by Daniel Bee

A 'Wonderful' Giveaway for 7 WWE DVD Sets!

By order of the 7 deities, WrestlingDVDNetwork.com is giving you the chance to win 7 “wonderful”, unique and exclusive WWE DVD and Blu-ray prizes on our 7th Birthday!

Celebrate the milestone with us and a comment could mean you take home goodies not available to buy in stores, including the newly-announced Amazon-exclusive for WrestleMania 33.


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“2016 Ultimate Pay-Per-View Collection Vol. 1”

Australian exclusive 8-disc DVD box set containing Royal Rumble, Fastlane, WrestleMania, Payback, Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank.

WWE '2016 Ultimate PPV Collection' DVD - Box Set

“2016 Ultimate Pay-Per-View Collection Vol. 2”

— The accompanying 9-disc DVD box set containing Battleground, SummerSlam, Clash of Champions, Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series, TLC and Roadblock.

WWE '2016 Ultimate PPV Collection' DVD - Box Set

“WrestleMania Monday”

UK exclusive Blu-ray edition of the WWE 24 “director’s cut”, never released elsewhere.

WWE 'WrestleMania Monday' Blu-ray - UK Exclusive

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Enter Now…


We want to hear your favorite memory, match or moment of The Undertaker’s illustrious career as the cornerstone of WWE! All you’ve got to do for a chance at the 7 prizes is comment below this article and you’ll be automatically entered into the random draw.

Be sure to use a real email address so we have a means of contacting you if you’re a prize winner.

Thank you for being a loyal WDN reader this past 7 years. Oh, and for avoiding those copy/paste alternatives that don’t always give credit where credit is due. Delete! Delete! Delete!

Giveaway terms:
– Entries close on Sunday, May 7th, 2017.
– Maximum of one single entry per person.
– Prizes to be randomly assigned to 7 commenters.
– Winners to be contacted at email address used for entry on or after closing date.
– Worldwide entry is allowed and encouraged!


Line-up of the Greatest WWE Superstars of 2000-2010 Decade

It’s a new month with 2 new WWE Home Video releases on the horizon — WrestleMania 33 will officially hit stores next week and the Seth Rollins DVD will land at the end of May.

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WWE 'BEST OF 2000s' DVD - Photos, Back Cover
WWE 'BEST OF 2000s' DVD - First Look Photos


“BEST OF 2000s”

The 2000s were an exciting time for WWE. The Attitude Era was reaching its conclusion, new Superstars were beginning to make their presence known, and for the first time in history, both RAW and SmackDown had their own unique rosters.

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WWE 'BEST OF 2000s' DVD - First Look Photos
WWE 'BEST OF 2000s' DVD - First Look Photos

Runtime Info (approx.)

DISC 1: 2 hours and 53 minutes.
DISC 2: 2 hours and 45 minutes.
DISC 3: 2 hours and 45 minutes.
DISC 4: 2 hours and 43 minutes.

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WWE 'BEST OF 2000s' DVD - Photos, Inside Artwork
WWE 'BEST OF 2000s' DVD - Photos, Inside Artwork

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  1. bob Levoy says:

    My favorite matches was the undertaker vs shawn michaels.

  2. Robert says:

    My favorite match was him vs kurt angle on smackdown 2002. It was and allaround perferct match it was a wow factor seeing him almost tapping out.

  3. Kendrick P says:

    My favorite Undetaker moment was when he won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 23.

  4. Andrew says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was his return at Summerslam 2008. The match with edge was a match of the year.

  5. Kenji C says:

    My favourite moment was when he ended Shawn’s career at WrestleMania 26 with a jumping tombstone piledriver.

  6. Thomas Brunette says:

    My favorite moment of The Undertaker is when he returned at Judgment Day 2000 as The American Badass

  7. dan aldridge says:

    my favorite taker moment is when i got to see him wrestle in wm 26 in arizona in shawns retirement match

  8. Jason Burks says:

    My favorite memory of The Undertaker was when I got to witness, in person, probably the greatest match in Wrestlemania history, Undertaker vs HBK at Wrestlemania 25.

  9. Donald says:

    WrestleMania 25 against Shawn Michaels, I honestly thought the streak was finished!

  10. Timothy says:

    Shawn Michaels @ 25. In my opinion, our generation’s Steamboat/Savage.

  11. nathanbergantim says:

    i hope i win

  12. Paul Joseph says:

    Definitely Hell In A Cell 1998 with Mankind, but winning the title at Survivor Series 91 with Flair’s assistance, and back to back Wrestlemania classics with Shawn Michaels also right up there.

  13. hayden huffman says:

    i want in

  14. Tommy D says:

    Hell in a Cell 1998. In my hometown of Pittsburgh. This match for me was the definition of the Attitude Era and Taker made Mankind famous that night.

  15. Giovanni Bertran says:

    The Undertaker’s WrestleManina XX comeback was a personal favorite of mine since it was the first one i saw live.

