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February 24, 2019 by Daniel Bee

WWE Andre The Giant 2019 DVD - Box Artwork

WWE’s new “Andre The Giant” documentary now has an official release date in the United States: April 30th, 2019.

With a tagline “Even bigger than you imagined” the Andre The Giant DVD will feature the critically acclaimed 1-hour and 25-minute documentary produced by HBO and will combine this with a set of extras; 7 matches selected from the vault by WWE.

New artwork shots of the domestic Region 1 release have come through, shown above and below. If you’d like to pre-order the Andre DVD you can do so by clicking here to

WWE Andre The Giant 2019 Documentary DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Grab your copy of the new WWE “ANDRE THE GIANT” DVD on…

United States: April 30th. Get your copy of the Andre DVD here on

UK/Europe: May 6th. Pre-order the new Andre The Giant DVD now via

Australia: TBA. Look for your pre-order announcement soon at

Elimination Chamber 2019, last Sunday’s Pay-Per-View event, now has official DVD cover artwork!

Shown below, this one makes use of the poster artwork featuring all of the combatants of the men’s Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy. The six teams that competed in the women’s Elimination Chamber Match for the Women’s Tag Team Champions are pictured on the spine.

Pre-order your copy for April 2nd in the United States. The UK gets the Elimination Chamber DVD just 6 days later on April 8th; pre-order via

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 DVD - Cover Artwork Revealed!

Get ready for the incoming WWE DVDs in March, kicking off with Royal Rumble 2019.

Get it on Amazon UK:

WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Blu-ray - Main Menu, Becky Lynch
Photo credit: @AkuSJ

One week Tuesday Royal Rumble will hit the United States as a 2-disc DVD set. Then, just 2 weeks later, Royal Rumble will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray in the United Kingdom.

The Blu-ray is exclusive to the UK and Germany – has had an early peek at it and can confirm the Blu-ray includes the entire 4-hour and 40-minute Rumble Pay-Per-View and the 3 Kickoff Show matches as extras. We expect the DVD to include the same content.

WWE - Brock Lesnar Funny Eyes Kimura Arm on Finn Bálor
WWE - Randy Orton Wrestles Nia Jax at Royal Rumble 2019!

Get your hands on the WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2019 DVD (or Blu-ray)…

United States: March 5th. Get your copy of the Rumble 2019 DVD here on

UK/Europe: March 18th. Get your Rumble 2019 DVD (or Blu-ray) via

Australia: April 17th. Pre-order your Rumble 2019 DVD now over at

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. whut says:

    as long as WWE/Fremantle is releasing ppv blurays, I will get them.

    (even if a particular show ends up not being that good. still want to contribute to future shows being released)

  2. Travis says:

    Any word of if and when Crown Jewel being released?

    • Mark Markson says:

      I only know that it will not be released in Europe. Fremantle have confirmed this.
      I don’t know if it will be released in the rest of the world, but I doubt it.

      • RabidHeat says:

        They clearly want to just leave that whole mess in the past now and seem reluctant to ever promote the words “Crown Jewel” again. I can see the Shawn/HHH/Taker/Kane match being released on one of their Superstar sets in the future for historical reasons and maybe some others like AJ /Joe to pad out an AJ set, but I don’t see it getting an individual release.

    • BAS says:

      Greatest Royal Rumble was released around the time of Crown Jewel, so if Crown Jewel does get a release, I predict it will come out around the time of the next Saudi Arabia event.

  3. Joseph L Owens says:

    Can you confirm if that RR blu ray is one or two discs?

  4. Tommy D says:

    Any word on whether EC will be 2 disc?

    • RabidHeat says:

      Can’t see the usual ‘2 Discs’ logo at the bottom of the front cover, so I’m guessing not! is also only listing the content from the PPV and only mentions a first disc.

    • LP1 says:

      Considering the PPV itself ran 3 hours and 16 minutes, it’s possible there’ll be just enough room to fit the PPV only on 1 disc. No pre-show match. Which is a shame cause Murphy vs Tozawa was a really good match.

  5. andemoine winrow says:

    Nice cover but it would have looked much better with all the women on the cover since it was the first ever women’s chamber match for the ‘W.W.E’ Tag Team championship.

  6. RabidHeat says:

    Now that’s how a cover should be, even if Jeff’s eyes are freakin’ me out a bit, lol.

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