REVEALED: WWE Backlash 2020 DVD Gets Official Cover Artwork, Content Listing & Special Feature

June 25, 2020 by Daniel Bee

WWE Backlash 2020 Poster Artwork - The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever!

Does Backlash 2020, which featured “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”, get the greatest DVD cover artwork ever? It’s time to find out!

A full content listing with a reminder of the matches from the recent Pay-Per-View event, including confirmation of a special feature, has come through to us this week at, along with the front and back cover artwork.

The WWE Backlash 2020 DVD will hit stores first across the United States and Canada on July 14th, releasing less than two weeks later to the UK on July 27th, and to Australia on August 19th.

WWE Backlash 2020 DVD - Official Cover Artwork


To be part of a match that lives forever is an accolade that many WWE Superstars have tried to attain, but few have ever achieved. Now at Backlash, Edge and Randy Orton put on a match no one will ever forget in The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.

Three’s a crowd, but not for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions as Sasha Banks and Bayley put their titles on the line in a Triple Threat Match against The IIconics and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Two of WWE’s most physically dominant athletes collide when Drew McIntyre defends Claymore Country and the WWE Championship against “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley.

The Irresistible Force meets The Empress of Tomorrow as Nia Jax looks to take the RAW Women’s Championship away from Asuka! Braun Strowman finds himself in a Handicap Match against The Miz and John Morrison with the Universal Championship up for grabs.

Plus, more! Get ready to feel the wrath at Backlash!

WWE Backlash 2020 DVD - Back Cover Artwork

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Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

RAW Women’s Championship Match
Nia Jax vs. Asuka

1-on-2 Handicap Match for the Universal Championship
The Miz & John Morrison vs. Braun Strowman

WWE Championship Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever
Edge vs. Randy Orton

Special Feature

United States Championship Match
Apollo Crews vs. Andrade
(Backlash Kickoff Show)

WWE Backlash 2020 DVD - Match Listing & Extras

Now let’s put the newly-revealed cover shots together to see the full U.S. sleeve artwork for Backlash (click the image below to see it in full size):

WWE Backlash 2020 DVD - Full Sleeve Cover Artwork

Grab your copy of the new WWE BACKLASH 2020 DVD on…

United States: July 14th. A product listing for the DVD is expected soon on

UK/Europe: July 27th. Pre-order your Backlash 2020 DVD now on

Australia: August 19th. Your pre-order opportunity is available now via

WWE Backlash 2020 DVD - Logo

We leave you with some speculation (that’s all for now) on what we’d like to see come to life and fill the “premium” WWE DVD slot we saw on the schedule for Q4 2020. The following was posted on our Facebook page – please give us a Like/Follow there if you haven’t already.

If it doesn’t turn out to be ‘Taker, what “non-PPV” WWE DVD would you like to see released this year? Leave a comment with your pick!

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  1. DDT says:

    warning there is a skit on this dvd featuring viking raiders and street profits amongst others.. under no circumstances watch it.. it will ruin your lift….skip to the mainevent…imediatley….
    buy impact wrestling slamaversary if you have to choose

  2. Anthony says:

    I wouldn’t mind them releasing the docuseries as long as it comes with bonus rare matches.

  3. Courtney A Murray says:

    Forget about putting the new undertaker docj series on DVD and just make a new documentary instead starting from the very beginning of takers wrestling career and all the way up to now.Make it also include takers best matches with him commentating on some of them.

    • RabidHeat says:

      In the post-COVID world where cuts need to be made, I’m sorry, but I think that’s just fantasy. WWE will take the cheapest option now and just slap the Network doc on a DVD. They already have been cutting corners for the past couple of years tbh, especially since DVD is dying out.

  4. RabidHeat says:

    WDN, are WWE and the DVD distributors really okay with you posting a full-sized version of the cover art? Makes it pretty easy for bootleggers to use, I would’ve thought.

  5. DDT says:

    best wwe DVD artwork for years….EXTREME RULES 2012 last one i liked so much. cant wait to watch it

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      DDT: Brock coming at it like a Perfect Storm..and Cena a bit in the back looking worried.. certaintly a telling cover of what kind of different almost hardcore match for the wwe standards back then..and still now match is a classic..for a Cena match. 😉

      What about the Jake the Snake DVD cover from WWE back in..what was it..? 2006, I think. Really showcased the imitading and silent dangerous charachter, that mr. DDT himself was.

  6. LP1 says:

    Does anybody really believe that Taker is retired? We’ve been down this road before. I mean come on now. First off he never said the word “retired”. He said he has no desire to wrestle again, which he’s been known to say every year after Mania until he gets the itch again. He also said if Vince ever needs him, he’ll think about it. And I’m sure he’ll also think about it when that big Saudi money comes around again.

    Let’s also not forget that this November’s Survivor Series will be exactly 30 years since his debut in 1990. Seems like a more fitting place to have his last match. Or better yet, next year’s WrestleMania will be the 30th anniversary of his Mania debut at Mania 7 and the birth of the streak. Plus Mania next year will be in LA, which was also where Mania 7 was held. That would be an even more fitting place for his last match. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t appear at either one of those shows.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      LP1: Spot on there. Of course, he’s not retired.. he has signed a 15 years deal with WWE..and of course Uncle Vince is going to persuade him to step in the ring, when it is called for, in case of emergency..which means just about every time, with how terrible boring and lifeless the product is and has been for years.

      Only.. he really should have retired after his 2 matches with Brock in 2015, which were the last 2 really great matches that he has performed. Everything after SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell 2015 is ranking from mediocre at best to pathetic, boring and cathastrophic.