  16. Justin \'Crash\' Crafton says:

    I grew up watching The Undertaker in WCW as Mean Mark then as The Undertaker in WWF/WWE.

    During Drivers Ed Class, as a way to illustrate the dangers of drinking and driving I cut out a HUGE evil looking photo of the Undertaker, made a quote bubble stating “Drink and Drive & you WILL, REST IN PEACE!” w/ actual newspaper clippings of D&D accidents on a huge postboard.

    In 2003, I had The Undertaker Flaming Symbol inked just above my right elbow that takes up the majority of the underside of my forearm.

    After WM, I shed a few tears as Undertaker laid his hat, gloves and coat in his yard & walked up the ramp, disappearing under the ramp!

    Mark Calaway has provided me with many wonderful memories over in 27+ years!

  17. Wesley Stover says:

    The hell in a cell end of a era match with HHH what a great match

  18. Dylan Wilcox says:

    My favourite memory of the Undertaker would have to be his match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26. True poetry.

  19. Straightedge47 says:

    His match against Kurt Angle from No Way Out 2006

  20. Tristan Mita says:

    Best of the 2000s should be greta expecially early 2000s, be great to relive that time again. Happy 7th WDN

  21. Steve says:

    My favorite undertaker match is vs mankind in hell in a cell!

  22. Jack Gibson says:

    My favourite Undertaker match was at Wrestlemania 28 vs Triple H inside Hell in a Cell, i was so hyped from the build up with Shawn Michaels being involved. The match was so emotionally draining with all the times I thought that the streak was going to end. The final shot of Triple H, HBK and Undertaker all on the stage summed up how perfect that match really was

  23. Will Bland says:

    My most favorite Undertaker match is against Kurt Angle at No Way Out in 2006. One of his best matches ever.

  24. Alan Skinner says:

    Two of my favorite Undertaker memories is his match with Yokozuna at “Survivor Series ’94” with Chuck Norris as the Special Guest Enforcer and of course the “Hell In A Cell ’98” match vs. Mankind.

  25. Ryan says:

    My favorite memory is the dive over the top rope onto Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25

  26. Keith says:

    My favorite match/memory of undertaker has got to be wrestlemania 2009 vs. Shawn michaels it’s on of if not his best matchs

  27. Conor Cantle says:

    Looks like a great win. I really like the Monday Night RAW DVD as there’s a lot of stuff on it we haven’t seen before on DVD release.

  28. Jamie Thomas says:

    Omg this would be AWESOME to win!

  29. Michael says:

    The first two items that come to mind with the Undertaker is his debut at Survivor Series when Brother Love was his manager and The Hell in the Cell match with Mankind as he stands on top of the cage looking down on Mankind. Just 2 iconic moments in the Undertaker’s career.

  30. Vaggelis says:

    Hell in a Cell at KotR hands down. One of the OMGest momments in wrestling history.

  31. joey johnson says:

    My favorite Undertaker match would be his debut no one knew who he was and came in and dominated everyone on the opposing team at Survivor Series also his Survivor Series casket match vs Yokozuna

  32. Aaron Yap says:

    My favorite Undertaker match is definitely vs Mankind inside Hell In A Cell at King Of The Ring 1998. Everything was perfect about that match, from the drama to the blood and wow factors, even commentary was spot on. This was the match where the Deadman made Foley famous. I also thought it was hilarious when Undertaker literally chokeslammed Terry Funk out of his shoes.

  33. SCSA says:

    I have 2 favourite moments which come to mind when thinking about The Undertaker’s past history & these start w/ the time of when The Undertaker was led back to the stage in a casket & was shown on the Titan Tron after being defeated by Yokozuna & all his fellow wrestler friends. I believe this to be at the Royal Rumble 1994.

    The second time is his first entrance on his motorcycle alongside his new music whilst riding down in to the arena as a new looking person that nobody had ever seen before!
    It was amazing just hearing that music through the past weeks before Judgement Day, knowing that he was about to make his comeback!

  34. Eric says:

    A ladder match with Jeff Hardy, I think it was on Raw, quite a few years ago.

  35. Michael says:

    I think my favorite Undertaker match is the “No Holds Barred” against Triple H at WrestleMania XXVII. Triple H hitting him with the tombstone and the kick-out was legendary.

  36. Link says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was when he returned to his ‘Deadman’ persona at Wrestlemania XX. I still get chills everytime I watch it.

  37. ryan says:

    my favorite undertaker match is taker vs yokazuna royal rumble 94 casket match the end of that match to me is still one of the coolest moments ever when he was talking on the screen from in the casket

  38. brandon vendetta says:

    My favorite undertaker match is also in my opinion the greatest match of all time and that is undertaker vs Shawn Michaels from wrestlemania 25. Hands down the best match I’ve ever seen.

  39. Bob Fletcher says:

    Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan for the WWF championship with the help of Ric Flair Undertaker wins his first WWF World title at the 1991 survivor series ppv a year afer debuting at the 1990 survivor series ppv

  40. paul says:

    When undertaker lost to brock lesnar at wrestlemania and the streak was broken. This was one of the biggest shocks in wwe/wwf history.

  41. Ronaldo Rodriguez says:

    My favorite undertaker match was when he fought Shawn michaels in the first hell in the cell match and also against Bret hart at summer slam?

  42. ChrisCoolMoney27 says:

    My 2.favorite undertaker matches are the undertaker vs stone cold Steve Austin from summerslam 1998 and the undertaker vs Edge From wrestlemania 24

  43. J J says:

    Undertaker Vs Jake the Snake WM8 and Undertaker vs Bret Hart Summerslam.

  44. Shane Montgomery says:

    Undertaker VS. Mankind-1998 KOTR Hell In A Cell Match. Classic.

  45. Kenji C says:

    My favourite Undertaker moment was the jumping tombstone piledriver on Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26.

  46. Chris says:

    Undertaker vs HBK – WM 25 – Instant Classic #neverforget

  47. Shehzad Lakhani says:

    Who can ever forget Undertaker’s fued against Yokozuna and Undertaker vs Undertaker in 1994!

  48. Joshua Jones says:

    That’s fun, happy birthday!

  49. Sean Maybury says:


  50. Daniel Mares says:

    I never win anything 🙁

  51. Harry Rice says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment has to be when I first started watching wrestling in 2012 when Kane and Undertaker took out Jinder Mahal, Camacho, and them others. I know it’s a shitty moment but that’s what started my knowledge of The Undertaker 😛

  52. Tommy Gunn says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was when he wrestled in my home state of New Jersey in 2013 and What Can I say about the Deadman an end all be all legend.

  53. Najim Lutfi says:

    My favorite undertaker’s match was SummerSlam 2015 against Brock Lesnar cause it was my first time seeing him wrestling live.

  54. Azza says:

    My favourite Undertaker match was when he defeated Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25 in a 5 star classic

  55. Adam Buxton says:

    My favorite undertaker match is when he took on triple h

  56. Adam Buxton says:

    I love Owen Hart he was the best of all time

  57. James stauffer says:

    My favorite undertaker moment was when he took on mankind in hi ac it was such a great match

  58. Jayden says:

    My favourite Undertaker moment was his feud with Mankind in 1996.

  59. Esteban Domenzain says:

    My favorite match from the Undertakers career had to be him vs Triple H in Hell in a cell at Wrestlemania XXVIII. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole match.

  60. Christian says:

    his early stuff against Hogan jump out to me so yeah that lol

  61. Brandon Sears says:

    My favorite memory of Undertaker’s career was his feud with Edge in 2008 – specifically his TLC match at One Night Stand 2008. That match completely blew me away.

  62. josh says:

    My favorite undertaker memory is at when he vs hhh inside hell in the cell at wrestlemania. After Shawn supetkick him & hhh hit his finisher. I thought the streak was over but he kicked out. After the match all 3 men on the ramp..that was an 32nd to a great era..

  63. Billy says:

    My favorite is when he was teaming with Dan Spivey, no when he perfected the heart punch, no wait, when he wrestled unibomb. Ok, favorite WWE moment was when he turned baby face the first time, saving Macho Man and Elizabeth from Jake the Snake.

  64. Johnny W. says:

    Wow, with such a long career spanning so many eras, it’s very hard to choose a favorite match or moment. I remember as a kid being so creeped out by the Ministry of Darkness, so I guess I would have to choose that as my overall favorite memory of The Phenom. Another highlight was his return as The Deadman against Kane at WrestleMania XX. He successfully went from his original character to his more true to life biker persona, and successfully was able to go back to the original Deadman character that made him a legend.

  65. Stephen says:

    One moment of The Undertaker I will always remember is the night after SummerSlam ’96. He sat up, caused fire to come out of the turnbuckles and sent Paul Bearer and Mankind running for their lives. I remember thinking it looked so cool and I was almost shaking with emotion

  66. J.J. says:

    The Fake Undertaker storyline is one of my earliest vivid wrestling memories. I remember every bit of the story.

  67. Matthew Catalano says:

    I was an extra talent on a Smackdown in Michigan the Tuesday before WrestleMania 23. I was one of about 10 security guards. Vince had us, Undertaker, Batista and Teddy Long do a rehearsal for an in ring confrontation which culminated in a pull apart. Teddy Long asked Undertaker about how he feels about Batista going in to WrestleMania. Undertaker paused. Then calmly said, “F*ck em”. Everyone cracked up. It was hilarious. That plus being in the ring as he made his entrance. Spine tingling.

  68. Stephen Dever says:

    I am picking a moment that probably most commenters will not have thought of (I hope) and that is Taker’s face turn in 1992 when he prevented Jake Roberts from belting Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth with a chair, as they came through the curtain following Savage’s match, and answered Jake’s question of his loyalty with a simple ‘NOT YOURS!!!’

  69. Tom says:

    My favourite undertaker was his against shawn michaels at wrestlemania 25 awesome match!