      But, like you say: “when those Saudi-money comes around..”. And like Trips says just about every episode..actually, does he say anything else but: “Chasing that Dragon.. chasing that Dragon..”!

      I have always loved the charachter Undertaker..the different incarnations of it and what it meant for the wrestling business.. For years, I have been looking forward to the proper documentary about the charachter and the visions and background about the charachter and storylines that it was part of and played a huge role in, e.g. Ministry of Darkness.

      What I got is nearly 5 hours of Mark discussing with him self, wheather he’s finished or not after a match.. Trips and the beforementioned Dragon chase.. Michelle being worried yet understand why her husband still wants to go in and risk everything..

      Which is definetly important segments to include as part of the Deadman’s story..only, it repeats itself, over and over again and again, not just only episode after episode, but segment after segment in every episode.

      We will of course see the Pheneom at least on 2 more occasions: Survivor Series 2020, and WM 37. And problaly on money-making Saudi shows in between or before or after. But after the horrible matches with Goldberg, Trips and the Crown Jewel tag-disaster with DX, one can only hope for, they will settle with iconic staredown with Sting and then maybe a cinematic match with those two at most. Just..if so, have that match be more coherent with the build up then..what I at WM missed was Michelle being part of the Styles match, since she was such a big part of the build up. Same goes for the Orton-Edge LMS match, without Beth being part of the match. But, that’s just WWE in a nutshell of course.

    • RabidHeat says:

      I can’t imagine he would just randomly say he’s retired now and that would really be him done. Surely he would have a retirement MATCH that they would build to, and then he would be done.

  7. BAS says:

    As much as I would like to see Undertaker’s Last Ride series on home video, wait until after his hall of fame induction to release it that way his speech and any other farewell stuff can be included.

    Also, I hate to be this person considering we’ve had this same argument on here for the last 5-6 years now, but put it on Blu-ray also. I normally don’t care about blu-ray being excluded depending on what it is, and I also know blu-rays haven’t sold well outside of WrestleMania, but I feel Undertaker deserves this treatment. Make it your biggest Blu-ray set too, including all of his WrestleMania streak matches, plus any other big and great matches he’s had. Yes, we’ve already had 3 sets on the streak, but the last streak DVD was defective on discs 3 and 5. I always make a point of mentioning this, but it’s true, I’ve never known a blu-ray to be defective and have playback issues, whereas DVDs have those issues. All in all, Undertaker deserves this big home video treatment. If not this treatment, then make his set like Stone Cold’s blu-ray. Or make two separate sets, one for this docu series, the other for the matches and moments I mentioned. Undertaker deserves a big home video set for all that he’s done.

  8. BAS says:

    Greatest wrestling match ever? Far from it, but damn it was an amazing match!

  9. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Skip the horrible disappointed documenatary, and just put out an Unreleased/Rareties collection of matches with the Prince of Darkness. the Pheneom.. the Deadman.. of WWE.

    “Greatest cover artwork ever!?!” -lol- How can it be, when match and ppv never ever lived up to that terrible creative angle!

    I am missing the time where WWE actually made an effort to tell their ring-action..and on the coverartwork of their DVD/Bluray/VHS releases..

    For example: Look at “Taboo Tuesday 2005” with the Bi(t)schoff in the center gagged, showing how his power – for one night at least – is taken away from him.

    Another great example how the cover artwork/poster was coherent with the actual storytelling of the ppv is problaly my favorite in: “No Mercy 2007” with Orton and the dove.

    • David says:

      I feel the same way. I saw the whole docuseries and was disappointing which is a shame because the first episode was really good. It was just the same cycle “ok, had a bad match, not happy, have to redeem myself” and of course “cant say no to Vince”.

      In one of the 24 episodes – I believe WM Orlando Taker said he didn’t want to be a parody of himself but unfortunately that is what he became, especially in the last 4-5 years and just couldn’t say no that Saudi blood money so he has to hobble his way in slow motion to get a “match”.

      This was the real life “The Wrestler” with Taker who couldn’t hang up the boots.

      The Last Dance was a much much better documentary than Taker as they kept trying to say this was the WWE version of the “The Lance Dance” which is not even close.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        David: I actually feel I get more exciting reveals out of the “This is my yard”-dvd, the segment with the Deadman from the tagged classics “Fabilous Four”-dvd/vhs and the dvd-sets “Tombstone – the history of the Undertaker” and “Deadliest matches”.

        All, where he is in kayfabe, and the last 2 mentioned are only match-collections sets..but I still got so much more excitement out of those 4 releases on DVD than I will ever have with the Last Ride so called reality concept.

        Highly likely for me is because I admit, I am a sucker for keeping and staying in kayfabe as much as keep the magic of the charachter intact. But..we are stuck in a “reality”-era, so it is what it is.

        • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

          “The Fab Four” – not Fabilous Four. -been too long since I dusted it of my shelf. Might as well watch it again now. 😉

        • RabidHeat says:

          I don’t think he overly kayfabe in ‘This Is My Yard’, to be honest. It’s pretty much a career doc up to that point.

          • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

            Black sunglasses, sitting on his bike some segments, talking like the Biker-undertaker..pretty much Biker-kayfabe to me, but sure.

  10. Andemoine Winrow says:

    This was a great event. The first ”BACKLASH” Pay-Per-view in 2 years. They skipped last year for what-ever reason.

  11. RabidHeat says:


  12. StraightEdge says:

    I quite like it, and I loved the match. Not the greatest ever but a damn good effort. Looking forward to watching it again.

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