  70. Derek says:

    I must say the match I enjoyed the most was Undertaker vs the man with the 3 H’s. That match was hard fought between those two men. Very entertaining!

  71. Jeff says:

    Wrestlemania 25 vs Shawn Michaels

  72. Jon says:

    Has to be Undertaker vs Undertaker Summer Slam 1994, I was there and used to sport the shirt at school.

  73. Callum says:

    The first match vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25

  74. Midnight says:

    All other comments are OBSELETE; mine is the most DELIGHTFUL! Brother Nero approved it.

  75. Jay says:

    huge moment when the undertaker returned at Judgment Day 2000 on the bike!

  76. Guest says:

    Another great taker match was the four way match for the vacant championship against vader bret hart and stone cold Steve Austin. I believe it was in February 1997 at final four pop in Chattanooga TN. Awesome match.

  77. NickP says:

    Happy 7 Years WDN!

    My favorite Undertaker moment will have to be during the classic WRESTLEMANIA XXV match against Shawn Michaels. First off, that is the first true 6 Star match. My favorite Undertaker match. The spot where the first Tombstone takes place, Taker crosses HBK’s arms, the ref counts and Shawn gets his shoulder up. The expression on Takers face is priceless and sells the moment. JR’s “I just had an out of body experience” line was awesome and the crowd was losing it just as we were watching at home. An amazing moment, an amazing match by 2 legends. Thank you Taker!

  78. Guest says:

    My favorite undertaker match is hell in a cell Bad Blood against Shawn Michaels. I believe it was in St. Louis 1997.

  79. Brad Sweet says:

    Taker v Angle at No Way Out. Mania quality match.

  80. Vintage Simon says:

    Seven years! Wowzers. Big thanks to Daniel and the team for all your efforts with this site during that time, would be hard to imagine life without it now.

    As for the comp, my favourite ‘Taker moment would be his surprise return at Judgment Day 2000. Everything about it was awesome – the surprise element, the new badass look, the payoff to the vignettes, right at the end of an hour-long title match, an amazing pop… the list goes on.

    A lot

  81. Skeet says:

    an undertaker moment that sticks out of my mind was a summerslam ’94 promo with leslie nielsen from the naked gun movies. the undertaker delivered a pizza and the way the deadman said “pizza” sounded hilarious. too bad you can’t find the clip on youtube…

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      From an era where silly crap indeed was funny and made sense…somehow, kind of.. like: having lt. Frank Drebin and Captain Ed Hocken “solve” the mystery of the disappearence of the Undertaker..all the way up to the end of Summerslam 1994.. “we’re on the Case..” (standing on suitcases!) Hilarious! -lol-

  82. Brandon says:

    one of my favorite Undertaker moments is his Wrestlemania 21 match against Randy Orton. I really liked it and think it is underated.

  83. Luke Warburton says:

    My favourite undertaker was his against shawn michaels at wrestlemania 25

  84. Justin says:

    My favorite Undertaker match would be, The End of An Era Hell In a Cell match against Triple H.

  85. matthew says:

    despite it being cartoony, I always loved the purple attire. and I especially liked the face mask.

    so I guess my favorite moment would be his return at the Survivor Series 1995, wearing that white mask.

  86. Mike says:

    Arg…where do I begin? I think my favorite match was vs Mankind in Hell in a Cell at KOR 1998. Followed closely by the HBK and HHH matches at WrestleMania 25-28. His legend will live long past the final toll of his amazing career. Rest….In…..Peace…..!!!

  87. Robbin Krotzer says:

    My favorite Undertaker match was a house show in Toledo 1997. He took on another favorite of mine Bret Hart. It was also when front row seats were still $20. That match in the Toledo Sports Arena was so good it was better than their Summerslam and One Night Only matches. The aura of the Undertaker , his ring entrance the bongs it can never be duplicated.

  88. kevin mullins says:

    one of my lasting memory of the undertaker is his series of matches with batista my 2 faves wm23 and last man standing backlash 07

  89. Corey Chance says:

    There was a time in my life when The Undertaker really scared the daylights out of me and I would always root for the unfortunate challenger who faced him. I learned from him that sometimes we must confront our fears and see people for who they really are.

    The match that changed the way I saw the Undertaker forever was his revenge match against Shawn Michaels at In Your House: Ground Zero for costing him the title to Bret Hart after a cheap chair shot.

    Going into this match Shawn displayed anxiousness, back handed desperation, hooligan behavior I would expect of a coward despite being an athlete at the top of his game. Typical gallivanting from Michaels, I know, he just took his screwball dirtiness to the next level. Point is, I had no sympathy for him whatsoever.

    Nothing could stop Undertaker. Not brass knuckles. Not an unprovoked attack before the bell rang. Or an unprotected ring corner. The In Your House prop set at the entrance got involved. Heck, the whole locker room got involved. One second Undertaker is calm and calculating stalking his prey, the next striking with unrelenting blows of punches like they were going out of style! He was invincible.

    Plus, it was the first time at a recorded event Undertaker performed his flying phenom move. Both men sold what would be there first encounter in an on-off again feud spanning to WM 26.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      his flying like an arrow over the top rope for his size does’nt seem possible..which just makes it so more awesome to watch again and again.

      • Corey Chance says:

        Wow! One of the WDN regulars responded to my very first post. You’ve made my day. Taker’s pre wrestling basketball days came in handy.

  90. David Sharp says:

    To me my lasting memory of the Undertaker will be his ‘End of an Era’ match against Triple H. The match encapsulated everything that I treasured about both men’s careers. It’s by far my favorite match of all time.

  91. Eric Schwartz says:

    My favorite match of the undertaker was WrestleMania 28 end of the error match vs triple h and WrestleMania 21 vs Randy Orton and my favorite moment of the undertaker was king of the ring 1998 when undertaker threw mankind of the roof of hell in a cell

  92. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    “…Seven years in the making…” (in J.R. voice) :

    Happy birthday to “the Best there Is..the Best there Was..and the Best there Ever will be” ‘rasslin /wrestling-entertainment info-site 😉

    God dammit..how to pick only 1…Behind the 21….thousands of great moments.. hmm.. hmm..

    I would say his entrance at WM 27 with the awesome Johnny Cash song “Ain’t no Grave gonna hold my body down”..

    The storyline of Defining an Era..and to find out, who’s the Last Outlaw, was so freakin’ awesome and to come out to that Cash song was so fitting to one of the last true great storylines that WWE has produced.

    The totally silent, non-verbal staredown challenge from HHH and acceptance from Deadman to that match is another phantastic moment.

    Obviously his debut at one of my all time favorite events, SS 1990..”check out those drumsticks.. ” hilarious commentary from Piper.. 😉

    • Corey Chance says:

      You know… When did Undertaker and HHH ever have a bad match? I think the only match H won in their series was when he was partnered with Austin as the two man power trip at Backlash.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        chemistry for sure between the Nose and the Deadman.. even their “weakest” match from King of the Ring 2002 is awesome, although slowpaced here and there. But still hard-hitting as hell.

  93. shaun says:

    Where should i or even, can i begin. The Undertaker has so many great and memorable moments. I think my favorite has the be the end of his casket match with Yokozuna. The event that transpired after yokozuna won, with the entire heel locker room making sure that the undertaker could not get out of the casket. He appears on the video wall to give the speech about the rebirth of the undertaker and then he ascends to the “heavens” so to speak. That is moment to remember!


    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      Back then, where kayfabe was “running wild”…and we love it. Still think the ascension for that time, was phantastic done and very original.

  94. Dillon Curren says:

    My favorite match of the Undertaker was Wrestlemania 25 with Shawn Michaels and with Kurt Angle at No Way Out
    My favorite moment is when he returned to Judgment Day 2000, that was amazing.

  95. Claudio landaetta says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was when he made his 1990 survivor series debut and also when he won his first royal rumble match in 2007

  96. Eric King says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was when he returned at Summerslam to face off against Ted DiBiase’s “Undertaker.”

  97. John Shelton says:

    At Unforgiven in Greensboro in 1998 in the first ever inferno match against Kane.You could feel the heat from the flames surrounding the ring in the higher level seats. That entire match was suspenseful as both wrestlers were great workers.

  98. LFFM says:

    Does Paul Bearer’s “Oooooh, yeeees” at WMXX count? The buildup prior to that was awesome, but that just sealed it.

    Shame the match sucked.

  99. Anthony says:

    I have two memories that are tied as my favorite Taker moment. First one is seeing Taker/Punk live at Wrestlemania 29. What a fantastic match that was. Second is seeing Taker live one last time at the Raw before Wrestlemania 33. That man was a spectacle every time he entered the arena.

  100. Robert says:

    My favorite Undertaker memory was seeing Undertaker in the same ring as the Smackdown Survivor Series team last year. Undertaker being in the same ring as AJ Styles and the other members of that team was incredible and he cut a very strong promo that night as well.

  101. Justin F says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment is a tie between him losing to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 and the Raw episode in January 1999 when he returned with a new look. That Raw episode was pretty neat in that we saw Undertaker become so evil, we thought he was genuinely really evil.

  102. WCW FOREVER says:

    My favorite Taker match has to be when he wrestled Flair at Wrestlemania 18.

  103. Andy Garland says:

    the undertaker vs roman reigns wrestlemania 33

  104. CMW says:

    My favorite Undertaker memory was seeing him wrestle Ric Flair at WM 18. What a match, and event, the Taker vs Flair match was better in my opinion than Rock vs Hogan.

  105. Daniel says:

    A lot of good memories, but him beating Hulk Hogan at The Survivor Series 1991 for The World Wrestling Federation title, is on top of my list. Given the backstage politician Hogan was, and the fact that in 91 he was still in his prime days as Champion, How many young guys like The Undertaker with less than a year in the company, beat Hogan for the title in those days ? Exactly. That’s how big that moment was for The Undertaker character.

  106. Mike k says:

    The first time I saw him wrestle live. It wasn’t a great match with him facing the great Khali and Umaga, but I was front row and he walked past me, and I was awe struck.

  107. Austin Campbell says:

    When he debuted, and Gorilla Monsoon and Roddy Piper were like “Holy Crap!! Look at big man!!”

  108. Alfedo Arriaza says:

    Always undertaker vs shawn michael congratw guys 😉

  109. Alex says:

    Undertaker vs. Yokozuna at Royal Rumble 1994 – one of my favorite matches of my childhood!

  110. Steven says:

    Undertaker winning the Royal Rumble!!!

  111. Matt Winger says:

    No Way Out ’06 against Kurt Angle

  112. Chris says:

    I was at Wrestlemania X8 when he beat Flair to hit 10-0…..when he raised 10 fingers in the air the place went crazy!!

  113. Kevin says:

    Mine would be the first (and only) time I saw Taker at a
    Mania in person. That would be wrestlemania 20
    The match itself was nothing special, but to experience
    His mania entrance in person is something I will never forget.

  114. nathanbergantim says:

    good luck

  115. Harry Farrow says:

    It’s definitely my first Wrestlemania in attendance and when the streak was broken.
    I will never forget the entire building being in shock.

  116. Scott Rand says:

    I know it’s considered cheesy and vulgar, but at the time seeing Taker live at Mania 15 raising the cage with Bossman hanging and the Brood “flying” around the cage was pretty cool.

  117. Dustin says:

    Favorite Undertaker moment was His match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26

    The stay down
    Slap in the face
    Jumping Tombstone Piledriver

    It’s the only time I ever came close to wanting Taker to lose at Mania

  118. David perrin says:

    Favorite Undertaker Memory is his 6 man tag match with Daniel Bryan and Kane vs The Shield. That match was amazing and one of my favorites to this day

  119. Fabio Schmidt says:

    Congrats on seven delightful years!

    My favorite Undertaker Match is the “End of an Era” Hiac Match

  120. Patrick R says:

    You guys are the best. I can’t believe you guys found out that I was looking to buy a region free player. I guess these discs will be the start of my international collection.

  121. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Best moment(s) has to be the set of Shawn Michaels matches, both of them at WM 25 and 26 respectively. Those two matches alone are the epidome to what is to be considered as solid wrestling matches and great chemistry and cohesion between two outstanding superstars on the grandest stage of them all!

  122. KurtK26 says:

    King of the Ring ’96. Why? He walked out of the crowd, right in front of me, and appeared to be at least eight feet tall!

  123. Michael Buzzard says:

    The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels facing off as the last 2 in the Rumble. I honestly did not know who was going to win, and it was a rollercoaster.

  124. Nathaniel Taylor says:

    Favorite Undertaker Match?
    Probably the Undertaker vs Edge HIAC at Summerslam 08.

    Happy Birthday WDN!

  125. Gary Miller says:

    My favorite WWE match of all time is the End Of An Era match at WM 28 in Miami! I was there live and The Undertaker & Triple H had so many false finishes that it was insane. It was so intense inside the arena

  126. Nick says:

    As for a match, best Undertaker bout hands down is Wrestlemania 25 against Shawn. You couldn’t ask for a better start to finish there. As for moment, I would say 1994 Royal Rumble. I was still very young and the whole thing with Taker in the casket on the screen and then the idea of him somehow getting out of the casket & floating above and the lightening really frightened me. Only time I can say I was frightened by wrestling.

  127. Bywater says:

    The moment that Undertaker retire just becuz he deserves to rest and live the rest of his life with getting hurt again and hopefully be willing to tell his story and his thoughts about his career

  128. Matt Roach says:

    Happy Birthday WDN

    Favourite Undertaker Moment – For me personally, it has to be seeing his entrance live back in 1997 at One Night Only. Back when he use to raise his arms quickly to bring the lights on, (rather than the usual slow arm raise). Can still remember the arm raise, followed by the boom, then a heatwave smashing you in the face, then the huge pop from everyone in awe! Other moments include HIAC vs HBK and Foley, Debut Of American Bad Ass with Kid Rock blaring out, and WM XX return!

  129. Duane says:

    My favorite memory of At he Undertaker would be sitting front row at a house show in 2002. Undertaker was a heel & I kept yelling at him during his Entrance . Finally he started yelling back from the ring & then came & got right in my face to yell at me. He’s a scary dude when he’s yelling right in your face. Thankfully Bradshaw of all people saved me.

  130. Leonard says:


  131. Michael Lavoie says:

    Hell In A Cell 1998 is definitely my favourite Undertaker moment.
    That was a massacre! Also, i must admit i have a soft spot for the boiler room brawl. Great stuff!

  132. Leo Celino says:

    My fave undertaker moment was his match vs Mankind inside Hell In A Cell, King of the Ring ’98. Great story telling of a match & a dramatic ending!

  133. Jordan says:

    L’undertaker est avec Shawn Michaels ma superstar favorite, tant de bons moments ont impliqués cette légende qu’il est dure de choisir. Cependant je dirais que le meilleur moment que j’ai vécu avec The Undertaker est à King Of The Ring 1998 et son match face Mick Foley, un match légendaire et épic.

  134. Steve says:

    My favorite Taker memory is Royal Rumble ’94, when he gets placed in the casket, but then is suddenly seen floating up above the Titan Tron

  135. Jeneen Mundell says:

    My favorite Undertaker memory was late 2001-2002 when he turned heel. The American Bad Ass is one of my favorite Taker personas, but it made so much more sense and it worked better once he was a heel.

  136. Cherie Smith says:

    I would have to say my favorite Undertaker match has to be Hell in a Cell with Triple H Wrestlemania 28 which also won PWI Match of the Year in 2012 amazing match intense drama and incomparable atmosphere Happy Birthday WDN thank you for 7 years of information and enjoyment looking forward to many more

  137. Kevin N. says:

    My favorite Undertaker moments were during the early Attitude Era days with the story of Kane dragging out from April till the reveal in Oct at Badd Blood. The story there were compelling and then continued on after that for months and months.

  138. David Mayo says:

    Favorite Undertaker Moment was his match against the rattlesnake himself STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN at Summerslam 98 in the garden. Flying off the top with the leg drop through the table

  139. patrick Johnson says:

    my favorite was stone cold vs triple h no way out 2001

  140. Robby Gregg says:

    Wrestlemania 20 when he returned as the deadman

  141. Steve says:

    Hands down my favorite is being there in person for Undertakers match vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25.

  142. James says:

    The Undertaker confronts Kane and Paul Bearer 1998 Raw

  143. Christopher Guy says:

    After being set on fire inside the casket at Royal Rumble 98 by his brother Kane, his return on RAW still gives me chills now, but as an 11 year old lad back then, it was truly amazing moment when he sat up and JR going crazy on the commentary.

  144. thomas cianci says:

    My Favorite Memory of The Undertaker is when He Defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title at survivor series 1991.

  145. Rich says:

    My first PPV was 1994 Royal Rumble and seeing the Undertaker float out of the Titan Tron was amazing for a 10 year old. That was an awesome time

  146. Joe Klunk says:

    Taker throwing Foley off the Cell is probably my most memorable moment. Everybody that saw it probably remembers where they were when they saw it live.

  147. Philip Glover says:

    Royal Rumble 1994 when he lost a casket match to Yokozuna and then appeared on the titantron to cut a promo before ascending out of the titantron . Kinda corny and very new generation era but was one of the first times I saw the smoke and mirrors of wrestling .

  148. Hank Coppin says:

    My favorite memory of the Undertaker was Breakdown 1998. That was a great match with him Kane and Stone Cold.

  149. Donald says:

    His back to back stellar matches at Mania 23 and 24 against Batista and Edge were great. Especially winning the world heavyweight title which fit him well.

  150. Travis McNeill says:

    My favourite Undertaker memory was when he showed up with the “phantom” mask after Mabel crushed his face. Scared the daylights out of a young me. May also still scare me as a grown man…

  151. Jeffrey Evans says:

    My favorite memory of The Undertaker was when he beat Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 91. My uncle was a fan of The Undertaker and was teasing me that The Undertaker was going to beat Hulk Hogan and when he did I cried. Lol

    My favorite match is Taker vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 25 and it’s actually my favorite match ever.

  152. Skyler McCarty says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was the iconic Hell in a Cell match with Mankind at KOTR 1998. I’d love to hear a legitimate, out-of-character evaluation from his perspective on that match (breaking his foot dropping down into the ring, stalling for time with Terry Funk, was the throw planned or called on the spot, etc.).

  153. Gordon Elliott says:

    That night in New Orleans at WMXXX. I’ve never heard that sort of ‘noise’ before once the 3 count happened. It was the loudest silence I had ever heard.

    It was finally over 😀 😀 😀

  154. Eric says:

    I want!

  155. Mario Vincent Pinna says:

    My favorite Undertaker WrestleMania moment was when he faced Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka at WM 7.

  156. Moe. says:

    My favourite match with Undertaker was against Mankind at Hell in a Cell. Man that was such an iconic fued those two had.

  157. Gaz says:

    First of all, id like to congratulate you guys, always the first for all the great dvd related news! as for my fave Taker moment, it has to be Taker vs HBK 1 from WM25, it reminded me and stillremi ds me today why i love the business. A pure wrestling masterclass as well as a wonderful story told by both guys!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  158. Stuart says:

    Undertaker winning the 07 Rumble then going on to win the title.

  159. Brandon says:

    Survivor Series 1994 when he defeated Yokozuna. When he did his signature pose with Chuck Norris staring back. It looked cool to an eight year old me.

  160. David Gatward says:

    honestly I cant choose a favorite taker match the guys never really had a bad match

  161. Robert emons says:

    My favorite undertaker memory was when taker threw mankind off the hell in a cell best memory of undertaker ever! 🙂

  162. Tony says:

    I hated it at first, but the American Badass Undertaker grew on me. That enterance music though… Brutal!

  163. Bucka says:

    Mine has to be the undertaker beating hulk hogan for his 1st run as the champion even though it was taken back on the next Tuesday in Texas! People was so shocked that hogan got beat but as a kid it was sureal

  164. Celeste says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was after he defeated HHH at WM 28 and they along with Shawn, embraced. (End of an Era).

  165. Aaron Melzak says:

    My favorite moment from Undertaker’s career was his Hell in a Cell match against Mick Foley where Foley was driven through the top of the cage down on to the mat, driven on thumb tacks, off the top of the cage on to the floor. Such a brutal match from two hardcore veterans.

  166. Chad says:

    For me it wasn’t a Moment in wrestling but About 10 Years Ago The Undertaker Made a Unnanounced Appearance at a House Show in my home town & it was just Amazing. I’m Glad to have witnessed The Deadman just Once with my own eyes

  167. William Summers says:

    Happy birthday WrestlingDVDNetwork.com!!

  168. Robert Parker says:

    My favourite Undertaker moment was his debut of the American Bad Ass, it was good to see the real Mark Callaway

  169. Jay Potter says:

    My favorite moment of the Undertaker was his Debut in 1990 at Survivor Series

  170. Daniel Dummer says:

    One of my favourite Undertaker moments was his entrance at SummerSlam 1992 from Wembley Stadium everything about it was spot on and one of the first of many great entrances to come.

  171. MaXiMuS says:

    My favorite moment or match of the Undertaker is the Hell in a Cell at Bad Blood 1997 against Shawn Michaels because it’s the first ever match of this type and because it was the extraordinary debuts of the Demon Kane to build up a great frienship and rivalry.This match is perfect, the ending, the selling of Michaels, the cage is used perfectly, one of the greatest match in wrestling history.

  172. Kris Martin says:

    End of an Era. Hell in a Cell with Undertaker battling Triple H is my favorite match of all time.

  173. Rocky999 says:

    My favorite undertaker moment has to be his original hell in a cell match with Brock lesnar in 2002. The match was a war and that cut across takers forehead was brutal yet he kept going.

  174. Tommy Smith says:

    Has to be Taker dropping edge through the cell. Coolest moment in the oh era to me

  175. Jacob Hodgson says:

    My would have to be the build up to and the WreatleMania XX match vs. Kane. Growing up watching wrestling I only knew The Undertaker as Big Evil, so seeing the mind games and watching that entrance was something special. I will never forget it

  176. Matthew Doyle says:

    There are so many! The ‘Mania match with HBK and the HiaC with Mankind stand out. His death at the Rumble is kinda cringey to look at now, but as a kid, that was a really cool piece.

  177. Phillip Ragusa says:

    I want this dvds so much and I’m really hardcore fan of WWE for life

  178. Robin Persaud says:

    My favourite Undertaker moment is the match with HBK at WM25 – excellent match pacing, great signature moves and one of the few that had me in tears at the end. What a great story and performance! Hats off to “the Showstopper” and the Undertaker!

  179. Kevin says:

    My most hilarious Undertaker memory is when he tied up Hulk Hogan to his bike and dragged him around the arena.

  180. Andrew Lacelle says:

    I liked when Bret beat him at Summerslam for the strap

  181. Couvelard JP says:

    my favourite Undertaker match is wrestlemania 25 again Shawn Michaels

  182. Jerome Couvelard says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment is thé hell in a match against mankind at king of thé ring 1998

  183. Steven says:

    My favourite Undertaker match was a losing effort @ No Way Out 2006 when he challenged Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Underrated match where No Way Out isnt a big 4 ppv.

  184. Paul says:

    It’s cheesy as hell looking back on it now but 11 year old me thought the ‘death’ of The Undertaker at the 1994 Royal Rumble was the coolest thing in the world. I remember excitedly telling my dad that ‘Undertaker went from the casket to the big screen to raising up the the arena ceiling – it was so cool!’

    Like I say, cheesy as hell now but then? Awesome

    And anything from the Ministry of Darkness period had to get a mention if only for the fantastic entrance music!

  185. Ryan says:

    My favorite UT moment was being ringside for his legendary match with HBK at WrestleMania 25

  186. Brett Linforth says:

    It has to be his classic encounter with HBK at Wrestlemania 25 for me

  187. Matt says:

    My favorite Undertaker moment was the 1994 Royal Rumble when he ‘floated’ to the roof of the arena. As a 7 year old kid, at the time, that was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

  188. Ryan W says:

    My favorite undertaker moment was when he returned at Judgment day 2000 and whooped everybody in the match.

  189. Joseph De Feo says:

    My favorite Undertaker match was the inaugural Hell In A Cell vs. Shawn Michaels from Badd Blood: In Your House 1997. A great match!

  190. MyUnitedStates OfWhatever says:

    His flying chokeslam to shane o’mac at king of the ring 2000 always sticks out for me, looked devastating. thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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